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Jimin didnt know how he had gotten into this situation. It had been about two years ago he was at a party someone spiked his drink and he had been put into the underground sex slave market. For those two years they had made him get as fit as possible. At first he had fought back but that did t do him any good just made his life harder. They had broken him in like a trained horse. He got rewarded too for his good behavior. They let him listen to music, that was his comfort zone.
Now the day had come where he was going to be sold. He was stripped down to his underwear and made to change into white lace panties and a golden harness that went well against his tanned skin and dybed blond hair. He was made to kneel on a pillow and wait for people to come by and check him out.

Hoseok was currently in the back of a black car with his assistant Taehyung "Are you sure I won't get caught doing this...." he asked Taehyung as he fixed his hair "You'll be fine just stick to the plan, if you like someone tell me and I'll get him for you..." Taehyung explained. Hoseok was a successful rapper that is well known by his sick dance moves, he's on break for his world tour and has been sexually frustrated, he didn't want just some hooker for him to fuck, he needed someone that could go with him on tour so he could fuck whenever he wanted so currently Hoseok and Taehyung are on their way to an auction for sex slaves.

They arrived at the hotel and was told to meet in the banquet room where the auction is being held, Hoseok put on his black mask to hide is identity as Taehyung guided him to the auction, they decided to sit in the 3rd row to blend in as the auction was about to beginSoon the people all began to file into the huge auction room they all were rich by the looks of it and jimi guessed those with masks were pretty well known and wanted to hide their identity.

He sat there watching people passing him by not interested in him. Maybe that was a good thing he was so nervous about getting sold so someone he didn't know. What would they do to him? He had been introduced to all sorts of kinky sex related things in his two years at the auction house. He sighed looking down at his hands again.Hoseok began to look at all of the sex slaves, they all looked too much for him, too cocky, he was about to give up until one male caught his eye. He looks at a smaller male in a golden harness with blonde hair, he looked so pure and innocent. Hoseok looked around and it seemed like no one was interested in him "That one in the white panties and golden harness, I want him...." he whispered to Taehyung, through this mask Hoseok was biting his lip and staring at the small male "Are you sure, he looks so shy and innocent..." Taehyung commented as he looked at Jimin "That's exactly why I want him..." Hoseok explained, he felt his pants getting tighter as he looked at Jimin, he covered his bulge with his palm as he tried to relieve some tension "Get him for me..." he said then he stood up to go to the restroom to freshen up "On it...." Taehyung said then when Jimin was being auctioned he grabbed a number card with the number '17' on it and kept bidding for Jimin.

Jimin looked as he saw a man approach and examine him and moving to take a bidding number he looked nice. But you could never ever rely on someones outward appearance.

The bidding soon began and jimin was Was pushed up onto the stage. He was shaking slightly. He wants one for large crowds. He looked out over the large mass of people whos eyes were on him.

Hoseok walked into the vacant bathroom and locked the door "All because I saw him..." he said to himself as he looked down at his raging boner 'I must have him..." he tired to ignore his boner and took off his mask then threw cold water in his face "Get it together man..." he thought to himself then grabbed a towel to dry off his hands and face, he looked in the mirror "Ok you can do this..." he walked out of the bathroom

Taehyung was trying his best to win Jimin "Two million, not too bad..." he said then the bidding started to increase "250" someone shouted then Taehyung panicked "251" He yelled as someone was trying to outbid him "Do I hear 253" The announcer said then another person said "260..."
Hoseok walked back to the auction then he walked to Taehyung "3 million..." he whispered to Taehyung

Taehyung nodded "3 Million dollars...." he yelled out to the announcer, standing up tall as Hoseok was wearing his black mask sitting next to him
"The bidding for number 17 will start at 2million dollars." The announcer said.

The crowd went completely silent at the 3 million bid. No one thought the small boy in the gold harness was worth that much money. Jimin remembers the guy from earlier.
"GOING ONCE GOING TWICE, SOLD TO THE MAN WHO BID 3 MILLION! sir you may step to the back of the building we will bring you your purchase shortly." The announcer said and jimin was lead off the stage. He was covered in a black silk robe and was then escorted to the back of the room. He was shaking all over again he didnt want to go. Not now he dodnt want this he was so nervous. He stayed silent as the others talked over the forms they had to fill out, and the price and such. He wasnt listening he was to focused on trying not to have a total mental breakdown. He had always been taught to speak when spoken too, and obey his new masters orders to the dot. Could he do it? He shuddered.

Hoseok smiled when Taehyung won "Good job..." Taehyung said to Hoseok as he nodded then looked at his phone. Taehyung clapped his hands and received a text from Hoseok giving him the details about his black card and instructions to tell Jimin as he walked to the back of the building. Taehyung met with the announcer and filled out all of the forms that was given to him then was told to wait for Jimin here, Taehyung sat on the black sofa and texted Hoseok everything was set

Hoseok received the text then stood up and walked out of the room to call for a cab to take him to the hotel he was staying at

Jimi followed him quietly waiting for the man to say something. He was lead into the cool night air and then Into a fancy limousine. He sat down nervously as the door was shir behind him. He wrapped the robe tighter around himself and kept his gaze focused at his bare feet.

Jimin gave a soft smile. "P-pleasure to meet you to master....." he stammered. He cautiously took Taehyungs hand and shook it. He seemed nice, he seemed calm.

"Ah you're adorable, but sorry, I'm not your master, you'll meet him soon let's get to settled in first..." Taehyung smiled at Jimin then the limo stopped at a hotel "Your master is on the top floor but let's get you into some warm clothes first..." he got out of the limo and held out his hand for Jimin.

"Wh-who is my master then?" Jimin asked and nodded at the thought of warm clothes. The limo stopped and he took Taehyungs hand and was lead inside to an elevator.


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Taehyung smiles as they walked to the elevator “Mm it’s a little surprise....” he smirked then walked inside Hoseoks room “I’ll give you some clothes, please stay here...” he walked to Hoseoks bedroom where Hoseok was sitting on sofa working on his computer “He’s here, Sir...” Taehyung told Hoseok then he nodded “Give him my white hoodie and black briefs, spray some cologne on it then tell him to get ready for me...” he finished up his work as Taehyung took the clothes and Gucci cologne then walked back to Jimin “Your master requested you to wear this....” he handed Jimin the outfit “The bathroom is down the hall on your left...”

Jimin nodded and stood there looking around the hotel room it was more of a suite than anything. It was huge. Glass windows looked out at the beautiful lit up city. He looked up as Taehyung came back and handed him clothes. The hoodie reminded him of a music video he had seen recently. The artist Jung Hoseok had worn it. He made his way into the bathroom and changed into the clothes placing the harness on the counter maybe his master would want to keep that. He pulled on the clothes and sprayed the cologne on his wrists and neck before exiting and looking at Taehyung. "Where is he?"

Taehyung was waiting for Jimin in the living room, playing on his phone “Aww it looks great on you...” he smiles then handed Jimin a water bottle “Just stay here and your master will be right out...” he sat Jimin on the sofa then he left the hotel room

Hoseok finished his work then closed his laptop, he looked in the body mirror as he was dressed in a black suit and tie then he sprayed on different cologne on his neck and wrists then he walked out to the living room, he saw Jimin sitting on the sofa and he smiled “Hello, I’m Jung Hoseok...” he placed his laptop on the coffee table then sat on the chair next to the sofa “Pleasured to meet you...” he held out his hand to Jimin

Jimin took the water bottle and fiddled with the cap absently waiting for his new master to enter the room. He decided to sit down the couch wa annoyingly bigger than he was so his feet couldn't touch the floor. Jimin's head snapped up at the voice and his eyes went as wide as saucers. His master was the idol Jung Hoseok. The Jung Hoseok. He gave a squeak of surprise his face going pink. "I- I'm-I'm Park Jimin....." he said completely and utterly in shock. "I-I your music...." He reached out his hand and shook Hoseoks hand. He became more flushed at this. This had to not be real. He probably passed out from fright and this was all a dream.

Hoseok smirked a bit at Jimin's reaction to him "Why thank you..." he smiled then bowed to Jimin 'I wanna destroy him..." he thought to himself then he pulled his hand away from Jimin "Are you hungry? Let's have dinner as we discuss this relationship..." he opened the drawer in the coffee table and gave Jimin a menu "Pick anything you like...." he looked through the menu

Jimin just nodded still struck speechless. Jimin looked at the menu still milling about this whole situation in his head. He was bought as a sex slave for Hoseok. He shook himself and eventually decided on something simple a chicken wrap.

Hoseok looked at the menu then at Jimin's choice "That's all you want...?" he asked then nodded and picked up the phone to order room service "Good evening, I would like two Caesar salads, a medium rare steak with a baked potato and asparagus and a chicken wrap..." he covered the phone with his palm "What do you want for your sides...?" he looked at Jimin

"Um French fries please?" Jimin asked he hadnt had those in a long time. He sat back on the couch putting his hands into his pockets looking a Hoseok curiously.

Hoseok nodded "With french fries, and a bottle of Brachetto d' room 827, please..." he put the phone down then looked at Jimin "So tell me about yourself, what's a cute boy like you doing at that auction..." he opened his laptop

"Um...about tow years back I went to a college party and someone spiked my drink and the next thing I knew I was a sex slave....they got me in shape for two years....If I was good they let me listen to music." Jimin said nervously.

Hoseok frowns a bit and nodded “I see, well you can listen to music whenever you like, I don’t have many rules so I hope you’ll be able to live happily with me....” he smiled and rubs Jimin’s thigh “Have you ever been anyone’s sex slave before? Or at least have had sex before...?” He held onto Jimin’s thigh, leaning closer to him

"They made me experiment with different toys that was technically a part of the training.....but I haven't had sex with a person before......." jimin said blushing slightly as he looked up at Hoseok.

Hoseok bit his lip and nodded “Interesting....I’ll be more than happy to take your v card...” he smirked then pulled away from Jimin and opened a new document “Okay, now that you’re my sex slave, we should go over some boundaries....what is your safe word..?”

"I dont have much of a choice in that matter..." jimin admitted. Safe word? He thought for a second. "Um Mochi. That's my safe word." He said confidently. "What are the boundaries?" He asked curiously. He watches as Hoseok types his answer onto the document.

Hoseok wrote out that Jimin is a virgin and his safe word is Mochi “Just some rules, is there anything you’re not ok with, if you prefer living with me or live in a separate home, what are you open too, just the guidelines for your safety....” he listed then looks at Jimin

"Okay, um I didnt like when they tried pain play. I hated that. As for things I like or dont mind I like bondage, I like being controlled, i-i like pet play.......I'm a bit of a size queen too....I like all sorts of toys. I dont mind if you're into choking either...."

Hoseok typed up all of Jimin's kinks "How do you feel about cum play, would you like it if I spit in your mouth....?" he asked then dusted off his pants "How do you feel about degradation, public teasing, just to say a few..."



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Jimin sits back and thought some more at this"I'm willing to try the spit thing and cum play, and as for the public teasing and degradation, if I dont like it i can use my safe word right?" Jimin asked

Hoseok nodded "Yes, you may you the word "Mochi" at anytime you feel it's becoming too much or you don't like it..." he wrote down Jimin's thoughts then the door bell rang "That should be our food...." he stood up then walked to the front door "Come in..." he told the lady with the rolling white table "Just set up over there..." he pointed at the dining room next to the window "Thank you..." he bowed at the lady and walked her out "Let's eat..." he walked over to the dining room.

Jimin followed him. Maybe staying with Hoseok wouldn't be that bad. He seemed nice. Although the idea he still went and got a sex slave still shocked jimin. He made his way into the dining room and sat down. "Thank you..." he said and took his plate.

