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Jimin didnt know how he had gotten into this situation. It had been about two years ago he was at a party someone spiked his drink and he had been put into the underground sex slave market. For those two years they had made him get as fit as possible. At first he had fought back but that did t do him any good just made his life harder. They had broken him in like a trained horse. He got rewarded too for his good behavior. They let him listen to music, that was his comfort zone.
Now the day had come where he was going to be sold. He was stripped down to his underwear and made to change into white lace panties and a golden harness that went well against his tanned skin and dybed blond hair. He was made to kneel on a pillow and wait for people to come by and check him out.

Hoseok was currently in the back of a black car with his assistant Taehyung "Are you sure I won't get caught doing this...." he asked Taehyung as he fixed his hair "You'll be fine just stick to the plan, if you like someone tell me and I'll get him for you..." Taehyung explained. Hoseok was a successful rapper that is well known by his sick dance moves, he's on break for his world tour and has been sexually frustrated, he didn't want just some hooker for him to fuck, he needed someone that could go with him on tour so he could fuck whenever he wanted so currently Hoseok and Taehyung are on their way to an auction for sex slaves.

They arrived at the hotel and was told to meet in the banquet room where the auction is being held, Hoseok put on his black mask to hide is identity as Taehyung guided him to the auction, they decided to sit in the 3rd row to blend in as the auction was about to beginSoon the people all began to file into the huge auction room they all were rich by the looks of it and jimi guessed those with masks were pretty well known and wanted to hide their identity.

He sat there watching people passing him by not interested in him. Maybe that was a good thing he was so nervous about getting sold so someone he didn't know. What would they do to him? He had been introduced to all sorts of kinky sex related things in his two years at the auction house. He sighed looking down at his hands again.Hoseok began to look at all of the sex slaves, they all looked too much for him, too cocky, he was about to give up until one male caught his eye. He looks at a smaller male in a golden harness with blonde hair, he looked so pure and innocent. Hoseok looked around and it seemed like no one was interested in him "That one in the white panties and golden harness, I want him...." he whispered to Taehyung, through this mask Hoseok was biting his lip and staring at the small male "Are you sure, he looks so shy and innocent..." Taehyung commented as he looked at Jimin "That's exactly why I want him..." Hoseok explained, he felt his pants getting tighter as he looked at Jimin, he covered his bulge with his palm as he tried to relieve some tension "Get him for me..." he said then he stood up to go to the restroom to freshen up "On it...." Taehyung said then when Jimin was being auctioned he grabbed a number card with the number '17' on it and kept bidding for Jimin.

Jimin looked as he saw a man approach and examine him and moving to take a bidding number he looked nice. But you could never ever rely on someones outward appearance.

The bidding soon began and jimin was Was pushed up onto the stage. He was shaking slightly. He wants one for large crowds. He looked out over the large mass of people whos eyes were on him.

Hoseok walked into the vacant bathroom and locked the door "All because I saw him..." he said to himself as he looked down at his raging boner 'I must have him..." he tired to ignore his boner and took off his mask then threw cold water in his face "Get it together man..." he thought to himself then grabbed a towel to dry off his hands and face, he looked in the mirror "Ok you can do this..." he walked out of the bathroom

Taehyung was trying his best to win Jimin "Two million, not too bad..." he said then the bidding started to increase "250" someone shouted then Taehyung panicked "251" He yelled as someone was trying to outbid him "Do I hear 253" The announcer said then another person said "260..."
Hoseok walked back to the auction then he walked to Taehyung "3 million..." he whispered to Taehyung

Taehyung nodded "3 Million dollars...." he yelled out to the announcer, standing up tall as Hoseok was wearing his black mask sitting next to him
"The bidding for number 17 will start at 2million dollars." The announcer said.

The crowd went completely silent at the 3 million bid. No one thought the small boy in the gold harness was worth that much money. Jimin remembers the guy from earlier.
"GOING ONCE GOING TWICE, SOLD TO THE MAN WHO BID 3 MILLION! sir you may step to the back of the building we will bring you your purchase shortly." The announcer said and jimin was lead off the stage. He was covered in a black silk robe and was then escorted to the back of the room. He was shaking all over again he didnt want to go. Not now he dodnt want this he was so nervous. He stayed silent as the others talked over the forms they had to fill out, and the price and such. He wasnt listening he was to focused on trying not to have a total mental breakdown. He had always been taught to speak when spoken too, and obey his new masters orders to the dot. Could he do it? He shuddered.

Hoseok smiled when Taehyung won "Good job..." Taehyung said to Hoseok as he nodded then looked at his phone. Taehyung clapped his hands and received a text from Hoseok giving him the details about his black card and instructions to tell Jimin as he walked to the back of the building. Taehyung met with the announcer and filled out all of the forms that was given to him then was told to wait for Jimin here, Taehyung sat on the black sofa and texted Hoseok everything was set

Hoseok received the text then stood up and walked out of the room to call for a cab to take him to the hotel he was staying at

Jimi followed him quietly waiting for the man to say something. He was lead into the cool night air and then Into a fancy limousine. He sat down nervously as the door was shir behind him. He wrapped the robe tighter around himself and kept his gaze focused at his bare feet.

Jimin gave a soft smile. "P-pleasure to meet you to master....." he stammered. He cautiously took Taehyungs hand and shook it. He seemed nice, he seemed calm.

"Ah you're adorable, but sorry, I'm not your master, you'll meet him soon let's get to settled in first..." Taehyung smiled at Jimin then the limo stopped at a hotel "Your master is on the top floor but let's get you into some warm clothes first..." he got out of the limo and held out his hand for Jimin.

"Wh-who is my master then?" Jimin asked and nodded at the thought of warm clothes. The limo stopped and he took Taehyungs hand and was lead inside to an elevator.


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