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A list of connections

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A whimpering Izuku Midoriya stood in front of one of his classmates. They had been playing villains and heroes, with Midoriya and his now crying classmate as the villains, when Kacchan threw his quirk at the two, leading to where they were now, two kids crying as one defends the other from their lifetime friend of 4 years, Bakugo Katsuki.
"That's mean, Kacchan. Can't you see he's crying? If you keep going I-I-I'll never forgive you!" Midoriya yelled at his friend, desperate for him to stop hurting them. That's when he heard a snort of laughter from Kacchan, followed by that smirk, and he knew that the pain wouldn't stop, no matter what he did. Because the kid crying on the floor was weaker that Kacchan. Because Midoriya is a quirkless Deku. Because, all men are not created equal. That is just the reality about society that Midoriya learned at the young age of 4.

_________(time skip to 1st yr of junior high [also yes, I know that in canon the story starts on his last year of junior high, but this is gonna start on his first yr so plz bear with me])_________

"You're all pretty much planning to go into the hero course, right?" His teacher smugly stated as he threw the handout for students' future plans behind him. The class cheered obnoxiously as they all showed off quirks that Izuku has already memorized. After all, it's hard to forget your classmates quirks when it's the same weapon used to beat you up.

But if Izuku was being honest, it was because most of his classmates had pretty lame quirks, and that's coming from the quirkless kid! Like, who needs to be able to pull their eyeballs from their sockets? Does he not understand that all it would take to make him quirkless was a pair of scissors? Also, why would someone need an overly large and squishy chin other than to suffocate people? He had been squashed under his classmate's chin a few times. It wasn't pleasant. What was the point of a long floppy nose that looks like an off brand Pinocchio? To sniff out quirkless Deku's? And do his classmates really care so little for the safety of their school that kids with wind and fire quirks are flaunting their skills in the same room with paper flying around in the air?

Izuku raised his hand partially knowing that he won't get his teacher's attention, but he goes through the motions. After all, he's quite used to people purposely ignoring his presence. All Izuku wants is one of the papers flying around the front of the classroom. Is that too much to ask for?

"Sensei." Izuku hears Kacchan call out to the teacher as fear rusher down Izuku's spine at the sound of that voice. "Don't lump us all in the same group. I'm not gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these rejects!" Kacchan declares as he begins his monologue of how he alone will rise from this dump of a school and attend UA and become the top hero or something along those lines. Izuku has heard it so many times that he just sighs and puts his head on his desk as he waits for Kacchan's future hero backstory to get retold from on the desk, which also wasn't new. In all honesty, Kacchan's views on the hero world aren't very honorable. It seems that he wants to be famous and the strongest more than he wants to help people.

Kacchan was reaching the peak of his monologue when it happened. Sadly, there was nothing to be done but watch the train wreck crash into existence. As Izuku watches his teach expose him for what school he wants to go to, he sees his class begin to laugh and laugh and laugh at him. That is, until Kacchan unfreezes from the shock of what his teacher just said a sharply turns around to face Izuku.

Izuku is throw back from his chair as his desk is blown up again for the third time that week by Kacchan, and it was only Tuesday. When he looks up at his childhood friend he sees that Kacchan has already begun talking.

"You're below the rejects! You're quirkless! How can you even stand in the same ring as me?" Kacchan growls at Izuku as if he were a plastic straw that had existed for too long for his visco girl tastes.

Izuku scrambled to get away from Kacchan as his teacher and classmates watch on in amusement. They do nothing to help him as he backs himself up against the wall. He only hopes that explaining his reasons for trying to enter UA as well might lower Kacchan's anger.

It's just that it's been my goal since I was little, and well, I won't know unless I try." Izuku whispered as he looked up to meet Kacchan's gaze in fear. That was his mistake. You should never try to talk down Bakugo by looking him in the eye if he believes you are lower than him. Which means everybody.

"WHADDAYA MEAN, UNLESS YOU TRY?!" Kacchan basically snarls at Izuku. "Are you taking the test for FUN?!" He snarks at Izuku as his class surrounds them, backing Kacchan as if he needed the support from the same classmates that he had insulted just a few minutes ago.

Distantly, Izuku wonders why Kacchan is so offended by Izuku wanting to go to UA as well. If Kacchan truly believes Izuku to be nothing but dirt to be scraped off of the bottom of his shoe, then why does he act threatened when he learns that Izuku is also applying. He's thinking too much. It's probably because he doesn't want to have anyone even try to blemish his reputation by applying to the same school as him, as if they were friends picking their next school together. They were once friends, before Kacchan developed his quirk and blew his ego up to the sky. No, that's not right. They were never actually friends, more like acquaintances since birth? Chances are very high that Kacchan wants to have a glorious backstory where he is the only one to make it into UA from this school, which would make it obvious that he was at the top of his old school and would most likely try to be the top of his new school. Still, Midoriya wondered why his teacher was handing out flyers for high school to first years in junior high.

"You're QUIRKLESS!" Kacchan spits the word at him as if that's all he'll ever be. Maybe it is. Maybe he will never achieve anything other than being the quirkless deku who can't do anything. The quirkless deku who fails to be a hero. The quirkless deku. That's where his story ends and begins, as a quirkless deku who can never do anything, who will never be a hero, and who will anyways be weak. The words repeat in his head as he desperately tries to zone out of Kacchan's harsh words. Thanks to Kacchan, Izuku can now disassociate with pain but he cannot disconnect himself from the words that Kacchan preaches every day.