Hoseok took off the lids of the plates and licked his lips "Dig in..." he placed a napkin over Jimin's lap then sat down across from Jimin "This looks good..." he started to munch on his salad first "As you may know, I'm still on tour so that means you'll have to go on tour with me..." he opened the wine bottle.

Jimin nodded as he began to eat his wrap. He nodded. "Where are you going next?" He asked curiously. He had always wanted to travel, and he guessed this was his only chance at doing so. "And will I be allowed to walk with you or will I be kept out of public eye or what?"

Hoseok poured two glasses of wine then handed one to Jimin "This was my last show in America so now we're headed to London..." he smiled then cut his steak and took a bite out of it "Mm this is good, try some..." he cut a piece of steak for Jimin dipped it into the gravy then brought it to Jimin's lips "Open..." He feed Jimin "Well you may walk around with me but I'll just have to wear my mask at all times in the public eye so you're going to have to wear a mask if we decide to go out..."

Jimin nodded as he bit the peice of steak off the form, at least he would be allowed out instead of being cooped up inside a hotel room all day. "That sounds nice I've never been to the states. I've never been anywhere really...." jimin admitted

Hoseok watched Jimin eat the steak then brought the fork back to his plate and started to eat the baked potato "During my shows or whenever I'm busy I have Taehyung escort you to wherever you like so you won't be bored..." He took a sip of his wine "Are you fond of drinking...?" he swirled the wine glass in his hand.

"I'd like to see a few of your shows. I always wanted to go to one of your concerts..." jimin blushed as he took a sip of his wine. He looked at his glass. "Yeah I havent had a drink in a while though. I used to like the fruity stuff like sangria, margaritas." Jimin said smiling.

"You can go to all of my shows if you want..." he smiled "You can even accompany me to dance rehearsals too..." he finished his salad "This wine is sweet, do you like it...?" he started to finish his steak and potato "Let's just tell everyone we are dating, just so people won't get the wrong idea. ok..?"

"That would be nice." Jimin said brightly. "I was going to college as a dance major I'm probably a little rusty now though." He admitted. "I do like the wine its Really good." He said taking a few more sips and finishing his glass. And yeah but what will your fans think? And my family thinks I'm missing I should at least call them saying I'm okay before my face gets spread all over the news....."

"After dinner, will you dance for me...?" he asked as he ate his food "It is.." he smiled "Hmm I know my fans will support whoever I'm with so you don't need to worry about them...." he cocks his head to the side "Sure, I'll tell Taehyung to set you up with a new phone and different number by tomorrow so you could have a fresh start..."

"I would like that I really miss my parents alot....if possible could I see then before you leave?" He asked softly. He blushed. "Let me pick the song and I'll dance for you." Jimin stated. What would you prefer, casual or sexy?" He said and reached to pour himself another glass.

Hoseok finished his food then wiped his mouth "Let's make a deal, if you could get me hard when you dance for me, I'll let you visit your parents, deal...?" he smirked then finished his glass of wine.

Jimin quickly finished his second glass of wine feeling the alcohol start to take effect and nodded resting his chin in his hands looking over at Hoseok. "Its a deal." He says.






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Okay guys. This is a disclaimer. The story's title Is DONT WANNA BE YOURS. even though the story is completely consensual when it comes to sex now I'm seeing the title doesnt fit the story content. I'm gonna change the title guys.

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Hoseok bit his lip "Great..." he gave Jimin the remote to the speaker "Pick the song.." he poured hmself another glass of wine then walked to sit on chair in the living room, took a sip of his wine then set it on the coffee table.

Jimin took the remote and stood up flipping through the songs. He needed a sexy song. He eventually chose a remix of OR NAH. he flashed Hoseok a smirk as the music began to play. He swayed his hips and let the music take over his moves.


OR NAH REMIX< [click to listen]

Hoseok watched Jimin and bit his lip as he picked the song then took another sip of wine

He sways his hips in time with the beat and slowly moved closer to Hoseok. He slid his hands down his own body and pulled off the hoodie. When the beat dropped he dropped into a squat resting his hands on Hoseoks thighs and teasingly leaning up close to his face before pulling away trailing his hands along Hoseoks chest and arms before moving away completely still swaying to the music's beat.

Hoseok smirked and watched Jimin then he spread his legs out a bit wider, waiting for what Jimin is going to do next

Jimin smirked. His plan was to tease Hoseok then go into it. He moved closer to him and shimmied onto the others lap hands moving to hold onto Hoseoks shoulders. He rocked his hips to the beat but barely touched Hoseoks clothed dick.

Hoseok bit his lip then eye fucked Jimin as he danced in front of him "Oh I wanna fuck him so badly right now..." he thought to himself as he felt his pants grow tighter as jimin barely touched his clothed cock

Jimin had to Admit he was getting a little turned on by this as well. He pulled away as the music ended and he looked down at Hoseoks pants. "Looks like I win." He said brightly.

"Good job..." he smirked then pulled Jimin onto his lap "Why not get another prize right now..." he grabbed Jimin's chin gently then kissed him

Jimin looked at him in shock and kissed back automatically. He couldn't believe this was happening. His hands instinctively went to Hoseoks hair and he tangled his hands in the soft strands

Hoseok smiled then held Jimin by the waist with his free hand and licks Jimin's bottom lip "His lips are so soft..." he thought to himself as they kissed

Jimin soon pulled away for air. He looked at Hoseok eyes half lidded and his lips parted. "Master want me to help you with that?" His hands trailed down to Hoseoks dick.

Hoseok bit his lip and nodded "I've been waiting to get my hands on you as soon as I saw you, Baby..." he pecked Jimin's lips "Now be a good boy and suck Master's cock..."

Jimin slid off of Hoseok and unbuttoned the others pants teasingly nosing along the fabric of the now tight boxers before slowly removing them. His eyes widened again as he saw how big Hoseok was.

Hoseok helped Jimin take off his pants then groaned when his cock smacked his lower stomach "Think you could handle it..." he saw Jimin's reaction to his dick.

Jimin nodded silently and took Hoseoks length into his hands. He pressed a kiss to the tip using his tounge to lick at the precum that had formed. Then he took the tip into his mouth, slowly bobbing his head up and down, and looking up at Hoseok through his lashes.

Hoseok bit his lip then pets Jimin’s hair “Fuck, that feels so good...” he groaned and pushed Jimin’s head down slightly to make him take more of his cock down his throat.

Jimin gagged slightly before breathing through his nose relaxing his throat and moving all the way down. He held himself like that until he needed air and came back up again.

Hoseok pulled Jimin off his cock “Breathe Baby...” he strokes his cock “Stick out your tongue...” he hits the head of his cock on Jimin’s tongue as he leaks out precum “Swallow...” he slowly fed Jimin more of his cock inch by inch at a time. Jimin stuck out his tongue the salty taste of Precum filled his mouth and obediently swallows all that Hoseok has to offer.Hoseok smirks “Good boy...” he made Jimin open his mouth wider as he pushed his cock into Jimin’s mouth slowly “Breathe through your nose...” he whispers as he felt his cock hit the back of Jimin’s throat

Jimin did as he was told taking his next breaths through his nose and relaxing his throat . He groaned softly, knowing he was sending vibrations to Hoseok's dick.

Hoseok moans “Fuck....” he felt Jimin groan then he spilled more precum down Jimin’s throat “Swallow for me....” he commanded Jimin then brushed his hair out his Jimin’s face

Jimin hummed and swallowed taking Hoseok farther down his throat. He was getting hard from this but he didn't want to touch himself for fear he would get in trouble. He was sitting in his boxers right now.

Hoseok felt Jimin’s throat tighten “Holy shit...I’m close...” he threw his head back then pushed Jimin’s head back down to take more of his cock as he felt his climax approaching he pulled his cock out of Jimin’s mouth and rests his tip on his tongue “Want Masters cum, Slut...?” He asked as he slaps his tip on Jimin’s tongue.

Jimin nodded. “Please master.....” He said his voice wrecked from taking Hoseok all the way down like that. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue again as a sign to Hoseok he wanted it bad.

Hoseok groans then strokes his cock as he spills his cum into Jimin’s mouth “Oh fuck....” he watched as Jimin took all of his cum into his mouth “Now be a good slut and swallow every bit of it...”

Jimin swallows all of Hoseoks cum then licked his lips before trying to regain his breath. “M-master can I please....can I please cum?” He begged.

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Hoseok pulls Jimin up then made him sit on his lap and kisses him, tasting the cum off his lips, wrapping his arm around his waist then palms Jimin’s clothed cock with free hand “Wanna Master to help you cum, Slut...?” He pulled away from the kiss and looked up at Jimin, biting his lip.


Jimin eagerly kissed back his body was shaking with anticipation. He groaned as he felt Hoseok touch him and pulled away to answer. "P-please...." he begged.


Hoseok smirked then nodded at Jimin “Take these off....” he whispered and tugged on the hem of his boxers then kissed Jimin’s neck


Jimin moved and pulled off his boxers and threw them to the side. He tilted his head to give Hoseok more access to his neck. "Please master...."


Hoseok sucks on Jimin’s neck then strokes his cock “Such a messy boy....” he spreads the precum around Jimin’s shaft


Jimin mewled and bucked his hips into Hoseok's hand. "N-not messy I'm not messy." He pouted.


Hoseok chuckles “Oh baby you’re dripping all over my hand...” he wiped his hand over Jimin’s abs “So innocent...” he whispers.


Jimin gasped at the feeling of his own precum being wiped on his abs. "Can I cum I'm so close, i was a good boy...."


Hoseok pulls away to look up at Jimin “Yes Baby you may cum....” he leaned over to kiss Jimin’s neck again then began to stroke Jimin’s cock again. That's all it took for Jimin, he closed his eyes and gave a high moan as his body stiffened and he came hard all over Hoseok's hand. Hoseok watched Jimin cum all over his hand and continued to stroke his cock “I want you to cum again, can you be a good boy and cum again for Master..?” He rubbed the tip of Jimin’s cock.


Jimin arched. He nodded his head. He was already so overstimulated it almost hurt. "Sir I-I don't think I can...." he said voice wrecked.


Hoseok bit his lip “You can do it, Baby...” He kisses Jimin’s neck then quickened his pace on Jimin’s cock “Cum for master...”

Jimin gave a wrecked cry and weakly came again. He slumped onto Hoseok breathing heavily. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep for ages. Hoseok slowly pulled away from Jimin’s cock “Good Boy....” he looked up at Jimin and pecked his lips “Let’s get you cleaned up....” he carried Jimin to the bathroom.


Jimin groaned as he was seated on the bathroom counter. "That was....intense sir...."


Hoseok chuckled and nodded "You did so well, Baby..." he took a warm damp cloth then cleaned Jimin's body "Would you like to sleep with me or shall I request another room for you...?"


"Can-can I please stay with you sir?" Jimin asked. He couldn't bear the idea of sleeping alone in a new place like this.









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"Can-can I please stay with you sir?" Jimin asked. He couldn't bear the idea of sleeping alone in a new place like this.


Hoseok smiled and set the cloth on the counter "Of course, let's get ready for bed...." he handed Jimin a new toothbrush then he took his own, put toothpaste on Jimin's and his toothbrush then started to brush his teeth


Jimin picked up the brush and started brushing his teeth and spit in the sink when he was done. He yawned. "I can't wait for Tomorrow..."


Hoseok rinsed then set his toothbrush on the counter "So am I..." he took Jimin's hand "I usually sleep in boxers, is that alright with you..?' he changed into a pair of black boxer briefs and handed Jimin a white shirt to sleep in.


