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WonInAMillion: listen up you asshats


Kyun: finally you call us that


Minnie: yeah ever since you named the chat “asshats” you havent called us asshats lol


WonInAMillion: whatever you guys are all imbeciles


WonInAMillion: except hoseok of course <3


HOEseok: aww love you <3 <3


honeyyy: UGH stop being gross


HOEseok: im just showing my love and affection towards my wonderful significant other


WonInAMillion: we’ll stop when you stop being such a baby


Kyun: lmao the difference between their responses


Minnie: they’re so different yet so perfect for each other


PapaBear: didnt you have something to say hyungwon?


WonInAMillion: oh yeah about that


WonInAMillion: so there’s this guy in my nutrition class


WonInAMillion: and before you say anything, yes, i do take a nutrition class


Kyun: was literally just about to say that


honeyyy: me too


HOEseok: me three


WonInAMillion: wow not even my boyfriend knows what classes i take


WonInAMillion: aNyWaY ive started talking to this guy


WonInAMillion: and he’s a really great person


WonInAMillion: but he just doesnt have many friends


WonInAMillion: so i was wondering


WonInAMillion: do you think 


WonInAMillion: maybe i could introduce him to you guys?


honeyyy: you literally couldve put that all in one message


Minnie: yeah why do you make life so difficult


HOEseok: hey stop attacking him and answer his question >:(


HOEseok: i would love to meet this guy!


PapaBear: oh yeah me too


Minnie: the more the merrier!


honeyyy: im cool with that


Kyun: hmm im not sure, we dont even know him


WonInAMillion: hes a great guy i promise!


WonInAMillion: do you think you can trust my judgement on this kyunnie?


Kyun: ugh fine


Kyun: but only bc your judgement has led me to some really great people :)


Minnie: awww see he does love us


Kyun: yeah i do <3


HOEseok: bye gonna go cry now


honeyyy: kyun you broke him


PapaBear: that was so pure im crying???


Kyun: guys its not that deep 


HOEseok: andddddd hes back









WonInAMillion: ok i talked to that guy and hes down with joining this chat


WonInAMillion: now can you please not act like total crackheads when i put him in


honeyyy: thats no fun


PapaBear: youre really asking them to not act like crackheads?


PapaBear: im sorry hyungwon but youre gonna have to expect lots of disappointment


WonInAMillion: i can still try


HOEseok: uhh babe you know before you put him in


HOEseok: you should probably change the name 


PapaBear: yeah i think that’d be the best


Minnie: dont want him thinking we’re actually asshats


Kyun: what is an asshat anyway?


Kyun: is it a type of asshole?


Kyun: is it a separate species?


honeyyy: an asshat is the type of person that would ask those questions :P


Kyun: blocked


WonInAMillion: do you guys have any other ideas for the name


HOEseok: gucci gang


honeyyy: nO


Kyun: i would leave this chat if it was named gucci gang


[HOEseok changed the chat name to “Gucci Gang”]


Kyun: ok it was a joke stop taking everything so seriously jesus christ


PapaBear: what about the breakfast club?


Minnie: aww thats cute we should use that


Kyun: whats the breakfast club?


WonInAMillion: ...


WonInAMillion: get out


Kyun: excuse me ma’am?


HOEseok: you heard him


honeyyy: cmon you have to be joking kyun


Kyun: im not??? whats the breakfast club???


Minnie: you have to leave


PapaBear: the exit is to your right


Kyun: hyunwoo you too?


WonInAMillion: im using the breakfast club deal with it kyun

[WonInAMillion changed the chat name to “The Breakfast Club :D”]

Kyun: youre seriously not gonna tell me anything?


Minnie: its only the greatest feel-good movie of all time


PapaBear: its a classic, how could you not know what it is?


HOEseok: maybe bc he’s like 8 years old


Kyun: im not 8


honeyyy: yes you are, youre our little baby


Kyun: im not a baby >:(


Minnie: yeah ok that was very convincing…


Kyun: i dont appreciate being aTtAcKeD


WonInAMillion: guys can you please be nice when i add him in


Kyun: i make no promises ;)


honeyyy: wait wait hyungwon whats this guy’s name?


WonInAMillion: oh yeah pfft forgot about that


WonInAMillion: his name is Kihyun