The class ends and Izuku is still pressed against the wall by fear as his classmates leave the classroom with shushed snickers from their teacher. Kacchan spits on Izuku and leaves with one final threat that Izuku counts himself lucky to not have heard.

After an hour, Izuku peals himself away
from the wall and picks up all of the papers off of the floor from when their teacher had haphazardly thrown them into a room full of kids showing off their quirks. Izuku sees how one is still on fire from a girl with red hair who sat on his right who had torch hands. He sighed as he collects the rest of the papers and sets aside the least damaged one before throwing the rest into an empty metal bin. The trash can instantly goes up in flames before Izuku cuts off the air fueling the fire with the lid from a potluck that the class had had earlier that week. Izuku had been forced to watch from the sidelines, the one time he was brought into the center was to clean the still hot pot, have his arm accidentally pressed up against the pot, leaving a small burn scar on his upper arm. It was just one of the many scars that he had gathered from his class.

Once he puts the paper inside his bag, he opens his desk and begins to pack up for the day as he scrolls through his phone, seeing the news about the incident from this morning. It's only as he tries to put away his 13th of Hero Analysis for the Future that he realized that he was no longer alone in the classroom. What he had once believed to have been an already empty classroom turned out to now contain Kacchan and two of his lackeys. Midoriya looked up at Kacchan's condescending face as he waved around Izuku's hero analysis book that he had just snatched.

"We're not done talking yet, Deku." He snarked at Midoriya. He could only helplessly watch as Kacchan's henchmen took a look at his Hero Analysis For the Future #13 notebook. Midoriya could feel himself begin to bristle as the lackeys laughed at him.

"I-It's fine, isn't it? Give it back!" He pleaded as he reached for his notebook.

Izuku watched in horror as Kacchan burned his book and throw it out the window without a care as his lackeys laughed at him. Threatening Izuku seemed to be more important to Kacchan than anything else at the moment.

"Most top first-string heroes have stories about them from their school days."

Kacchan declared common knowledge as if he came up with these obvious facts.

"I want the shine of being able to be called the only student to make it into UA from this mediocre city junior high school. I mean, I'm a perfectionist." Kacchan proudly says with a smile as he imagines being a hero that rose above the expectations set for him by society for attending the junior high that he did. Izuku realized that his last theory has been correct as to why Kacchan was so angry, but Izuku was more upset about his notebook than being right at the moment.

That's when he felt the oh so familiar hand on his shoulder. A hand that he associated with pain. And a hand that almost always brought with it, the now familiar smell of burning skin. Izuku could only stifle a hiss of pain as Kacchan burned his shoulder. Izuku could already tell that it would scar. It would soon join the dozen of other scars that he had received specifically from Kacchan. Izuku watched the smoke come from his sizzling shoulder as he ignored the voice of Kacchan, deciding to focus on the pain instead of his venomous words. The physical pain always seemed to hurt less than Kacchan's words.

After one final threat from Kacchan, they begin to leave as his lackeys throw petty remarks back at him as they walk away with their heads held high. Izuku could feel his emotional stability begin to drop drastically as he tried not to cry. He turned away from the three because he would rather have his back exposed to those three then let them see him cry. Izuku mourned the loss of his newest notebook and sucked up the pain of his shoulder when he heard that damn comment from Kacchan, a passing remark if you will.

"If you wanna be a hero that badly, there's a quick way to do it. Believe that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof!" Kacchan, no, Bakugo gloated as he demanded that Izuku kill himself with a smirk. As if he were giving his permission for Izuku to do it. As if he knew the thoughts that were racing through Izuku's head that felt like it was going to explode. Izuku turned towards Bakugo with an angry snarl at what he had said, only to be cowed by Bakugo's explosions. The trio left Izuku alone with his thoughts after that.

___(30 min later)___
Izuku marched down the stairs, after patching up his shoulder in the empty nurse's room, as his inner turmoil grew. What if he actually did jump? Who would he leave behind? His mother? She should never have tied herself down to him in the first place. Had she just gave him away, she might have been able to live a free and happy life, but that's not how his mother is. She's caring and kind to everyone. Izuku could never hurt her like that. And Kacchan! If he actually did kill himself, then it would have meant that Kacchan had instigated a suicide! Where would that leave the Bakugo family? His mother and father would be lucky to keep their jobs in a society where presentation is everything. He would never want to ruin an entire family!

Izuku stopped abruptly when he noticed that the fish were trying to eat his notebook, as if his dreams of being a hero had actually been downgraded to nothing more than fish food. Izuku struggled to hold back tears as he looked at the remainders of his notebook.

"Stupid bastard." Izuku spat as he thought about the consequences of what could have happened. Bakugo should consider himself lucky that he told this to Izuku and not someone else who might actually have jumped. He flipped through his notebook as he realized that one of his main reason that he didn't jump, was because it's not something that a hero would do. A hero isn't selfish. A hero thinks about other people's problems before their own. So that's what he would do. As long as he could become a hero, quirkless or not, he would put the needs of others before his own. Whenever Izuku had doubts of his self worth, he would remember why he first wanted to be a hero in the first place.

___(flashback to when Izuku was the most adorable thingy ever. Like he was just?? So cute??? Still is but like??)

Young Izuku violently shook in the chair in front of the computer as he waited for his mom to pull up the video. His mom laughed as she commented on how many time he had watched it before she walked towards the door to continue cooking, claiming that the video was to scary for her as she watched her son laugh at the video that never failed to make her son smile.

Izuku failed to notice his mom's guilty expression before she left the room, leaving him to continue to be star struck by All Might and his debut video. Izuku wanted to be just like All Might! He wanted to be selfless and help everyone with the biggest smile across his face.