Jimin nodded and pulled the shirt. It went down to the middle of his thigh. "'ll keep my promise and let me see my parents Tomorrow?"


Hoseok carried Jimin to his bed and pulled the covers over them when wrapped his arm around Jimin's waist "Of course, I'll have my driver take you, I'll come with you if you like..." he closed his eyes


"My parents never liked the fact that I was gay so....maybe not I don't want them yelling at you..." Jimin said softly. 


Hoseok nodded and opened his eyes "Ok, I'll have my driver take you while I finish up some work..." he smiled "Taehyung should have your new phone in the morning..."


"Okay thank you...." jimin said and closed his own eyes and soon fell fast asleep his body curled into Hoseok's chest.


Hoseok smiled and kissed Jimin's forehead "Sweet dreams..." he whispered then fell asleep with Jimin in his arms



♡♡♡♡♡Next Day♡♡♡♡♡


Jimin woke up first. He yawned and it took him a second to realize where he was. He looked over to see Hoseok sleeping peacefully beside him. Hoseok was still sleep but held Jimin by the waist as he snored softly. Jimin smiled and cuddled up into him. At least Hoseok was nice to him. He was afraid he was going to be bought by a cruel person.


Hoseok slowly woke up and yawned softly "Morning, Jimin..." he kissed Jimin's forehead


Jimin smiled. "Morning." He said voice raspy from sleep. He cuddled into the covers.


Hoseok smiled at Jimin then rubs his back “Did you sleep well...?” He asked then his phone rang “Hold that thought...” he answered his phone “Hey Tae, what’s up....yeah just come in when you get here.....alright bye...” he ended the call “Taehyung should be here in half an hour...”


Jimin nodded. "I slept better than I did in a long long time." He yawned and sat up listening to Hoseok talk to someone on the other end.


Hoseok sets his phone on the nightstand “That’s good, did you get to sleep in beds like these where you lived..?” He rubs Jimin’s back


Jimin shook his head. "We had those cheap travel pads that you could roll up and easily store." Jimin explained


Hoseok frowned “Well now that you’re mine, you’ll never see those pads again...” he kissed Jimin’s cheek.


Jimin nodded contentedly. "I'm happy you're so nice. I was scared you were gonna be awful." He admitted


Hoseok chuckles “I hope I don’t seem too awful to you....” he rubs Jimin thigh then he heard the door open “That should be Taehyung, let’s get ready before we see him...” he carried Jimin to the bathroom


Jimin nodded. "So I borrow some of your clothes?" He asked moving to one of the drawers.


Hoseok nodded “Of course....” he brushed his teeth and fixed his hair then went to the drawers to pick out an outfit for the day “How do I look...?” He asked as he sprayed on cologne.


"You look fantastic." Jimin said smiling he went to the bathroom to fix his hair. "Hey do you have any makeup I can borrow? Just concealer."


Hoseok smiles and nodded “I have my makeup kit in the bathroom drawer....” he opened the drawer and gave Jimin the bag, he started to fix his hair


Jimin pulled himself up on the bathroom counter so he could see better as he applied some to his face.


Hoseok hopped on the counter then watched Jimin “I think you look beautiful with or without make up...” he smiled


Jimin blushed. "Thanks...." he said softly. "I'm just so used to putting it on its become a habit."


Hoseok nodded “You don’t have to wear makeup around me....” he rubs Jimin’s back


"Well I'm going out to see my" jimin shrugged not knowing what else to say


Hoseok smiles “How does your parents feel about you wearing makeup...?” He asked then hopped off the counter “Let’s go meet Taehyung...”


"They never cared as long as it was neutral. I only dressed it up if o was leaving the house for a party." Jimin said



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Hoseok smiles “I see...” he held Jimin’s hand and walked with him to the living room “Hey Tae...” he smiles as he saw Taehyung set up breakfast for Hoseok and Jimin “I got you guys some chocolate croissants and danishes...” Taehyung told Jimin and Hoseok “You’re the best...” he told Taehyung then took a seat.


"Thank you!" Jimin said brightly and sat down beside Hoseok. He poured them both a cup of coffee before taking a Danish.


Hoseok kisses Jimin’s temple “Thanks...” he took a croissant “I have your new phone...I already set it up for you...” Taehyung took out a new IPhone 11 for Jimin in black “Here..” he gave it to Jimin.


Jimin blushed at the small kiss and his eyes widened as he took the phone. "" he turned on the phone. "This is amazing thank you..."


Hoseok smiled "Only the best for my baby..." he wrapped his arm around Jimin's waist "You're welcome, the driver is on his way here to drive you to your parents house..." Taehyung explained then drank some of his coffee "And Hobi you have vocal warm ups today...." Hoseok nodded "Alright..."


Jimin leaned into the touch like a happy puppy. "Wait you know where I live, how did you know that!?" Jimin squeaked with surprise.


Taehyung chuckles "He's so precious...." he looked over at Hoseok.


"When I bought you, I had Taehyung do a full background check on you just to know you won't harm me in anyway, it was just for everyone's safety, it shows me where you used to live and where your parents are right now, it also showed me that you dislike Mangos...." he chuckles softly


Jimin looked at him with the widest eyes. "Whoa....." he said amazed. "Yeah I hate mangos..." he laughed. "So where are my parents now? Did they move?" He asked curiously. He couldn't wait to see them he wondered if his parents would be mad at him.


Hoseok chuckles at Jimin's reaction "I won't get anything mango for you..." Taehyung looked on his phone "Mm they since live in your old house and it's 45 minutes away from here, it says they own a Mochi shop..." Taehyung read out some information about Jimin's parents "They also bought at cat recently..."


"They've owned that mochi shop for years." Jimin said brightly. "My mom always knew it was my favorite dessert I used to help there sometimes." He grinned. "They got a cat! That's cute."


Taehyung nodded "That's nice...." he smiled "Bring some mochi for me to try..." Hoseok told Jimin then he got a text "I have to go to vocal warm up now..." he kissed Jimin's cheek "By Tae..." he hugged Taehyung then slipped on his shoes and walked out the door with his mask on.


"I will my mom makes the best!" Jimin said smiling. He waved goodbye to Hoseok and looked to Taehyung. "Can we go now please I can't wait."


Taehyung grabbed his coffee and stood up "Sure, the driver should be downstairs already..." he waited for Jimin as he grabbed his back "Do you want to buy them a gift before we leave, like some flowers or some jewelry, necklace for your mother and watch for your dad...?" Taehyung asked Jimin as he put on his shoes.


"I like that idea...." jimin said. He needed a way to make them happier, would they be happy to see him? "Yeah that would be nice, they deserve that after all they've been through."


Taehyung nodded "We will stop at LV before we head to their house ok...?" he walked into the elevator with Jimin.


Jimin followed him. "Okay that sounds awesome, I should stop at the mochi shop as well." He said softly.


Taehyung smiled “Sure...” he walked Jimin to the black car “Hobi took the limo today....” he got in after Jimin.


Jimin followed him. "I wonder if they're mad at me. Or forgot about me...." jimin said nervously as he looked out the window.


“I’m sure they miss you...” he told the driver to drive to LV “Don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you in the car...”


"Okay thank you." Jimin said softly. Soon they arrived at LV and both got out. "I think I'll get my mom a bracelet she's not really a necklace person."


Taehyung walked into LV with Jimin and nodded “Pick one that you think your mother will like....” he followed Jimin around the store. Jimin looked around and found a nice watch for his father and a bracelet for his mother it was her favorite colors. He smiled.Taehyung looked over Jimin’s shoulder “They look lovely....” he smiled then took the items from Jimin “Let’s buy them...” he walked over to the register with Jimin.

Jimin smiles and nodded as they walked. “They’re really gonna like them.” He said softly.


Taehyung nodded “I’m sure they’ll love it....” he took out his platinum card then gave it to the lady then she wrapped to gifts into small gifts and gave Taehyung back his card “Thank you...” he bows and walks out with Jimin


Jimin also bowed politely and followed Taehyung back out the door. They got back into the car and started the drive to jimins house.


Taehyung smiles then leans back against the seat “How do you think your parents will react to you coming to visit them...?” He looked over at Jimin


"That's what I'm scared about. I vanished without a trace. They must be worried. Maybe mad?" He looked at his lap. "Will they remember me?"


Taehyung shook his head “I don’t think they’ll be mad and of course they’ll remember you...” he smiled at Jimin


"You're right I'm so silly. I'm still nervous. What do I do when they ask where was I. I cant tell them that I'm a sex slave now."


Taehyung nodded “Tell them you’re one of Hoseok's assistants...” he looked at his phone “You can say you have my job...”


"And your job is his manager or his assistant?" Jimin asked curiously he needed to make a believable lie.


“I’m his manager but I act like his assistant too, Umm you can say you’re his assistant....” he smiled.


"Okay that sounds like a good idea." Jimin looked out the window as they pulled up at the house. It looked the same as they day he had left. He couldn't believe it.


Taehyung nodded then looked out the window as the car parked “Good luck....I’ll be right here if you need me...” Jimin nodded. He got out of the car slowly. His parents were home he could see the cars in the driveway. He slowly made his way up to the door and knocked.


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Chapter Text



Taehyung watches as Jimin walked to the door “I hope it goes well....”


The door was opened by Jimin's mother. Jimin smiled softly before saying: "hi mom......"


Jimin’s mom opened the door and was shocked to see Jimin “Jimin...” she froze at the door staring at Jimin “I missed you so much...”


Jimin teared up. "I'm back its really me...." he took a step forward before hugging her tightly. "I missed you so so much."


Eomma hugged Jimin tightly “Where have you gone...?” She rubs Jimin’s back as she enjoyed his embrace.


"I ran away I'm sorry I just wanted to see the world. I got a job, a really good one I'm assistant manager to an idol, I just wanted you to be proud of me....." Jimin said softly.


Eomma looks at Jimin “I’m always proud of you, please sit down I’ll brew you some tea....” she kissed Jimin’s forehead then walked into the kitchen


"Is dad home or is he working the shop today?" Jimin asked as he looked around the house and sat down in the living room.


Eomma brewer some tea then brought the tea set to the coffee table in the living room “He’s working at the Mochi shop.....he should be home soon...”


"I was gonna stop by the shop later I told the idol I work for I'd get him some." Jimin said softly. "Oh and I got you something!" He handed her the wrapped gift.


Eomma poured Jimin some tea then took the wrapped gift “Oh thank you Minnie...” she handed Jimin the tea then opened the gift “Minnie it’s beautiful...! Can you put it on me....” she gave the bracelet to Jimin.


Jimin nodded his head and put the mug down and put the bracelet around her wrist. "I'm so happy to be home it's been too long I'm sorry I didn't visit sooner I was just so nervous about what you would think."


Eomma looked at the bracelet and smiled “Don’t worry, Eomma will always love you....” she smiled then Jimin’s father walks in “Eomma I’m home...” he looked for Jimin’s mother then at Jimin “Oh you’re home...?” He looked at Jimin.


"Appa I came back." Jimin stood up. "I'm sorry for running off....." he said softly.


"I'll leave you two to talk.." Eomma said softly and made her way back into the kitchen.


Appa kisses Eomma as she left then he went to sit with Jimin on the sofa “We were so worried about you....what happened to you son..?” He took a sip of his tea.


"I'm so sorry I made you worry. I really am. I ran away. I was just upset that you didn't like me for me so I wanted to set my own path. I worked hard and now I have a really good job I'm working as an assistant manager for an idol." Jimin said softly


Appa listened to Jimin and nodded “Who is this idol...?” He put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder “You should come visit us more, it’s been so look so grownup now...”


"I'm working for Jung Hoseok he's resting now from his world tour then we're off to America. I'll call you and text you guys as much as I can while I'm away. I promise." Jimin said smiling. "And I got you this..." he handed his father the package.


