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ten out of ten

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“Heh, are you today’s date~? ‘Cause you’re a ten out of t-”

“Jeorge, stop that.” Astram shuts Jeorge down without a second thought, scoffing to add insult to injury. Jeorge just gives him a playful pout in response, taking a seat across him.


“Because we came out to this place--your suggestion--to get work done,” Astram answers too seriously, and Jeorge quietly laughs at that, covering his mouth with a hand. This earns him a raised eyebrow and a quiet ‘hmph’, only adding to the amusement.

“Yes, well, a bit of fun and-”

“No. Homework only, Jeorge.” Astram repeats himself, and Jeorge just sighs a little before giving up, returning to twirling his pen aimlessly. He sneaks a few glances at Astram before taking a sudden interest in his laptop, doing his best to evade Astram’s glare.


“Yes, alright, alright. I’m working.” Jeorge reassures him, but in reality, he didn’t even have anything to do. He had already completed work two weeks ahead of the course schedule, and he’s not sure if his professor would tolerate opening a third week in advance for him. Jeorge doesn’t like to dawdle or waste time, but he doesn’t mind simply sitting in the cafe to spend a little more time with Astram, even if Astram wouldn’t humor him with any conversation. Oh, the woes of having a friend far too serious and goal-oriented.

“Stop staring at me. Don’t tell me you don’t even plan to get work done.” Astram’s voice snaps Jeorge out of his dream-like trance, and he straightens his posture in response.

“Ahaha, maybe not. I was hoping to…never-mind. I’ll get to work.”

“No, finish what you were saying.”

Jeorge doesn’t respond, intentionally tapping the keyboard obnoxiously loud, drawing irritated stares from nearby patrons for a moment before he quiets down, keeping his face behind the screen. He really wishes he could tell Astram he meant to say ‘I was hoping to spend a little more time with you’, but he doesn’t understand why sincerity was so difficult for him.