It was the next morning when his mother told him they were going to check to see what his quirk was. Izuku had never been so excited in his life! He was going to get a strong quirk like All Might! Or something! Izuku didn't know how quirks worked yet, but he intended to find out.

As he smiled during the entire X-ray and chatted away with the doctor about what he wants his quirk to be, describing All Might's quirk as if the doctor had any say in what quirk the small 4 year old would get, he didn't notice as his mother closed in on herself more and more. It was only when the doctor looked at the result did he finally realize that something was wrong.

"You should probably give it up."

Izuku's world had shattered like never before. Realizing that he would never be as strong as All Might, he froze in shock as the doctor began to explain what it means to be quirkless. Izuku's world was falling apart, almost as bad as when he realized that his father was never coming home.

(Flashback inside of a flashback. Yes I know that I probs shouldn't do that but I am so too late?.)

THAT had been last year, and his mother was still upset and angry with his father.

Izuku remembered waking up on his third birthday to the sounds of angry whisperings. He had walked towards the kitchen under the pretense of getting water so that he could figure out who was so angry this early in he morning. That's when he saw his father by the door with a suitcase. His mother's face was a ferocious pink as she angrily poked him in the chest. When he whispered something in her ear before he turned to leave, his mother had latched onto his hand before he could escape. She snatched the ring from his finger, then punched him straight in his crotch, as a shocked Izuku watched his parents. His mother leaned in towards her husband's ear and whispered words that he never really understood, but would always remember.

"I regret ever meeting you. Your never should have taken his quirk. If you ever show your face even a mile near my baby, I promise you, Hasashi, that I will hurt you so badly that not a single one of your flashy quirks could save you. Do I make myself clear? There will be no one to mourn you when you leave. And I will find a way to make you vanish from this earth. I will find a way for you to only be able to dream about seeing your brother as you burn in the hottest pits of hell."

"Inko, please." His father had pleaded as he each for the hand holding his ring.

"It's Akatani to you." his mother had replied just as bitterly, snatching her arm away from him, his ring still in her hand.

At the time, he had been confused as he watched his mother shove his frightened father out of the door and slam it on him. He could only walk up to him mom as she slid down the door, with her back against the door that his father had just walked out of, and silently cry as she held onto the ring of his father. Izuku comforted his mother as best as he could, trying to wipe away all of her tears and sadness with his small and worried hands. He could only watch as his kind mother stood up with an angry grimace as she walked to the trash can, where she dropped his fathers ring into, before turning towards him with a smile as she wiped away her tears. They didn't fall again. And he could only watch, as his mother made breakfast for the two of them, with a smile that screamed of hatred and betrayal. It would only be at the dead of night, when he could hear his mother's soft snores, that Izuku would dig into the trash and pull out his father's ring, clinging onto the last part of him, desperately. It would be his third birthday, that Izuku's father walked out on his family.

And it would be one month later until Izuku's mother would stop looking at him with a face full of guilt and sorrow.

(Resume to the doctors office where Izuku gets his heart shattered a second time)

Izuku sat frozen as the doctor shatters his dreams by explaining how quirks worked. His mother's face was riddled with guilt as she rushed him home.

Why did she rush them home? Was she ashamed of him. Ashamed to be his mother? He could only go into his room as he copied the motions that he had memorized by watching his mother pull up his favorite video. The video that always put a smile on his face. All Might's debut.

Izuku was aware that as he stared at the screen with All Might's smile on it, his mother had walked in. However, he was more aware of the pounding rain that was occurring outside, pouring to the floor as fast as his tears. He tuned out the rain as he spoke for the first time after receiving the news.

"Mom. He saves everyone with a smile, no matter what trouble they're in." Izuku spoke slowly as his tears continued to silently fall down his face. He could hear his mother's light footsteps as she stepped closer.

"He's such a cool hero." Izuku quickly wiped way his tears and forced himself to stop them from falling before he turned to his mother. However, that's didn't stop them from building up in his eyes, making them burn more than any injury he had received from playing with Kacchan. Izuku watched as tears welled up in his mother's eyes as well. He wondered if her heart also hurt as much as his did. He wondered if her eyes also burned.

"Can I... be a hero, too?" Izuku hesitated as he asked his mother, his bottom lip quivering as his hand that pointed at the screen shook violently.

His mom slowly stepped towards him before she entrapped him in a hug. Strangely enough, it brought him no comfort. Her cries only brought more pain.

"I'm sorry, Izuku! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" She cried on repeat, trying to beg someone for forgiveness, but from who, Izuku didn't know.

The tears that he had held back quietly rushed down his face as his mother wailed beside him. She rubbed her face against his in what was supposed to be a form of comfort, but had only brought him sadness as he realized that even his mother didn't believe in him.

'No, that's not it. That's not it, Mom. What I wanted you to say back then was...

(Nyoom, we're back to Izuku's first yr of junior high! Again, just a reminder that in canon, this takes place on his third yr, but I need more time so I'm makin this happen his first yr. Thank u for understanding! Now back to the story!)

Midoriya started his long walk home. He had always taken a different route than Kacchan in hopes that he could avoid any more problems with him. Soon Midoriya was standing just outside of under the bridge.

'You decided back then, didn't you? That's right. Don't worry about what other people think! Hold your head up high and plunge forward!' And with laughter at his own little pep talk, Izuku plunged into the darkness under the bridge.

He laughed, until he heard a strange sound. This sound would one day join his other nightmares. Izuku watched as a creature made of slime formed in front of him.