Appa smiles “You better, we miss you....” he took the package from Jimin “Thank you Son....” he pats Jimin’s back then opened the box “Ah this is a good brand...” he pulled out the watch and put it on his wrist “How does it look...?” He shows it off to Jimin.


"That looks great!" Jimin said brightly. "I will I got a new phone so I'll give you the new number!" That's when the cat plodded I to the room and he grinned. "Oh my GOD you guys got a cat!"


Appa pulled out his phone then gave it to Jimin “Ah yeah, his name is Mochi because he looked so sweet...” he chuckles softly “I brought some home would you like some..?” He walked to the kitchen to bring the bag full of Mochi for Jimin “Try them I just made them, caramel and vanilla are very popular with the teens these days...”


"Yes please I missed the homemade mochi!" Jimin said brightly put his number into the phone. He followed his father into the kitchen and picked up the cat on the way in. He tried each of the flavors his face lit up. "It's amazing! I love it. I was gonna stop by the shop after this to pick up a box for Hoseok." He smiled.


Appa put his phone away then smiles softly “I’m glad you like it, please take the whole bag I got plenty at the shop....” he nodded then cleaned up the table.


"You sure?" Jimin asked he places the cat down on the floor it gave a Meow and wandered away.


Appa nodded “Of course it’s no problem...” he walked to Jimin “I’m very proud of you Son, you grew up to be such a good man...”


"Thank you Appa. Like I said I'm sorry I didn't call sooner I felt awful." Jimin said softly. "I'm happy I'm making you proud now."


“All that matters is that you’re safe now...” he smiled then finished his tea “Where have you been all this time..?”


"My first year I was working for small companies I was a backup dancer, then I moved up to a makeup assistant then assistant manager, I was working hard." Jimin said he hoped his story was believable.


Appa nodded “Ahhh I see, hard work paid off a lot but you’re so skinny Son, you better eat more....” he rubs his tummy.


Jimin laughed at this. "I'm skinny but I work out I have abs." He said. 


"Are you eating enough?" Eomma asked him.


"I promise I'm eating healthy I promise." Jimin said brightly.


Appa chuckles “Oh good, all of the lady’s must be chasing after you....” 


Eomma smiles “Do you have a girlfriend Minnie...?” She asked as she was just cooking some noodles

Jimin gave an internal sigh, they were still hoping he had a girlfriend. He shook his head. "No I don't actually." He said. "You remember I'm not into girls right?"


Appa sighs “Oh son, this is just a phase you’ll find girls attractive soon....” he explained 


Eomma smiles “You can love whoever you want Minnie....” she turned off the stove “Have some of Eomma’s noodles, I miss cooking for you...” she gave Jimin a bowl of Japchae.


Jimin bit back a retort. "You're right, maybe I'll find someone soon, it's hard to date when you're constantly moving around with a schedule like I have." His face lit up at the idea of his mother's cooking. "Eomma I missed your cooking so much!" He said gratefully taking the bowl and sitting down at the table.


Appa just nodded and started to read the newspaper 


Eomma rubbed Jimin’s back “Oh please eat, you’re so skinny now....” she laughs softly then kisses Jimin’s head.


Jimin laughed and started to eat. He forgot how good her food tasted and practically sucked it down. "I'm healthy skinny but I promise I'll put on a few pounds so you dont worry."


Eomma smiles “You better...what to bring some home...I’ll pack you a container....” she went to go look for a container for the noodles.


"Thank you mom. You have to give me your recipes I wanna make them while I'm away." Jimin said brightly


Eomma nodded “Of course Minnie....” she packed a container for Jimin to bring with him “It’s getting late, are you going to spend the night...?” She looked at the time then pet the cat.


"I would love to but we leave first thing tomorrow for America. I promise when I come home I'll stay over." Jimin said softly.


Eomma nodded “I understand....” she hugged Jimin and kissed his head “Get home safely....” she smiled 


Appa pat Jimin’s back “Stay our of trouble Son....”


"I will." Jimin took the noodles and the mochi and hugged them both. "I'll call you I promise." He said brightly..


Eomma and Appa smiled, “We will miss you....”


"I know I'll miss you too I'll send you so many pictures and keep you updated." He said smiling. 


They nodded and walked Jimin to the front door “Keep in touch...”He nodded really meaning it this time. He left heading to the car and to Taehyung turning around one more time to wave at them before getting in.



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Chapter Text


The First Time 


Taehyung put his phone away as Jimin got into the car “How was it...?” He smiled at Jimin then texted Hoseok Jimin was finished meet his parents.


"It went really well. I missed them so much I promised to keep in touch with them and my mom gave me noodles and the recipe and my dad gave me some mochi ." He said smiling


"Oooh it smells amazing..." he chuckled "Hoseok is still out but he should be back soon so let's wait for him at the hotel..." he explained.


"If you want some please take some. My mom basically gave me the whole pot so its enough for you me and Hoseok to have." Jimin explained.


Taehyung chuckles "I'll take some when we get to the hotel...thank you..." he smiled at Jimin "What was your parents reaction when they saw you...?"


"They were shocked and very happy that I had come home. They asked where I was all that time and I think I gave them a convincing story. I hope they believed it they seemed too." He sighed.


"Ahh that's good, so did they suspect anything odd about you, like did they wonder how you got your job..?" he asked.


"Mmm I don't think so they know I've always been a hard worker so I just said I worked hard became a backup dancer then worked my way up." Jimin said.


Taehyung nodded “That’s good that they didn’t ask too many questions....” he smiled as the car stopped “We’re here...”


Jimin nodded and got out of the car carrying the bags of food and dessert. They took the elevator up to the top floor.


Taehyung followed Jimin to the elevator “Did you have fun today...?” He asked then took one of Jimin’s bags “Lemme help you...”


"Thank you I had alot of fun today. I told my parents I'd visit again once Hoseok got back from tour." Jimin said.


Taehyung nodded “Of course, I’ll put it in Hoseoks schedule when we finish the tour....” he opened Hoseoks suite then set all of the bags on the counter “Let’s heat up the japchae...” he took out the container.


"You can have some I had some while i was there, I'll heat some up later if I get hungry." Jimin said softly. He sat down at the table.


Taehyung smiles “Alright....” he made a plate for himself then put it in the microwave.


Jimin smiled and took the mochi bag and looked through the flavors. "When you're done try the mochi." He grinned.


Taehyung took the plate out of the microwave and sat next to Jimin “Ooh what flavors are there...?” He looked at the bag


"Piña colada, coconut, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, mint, caramel, chocolate, green tea, blueberry, and cookie dough." Jimin hummed.


“Oooh so many, I’ll have a coffee one...” he leaned closer to Jimin then Hoseok opened the door and took off his shoes, put them on the side. Taehyung looked over at Hoseok and smiled “Hi Hyung..” he waved


"I brought home dinner that my mom made, and some of the mochi as well!" Jimin said smiling. "Thank you for letting me see them....they missed me so much."


Hoseok made his way over to Jimin and hugged him “I’m glad you had a good time....” he kissed Jimin’s cheek “Can you heat up some food for me, I’m starving....” he plopped on the sofa “Hey Tae, so did it go well..?” Taehyung nodded “I heard it went great...Jimin didn your parents like the gifts..?”


Jimin nodded and stood up moving to heat up some of the japchae for Hoseok and for himself. "It went better than I expected they really did love the gifts." Jimin said brightly.


Hoseok pulls away and smiles “I know you’re still a virgin so let’s make your first time memorable....” he carries Jimin to the bedroom “Let’s make love for you first time....”


Jimin turned pink but nodded. "Yes please." He said softly. He wrapped his hands around Hoseok's neck as he was lowered onto the bed.


Hoseok and Taehyung smiles “That’s great to hear...” Hoseok said then Taehyung stood up. 


“I need to prepare for our flight tomorrow so I’ll just head out now....” Taehyung waves to Hoseok and Jimin. 


“Bye Tae.....” Hoseok smiles.


"Bye Taehyung thanks for everything!" Jimin said smiling as the other left and closed the door behind him. Jimin took the now heated food and dished it out and handed a plate to Hoseok. Before sitting beside him.


Hoseok took the plate “Thanks Babe....what tell me everything that happened today...” he got his chopsticks then ate some of the japchae “Mm this is so good...”


"Well tae took me to the store and we picked out the gifts the we went my parents. He waited in the car. My mom was so shocked yet happy to see me. I think i gave a pretty convincing story. So was my dad but he doest show much in the emotional department..." jimin admitted and ate his own food. "I missed them so much I promised to keep in touch with them and my mom gave me noodles and the recipe and my dad gave me some mochi ." He said smiling.


Hoseok listened to Jimin as he ate his noodles “Wow it sound like you had such a good time, I will be sure to let you visit your parents when I finish my tour....” he smiles and finished his plate of noodles “Ooh Do you have green tea...?”


"Yeah! My dad put two of every flavor in there." He said smiling. "Its the green one obviously." Jimin said finishing his own plate and pulling out the box.


Hoseok looked into the box then took a green Mochi “Thanks Min...” he took a bite of the Mochi “It’s really good...”


"I'm so glad you like it." Jimin hummed and took a strawberry one from the box and took a bite. "It reminds me of when I was little."


“Aww that’s cute....” he finishes the Mochi “When did you guys get here..?”


"We got back about 10 minutes ago." Jimin explained. "I stayed at their house for a while." He added.


Hoseok nodded “I see....” he sets the plates on the table then he looked at Jimin and pulls him by the collar and kisses him.



Jimin was taken by surprise but kisses back his hands tangling themselves in Hoseoks hair. Hoseok smirked then slips his tongue into Jimin’s mouth and pulls him into his lap. Jimin gasped and opened his mouth giving Hoseok more access. Jimin gave a soft moan. Hoseok explores Jimin’s mouth and holds onto his waist. Jimin pulled away for air and looked at Hoseok, his lips shining and red from the kiss.


Hoseok quickly moves to kiss Jimin’s neck “I have a high sex drive....” he mumbles and pulls Jimin closer.


"I-I can see that." Jimin gasped. "What do you want to do to me hyung?" He asked resting his forehead against Hoseok's. Hoseok laid Jimin on the bed then kisses him sweetly, holding onto his waist.


Jimin spread his legs and pulled Hoseok closer to him. He was happy they were taking it slow. Hoseok pulls away and slowly off his shirt then Jimin's shirt and his pants.


Jimin blushed and looked up at him suddenly feeling shy. "I'm glad you're gonna be my first."


Hoseok smiles and tossed Jimin's pants and shirt on the floor "I'm happy I am..." he unbuttoned his pants and slipped them off and leans down to kiss jimin again.


Jimin suddenly felt a little self conscious about the tattoo he had scrawled on his chest it was one of Hoseoks lyrics. He tried to cover it up.


Hoseok pulls away when he felt Jimin move "What''s wrong Baby...?" he looked at Jimin.


"Its just I'm embarrassed." He uncurled his arms from his chest and showed the tattoo.


Hokseok looked at Jimin's tattoo and chuckles "Oh honey, that's adorable, now I know you really are a fan..." he jokes.


"It means alot to me. Your music got me through those two years." Jimin said softly


"I'm glad you enjoy my music, it means a lot..." he kisses Jimin.


Jimin kissed him back arching up into his touch. He wanted this so bad. He pulled away. "Please."


Hoseok smirked "What do you want Baby..." he licked his lips


"Make love to me please hyung." Jimin begged his hips bucking up.


Hoseok chuckles "Such a needy boy..." he takes off Jimin's boxers "Take off Master's boxers..." he smirked.


