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You gotta kiss some Frogs to find your Prince

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L Lawliet found himself wondering why in the name of fuck Wedy had given this case the go ahead. He liked to think he was a PI of a certain caliber. He'd assisted the police in solving numerous high profile crimes and had dug up dirt on Tokyo's elite for prosecution purposes. What he had never done before was tail someone in person to discern whether they were being faithful to their spouse or not. 

'Bloody Wedy. I bet this is her idea of a joke!' L thought huffily as he scanned the packed bar. His mark was perched on a stool nursing a whiskey and coke. Nothing struck L as out of the ordinary but, whether he wanted to or not, he had a job to do and he was all too aware that things were not always what they seemed. He'd 'bumped' into him earlier in the evening and discreetly planted a bug, but thus far he had picked up nothing suspicious. He decided he'd give it another few hours and if nothing untoward happened, call it a night and head home. 

L thought about the extra large fresh cream and strawberry cake he had waiting in his fridge and tried not to drool. Oh to be at home with that cake right now instead of sulking in some nauseatingly trendy bar on a Friday night. 

A loud group of young women sauntered past and one of them gave him a wink. L glowered at her in response, his body language screaming 'Stay the bloody hell away from me!' 

The girl who had winked blinked in surprise and whispered to her friend that the guy in black was a moody bastard. 

'That's right, Princess, I am indeed' L thought sourly. L wasn't a people person. He'd never claimed to be one either and usually shied away from such public venues on the principle he'd rather not have to deal with people and the plethora of bullshit such occurrences usually pertained. 

As he nursed his coke he was beginning to suspect perhaps this wasn't Wedy's idea of a joke after all and that she had deliberately planned the entire thing. She was always telling him he was too young and too cute to live the life of 'a moody, sarcastic hermit' and that he needed 'to get out there'. As far as L was concerned he was quite content not being 'there' (wherever the hell that was) and enjoyed his peaceful, solitary life immensely. He had his sweets, his cases and his pet cat Shadow. What more did he need?

"Hey, Baby, I'm at the bar. 21. Yeah, okay, see you soon" 

L perked up at the voice in his earpiece. Kenjo Mimora's wife to be was currently attending a charity function so he certainly wasn't arranging a date with her… 

'Heh, guess he's just like the rest of them after all' L took a sip of his coke and readied his camera. It was tiny and to the untrained eye, all but invisible. L was just about to check the angle when a rather handsome young man wandered towards him. 

Tall, with unusual colored hair and eyes, the man looked to be in his early to mid-twenties and was, aesthetically speaking, fucking perfect. Yes, L might have all the sexual experience of a monk, but that didn't mean he didn't appreciate good looking men. He just didn't get much further than admiring them from a distance and the rare occasions where he had tried to strike up a conversation had always tended to end badly. 

'Which begs the question why is he heading towards me?' L bit back his annoyance as his angle was blocked by the handsome stranger.

"Um. Hi! I'm Light Yagami" 

L slowly raised his head and stared at the handsome and obnoxiously happy man. "..."

"Uh… are you here by yourself?" The auburn haired man scratched the back of his neck in a classic display of awkwardness. L flicked his eyes to the left and then to the right. 

"Looks like it"

"Do you mind if I join you?"

L sighed softly. Clearly the bloke had been dared or something by his friends to go and chat up the weird loner at the bar or something. 

"Why?" L asked bluntly. 

"Uh… because… " Light frowned at the blunt question. The dark haired man was certainly a bit of a grump, but he found that all the more endearing. "Because I thought you looked lonely and I'd like to talk to you" 'Shit. I hope he doesn't find that patronizing? Should I have just said because I think he's cute and my heart is beating like crazy just looking at him?'

L snorted. "I assure you, Yagami-San, I am not lonely. I am actually working right now "

Light's eyebrow rose in a gesture of mild disbelief. "Working?"

"Indeed" L had clocked the stunning blonde who'd entered the bar and was strutting over to his mark despite the distraction. He leaned slightly to his left and secretly captured a few photographs as they shared a passionate embrace. It was pretty evident they were more than friends when the sleaze grabbed a handful of ass and stuck his tongue down her throat. 

'Ah well, guess there won't be wedding bells anytime soon!'

"What are you working on? Are you a poet? You kinda look like a poet. All dark and mysterious…" Light Inwardly cringed as soon as the words left his mouth. He'd been eyeing up the dark haired man for nearly an hour now and had felt a spark shoot through him the instant those dark gray eyes lifted to meet his own. Even from across the bar Light had felt a connection and he had to pursue it. After downing a shot for dutch courage he'd left the safety of the booth shared with his editor and determinedly approached Mr Mysterious. 

"A poet?" L's thin lips quirked in amusement and he was shocked to discover he was actually quite enjoying talking to the handsome stranger after all. 