"A villain!" He cried in fear as it towered over him. He had always only seen villains from the safety of behind a wall of heroes, or from on the news, but he had never actually interacted with a villain himself.

"A medium-sized invisibility cloak." It spoke with its strange voice. Then, it moved. Midoriya tried to scramble away with a scream, but was soon swallowed by the slime. His notebook flew out of his hands and landed far away from him.

That's when he felt it. The pain of being penetrated from every single hole in his body. His body cried at the invasion as he quickly lost any form of air, as his legs gave out only to be held upright by the hips from the strange slime around him. Tears fell down his face as he felt the villain violate him in every way as it entered his body from his mouth, his ears, and from below his belt.

"Don't worry. I'm just going to take over your body. It's only hurt for about 45 seconds. You'll feel better soon." The villain told him, as if that were to reassure him in some way. Izuku tried to pry away the slime from his mouth, from his ear, from his ass, from anywhere, but he came up empty.

"You can't grab me. I'm fluid!" The villain bragged. Izuku closed his eyes as his head burst in pain, tears falling down his face is fear and shame. "Thanks for your help. You're my hero." It told him, directly into his ear. Izuku's feet soon left the floor as he was lifted up by the slime from his legs to his waist. Izuku wanted to die at the feeling of it.

"I didn't think that had come to this city." It talked to its self as Izuku's hand fell away from the slime. Izuku wanted to sob as he had struggled against the villain, only to have his hands grasp at nothing. White dots were beginning to appear in his vision as he lost the rest of his air.

'I'm dying. Am I dying? Am I really going to die, being raped and taken over by an unknown villain? As a useless Deku? I'm dying. I don't want to die! Somebody, anybody, PLEASE! Help me please.' Izuku thought as his lungs gave out on him, allowing his brain to release him from the sight of his open notebook that was flipped to the page of his hero costume.

Izuku felt a thud against his skull that strangely felt like metal before he passed out to the sound of a familiar voice.

(Am I evil? Yes I am. I know All Might just threw a sewer lid at the villain, but I put Izuku out of his misery for now. He only passes out a few seconds later in canon anyways. Also time skip like a few minutes somethin.)

Izuku was pulled back into consciousness by the consistent tapping against his face. He could feel semental against his back, meaning he was probably on the floor.

"-ey. Hey. Hey!" He heard a voice say. It belonged to the hand that was patting his face rapidly. Izuku blinked and looked at the man, which seemed to stop his actions.

Izuku blinked before seeing a man that he had only seen in videos. ALL MIGHT!!!

"Oh, good!" He stated as he looked down on him. Izuku was frozen in fanboy shock. Then he scurried away in shock. That's when he felt the soreness of his legs and throat. And with that pain came shame. Izuku's face was soon flushed as he started back up at the man.

"I'm glad you're ok!" All Might said. 'Ok? How could I be ok after that thing had taken my- wait. Did he not know?' Izuku thought fervently. Maybe Izuku could keep his dignity then.

"Sorry 'bout getting you caught up in my villain fighting. I don't usually make mistakes like this, but I was in high spirits on my day off in a new place." All Might said as he placed his hand on his head and laughed.

Izuku quietly sighed in relief. He didn't know. That's... good? Izuku didn't know how to feel at the moment. He quickly fooled away the awful memories of the last few minute under the bridge as he ignored the pain in his hips as he sat up and looked at his hero...who had just saved him! That's something good that happened today!

"But you were a big help. Thanks! I captured him safely!" All Might declared as held up the soda bottles full of that thing with a smile. Izuku tried not to flinch when he saw it's eyes, which were the only solid part of its body. Midoriya focused again on the man holding the soda bottles instead of focusing on the villain.

"Oh, right! An a-autograph! Where should I?" Izuku muttered as his searched for his bag for a pen and paper. He spotted his notebook not too far away.

'In that notebook!' Izuku thought as he reached it, before opening it to spot huge handwriting. 'He already did!'

Izuku quickly stood up. He stumbled but he straightened himself quickly enough tinnitus be noticed as he began to bow towards All Might rapidly.

"Th-Thanks you very much! It's be an heirloom! A family treasure!" He cried as All Might stuffed the slime into his pockets. Izuku cringed slightly at the location.

All Might patted the loose bottle at his side. They looked like they could fall ou any second. "Well, I need to take this guy to the police. See you again on the other side of the screen!" All Might said as he crouched downs, ready to leave Izuku near the dark bridge.

"Wait, already?" Izuku said, angry as a little bit of fear leaked into his voice.

"Pros are constantly fighting enemies and time." All Might said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. And maybe it was, but Izuku didn't want to be alone right now. He still had questions to ask him!

"Well then, I'm counting on your continued support!" All Might said as he leaped into the air. Izuku was faster though. He had caught onto All Might's leg and held on for dear life as they flew off the ground so fast that his baby cheeks were blown so hard his gums were showing.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Let go of me! Your fanaticism is too much!" All Might said as he tried to push Izuku off.

That's when he spotted it. Just as he had suspected, the bottles were coming loose. With the use of All Might's push, Izuku plummeted to the ground. He tucked his arms by his side to fall even faster. Soon he had the two bottles in his hands. If Izuku were to die, he would die a hero. This is probably the only way that he could be a hero. He would secure that no one would suffer at the hands of the villain the same way he had.

Izuku was tightening the lids as he scowled at the bottles when he passed the first building. It was the biggest tower of the city, meaning he still had a while to go before he died. Izuku wondered if his mother would miss him. At least this way, no one will think that he killed himself. And wasn't that what he was doing? Dying by his own free will?