"Yes master." Jimin nodded and sat up reaching out and tugging Hoseoks boxers down.


Hoseok groans softly then he pushes Jimin on the bed gently and hovers over him then kisses him "Prep...?"


"Please then you can plug me and keep me nice and open for the future." Jimin hummed.


Hoseok smirked "Of course Baby...' he opens the nightstand drawer then grabs lube and applies some to his fingers and circles around Jimin's rim "It may hurt a bit..." he slowly pushes in two fingers in Jimin.


It felt uncomfortable but jimin was used to the feeling he had been constantly prepped back at the place. He gave a soft moan. "Ah~"


Hoseok kisses Jimin's neck "Sound so pretty..." he mumbles and he fingers Jimin.


Jimin continued to let out soft moans they got higher and he arched off the bed once Hoseok brushed against his prostate.


Hoseok smirked "There..?" he curled his fingers when Jimin moans louder


Jimins back arched gracefully off the bed as he rocked down into the touch. "Ah Hoseok!"


Hoseok bit his lip at Jimin's reaction "Fuck, so sexy.." he curls his fingers hard in that spot again.


Jimin gave a louder cry. He was getting hard and each jab to the prostate made him want to cum. "Hoseok- please I'm gonna-"


Hoseok fucked Jimin with his fingers faster "Cum for me Baby..." he sucks on Jimin's neck


"I-AH!" Jimin's entire body stiffened as he came all over his chest. His breath was coming in gasps. He looked at Hoseok with eager yet tired eyes.


Hoseok pulls his fingers away "Open your mouth..." he leaned down to lick Jimin's cum from his chest then kiss Jimin, sharing the cum with him.


Jimin obediently opened his mouth and kissed Hoseok licking at the inside of the others mouth tasting himself.


Hoseok snowballed the mixture of cum and spit to Jimin then pulled away “What did you think of snowballing...?”


"That was interesting...I liked it." Jimin said nuzzling into his neck. "Add that to my list of kinks."


Hoseok chuckles “Noted...” he smirked then strokes his cock “Think you can go another round..?”


Jimin nodded. "Yeah I can do it, you promised to make love to me." The younger hummed.


Hoseok nodded “Yes Baby, I’ll make love to you...” he smiles and kisses Jimin 


Jimin smiled and kisses him lightly. Even if he was Hoseok's slave he didnt feel like it in the slightest.


Hoseok circles his tip over Jimin’s rim “Ready Baby...?” He asked as he kisses Jimin’s neck.


"Ready." Jimin said leaning back giving Hoseok full access to his neck.


Hoseok nodded then he slowly pushes his cock into Jimin and groans “Ah so tight....” he whispered.


Jimin made a choked sound as Hoseok thrust into him. "Ah y-youre so big I-" he moaned.


Hoseok bit his lip then grinds into Jimin “Oh baby, you’re so beautiful....” he holds onto Jimin’s hips.


Jimin blushed. Another moan fell last his lips. Hoseok felt so good inside him. He held onto the others shoulders for support. "Please move please...."


Hoseok nodded then he started to thrust into Jimin “Fuck....” groans softly and kisses Jimin. Pretty soon all Jimin could do was moan it felt so good. He kissed the other back deeply. When Hoseok hit his prostate dead on he arched off the bed crying out loudly. Hoseok thrusts harder into the spot Jimin moaned loudly at then muffled Jimin’s moans as the kiss deepens


Jimin couldn't form a coherent sentence. He felt himself starting to get closer to his orgasm. "So close..."


Hoseok nodded “Come for me dear....” he kisses Jimin’s neck and grinds faster into him.


Jimin nodded. A few more grinds was all it took for hum to cum all over his chest. "Hoseokie~" he moaned.


Hoseok groans at the sight of Jimin’s cum then cums inside of Jimin as he gave him one last thrust “Oh Jimin...” he moans


Jimin gasped as he felt Hoseok release into him. This was new and he absolutely loved it. "Ah....oh my god..." jimin sighed.


Hoseok panted then slowly pulled out of Jimin “How was your first time BabyBoy...?” He brushes Jimin’s hair back.


The younger whined and clenched around nothing. Jimin smiled. "It was so good...." he said. "I liked it alot."


Hoseok smiles then pecks Jimin’s lips “I’m glad I was your first...” he licked his lips “We should get you cleaned up and ready for bed, we have a flight in the morning....” he carried Jimin to the bathroom.


Jimin held onto him sleepily. "How early tomorrow?" He asked softly and yawned as he was placed on the bathroom counter. "I hope I don't get bad jetlag....I've never traveled before so I'm not used to it."


“Our flight is at 7:30 so we’ll have to leave by 6 in the morning..” he gave Jimin his toothbrush then he began to brush his teeth, after he finished his took a wet cloth then started to clean up Jimin’s body “I have a drink for jet lag since I’m always traveling, it helps with adjusting to the time zone you’re tastes like raspberry tea, you can have some tomorrow if you like..”


"Jimin brushed his teeth and put the toothbrush by the sink. He nodded his head. "Yeah that sounds good, and I can sleep on the flight there it's like what 14 hours from Seoul to California?" He asked softly.


Hoseok carried Jimin back to their bed and nodded “Around helps a lot, have you ever traveled in a private jet or at least on a plane before..?”


"I've been in a plane my family took me to the Hong Kong Disneyland when I was a kid." Jimin said smiling remembering the memory. "Ive never been in a private jet before though."


“Going to the airport takes too long since a lot of fans want to see me so we have to take a private’s pretty sad though since so many fans want to see me but my manager said it’s too dangerous now....” he frowns a bit “I miss being able to roam Disneyland or even just walking in downtown freely without anyone knowing who I am....” he plays with Jimin’s fingers.


"Fans can get crazy I remember hearing stories about what some fans were able to do to an idol." Jimin Shivered. "Even in disguise they know?" He asked and looked at Hoseok's larger hand practically dwarfing his own smaller one.


Hoseok nodded “I know they idolize me so much but they need to remember celebrities are people too and need personal space....” he sighs then looked at Jimin’s and his size differences “Aww your hand is so cute...”


"People are crazy that way." Jimin admitted looking up at Hoseok with a slight pout. He blushed at the comment. "My hands are small like me." He said softly.


“It’s alright I know they don’t mean any harm...” he smiled a bit then chuckles “I think you’re perfect size just for me...” he kisses Jimin’s hand.


"I'm cuddle size." Jimin said and curled up into Hoseok's chest. "I'm excited to see America tomorrow...I don't know much English though it's very bad."


Hoseok nodded “Exactly...” he smiled “All you need to know is “Hello, my name is Jimin...sorry not good at English....” he said in slowly.


Jimin looked at him before repeating the statement. "H-hello my name is Jimin..I no good at English." He said.


Hoseok smiles “Good..” he said in English “And you should ask “Can you speak Korean...?” He said in English.


Jimin ran the sentence over in his head a few times before repeating it. "Can you...speak Korean?"


Hoseok nodded “ let’s sleep, we can practice more tomorrow....” he kisses Jimin’s forehead “Good night...”


"Night..." Jimin nodded yawned closed his eyes and fell fast asleep pretty quickly.

Hoseok smiles and closes his eyes then falls asleep with Jimin in his arms.




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Chapter Text


The Flight To America 


Jimin was woken up by an alarm going off on Hoseok's phone. He groaned and rolled over before sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Hoseok was stirring beside him.

Hoseok woke up slowly when he heard the alarm and yawns “Morning did you sleep?” He pets Jimin’s head.


"I slept very well," Jimin said softly. He leaned into the touch then stood up groaning at the soreness in his ass.


Hoseok smiles then chuckles “Aww poor baby...” he rubs Jimin’s ass “Let’s brush our teeth then take a shower...”


"If I get to join you in the shower," Jimin said softly and made his way into the bathroom.


Hoseok nodded "Sure..." he started to brush his teeth then he rinsed and turned on the shower.


"We'll save water that way," Jimin said while brushing his teeth. He was only in boxers so he removed them and stepped into the shower.


Hoseok nodded then he took off his boxers and stepped into the shower after Jimin "Come here..." he grabs Jimin by the neck and kisses him.


Jimin kissed him back. His hands went and tangled themselves in Hoseok's hair. The warm water cascading over both of them. Hoseok holds onto Jimin’s waist then pushes his against the shower wall. Jimin gave a surprised sound as his back hit the wall. "What are you gonna do sir?" He asked biting his lip.


“We could have a quickie in the shower....what do you say...?” He caresses Jimin’s cheek licking his lips.


"I'm in," Jimin said. "I was not enough for you last night I guess." He teased and kissed Hoseok's neck.


Hoseok chuckles "I could never have enough of you, I just keep coming back for more..." he runs his hand on the line of Jimin's back then cups his ass.


Jimin shivers. "I'm open enough from last night. And you came quite a lot so I don't think I'll need prep or lube." He said voice low.


Hoseok nodded "I see you kept Masters cum in like a good boy..." he smirked "Jump..." he carries Jimin then slowly pushes his cock inside of him. Jimin obediently jumped up wrapping his legs around the elder's hips. He moaned as he felt Hoseok enter him. He clenched slightly flashing Hoseok a smirk. Hoseok groans when Jimin clenches "Oh baby...." he chuckles a bit then thrusts into Jimin.


Jimin moaned resting his forehead against Hoseok's. "Ah~feels so good." He cried out.


Hoseo grips onto Jimin's waist then started to pound into him "Fuck Jimin..."


"Hoseok...." Jimin gasped and kissed him again. He never thought he would get over how kissable Hoseok was.


Hoseok quickly kisses Jimin back as he ground into him "Mmmm..." he moans softly in Jimin's mouth.


Jimin pulled away to breathe and looked Hoseok in the eyes. "I'm so close...." he groaned.


Hoseok strokes Jimin's cock "Cum for Master..." he kisses Jimin's neck.


Jimin nodded and came hard after a few more thrusts from Hoseok.


Hoseok grinds into Jimin "Good Boy..." he sucks on his neck, leaving a purple hickey. Jimin moaned at the feeling and tilted his head back to give Hoseok more room. Hoseok pulls out of Jimin then pecks his lips "On your knees Baby..."


Jimin got on his knees and looked up at Hoseok, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.


Hoseok slips his cock into Jimin's mouth "Want Master to use your dirty little mouth...?" he smirked looking down at Jimin. Jimin did not reply he just moved until he has fully deep throated Hoseok, he looked up at the other through his lashes. Hoseok groans and grips Jimin's hair as he felt Jimin's nose on his lower stomach "So good..." he whispered. Jimin moaned softly sending vibrations down Hoseok's dick. He started to bob his head slowly using his tongue before grazing his teeth ever so lightly over the sensitive skin. Hoseok shivers as he looked down at Jimin "Do that again..." he leans into Jimin's touch as precum spill from his tip. Jimin moved back down and as he pulled away he used his teeth again, his mouth flooded with the taste of precum. Hoseok moans "Holy shit...." he bites his lip as Jimin grazes his teeth on his cock. Jimin continued his actions before he started to move a little faster and sucked a little harder hoping to get Hoseok closer. "C-close...." he groans then pushes Jimin's head down as he throws his head back. Jimin sucked harder and hummed again hoping that would send Hoseok over the edge. Hoseok shoves his cock down Jimin’s throat then he cums down Jimin’s throat “Ahh fuck.....” he groans loudly. Jimin swallowed it all and pulled away gasping for air. By now the shower water had gone cold. Hoseok pants then brings Jimin up and kisses him, tasting the cum on his tongue as he held onto his shoulder. 


Jimin kissed back, before pulling away. "Did you like that?" He asked softly.


Hoseok nodded “very...” he smiled then grabs the shampoo and massages it in Jimin’s hair.