"Not a poet then?" Light took the opportunity to slip into the booth and smiled at L. He detected a certain amount of restrained hostility in the other man and was careful to maintain a suitable amount of space from him. 

"No. Certainly not. If you ever saw how bad my handwriting is you would understand why" L replied droley. He'd gotten what he came for so he really should leave…

"I'm a writer" Light smiled, "Though you probably haven't heard of me"

L raised an eyebrow at that. "I'm rather well read, I assure you if your work is of note than I've read it. What's your pen name?"

"Asaki Nao" 

L couldn't stop the disbelieving snort that came out of his nose. "What?! But she writes all those trashy lovey-dovey novels schoolgirls and saps are obsessed with!"

'Okay, ow…' Light's smile wavered a little but, bravely (or perhaps foolishly in some opinions) he carried on. "Well, that's me. I write under an alias as I've come to realise that people don't really take a male romantic author seriously. I released a book under my real name and… well, it flopped"

"Gee, I wonder why" L actually bit down on his lip as the words spilled out. Shit, that was harsh, even for him… "I'm sorry! I didn't mean that. Look, I'm not good at… people. I am sure you are very talented and I know that your books are very popular. My receptionist is always reading them…"

Light, the eternal optimist, brightened at the man's apology. It occurred to him that he still hadn't got his name. It was going to be a bit of a challenge, but he was determined to leave with his number too. 


L clicked his tongue as he spotted the love rat and his blonde scurry away out of range. This should be the ideal opportunity to excuse himself and continue keeping tabs on the couple but what was the point? He'd already established the man was unfaithful and for some reason he actually felt bad about offending Light. 

'Christ, L, could you try and be a little more tactless?' His inner Wedy sneered at him. 

"My name is L" L blurted out after a moments silence. "I don't know if I told you that"

"You didn't. I was about to ask. L… that's a rather unusual name" Light replied diplomatically, "Short for…?"

"Nothing. That is my name. L" L shrugged his shoulders. "My mother was a heroin addict who pushed me out whilst tweaked out on drugs. I'm going to assume L was the only thing the bitch could slur out at the time"

Light's jaw dropped in horrified shock. "Wow… I'm… I'm so sorry" 'He's hurting. I thought I sensed it before but I think the reason he is so stand offish and hostile is because he doesn't know how to trust people very well'

"Why?" L tilted his head curiously. "It's not your fault she was a mess and It's not my fault either. It is what it is. Anyway, she's dead now so good riddance" L lifted his coke and gave a mocking toast. "I bet you've got a wonderful mother who probably bakes for you and views you as her golden boy. You give off that sort of vibe"

Light blinked in surprise. How did L… "Uh… Well, she does bake sometimes and… Wait. How did you know that?"

L smiled humorlessly, "You have that air of happiness about you"

"And you have an air of sadness about you, L. I think you've built some pretty high walls and…I think you could find something special if you are brave enough to look for it-"

L abruptly stood up. The man's words cut a little too close to the truth for his liking and he suddenly felt afraid. For a minute there he found himself opening up as well...

"Well, I certainly didn't come here for a psych appointment. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go home and eat cake" L felt stung by the words because he knew in his heart they were true. How did this stranger see inside him when no one else could? 

Light spluttered in surprise as L swept past him and seemingly vanished into the crowd. 

"No! Wait! L-" Light clambered to his feet and looked around helplessly. There was no sign of L so he grabbed his coat and headed up the stairs. He slipped out of the club and looked around detected. It was like L had just teleported away or something! It was starting to drizzle and the streets were surprisingly empty for a Friday night. There was no sign of his moody, mysterious stranger… 

Light sighed and cursed himself for his stupidity. Of course he should have known L wouldn't react kindly to him saying that! 

He returned to the bar and slouched over to his editor. 

"Guessing it didn't go well?" Mikami noted the frown on Light's face. 

"I said something stupid… Well, it wasn't stupid it was true, but he didn't want to hear it and… ah, I'm so sick and tired of this, Mikami! I felt something when I looked at him. I have to find him again"

Mikami resisted the urge to roll his eyes to the heavens. Here he goes again… 

As Light knocked back his drink a waitress tapped his shoulder. 

"Are you Light Yagami?"

Light nodded, his unhappy frown melting into a confused one as the Waitress smiled and passed him a note. 

"Some dark haired guy just paid me a hundred bucks to give this to you" she explained with a wink. 

Light hurriedly unfolded the paper and laughed in astonishment at what was written in probably the messiest yet oddly endearing handwriting he had ever seen:

'I'm not a poet. I'm a Detective. If, for some reason, you are being genuine and actually want to find me to talk again, then find me. I'll give you two clues:

I love c ake.



"Rainwater…" Light whispered as he ran his eyes over those adorable spider crawls, "Mikami! I think he likes me too!"

'Oh boy' Mikami did roll his eyes this time as Light showed him the note. Getting the kid to meet his deadlines was suddenly going to be a lot tougher by the looks of it…