Izuku passed another building when he heard screams from the man that the world adored. He had asked for his support earlier. 'This is the only way I can support you.' Izuku thought with a bitter smile as he looked towards the sky. It was such a pretty blue.

It was when he began to reach the lower buildings that he felt something collide with him. Or rather, someone. It seemed that All Might had found a way to save him. He clung onto Izuku as he kept back into the air at a speed that should have knocked the air out of Izuku, had he been breathing. He had stopped breathing when he saw how close the floor truly was. He gasped for air as he tried to stop his hands from shaking, his hands a pale white as they clutched onto the bottles. Soon, All Might landed on the tallest building of the city, the first tower that Izuku had passed. The tower where Izuku accepted his death when he passed it.

He set Midoriya down carefully, letting him regain his breath.

"Young man..." All Might started, with a growl in his voice. "That was a dangerous thing to do! You should never allow your fanatics to let you make such risky decisions! You could have died! Do you understand me!!" All Might reprimanded him as his voice began to raise.

Izuku held up a hand as he gulped for air. All Might stared at the hand in confusion, before turning to meet Izuku's eyes, that looked so out of focus. Izuku's hair was blown in so many directions, as his body began to shake, demanding air. He let out small wheezes as he tried to breathe.

"I." He gasped as his lungs finally gathered enough air to work again. "I uhm, I saw the bottles. They. Well, they weren't secure! I, I tried to, to grab them but I got your leg instead. But, well, by then you had. You had already jumped. They, it, Uhm. The villain fell, and I grabbed them, but I, I had to let go of you, your leg to do it, to get it." Izuku stuttered, stumbling over his words so badly, repeating himself as he desperately wished for him to understand.

All Might looked at him in shock before his face took in the bottle that Izuku had in his hands. He carefully took them before looking back at Izuku.

"Why would you risk your life for such a thing, young man?" All Might asked him slowly, his voice much lower now.

'You should probably give it up.'
'I'm sorry Izuku! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!'
'What the hell can you do? You're Quirkless!'
Izuku remembered all of the people who didn't believe in him, his mother included. Did she ever believe in him? Kacchan sure didn't. They all believed that he would never be a hero, because he was quirkless.

'That might be true but even so, I have to know.'

"I have to know. Even if I don't have a quirk, can I become a hero? Can even someone without a quirk be like you?" Izuku asked him, his eyes closed shut in anticipation of All Might's answer. His body shook in pain and overall exhaustion, but most of all, of fear of what his answer might be.

All Might though for a second, a minuscule second as he evaluated the boy's actions in the past hour.

'He has run into danger pointlessly, with no regards for his survival, and he's quirkless! Hell, he'd be lucky to just survive with just a normal job, forget being a hero! I want someone who already has a strong quirk! He does have guts, I'll give him that. But it not be enough when he will be too busy trying to keep those guys inside of him!'

With these thoughts, he looked down at the boy. "Without a quirk?" All Might started, before feeling a stab of pain. His time had run out.

'Oh no, holy shit, goddammit.' He thought as he felt his muscles begin to deflate, steam leaving his body.

Izuku, none the wiser, continued talking. "It might've been because I don't have a quirk, but I'm always made fun of. Maybe that's why...I don't know." Izuku turned away from the steaming All Might, a little ashamed of what he had just admitted to his favorite hero.

"But I think saving people is super cool. Saving people with a fearless smile. I want to be the greatest hero, like you!" Izuku proudly said as looked up to where All Might ... once stood?

In the place of All Might was a blonde frail, sickly, skeletal looking man in an oversized white t-shirt with steam coming off of him. Who is this man? Izuku screamed in shock.

"Y-y-you're deflating!!! Wait, up until now. Huh?! Fake? A fake?! You're so skinny!" Izuku stuttered as he pointed towards the strangle looking man. The man bars his teeth when he scowled.

"I am All Might." Was all the man could say before blood spilled onto the floor. Izuku screamed again. He couldn't help it.

"No way!" He screeched as his legs gave out under him. The shock finally caught up to him as he sat down and looked at the man.

He sighed before he began to explain. "You know how the guys at the pool are constantly flexing and posturing? It's like that." Was all he said. As if he hadn't revealed the quirk that everyone wanted to know about. As if he didn't know that everyone believed him to be some sort of saint!

"No way!!!" Izuku repeated, falling very quickly into denial. "I-it can't be. All Might is fearless. He saves everyone with a smile. He's the greatest." Izuku whimpered as he turned back up towards the man for an explanation. When did his eyes leave him in favor of staring at the floor?

"A fearless smile, huh?" All Might repeated, as he huffed out a sarcastic puff of air. Soon, All Might was sitting on the floor as well, with his back against the railing.

"Now that you've seen me like this, young man, make sure you don't write about it online, even accidentally." He demanded as he raised up the left side of his shirt to show Izuku a gruesome sight. Izuku could only flinch at the colored injury beneath All Might's shirt.

"It's an injury I got from an enemy's attack five years ago. Half of my respiratory organs were destroyed and I lost my whole stomach. I've been emaciated from repeated surgeries and he aftereffects. Right now I can only work as a hero for about three hours a day." All Might informed him with a sigh.

"Five years ago. Was that when you fought Toxic Chainsaw?" Izuku asked, fearing the answer. Who could do such a thing. Surely not Toxic Chainsaw. Sure the villain had actual chainsaw's that were covered in poison for hands, but he was a weak villain! There were many other villains far stronger than him!

"You're well-informed, but a punk like that couldn't defeat me." All Might said as he punched the bridge of his nose, before raising his fist as if he were cursing the memory of the young villain he fought five years ago.

