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How to tame a ghoul and not die in the process

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     The rain was pouring outside, typical for a beautiful autumn day. The sky was dark, the wind was whistling through the windows of the office, making the work day even more annoying than it was already. 

The young woman was sitting at her desk, like a lot of other people in the open space, trying to make her computer work for once by kicking on the power tower mostly or trying to find the problems. It was vain. She was a graphic designer for a very small company but most of the time her work consisted in listening to the boss ranting, taking his employees for his therapists seemingly. 

The work was not interesting, the place was shabby in a shitty flat in an old building of the city, the coworkers were annoying, the paid was not even nice. But at least it was a work, she was there and she could stay, she could not ask for more now.

 “Louison please, I would need you to go and buy something for me.” Here he was again, asking for the employees to do the groceries for him. The young woman rolled her eyes but she needed to be nice and good or she would never keep this place. And it was the only one she had for now. 

“Yes, of course. What is it?” She asked while looking up for the man, sitting lazily on his big chair and acting as if he was doing something.

“...Coffee? That’s it?” He looked shocked at her question as if coffee was not a reason good enough for her to get up and head to the store directly. “Yes, that’s it.” He insisted.

She sighed a long moment and tried her best not to roll her eyes. It was starting to get on her nerves and she had never been so compliant for this long. Resulting in her getting fired quite often until now.

She took her jacket and got out of the small office, climbed down the creaking wood stairs of the old building before getting outside. Cold, rain, wind, just for some coffee he could have take on his way home. Jerk.
She went down to the store and bought a stock of coffee capsules, so he would not bother her for a little while, with her own money of course. 

As she went back to the building to go back to work, she met two of her coworkers sitting in front to smoke their cigarettes. They blocked her path and smiled to each other

“Hey sweety, I know that you’re being the boss’ favorite because you’re a woman but if you wanna suck some other dicks we’re there too.” And he laughed like an idiot, his friend accompanying him. Louison stood impassive and looked down on them.

“If you wanna go and buy his coffee all the time instead of me, go on and suck his dick as much as you want.” She rolled her eyes and pushed one of them with her foot. “Now if you excuse me.”
She tried to pass through when one of the guy slapped her ass. She stopped, outraged and stared back at them. But she didn’t say a thing. For now.

"Yeah go on, soon you’ll just won’t be able to even touch your dick, asshole."

 She slammed the coffee capsules boxes on the boss’ desk when she arrived back then headed to the small bathroom inside of the office. She let out a big sighed and clenched her fists after locking the door behind her. She needed to keep her calm. She would get revenge but she would not get fired this time. She took out a small notebook out of her bag and flipped the pages. Here she found something interesting that she could use.

A spell.

Because eventually, Louison had some gift at least and she was a witch. Nothing really awesome, she just knew about her powers rather recently but she managed to learn some nice spells. And she had been really interested in black magic, realizing she was able to do that kind of things too. She had been taking a lot of notes to be able to performs those spells and she had some perfect ones against disgusting perv macho.

"Hehe son of a bitch, your dick is going to itch to death each time you touch it, serves you right."

She was almost rubbing her hands like an evil genius as she read back the spell. 

"Ok focus now. Focus is the more important."

And focus was far from being the easiest thing for her. More than clumsy, her brain had bad habit to wander off her skull quite often. But it would be all good, she was getting used to perform spells now.
She took out a small bag of herbs from her bag too and some stones she kept in her hands, fingers clenched on it as she came out of the bathroom. She came back to her desk and waited a few minutes to see the two guys coming back from their smoking break. They passed through her with a smirk and sneer then she looked at them, clenching tight the stones and herbs in her hands, then she started to chant her spell.

"This should do the trick…! "

But as soon as she was finished, the trash can just behind took fire. She gasped and jumped. The other workers too.

“What happened!” “Fire! Quick! Is there an extinguisher?” Of course there was none. 

 Everyone started to panic and Louison stood dumbfounded. "Wait… What… did the spell go wrong again? I don’t understand… Oh wait it’s simply a small fire, I should be able to take care of it…"

Once again she chanted her spell discretely but it only ended up with the fire growing stronger and the workers panicking even more.

“Where is the boss!” “He’s outside already!” “What… !” “Call the fire department for fuck’s sake it’s getting worst.”


     In the end, they all had to head outside and the office was reduced to ashes, firemen did save the rest of the building though. All of the coworkers were standing outside, the boss came back no longer after and they were all of them standing in an awkward silence for several minutes before the boss dismissed them.