Jimin hummed. "We should hurry I don't want you to be late for your plane." He said.


Hoseok smiles and rinses Jimin’s hair “Yeah lets just finish up in here first...”


"Let me wash your hair," Jimin said turning to face him


Hoseok nodded and closed his eyes “Okay Baby...” he held onto Jimin’s waist


Jimin grabbed the shampoo and massaged it into Hoseok's scalp before rinsing it out. "There we go."


Hoseok opens his eyes then pecks Jimin’s lips “Thanks....” he smiles then started to wash Jimin’s chest.


Jimin smiled and nodded letting Hoseok wash him before he washed the other's body.


Hoseok hums softly as Jimin washes him then when they finished he turned off the shower “All clean...” he smiles and gave Jimin a towel.


Jimin smiled. "Thanks." He said and hopped out of the shower wrapping the towel around himself.


Hoseok dries himself then he pecks Jimin’s lips and wraps the towel around his waist.


Jimin went searching for clothes. All of Hoseok's stuff was a little too big for him but he eventually found something that fit.


Hoseok threw on an outfit then sprayed on some cologne “Ready to go Jimin...?” He smiled.


"Yeah! Want me to get your bags? So your hands are free?" He asked. As they went out into the lobby to meet Taehyung.


Hoseok chuckles “I can manage Baby...” he slips on his shoes then grabs his bags and opens the door for Jimin.


Jimin nodded and smiled walking out first followed by Hoseok they met Taehyung in the lobby and Taehyung handed jimin a duffel bag. "I got you headphones, snacks and some clothes that are in your size. I couldn't sleep last night, so to pass the time I shopped."


Hoseok looked at Taehyung and smiles “Aww that’s so sweet of you....” he walked to the limo and gave the bags to the driver as he loaded it to the back.


"Thank you Taehyung you're the best!" Jimin said smiling brightly at him. They went outside there were already fans and paparazzi outside the building practically surrounding the limo in a half-circle.


Hoseok grabs Jimin and quickly gets into the limo as Taehyung gets in after them “Good thing we got in quickly...” the driver started to leave.


"Yeah that was a little scary," Jimin admitted. "There were so many of them."


Hoseok nodded “This is pretty normal for us...” Taehyung explains as he answered some emails on his laptop.


Jimin nodded looking out the window. "I'll get used to it." He said. 


Hoseok smiles “Welcome to our life...” he chuckles “I never got to ask but did you get to bring anything with you when you were purchased...? I don’t think I remembered your bag..” he looked at Jimin.


"I took that when I brought him in. I added it to his duffel." Taehyung said still looking at his laptop.


"Thank you," Jimin said softly. "Those were some of the things I earn when I was good. I have CDs. And then they added a few toys in there...."


“Ahh ok...” he nodded then cocks his head to the side “Toys? What kind of toys..?” He asked curiously 


Taehyung looked over at Hoseok and Jimin “I’m just going to order our meals and send them to the private jet...” he put on his AirPods to listen to some music


Jimin chuckled at Taehyungs embarrassed response and looked at Hoseok. "Ummmm a few different size butt plugs, an inflatable plug, a cock ring, and two vibrators." Jimin said blushing


Hoseok bit his lip “I’ll make sure to let Taehyung sit in the front...” he wraps his arm around Jimin “Have you used any of those toys yet..?” He smirked.


"Yeah, they liked to get us used to what we might use if we got bought. "The ones they packed are the ones I've used."


Hoseok nodded “We’re going to have so much fun on the private jet...” he whispers to Jimin 


Taehyung takes out his AirPods “Alright we’re here, I’ll just go help the driver with the bags...” he got out of the car.


"So it's just us and the plane captain?" Jimin asked curiously as they got out of the car to be met by more people. He was handed his duffle bag by Taehyung.


Hoseok smiles “The rest of my team will be riding with us but they’ll sit in the front for our safety...Tae was going to sit in the back with us...-“


Taehyung stopped Hoseok “Um it’s alright Hobi, I wanna sit in the front so I can get a lot of work done....” he chuckles


Jimin nodded and looked over as Taehyung spoke up. "Okay. Just knock if you need anything." Jimin said aid as they boarded the plane.


Hoseok smiles and closed the door then locks it “Just so people won’t bother us...” he chuckles then placed Jimin’s bag on the floor and grabs Jimin by the waist and kisses him


Jimin gasped and kissed him back. "Ah sh-shouldn't we sit or lay down the planes gonna take off.." he squeaked pulling away for air


Jimin gasped and kissed him back. "Ah sh-shouldn't we sit or lay down the planes gonna take off.." he squeaked piling away for air

Hoseok nodded then carried Jimin to the sofa chair and kisses him roughly “That car ride was too long...”

“We had fun in the shower,” Jimin said through the kisses. “But I’m up for more we have 14 hours.”

Hoseok pulls away and nodded “I have a request I want you to fulfill for me...” he bit his lip

“Yessir What is it?” Jimin asked looking at Hoseok and taking in his features

“I want you to use some of your toys on the bed while I watch...” he licks his lips

“Okay.” Jimin nodded he hopped off of Hoseoks lap and went to his bag and dug through it taking out the toys. “Do you want to pick which one?”

Hoseok smirked and looked through the bag “I want you to use the inflatable butt plug, cock ring and a you have lube..?” He watched Jimin look through the bag.

Jimin shook his head. “No, do you have lube? If not I can just use a lot of spit.....”

“I think I have some in my bag....” he opened his bag and hands Jimin a small bottle of lube “Now put on a show for master on the bed...” he smirked then opened a bottle of red wine from the cooler and a glass the pours himself a glass.

Jimin nodded and stripped out of his clothes and took the toys Hoseok wanted and the lube before laying on the bed propped up by the pillows. He spread his legs and dripped some lube onto his fingers and teased his hole. It was already sensitive from the morning shower session and he let out a soft moan.


Hoseok propped his hand on his chin as he watched Jimin, he started to get hard from Jimin’s actions.


Jimin locked eyes with him and started to thrust his fingers in and out of himself, he had to prep himself for the inflatable plug.


“Oh baby...” he started to palm himself, biting his lip “I want you to fuck yourself with the dildo first then put the plug....” he smirked at Jimin.


"Yes master." Jimin hummed biting his lip. He reached for the dildo and positioned it at his hole before slowly pushing it in. "Ahhh so big..." he moaned. "I-I wish it was you......"


Hoseok bit his lip then watches Jimin “Good boy...” he took a sip of his wine then unbuttoned his pants.


Jimin moaned softly and let himself get adjusted to the toy before he started to thrust it in and out of himself at a slow pace. "Ah~ so good....."


“Faster Slut....” he groans as he palms himself, watching Jimin with lust in his eyes. Jimin nodded and thrust the toy faster giving a cry when he found his prostate. His legs were shaking. Hoseok smirked as Jimin cried “Look at me while you fuck yourself with that dildo that is pathetic compared to my cock....” he drank more of his wine “Tell me that little toy is nothing compared to me nothing can fuck you better than I can...”


Jimin looked at him biting his lip as he looked at his master. "T-The toy is nothing like you...y-you can fuck me better than this."


Hoseok nodded “That's right baby...” he stood up then placed the cock ring over Jimin’s cock “So good...”


Jimin whined bucking his hips. "Ah please no..." he gasped but continued to fuck himself with the toy.


“Be good for master, Slut....” he turns on a vibrator then presses it against Jimin’s tip, biting his lip.


Jimin moaned loudly in protest trying to arch away from the toy. "Ah ah please~"


Hoseok ignored Jimin and kept the toy in place then grabbed the dildo and started fucking Jimin with it.


Jimin gasped his hands clenching into fists on the bedsheets. "Fuck master please...." he groaned.


Hoseok smirked then runs the vibrator all over Jimin’s shaft “What do you want...?” He bit his lip


"Please, I wanna cum it hurts." Jimin moaned. He bucked his hips.


Hoseok chuckles then he turns off the vibrator and takes off the dildo from Jimin then tossed them on the bed “You can only cum when I say....but right now I want you to ride me...” he took off his pants.




Jimin nodded and pushed Hoseok back onto the bed and slowly lowered himself onto Hoseok. He gave a moan and slowly started to move up and down.


Hoseok grips onto Jimin’s waist then started to grind up against him “Oh Baby...” he groans. Jimin rocked his hips as he moved he clenched as he lifted his hips up. Hoseok bites his lip “Fuck....” he started to thrust up into Jimin “I’m so much better than that toy...” Jimin nodded he was so far gon in bliss he couldn't speak. He just moaned again and rocked his hips slightly.

Hoseok takes off the cock ring and strokes Jimin’s cock “Cum for me Baby....” he slaps Jimin’s ass as he rocks his hips.


Jimin gasped. "Hoseok I'm-!" He couldn't finish his sentence before he came with a loud cry all over Hoseok's chest.


Hoseok groans as Jimin came then grinds his hips against Jimin then came soon after Jimin “Ah Fuck....” he groans loudly then Grips onto Jimin’s ass “Oh baby...” he pants.


Jimin whined and reached for the inflatable plug. "I want you to pump it." He said softly.


Hoseok nodded as he slid out of Jimin “I’ve never used this before....” he bit his lip then pushes the inflatable plug in and pumps it “Like this...?” He whispers.


"Ah yeah exactly like that. Ah...I feel so full....." jimin groaned. "M-more...."


Hoseok chews on his lip as he squeezes the plug with his palm “Oh Baby....” he watches Jimin facial expressions.


Jimin gasped. "O-okay I don't think I can take anymore..." he gasped. "You can pull that pin and it takes out the pump part


Hoseok stopped and nodded “Okay...” he pulled out the pin and deflated the plug “I want you to keep my cum nice and warm inside you, okay...” he taps on Jimin’s ass


"Ah I think you did it wrong. It's supposed to stay inflated." Jimin gasps feeling empty.


Hoseok gasps “Oh shit...” he bit his lip then slides the plug out “Sorry Baby...” he saw some cum spill from Jimin’s ass.


Jimin chuckled and pumped it again and pulled the pin the right way to take off the pump. "There. It's not your fault."


Hoseok chuckles and nodded “Ah I see....I don’t use plugs so I haven’t seen something like this before....” he rubs Jimin’s hip.


Jimin smiled. "You think they heard us?" He asked embarrassed as he sat up and leaned against the headboard.


“Definitely....but I’ll make sure they won’t ask about it...” he smirked then wraps his arm around Jimin’s waist “I have a question.....Is there any sex toy you want to get but they never got it for you? I could buy it for you...” he licks his lips.


"Mmmm I havent thought about it these were the only ones that I was exposed too. Just the simple ones. Is there anyone you want to use on me?" Jimin asked. "I'm okay with anything. Any kinks you wanna try?"


Hoseok smirked “Well....there not really toys but I’d like to cuff you to the bed and I’d wanna tie you up....” he rubs Jimin’s thigh “But for toys, I think you’ll look pretty with a ball gag, anal beads, fuck machine...maybe even a prostate massager....what do you think...?”


"I like the sound of all of those....if we get anal beads how big can we get them?" Jimin asked curiously.


Hoseok hums “How big can you take...maybe about a little smaller than my fist..?” He held up his fist to Jimin “How do you feel about fisting..?”


"I think I could take your fist, it sounds pleasurable. I watched someone take an arm up to the elbow up their ass once." Jimin stated


“Woah...that sounds daring....what’s the most intense thing have you done, sexually?” He asked.


"I had five orgasms in a row and nearly passed out." Jimin replied.


Hoseok smirked “Wow....let’s try to beat that their any kinks you’ve wanted to try before..?”


