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Pride: Your Way

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Chapter 9

May 5th, 2018

"I've heard so much about you." A boy says, hugging Lupe.

"Fede, off." Another guy says.

Fede releases her but looks sad.

"Lupe, I'm sorry. Fede you need to build a friendship first or at least ask people before you hug them." Juanma provides.


"Fede as in cousin Fede?" Lupe asks glancing at Juanma.

"Oh, you've heard of me." Fede asks.

"Only nice things." Fede looks confused and Lupe laughs. "Juanma adores you."

"Ah, that's why you have no idea who I am." The other boy says.

"Cousin Nico." Agus answers confidently.

"Oh, I'm famous." Nico says, cheerfully.

"For the official introduction, Nico and Fede this us Lupe, Sofi and Agus. Girls, these are my cousins." Juanma makes the introductions.

"So what are you doing here?" Lupe asks linking Fede's arms with hers.

"Nico felt bad that Juanma was all alone." Fede whispers.

He has us. Well not really, I guess he is alone now that Tobias is gone.

----- ----- -----

May 10th 2018

Lupe gets close to Fede and Nico in the span of a weekend. By midweek, the boys are having dinner at school. Her and Juanma's relationship was shaky from the fight and weird from the letter. But her affection for the group continues to grow.

May 12th, 2018

Lupe looks at the beautiful building in front of her. The pillars, the alcoves, and the trees. Is that towers? Wow, is that a lake?

"Oh, yes. It was my dream to come back to high school while visiting my cousin." Nico says.

"Sorry, Mr. College." Juanma says.

"You said, you wanted to talk to..." Fede trials off as Juanma glares at him.

"Talk to who?" Lupe asks.

"I wanted to talk to you." Nico replies, smiling at Lupe.

"You had to come to Pemberly to talk to me?"

"If I wanted it to be private."

Juanma glares at him now.

"Nothing to worry you, dear cousin."

"What about Mia, Sofi and Agus?" Lupe tries to ignore the awkwardness.

"They are gone." Nico says, laughing.

Lupe glanced behind them, still expecting to see her sister and friends.

"They really went off without a guide."

"They can take care of themselves." Nico hold a hand it to slow them down. "My cousin however needs me."

Don't reply.

"What do you mean?" Her curiosity getting the best of her.

"Cant you just date Juanma already?"

"Nico!" Lupe hissed at him.

"Hey, it was worth a shot."

"It's not your business."

"He told me you can't forgive him."

"It's just weird now." Lupe pauses. "Why am I telling you this? We just met?"

"Because I'm a big brother type. And you're conflicted."

"A bit but you can't tell him I said that."

" Your secret is as safe as mine."

"You have a secret from Juanma and Fede?"

"No. But I trust you would keep it as well as I will keep yours."

Lupe whacks him.

They all continue to explore Pemberly Academia. Perks of connections.
----- ----- -----

"Is that Tobias?" Lupe asks, looking off where Mia is in the distance.

"It is. Juanma arranged for him to be here."

"I've got to see this." Lupesays, running to her sister.,

"My parents think the curriculum isn't hard enough. They want us to be challenged. Olivia for some reason thinks you're beneath us. I don't agree with any of it. You are the best person I've ever met!" Tobias says.


"I guess I didn't have to say all that."

"I don't care what they think. You think I'm the best person in the world?"

"I know it. Plus, you're my favorite person. Mia Cacares - Achával, will you be my girlfriend?" Tobias asks, getting down on one knee.

"Yes yes yes" Mia says, pulling him up and hugging him.

Juanma rolls his eyes but claps.

Lupe just cheers.

----- ----- -----

May 13th, 2018

Juanma wasn't expecting Lupe's aunt to ask him to join Go! That was cool. And would be weird but welcomed because he was getting lonely.

----- ----- -----

Lupe: Juanma CAN sing!

Juanma: Maybe I should talk to Alvaro.

Mia: I'm so happy.

Tobias: She makes me happy.

Zoe: I still can't believe Gaspar got into Nationals too.