Izuku sighed in relief before a thought crossed his mind. If it wasn't Toxic Chainsaw, then who was it? There was no one else that All Might had fought five years ago that could leave that kind of mark! What type of villain could permanently damage All Might?!

"The fight was not made public to the world. I asked it not be made public. I will save people with a smile! The Symbol of Peace cannot be daunted by evil. I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me. Pros are always risking their lives. I can not simply say, "You can become a hero even without power."" All Might said as he looked Midoriya directly in the eye.

Izuku felt his hopes of being a hero shatter. His determination had always been chipped away at, slowly, yet consistently. To have his hero, tell him no, shattered his hopes and dreams of being a hero.

"I see." He whimpered. If he couldn't be a hero, his life long goal, no dream, then what would he do with his life?

"If you want to help others, then you could also become a police officer. They're often teased because they get villains delivered to their doorstep, but that is also a fine occupation. It's not bad to dream, but you also have to consider what's realistic, young man." All Might said, interrupting his thoughts. He began I walk towards the door when Izuku spotted the bottles. All Might had left them behind!

Izuku got up and walked towards the edge of the roof. His movement startled All Might into looking back at him to see him near the edge.

"Hey, hey! None of that now, young man." All Might said as he stepped in his direction.

Izuku reached the bottles, right next to the edge. Izuku looked down, past the railing, as he remembered his fall right past this very same railing just an hour ago. He had felt so free. He bent down and picked up the bottles. Those eyes stared right back at him. This thing had raped him, and now it was trapped in two soda bottles. Funnily enough, Izuku couldn't find it in him to care as he shook the bottles, watching the eyes bounce around in he bottle.

He turned back towards All Might who had slowly approached him, almost as if he was concerned! Then Izuku smiled before he tossed All Might the bottles with the villain that had stolen his virginity.

"Hey, All Might? Make sure to deliver this one to their doorstep, will you?" He asks him, with a smile on his face. A smile that felt fake, even to him.

All Might flinched as he caught the bottles before turning back towards the boy with a sheepish look. Then he recoiled as he saw his face. The same face that had been so full of life just a few minutes ago, was now empty, even with the smile on his face.

"Of-of course my boy." All Might said as he looked at the boy in concern before he walked back to the door. He hadn't actually hurt the kid to badly did he?

"Make sure to consider what I said. You might find yourself as a hero to some people as an officer." All Might told the kid, in hopes of seeing any reaction at the chance of doing anything related to helping people. He winced when he got no reaction from the boy, other than a nod.

He closed the door behind him. "Now I need to quickly get this guy to the station." He mumbled to himself as he began his walked down the many flights of stairs. With a cough he threw one more concerned glance towards where he had left the boy on the roof before he continued down the stairs. Every once in a while, he would check to see if he still had the bottles. They never left his pocket again. The lids were screwed on tight, and the villains eyes seemed to be in a dizzying type of pain. He chalked it up to the flight and fall through the air. God, just remembering what that young boy had done to secure that this villain made it into jail was shocking.

Soon, All Might reached an elevator and rode it down to the floor before calling his friend, the detective. Within minutes, Tsukauchi had arrived. Soon they were on their way to the station.

"What seems to be the problem?" Tsukauchi asked All Might.

"Why do you always assume that there an issue?" All Might joked with his friend.

"Cause that's how I end up half way across the city to come pick you up." Tsukauchi teased him right back.

"Come on now, Toshi. How bad is it." Tsukauchi asked him.

Toshinori lifted the two bottle out of his pockets and handed them to his friend.

"Sorry I couldn't wrap him in a bow, but he's in a container! Granted two, but it's the thought that counts." Toshinori said with a smile.

Tsukauchi sighed as he turned into the parking lot of the station. "Will you at least tell me what he did?" Tsukauchi asked him as they walked into a quirk restraining room. As they secured their safety, they each poured one of the bottles into the large bowl on the table that has been put there when he received Toshnori's call.

"Where's the fun in that? Besides, isn't that what your quirk is for?" All Might asked as he sat down on the opposite side of the glass wall. Here, in this room they could activar their quirks and still interact with now powerless criminals. They both watched in morbid fascination as what had once been a bowl of sludge turned into a man with a stained shirt on.

"Ugh, turning human is always gross" the man said as he flicked away pieces of invisible dust before meeting eyes with Tsukauchi, as he raised an eyebrow.

"Who are you anyways, blondie? I got passed around so much that I didn't get my introductions straight. Forgive my rudeness." He said with a mock bow in All Might's direction. It seems he didn't see him transform into his true form. That's a relief.

"He is not of your concern. However, I am. I'm here to question you. Now, what did you do to have All Might capture you into soda bottles." Tsukauchi said with a straight face even though Toshinori snickered at the last part, remembering how he had chugged those sodas to fit the villain in. He can be a creative person.

"I was looking for a body to take over, to help me blend in when I found a boy. I decided he would do so I tried to take over him." He state with a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude.

Tsukauchi raised his eyebrows at this before he sighed. "Is that all?" He asked him, almost bored.

"Yup. Got caught by the big man himself before I could get much father." He said with a grin that bared his teeth.

It was at this that Tsukauchi stiffened. Toshinori looked at his friend at this. "What's wrong?" He whispered, making sure to not be overheard.

"You're lying." Tsukauchi stated, answering his question. "Tell me, what else did you do. If you tell me now, you might get a lighter sentence." He stated with a grimace at the thought of negotiating.

"Lighter than the misuse of my quirk? What will you do, let me go Scott free?" He asked before he shrugged.