"Mmmm let me think I've always wanted to try sex in the pool or bath.....puppy or kitten play?" Jimin asked softly.


Hoseok bit his lip “I could do that, Kitten...” he licks his lips then rubs Jimin’s thigh “We could always have sex in the hotel pool...or a hot tub..”


Jimin nodded. "I always wanted to do cock warming too." He said blushing. "Maybe...exhibition..."


Hoseok nodded “Cock warming sound good....I wanna try mutual masterbation with you...” he smiled “Well I could always fuck you on stage in front of all of my fans...” he joked.


"Okay we could try that and no! I dont think that would be appropriate!" Jimin squeaked. "Maybe cockwarming on one of your vlives out of camera's view of course."


Hoseok chuckles then nodded “I love it...but let’s announce our relationship to the public first before we have post a vlive...” he smiled “We should announce us dating at my concert...”


" should we do that? At the very end?" Jimin asked. "I don't want to make your fans angry...."

Hoseok nodded “We should do it towards the end so people can’t ask so many questions....I know we will receive hate but I know the true fans will stay...”


"So you're gonna pull me up on stage?" Jimin asked suddenly feeling slightly nervous about the entire situation


“Only if you want too....I could just announce that I’m dating someone then you can show your face to all when you’re ready...” he rubs Jimin’s shoulder.


Jimin hummed and looked at him. "Announce it then I can show my face on a VLIVE, then you can show me off." He kissed Hoseok on the nose.


Hoseok nodded “I will at the end of my concert.....he pecks Jimin’s cheek and cuddles him.


Jimin cuddled back. He closed his eyes. "Okay." He said softly.


Hoseok smiles then rubs Jimin’s back “We should rest Baby...”


"Yeah I'm tired." Jimin said and yawned


Hoseok kisses Jimin’s cheek and closes his eyes “Sweet Dreams....” he whispers 


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Chapter Text

The plane touched down and within 30 minutes everyone had gotten off the plane and got their bags. Jimin pulled his mask on as they made their way into the crowd surrounded by security guards.

Hoseok put on his mask quickly and gets surrounded by security guards as his fans crowd around him then rushes to the limo to escape the chaos. Taehyung ushered them both into the limo and shut the door after he got in, along with the rest of management. Jimin was staring out the window as they pulled away.Hoseok hops into the limo then he rolls down his window and waves to his fans “Bye everyone, get home safely...!” He shouted then closed the window and panted “I think everyone was here for Tae....” he joked as he looked at Taehyung who is blushing.


“Oh hush....” he says quietly. "They were there for you." 


"That they really love you." Jimin said amazed. "That was very overwhelming how do you deal with that all the time?"


Hoseok chuckles softly then kisses Jimin’s cheek “Well....Tae and I and my staff kinda have to deal with it all the time so we’re used to it and stay with procedure, even tho I want to meet all of my fans I can’t risk getting injured...” he explained


Taehyung nodded “I need to make sure Hobi is safe at all times because he’s the main event...”


"Still...." jimin was amazed and he smiled at Hoseok's kiss. "I bet they all love you so so so much." He said again


Hoseok chuckles “What can I say, I’m a lovable guy....” he teased then pecks Jimin’s cheek.


"You are a very very loveable guy." Jimin admitted looking into his eyes. Then at the landscape of LA California.


"Its so amazing...." jimin said softly. "I want to explore. When we get to the hotel." 


"I can take you if you want." Taehyung said looking up from his phone.


Hoseok nodded and took a few selfies for his fans then posted them on twitter “That would be great...while you guys explore I’ll rehearse...” he smiled.


"And we'll be back for your opening night." Taehyung smiled. "With front row seats." He added.


"Whoa really?" Jimin asked brightly.


"Yeah." Taehyung nodded


“You better....” Hoseok jokes as the vehicle stopped in front of their hotel “We should order a pizza....” he said as he put his mask back on the ran inside of the hotel as fans started to swarm around the limo.


Jimin and Taehyung waited until Security had formed an orderly line to make a path for them and they hurried inside. Taehyung got the room floor number and handed jimin the room key. "Top floor room 701. You head up get changed into something for warm weather and I'm gonna order pizza."


Hoseok was already in the elevator by himself but he had the room key and his staff already set up his room so he quickly walked to his room and closed the door then took off his mask


Jimin walked in a few minutes later. "Whoa its nicer than the last hotel. If that's possible." He put his bag down at the foot of the bed and looked around the room.


Hoseok walked around and nodded “LA has outdid themselves again...” he looked in the bedroom “Baby there’s a big window, I could fuck You against it......”


Jimin turned pink. "maybe, later. I dont want to be too sore. I still have that plug in me." Jimin said. "I wanna be able to walk around LA, not limp. We have plenty of time for you to fuck me against the window."


Hoseok chuckles and nodded “Oh yeah....I’ll let you rest for a while because I get really horny after my concerts...” he smirked.


Jimin nodded. "I'm going to get changed." He said smiling. "Its warm out and these clothes smell like sex." He chuckled and dug through his bag.


Hoseok chuckles “Okay....I’ll change too....” he walked to the bathroom to freshen up and change into a new outfit.


Jimin changed in the bedroom while Hoseok was in the bathroom. He discarded his dirty clothes in a pile.


Hoseok came out of the bathroom as Jimin was changing “How do I look...?” He smiled at Jimin.


Jimin turned around he was shirtless but didnt care. He smiled. "You look good, as always." He smiled.


Hoseok chuckles “So do you, even better without a shirt...” he smirked


Jimin smirked back and to tease Hoseok pulled the shirt over his head. "Thank you. You can see me shirtless later."


Hoseok bites his lip then he wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist “I can’t wait....” he kisses Jimin.


Jimin laughed and looked at him. "Its gonna be interesting. Because it looks like your fans are camping out I the front of the hotel."


Hoseok walked over at the window to see if Jimin was being serious and he was “Wow, I thought you were joking....” he chuckles and looks down at his fans then waves at them even though they can’t really see him from up there


"I'm always up for a little adventure like that though." Jimin teased. "Its all up to you though sir." He added smirking


Hoseok chuckles “I bet my fans would love their Sunshine fuck the daylights out of you....” he smirked and closed the curtain then walked over to Jimin and wrapped his arm around his waist.


"I think most of them would be shocked." Jimin said softly and looked into Hoseoks eyes.


Hoseok thought about his fans reaction to that and he nodded “Most of my fans think I’m submissive and the nice one in the bedroom....I have seen so many fan fictions about myself and almost all of them are stories about me, bottoming...” he chuckles.


"If only they knew how much of a crazy animal you were in bed." Jimkn said. "Wait till this goes public and all the fics they write about us I want to see those."


“We can read all of our fan fiction when they write some....maybe even recreate our favorites....” he chuckles as they sat on the sofa


"Mmm sounds hot I wanna see what they come up with." Jimin stated.


Hoseok nodded “My sunshines are so creative....they’re my inspiration and they helped with find out what are my kinks....” he revealed as he blushed


"And I wanna know all your kinks. I know you like snowballing." Jimin smirked.


“Mm I’ve mentioned a few to you but some just need to stay a secret, it might be too much for you....” he teased.


"Please I wanna know." Jimin slipped into Hoseoks lap. "Tell me please..." he kissed along the other's neck


Hoseok chuckles “Open your mouth....” he bit his lip as he waited for Jimin. Jimin pulled away and obediently opened his mouth curious as to what Hoseok wanted to do. Hoseok shoves two fingers inside of Jimin’s mouth “Suck....” he whispers. Jimin started sucking on the digets wondering what Hoseok was gonna do. Hoseok groans softly as Jimin sucked on his fingers then slowly presses his fingers down Jimin’s throat just enough to trigger his Gag reflex. Jimin gagged, and a small but muffled moan escaped his mouth but he relaxed his throat trying not to gag again. Hoseok pulls his fingers away slowly then pecks Jimin’s lips “So good....” he smiles “I was going to spit in your mouth but we can do that some other time...”


Jimin nodded and kissed back. "Next time." He said wiping the spit away from his mouth.


Hoseok chuckles “I have to go to rehearsal while you go out with Tae....” he rubs Jimin’s back.


"I cant wait to see you. I've honestly wanted to see you live for a while." Jimin said brightly.


“You’ll be able to see all of my concerts from now on...” he smiled then slips on his phones “Bye Min...” he pecks Jimin’s lips then walked out of the door 


Taehyung knocks on the door then he unlocked the door “Hi Jimin, are you ready to explore..?” He smiled


"By Hoseok good luck at rehearsals!" Jimij said smiling .Jimin nodded and got up. He pulled his shoes on again. "I'm ready! And Taehyung I have a question."


Taehyung fixes his jacket then looked up at Jimin “Sure, what is it...?” He asked


"You've known Hoseok for a while... do you know if he likes peircings?" Jimin asked curiously


Taehyung shoves his hands into his pockets then thought about the answer “Well, I personally know Hobi and he doesn’t have any since his parents never allowed him but he thinks it looks sick to have piercings on other people, especially lip rings....” he explained then opened the door for Jimin.


Jimin thought about it. "I was just wondering because besides my ears I've always wanted to get another piercing. And I'd like to surprise him with something. "I was thinking of getting my nipples pierced next...but maybe I'd try my lip."


“Hobi and I usually talk personally so I definitely think he would be surprised if you got your nipples pierced....” he smiled “I could look up some tattoo parlors if you wanted to get them pierced today...”


"Would that be okay? I just want to surprise him when we get back here after the concert." Jimin said softly. "First let's explore. I don't want to be feeling sore when we walk around." He said


Taehyung nodded "I don't see why not..." he smiled then walked into the elevator "Good idea....since Hoseok isn't with us, not a lot of people know who I am so we don't need to wear our masks...." he explained as they walk out.


Jimin nodded and removed the mask he was wearing as they got into the elevator and made their way downstairs. "What about dyed hair? My blond is starting to fade...." jimin stated.


"What color are you thinking of dying it...?" he asked as he walked with Jimin into the street "I wanna dye my hair blue, what do you think..." Taehyung asked Jimin for his opinion.


"Youd look great with blue hair. Hmmmm I was thinking pink! Then I'd let my hair take a break and have my natural color." Jimin hummed.


Taehyung nodded "I think that'll look so cool....Hobi is planning to dye his hair red for tour so pink and red will nice for you guys..." he walked around the city with Jimin


"We should both get our hair dyed at the same time." Jimin said as they walked around by the beach. They had explored the nearby sights and jimin had taken lots of pictures.


"That sounds fun..." he smiled as they walk by the beach "Lemme take some pictures of you so I can send them to Hobi..." he pulled out his phone to take pictures of Jimin


Jimin nodded and ran down by the shoreline. "Okay I think here is a good spot!"


Taehyung nodded then took more pictures and started to laugh when Jimin made funny poses "Oh Hobi is going to love these..." he sent a few to Hoseok

Jimin smiled. “Can I see them pleaseeeee!?” He asked peaking over Taehyungs shoulder

Taehyung nodded then showed Jimin all of the photos he took “They look really nice with the background...”

“He’s gonna like those.” Jimin said smiling. “Can you send them to me so I can send them to my parents?”


Taehyung nodded “Sure!” He selected all of the photos the sent them to Jimin “Where would you like to go now? Wanna go get new clothes...?” He suggested


"New clothes sounds nice." Jimin said brightly. "Then we should get our hair dyed then I can get the peircings."


“I can book us an appointment, should we invite Hobi to get our hair dyed...?” He asked as he looked for some clothing stores “Oooh Let’s go to H&M....”


"He can leave his rehearsals to do that?" Jimin asked curiously as they walked into H&M.