When Louison came home in her small flat later, she understood now that he fired everyone since there was no longer a place for work.

“I can’t believe it oh my gooood.” She jump on her bed and slammed her fists on her mattress while whining loudly. “It was just a little inoffensive spell, how did it turn into a fire!”

 This was the whole problem with the young witch. She never got to learn properly and her focus was so lame that she always ended to mess up her spells and it was not the only and first bad thing to happen to her. She was still keeping on trying to use all of those spells to make her life easier though, even if it was only making it harder. 



      Some days later, Louison was sitting at her window, negative thoughts rushing through her brain while she was drinking a good glass of wine.

“I’m done. It’s over. We got fired before getting our pay and no welfare for us… My bank account is in the red. I need to find a job but nothing is working out.” She took a good gulp on her drink and brought her hand to her forehead dramatically. 

“And I have no more social life either, my life is over!... I wish… For a new job… No… For the Prince Charming. Lot of money… I don’t know. Something. Anything to take me out of this mess.

 No work, no social life, barely a family. She was again in a bad shit, she would end up in the streets really soon. She pinched the bridge of her nose and came back to sit at her desk in her small room. She liked this apartment and really didn’t want to lose this place. She needed to think, to find a solution. She grabbed the books about black magic she had been collecting over the past few years and started to browse into them.

“Of course… ! Why didn’t I think about that sooner!” 

She clapped her hands and got up from her chair to start to gather all of the stuff that would be needed for her next plan. It took her at least several hours to make sure everything was on place the she could start the last step : drawing the summoning circle.

 She would summon a demon. She would just have to draw the circle of the demon who could help her with work and it was good. It was just a drawing, she was able to do that correctly. 


         Candles were placed, encens were burning, the good stones were chosen and the witch was finishing the selected circle to draw on the floor of her flat. Everything should be perfect now she just needed to chant the summoning spell inside of her book. 

 She had never tried this yet before, black magic and other spells were something, summoning a demon would be another whole story and for now she was just thinking it would not certainly work. But she had to try to be sure and for now it was her only solution. 

She positioned herself inside of the circle and chanted the spell, slowly, clearly, and loud enough. The air around her was changing, turning, getting warmer. A deep sound and chiming could be heard and she felt the floor was trembling.

"I hope the neighbors won’t mind."

The candles were suddenly blown out and the whole room turned so dark the young woman could not see her own hand in front of her. 

 Then something splitted the air in front of her into two and a portal was formed on a black hole. A figure appeared out of this portal, the air around it went even hotter and the portal disappeared, leaving the glowing figure in the middle of the circle. The room became clear again and the witch was standing dumbfounded facing the summoned creature.

This was real, it happened for real. This sounded so impossible and yet. It happened. Right before her eyes.This was a demon standing right before her eyes.

Well at least she thought. How was she supposed to know?

“Oh yes uh… State your full name, demon…!” She needed to be sure it was the one she called.

The creature before him blinked. His skin was dark gray but he looked mostly like a human. Except for the fangs, the pointed ears, the claws and the tail. He was wearing a metal mask, hiding most of his face and was wearing a nice costume. He looked rather small and frail for a demon. She could even say he was skinny. He looked up to her, as dumbfounded as she was first and stared with his golden bright eyes. She swallowed her saliva, feeling something was off. It was a demon for fuck’s sake what did she just do.

“... Demon?” He finally asked. “Did you just… Summoned me? Like a demon?”

 She nodded, keeping her eyes on him, still wondering if everything was real right now.

“You silly little girl just… summoned me? I was… I was at the church.” 

 He brought his hands to his face, he looked like his head was in pain then he clenched his fits. “What … the hell… How is it possible.” He mumbled. “I am no demon, stupid woman. I am a ghoul, I’ve already been summoned from Hell by someone else!” He started to yell.

 “A… Ghoul?” She tilted her head and opened her book to browse through it, looking to know what it could be exactly.

 The Ghoul got angry and came closer to her, his eyes glowing with hunger and wrath. “It means I’m a demon with an earthling shell so I can serve my master. I already have a master. There is no way you could have summoned me.” 

Now he was only centimeters away from her.

 Louison hid half of her face behind the book, looking up to him. He was small but he was still taller than her. “I’m… Sorry?” 

 He growled loudly and took another step closer to her. She backed off and gulped. “Do you have at least anything to feed me in exchange?”

 "What the fuck is he talking about."

 She looked around her and stared at her fridge. “I uh…  There are some little leftovers on my fridge if you want.” She answered with a small voice.

 “I’m going to eat you, little bitch.”