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Pride: Your Way

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March 7th, 2018
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a dancer with music will perform.

Lupe and Mia looked at each other.

“Ready to start the year?” Lupe asked.

“With you by my side. Always.” Mia smiled back.

The team started practices following their co-captain sisters.
----- ----- -----

Aunt Isabel was giving her closing statements for the workshop when Simon yelped.

“What?” Zoe hissed, embarrassed.

“Pemberly Academia is coming to St. Mary”

“Wait, wait, wait Like the school with the all-star basketball team?” Sofi shrieks.

“Which was founded by designer Paco Jamandreu?” Martín asks from the corner.

“Class dismissed.” Aunt Isabel comments before walking out.

“Yes. Yes to all that.” Simon says, looking at his phone.

“What for?” Lupe asks.

“They--- they had some last-minute refurbishing that requires their students to be dispersed amongst local boarding schools.” Simon gasps out.

“Breath, Simon. So some super talented athletes are coming to our school. So what?” Zoe rolls her eyes.

“So our school will be on the news. Possibly more than once.” Lupe says, grinning.

“Let’s talk to Dad,” Mia replies.
----- ----- -----

“Yes, some of the Pemberly school is joining us,” Ramiro says, looking at the two girls sitting across from him in his office.

His two girls who couldn’t look less alike any more than they act alike.

“Dad, we’re going to need more information,” Lupe demands.

He folds his hands together.

“How long are they staying?” Mia suggests.

“A semester.”

“Are they playing for us or them?” Lupe wonders.

“That hasn’t been decided yet. The team may end up being split up.”

“Why are they remodeling when school is coming back?” Mia asks, curious.

“Girls, I’ve given you as much information as I can. Shouldn’t you be focused on settling in for the semester?”

“Yes, dad. Thanks again for letting us room next to each other.” Lupe says, kissing her father.

The girls leave. Lupe looks at Mia. Mia is confused about why Lupe has a suspicious expression.