“Well we can book an appointment a few hours before his concert or do you want to dye your hair now...?” He smiled then walked into H&M and pulled out his phone “There’s an appointment in 15 minutes or at 4 pm so it’s your choice....” he smiled


"Now because I want to have him surprised." Jimin said brightly. He wanted to really put on a show when Hoseok got back after the concert.


Taehyung nodded “The salon is by the tattoo parlor so we can go when we finish....” he booked the appointment

Jimin nodded. "Sounds good." He said. He looked around the store and picked out a jacket and two shirts. "I Think this I'd good for now." He said


Taehyung looked at Jimin’s shirts and jacket “Ooh you should get these too....!” He gave Jimin some ripped jeans


"Oooo okay maybe a tank top too." Jimin said. "Its hot here after all." He added and picked up a crop top. "I like this."


Taehyung nodded “That looks cute!!” He clapped then looked for a some sunglasses “Oooh let’s buy these...!” He gave Jimin a pair then looked in the mirror “They look so cute!!”


Jimin grinned as he looked at his reflection. "I'm all ready to go in LA this is Awesome!" He said happily


Taehyung chuckles "Me too! This is so fun...!" he clapped then grabbed a few items from Jimin "Ready to check out...?"


"Yep! Let's go!" Jimin said brightly as they made their way to the checkout. It was nice to hang out with Taehyung they were nearly the same age.


"I'm having so much fun with you, I hope we become close friends..." he smiled then walked out with Jimin "Our appointment is in a few minutes so we go there now..." he walked with jimin to the salon.


Jimin grinned. "Same! It's nice to be able to have someone whose close to my age." He said brightly as they walked.


Taehyung nodded "Yeah, Hobi is a few years older than me so he'll an old man...." he joked then walked in and talked to the front desk then followed the lady to where they're going to dye their hair "What color are you guys planning to get...?"


"Dont ley him hear you say that." Jimin laughed as they walked into the salon. Jimin hesitated. He didnt speak English very well. He looked to Taehyung for help.


Taehyung chuckled "He'll get mad..." he looked at the lady then bit his lips "Um I want blue, he want pink color...." he said in broken english then looked at the lady who gave Jimin ranges of pink to choose from and him a blue palette as well "Pick Min..." he told Jimin then looked for the perfect shade of Blue for himself.


Jimin smiled politely and looked at the colors. He decided on one after a few moments of thought. "This one please." He said pointing to the color.


Taehyung pointed to the color he wanted then the lady nodded and told her friend Jimin's color "Please sit..."' the ladies pointed to the seats then Jimin and Taehyung sat down


They both sat down. "I wonder what Hoseok is gonna think when he sees our hair?" Jimin laughed.


Taehyung looked over at Jimin as the ladies dye their hair "He's definitely going to flip but I know he'll like it....I'm wondering what he'll say about your nipple piercing..." he chuckles.


"I have a feeling hes not gonna be able to keep his hands off me once I get them." Jimin replied.


Taehyung nodded "He can't now, just wait when he sees you now, he might have to reschedule his concert..." he joked then looked in the mirror.


"I hope it doesn't come to that. That would be awful." Jimin laughed. The hairdressers began to work on their hair. It was easy for jimin because his hair was ready a lighter shade. But since Taehyungs was darker it took a little longer to do his.


Taehyung chuckles "We'll just have to see...." he smiled then he went with his lady to rinse off the bleach since they had to bleach it before making it blue.


The ladies were already putting the dye in jimins hair. "You're his manager dont let him skip a concert he needs to please the fans."


"I'll make sure he doesn't skip his concert....all of Sunshine will be sad, plus it'll be hard to make up an excuse..." he laughs softly then walks back to his seat as the lady dries his hair.


Jimin nodded. "Good. I dont want him getting in trouble over me. I'm here to please him."


Taehyung nodded "Yeah....but I don't want you to think you are just for his pleasure, I know he really cares about you and yes he bought you but he will take care of you..." he rubs Jimin's arm


"He acts so nice I just wonder if it's an act...." jimin admitted with a sigh.


"I've worked for Hobi for a few years now and he really is a nice person.....but to be honest with you, Hoseok is a very insecure person, he wouldn't hurt anyone but he is just scared of being hurt..." he admitted to jimin "But don't bring it up to him, it makes him feel anxious..."


"I'd never dream of hurting him. I want to make him feel loved and happy. I promise I wont bring that up. The life he lives is hard. He needs all the love and support he can get."


Taehyung nodded “Thank you, I’m happy that you will make him feel loved and happy, I could do just so much but Hobi deserves to find love....” he smiled at Jimin


Jimin smiled and looked over at Taehyung before looking back up at the ceiling.


Taehyung sighs “I haven’t I hope the blue looks good on me....” he said worriedly “I’ve dyed my hair before but never this outgoing...”


"Its gonna look great!! I've done dark red, blonde, and blue. Not something bright like this." Jimin said..


“Ooooh so we’re both going bold this time....” he smiled then his lady started to put the blue dye in.


Jimin brightened. "Yeah it's gonna be awesome!" He said smiling.


Taehyung nodded "I have to wash my hair now but when she dries it, we'll see the final product..." he smiled then followed his lady to the rinsing station.


Jimin nodded. He too was brought to the rising station and his hair was washed again and the lady started to dry it and style it.


Taehyung got his hair rinsed then his lady started to dry and style his hair then he walked back to Jimin "What do you think...?" he asked as he bit his lip.


"I love it. It really suits you!" Jimin said happily. "Look in the mirror."


Taehyung looked in the mirror "Woah we look hot...." he played with his blue hair "I love look sick with pink hair Min..." he gave Jimin a nickname.


Jimin grinned and looked in the mirror. He loved it. "I love it! Yours looks great tae!"


Taehyung hugged Jimin "We look good....let's pay then go to the tattoo parlor..." he gave the lady his card "Um both pay..." he told the lady


Jimin nodded. "Okay awesome!!"The lady smiled and charged the card and then handed Taehyung the recept. "Have a good day!" She said smiling.


Taehyung smiled and took his card then the receipt "Thank you..." he smiled then walked out of the salon with Jimin "Its here..." he walked to the tattoo parlor a few stores over from the salon


Jimin followed Taehyung as they made their way into the tatoo parlor.


Taehyung walked in the parlor then calls in for his private appointment then follows the man to the back "Have you guys ever going piercings before...?" he asked then Taehyung told jimin what the guy asked "Only ears for me..."


"Only ears for me too.." jimin points to his ears. " I want...." he thought over the words. "Today I want my nipples peirced."


The man nodded then gave Jimin a form to fill out before doing the piercing and Taehyung paid for it "Please fill this out..." the man told Jimin then told him to sit on the table. Jimin nodded he remembered learning to write English back in high school and he tried his best on the form.


"I could help you if you want..." he whispered to Jimin since he was familiar with English writing because he had to write some letters to Americans.


Jimin nodded. "Yes please that would be helpful I need to work on my hand writing."


Taehyung nodded then took the form from Jimin “I’ll finish it up for you...” he smiled then started to fill out the paper “Tell him where you want the piercing...”


Jimi pulled up his shirt and pointed to his nipples. He knew it was gonna hurt a good deal. But he still wanted it. The man nodded and went to get the barbells for jimin to pick from.


Taehyung finished filling out the form then gave it to the man “Take off your shirt...” he told Jimin then tugs on his own shirt to show Jimin what he meant then he went to go get numbing cream.


He pulled off the shirt and placed it to the side and looked at the peircings he picked they were gold with wings and a heart. The heart matched his hair. "Think hes gonna like these?" Jimin asked Taehyung


Taehyung looked at the piercing and nodded "It looks very pretty...." he smiled then the man started to apply the cream to Jimin. Taehyung got a text from Hoseok about rehearsal then he answered some emails. Jimin gave a soft gasp as he felt the first peircing. He hit his lip. Taehyung looked at Jimin then stood up and held his hand "Don't worry your friend is here...." he smiled at Jimin. 


Jimin smiled. "Thanks. Even though its numb I think it still feels weird." He said. "I should buy some of the numbing cream here to apply later."


Taehyung nodded the told the man he would like to buy a bottle of the cream "Hobi can help you put it on later..."


Jimin slightly jerked again as he felt the second peircing go in. He blushed. "Dont tease me!" He chuckled.


Taehyung chuckles "I can't wait to see the look on Hobi's face when he sees us....especially you..." he smiled


"Well you're not gonna see me naked~" jimin teased him and looked at the peircings in the mirror the gold looked good against his skin. He pulled on his shirt.


"Please don't tell me you have a piercing on your dick..." he joked then looked at Jimin's new piercing "Woah they look sick...!" 


"I don't. Not yet anyway. I think that would hurt the most!" Jimin said. "I think I'll give my nipples time then get my lip peirced." He grinned as he looked at the gold glinting. "Hes gonna love these."


Taehyung chuckles "Oh yeah, it does but it feels really good..." he smiled then nodded "Hobi is going to have so much fun with you..." he chuckles.


Jimins eyes widened "Wait dont tell me you have yours peirced." He said looking at Taehyung in surprise.


"The only one who knows about it is Hobi...." he smirked "It feels good to have your dick sucked with it and hits differently when you fuck too...." he explained "But in case you're wondering why he knows about my piercing I'm just Hobi's manager and we're best friends and I'm a dom like Hobi so we haven't fucked before...." he chuckled.


Jimin nodded. He had to admit he wanted to know how it felt to be fucked by someone with a dick peircing but he put it to the side. "Damn. Must be pretty hot then."


"Maybe Hobi would let us have a threesome..." he smirked then walked with jimin out of the tattoo parlor with the bottle of cream "Wanna go meet up with Hobi, he's almost done with rehearsal..." he smiled and looked at the time.


"I'm down you talk to him about it first." Jimin said as they walked out. "And yeah let's meet up with him."


Taehyung smiles "We should talk to him about it then...I'm sure he'll love picture in his head...." he chuckled "'s at the stadium so we gotta grab an uber..." he requested an uber "It'll be here in a few minutes....let's get drinks for us and Hobi before we meet up...." he walked into Starbucks.


"We should get Hoseok something too!" What does he like?" Jimin asked as he looked at the menue. He was probably gonna get himself the guava peach iced tea.


"Hobi is a coffee lover so let's get him an iced Americano..." he ordered for Hobi then got himself an iced strawberry acai then paid for their drinks with his app

They waited at the end of the counter for their drinks and jimin grabbed the straws and waited for the drinks to be done

As the barista said Taehyung's name he grabbed the carton of drinks and walked over to jimin "The uber is outside...." he smiled and walked with Jimin.


"Okay." Jimin said and took his drink and made his way outside Taehyung following him closely.


Taehyung nodded then walked to the car in front and made sure it was his uber then hopped in and waited for Jimin then took a sip of his drink "Mine is good, want some...?" he offered his drink to Jimin.


The boy nodded and took a sip. "Oooo I like this I think I'll get it next time!" He said brightly. "Want to try mine?" He asked.


Taehyung nodded then took a sip of Jimin's drink "Oooh very good...." he smiled then looked out the window "The city is so pretty..."


"Yeah it really is I'm happy that I'm able to do this. I

picturing I'd have to stay in a house all day and never see the sunlight again..." jimin admitted.


Taehyung nodded "When I settle down I would want to have a big home with a lot of windows so I could watch the sunset with my significant other....just need to find him first..." he chuckles then he got out of the car with his and Hoseoks drink as the car stopped.


"You'll find someone I just know you will." Jimin said softly as they got out of the car. 


Taehyung smiled "Hopefully..." he walked to the entrance then told the guard his name and gave him his id then followed them to backstage


"You will." Jimin said again as they reached the stadium. Fans had already arrived and were milling around in the front of the huge building.


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