"I just had a little fun with the kid I suppose. Nice pair of legs he has on them. Little on the lean side, but I didn't have time to be picky. I suppose his virginity is mine though. Is that what you were wondering?" He asked with a smirk, almost as if he were proud of violating the boy.

At this, Toshinori's blood froze. He did what? Why had the boy never mentioned this? Looking back, Toshinori realized that he seamed to have stumbled a lot and flinched whenever he looked at the villain before him now. He had seemed to have been in pain. Now he knows why.

"Nice ass, that he did have. My only regret is not succeeding in taking him over. That would have just made my day." He said as he leaned back on his chair with his feat on the table.

Toshinori's face took a dark look as he glared at the villain. Tsukauchi's hands turned white as he gripped onto his clipboard. Slowly, he turned towards Toshinori.

"How, exactly, is this fun. There is no fun in asking a rapist questions. Gods he said it was a kid. A pedophile. That's worse. God, that's so much worse." Tsukauchi mumbled, to him or to himself, he didn't know.

"Where is the kid?" Tsukauchi asked, and this time it was definitely directed towards him.

"He's on the roof of the building you picked me up from." Toshinori said, slightly ashamed that he hadn't noticed what the villain had done to the young boy. He had seemed so young, looking as if had barely reached his double digits, to already know how to lie, and on that scale.

Tsukauchi smashed the button that clouded the criminal's view of them as he cut off the sound before rounding on Toshinori.

"You left a kid that had just gotten raped and is probably terrified, on the tallest building in the city! On an open roof!! What is wrong with you! In jos state of distress, he might jump off the side of the roof! He could have already jumped for all we know!" Tsukauchi yelled as he slamned down his clipboard with the pen on the table. On it, 20 years of prison was circled over a dozen times, and it seemed that life time of prison had been circled but then erased a few times. Tsukauchi threw on his jacket as he ran towards his car, Toshinori quick on his heels.

Toshinori opened his mouth to speak, maybe to apologize, but Tsukauchi held up his hand. "Save it. We need to see if we can save this kid first. Then we can talk about the correct way on how to handle these situations." He said with a grimace. Toshinori wisely shut his mouth and nodded. He would tell Tsukauchi what he had told the young boy about being a hero after they saved him. Shit, he had never even gotten the kid's name!

(1 hour ago cause let's pretend that's how long this took)

Izuku watched as All Might left through the door. What was it with men walking out doors in a heartbreaking way?

Izuku sighed before he sat down and leaned against the railing where All Might had sat not too long ago.

He sat there for a minute before all the adrenaline left him, leaving him feeling hollow. Left with nothing to do but stew in his thoughts, Midoriya looked back on what had just happened.

His childhood friend had burned his shoulder enough to leave another scar.
Nothing remarkable there.
His childhood friend had told him to kill him self.
Well that one was definitely new and horrible.
He had been raped by a villain in front of his hero.
He'd ... rather not think upon that as it left his chest feeling cold and his eyes burning.
He had met his hero.
That was a plus out of the day.
He had free fallen hundreds of feet.
It had felt ... free of pain. It was amazing.
His hero had revealed his true form.
That was enough to blow his mind.
His hero had told him ... that he couldn't be a hero.
That ... that definitely broke him.

Overall, Izuku was still ignoring some things that had happened today, such as what has happened under the bridge with the slime villain. Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away. And maybe the feeling of slime that seemed to burn his body would go with it. Maybe the feelings of shame and disgust with himself at allowing that to happen could tag along on the exit train. Wishful thinking.

Izuku realized that he had sat on that roof for ten minutes, with no one else but the relaxing wind blowing through his hair. Izuku had always liked the wind, and now it seemed that it was just Izuku and the wind alone.

Izuku felt as if the world fell away as he let himself get lost in the memory of him falling trough the sky. Strangely enough, that seemed to be his favorite thing that had happened all day. He enjoyed feeling as if he wouldn't die a meaningless death. Feeling as if he could save someone.

Maybe, if he fell again, he could experience that same rush of relief?

Izuku slowly stood on his shaking legs as he turned to lean on the railing. He looked down, and what should have been a dizzying sight only brought him joy. Izuku leaned forward, his upper body over the railing, in hopes of feeling the same rush that he had felt the first time he had fallen through the sky.

It was as Izuku looked up at the sky and imagined himself falling, that he was brought back to Earth.

His phone was ringing.

It must be his mom. Oh gods, how was he going to explain this to her? She would be so worried! She'd fret over him and try and comfort him with things they can't afford, like therapy! They weren't poor, but any money that they saved was used to pay for Izuku's school tuition.

What had he almost done? He would have fallen off and left his mother devastated! She would have been alone without him. He could never do that to her. He was her world as she is his. They are all the other has left.

Izuku looked at his phone before blinking in confusion. That wasn't his mom's phone number. It looked slightly familiar though.

Realizing that it had been ringing for some time, Izuku answered.

"Hel- Uhm. Hello?" He stuttered as his voice cracked.
He heard a stifled sob that made his heart stop before he heard a familiar voice. "Izuku? Hey it's me, your auntie Mitsuki. I'm -she broke down into sobs before she continued- I'm sorry Izuku. She's gone. Your mom, oh gods Inko why did you go outside, she was ran over on her way to the store. She, your mom is a very brave woman you know that right? She shoved this little girl out of the way of a semi-truck. It hit her straight on. They say she died on impact. Your mom, she died a hero 'zuku." Mitsuki told him, sometimes talking to herself and other time telling him.

Izuku's brain barely registered hanging up on his wailing Aunt.

His heart slowed down with loud thuds as it seemed to ring in his ears. His mom is, gone. She's dead. That doesn't sound right. His mom wouldn't die by something as simple as getting ran over. She was too strong to le herself. Wait... Auntie Mitsuki said she died a hero. She died ... a hero. She died...she's dead.

His brain screeched to a halt as it tried to process the information given to him. His world, his everything, was gone. Izuku peaked over the edge of the roof. Suddenly, the fall made him extremely queasy. However, once he pushed down the feeling, he saw people walking around and cars still driving. Somehow the world kept spinning even though Izuku just lost his. His world had just died. His mother had just died, and the world hadn't even noticed.

Breathing suddenly seemed like a concept that his body had rejected as Izuku wheezed for air. His kind and gentle mother was gone. He would never see her smile just because she wanted to, never taste the food that they cooked together, never hear her laugh as another comb broke from his hair, never feel her hands card through his thick hair, never smell the house when she ran around with scented smells to make him laugh at her antics ever again.

He would never hear her hum when she was happy, or watch her laugh at some telenovela that she didn't understand, or feel her hugs when either of them were upset. He'd never be with her again. Izuku was alone. It was just him ... and the wind.

Izuku looked over the edge again. It no longer looked dizzying. It looked welcoming, as if it was calling for him.

And ... what was stopping him? His mother was gone. There was nothing he could do to change that.

His father. Izuku thumbed the ring that hung around his neck. The same ring he had rescued from the trash when he was three. Izuku had spent more time without his father than with him. He was also gone.

All Might? He told him that he couldn't be a hero. His mother died a hero. All Might was right, Izuku couldn't be a hero because heroes aren't selfish, and all Izuku wants is for his mom to be back. Izuku wished his mother hadn't saved that little girl, and that was selfish of him. She was gone, and all he wanted was for her to be back.

Just this morning, Kacchan had told him to kill himself. He was never really there as a friend. Had it really been this morning? It felt like a lifetime ago. Back then, his mother was still alive, his hero was still untouchable, his dignity and virginity was still intact. Now, that was all gone. Now it was Izuku and the wind.

All Midoriya had to do, was see if he could get a quirk in his next life. Take a swan dive is what Kacchan had said. He could feel the wind calling for him, beckoning him towards the edge like a siren's song.

Izuku had no one else to live for. He couldn't be a hero, he couldn't even save himself. How could he expect himself to save someone else? His mother, his only constant support throughout his life, was gone. Izuku felt scared of the world. What would happen if he didn't jump? Where would he go? Would they send him into a foster home? Would he move in with the Bakugo family? Kacchan would kill him, giving him a slow and painful death. Jumping seemed a better option than a life time supply of pain from his childhood friend. Izuku had nowhere else to go though. Jumping seemed so much easier than living with the stares of pity and guilt. He could barely take a month of guilt from him own mom, how could he live with it for the rest of his life. How could he live without her?

He couldn't. It was as simple as that. He had no where else to go, no one to turn to that he could trust wouldn't hurt him. Jumping might make the hollow pain in his chest go away, it might make the burning in his eyes cool down, or the filthy feelings below his belt disappear, it might make the wailing noise stop. That wailing noise, was it coming from him. Is that why his throat is so sore? How long had he been screaming? How long had he been wailing louder than his aunt Mitsuki had? Hiw long had he felt as if the slime villain was still trying to take over him? As if he was suffocating? Ashamed? How long had he been crying harder than a thunderstorm. How long had he felt as if his heat had been ripped out of his chest? How long could he live without his mom?

10 minutes. 10 minutes had passed since he had received that phone call from his Aunt, his mother's friend, his bully's mother. 10 minutes was all it took for him to find himself on the other side of the railing. 20 since All Might had left him on this dreadful roof.

It was time for Izuku to leave this roof now. It was time for Izuku to leave this wretched world where society cares only about your quirks and how long you can smile. It was time for Izuku to go back to him mom.

So he smiled, aimed for a dark and empty alleyway, and took a step forward as he gave in to the wind.

Izuku plummeted. His back was facing the ground as his arms were raised towards the sky. Izuku smiled at the idea of seeing his mom again.

The wind tore at him hungrily as he sped past buildings. Amongst the loud cries of the wind, was a distinctive wail, thy sounded familiar. It reminded him of is mother. Izuku smiled as he waited to be reunited with her.

"I'm sorry Izuku! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" He heard as he whizzed past a rooftop that he swore had his mother on it.

She wouldn't have wanted this. She would have wanted him to have found a family outside of her. To have made friends. She would have wanted him to have stayed strong for the two of them. She would have wanted him to live.

Izuku's heart suddenly goes cold as he understand what is going to happen. He's going to die a pointless death, as a quirkless Deku, without ever helping anyone. 'I don't want to die!!' Was all he could think. He could have lived a long life, full of love and happiness! He could have gone and helped people in a different way! Why didn't he listen to All Might! Why did he listen to Kacchan of all people?!?!

Then Izuku felt a white hot pain as his arms ripped out of heir sockets. He had tried to grab onto a passing roof, but he failed, only hurting himself in the process. The floor of the dark alley was a few floor away when Izuku realized that he wasn't going to make it. He would have to see his mother in shame because he couldn't live for her.

Then, Midoriya felt his head snap against the last roof before falling to the floor. His heart stopped beating as his body lay there, hair tousled, tears no longer flowing down his face, arms ripped from their sockets, and a snapped neck that had broken through skin, leaving the white of his bone poking through his neck.

Izuku lay dead and alone in a dark alleyway as All Might and Tsukauchi arrived and stepped into the building.