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The Star of the North

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This is it, guys. The final chapter (there's a bunch of time skips). The godswood wedding is slightly altered from the canon version of a First Men's wedding, similar to how I did it in ASoMS.

I hope you all enjoy the final chapter, and I hope that it wraps up everything well! Thank you all for following this, and I hope you keep checking out my stuff.

Chapter Thirty-Three


King's Landing: 1 st May, 300 AC


Laena looked every inch the Targaryen Queen as she made her way down the aisle of the Great Sept of Baelor for her coronation. It would be the last coronation in the Great Sept, as Laena had already announced her intention to raze King's Landing to the ground and rebuild the city from scratch. Many monarchs had made such noises, but Laena was the first to actually order plans be made for the project, and she had already hired architects for it. Responsibility for the whole thing was assigned to Robb, whom she had named her Hand of the Queen. He was managing very well, even if he was unlikely to go down as one of the greatest Hands, being more military-inclined.

The young Queen wore a black dress with red dragons chasing each other around her skirts, and red trimming along the edge of her neckline. A thick cloak trailed after her, made of red velvet with black fur lining the inside. Her hair was done in an elaborate series of braids that had been, though she was not wearing a crown yet. Her diadem was waiting on a cushion on the dais for her crowning. She had a regal majestic air around her as she walked down to kneel before the High Septon on the dais.

Oberyn felt himself beam in pride as he watched, barely paying attention to the ceremonial prayers and hymns.

"Will you, Rhaenys of House Targaryen, solemnly promise and vow to rule the kingdoms of the Crownlands, the Reach, the North, the Vale, the Stormlands, the Riverlands, the Iron Islands, the Westerlands and Dorne according to their laws and customs?" the High Septon asked gravely.

"I do so swear," she vowed.

"And do you vow to rule justly according to the laws of the land?" the priest continued. "Never allowing your personal emotions to influence your judgement?"

"I do so swear," she repeated, confidence radiating for her slim form.

"Do you vow to respect and protect the Faith of the Seven, the First Men and the Rhoynar?" the High Septon had a slight hint of distaste in his voice as he said this particular part.

It was a greatly controversial part of the oath for the priests of the Seven-Who-Are-One. In fact, there had been many attempts by the Most Devout to have this section removed, and Baelor the Blessed had very nearly done so. It had caused a near revolt by the Winterlanders and Iron Islands, however, and his uncle Viserys had managed to prevent him from doing so. The laws laid down by Aegon the First granted all residents of the Kingdoms the right to worship as they willed, and trying to take away that right would have ripped the realm apart in a war that would probably have been even bloodier than the Rebellion.

"I do so swear," Laena stated a third time. The High Septon nodded, and Oberyn felt Ellaria squeeze his fingers as they watched him pick up the newly-created tiara that had been forged specifically for Laena.

'Elia, if only you were here to see your daughter,' Oberyn thought, smiling proudly at the sight of his daughter/niece as she swore the coronation oath. 'If only you could see what a wonderful woman our daughter has become. She reminds me of you so much.'

His sister would have been so proud to know that her beloved daughter, 'the sun of her life', had ascended the Iron Throne as the first woman to rule uncontested in her own right.

"May the Mother and Father grant her the wisdom, compassion and sense of justice that she needs to rule," the High Septon called out then, holding the crown over Laena's head. "May the Maiden ensure her reign is a long and revered one, letting her be filled with mercy and love for her people. May the Warrior grant her courage and protect her in these times. May the Smith grant her strength she needs to let her be able to properly bear this heavy burden. And may the Crone, she that knows the fate of all men and women, show her the path that she must walk and guide her through the dark places that lie ahead of her in her reign.

In the light of the Seven, I now proclaim the ascension of Rhaenys, Head of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Rhoynar, the Andals and the First Men, Defender of the Faith and Lady of the Seven Kingdoms. Long may she reign!"

There was thunderous applause from everyone as they rose to their feet to clap and cheer. Oberyn himself was stunned even as he clapped louder than anyone else for his adopted daughter.

Finally, after so many years of cautious and secretive preparations, after fifteen years of waiting for the 'time to be right', at last Elia's child was in her rightful place atop the Iron Throne. All that was left was the trials of Tywin and Cersei and their judgements. Already, the Kingslayer had been judged guilty of various crimes and sentenced to the Night's Watch and the remaining Lannisters themselves (with the Imp now to be Lord of the Rock) had lost both the Lord Paramountship and Wardenship of the West, with Lord Tarbeck holding them now.

The trials of the former queen and her child-killing father would begin in a week, and Oberyn could scarcely breathe in anticipation of the approach of the final piece of Elia and Aegon's long-delayed justice.

The Red Keep: 1 st May, 300 AC


Robb was startled when a thin woman with red hair laced with grey dressed in a blue dress approached him at the feast. He didn't recognize her, but something about her seemed familiar.

"Can I help you?" he asked politely, eager to get the pleasantries over with so as to return to Elaena's side.

"Robb," she breathed, staring at him in amazement. "I cannot believe it. To think, you were born a bastard, and now you are King."

He stiffened, uncomfortable with everything she had just said and suspicion as to her identity beginning to dawn. "Catelyn Baratheon of House Tully, I presume?" he guessed.

The Dowager Lady of Storm's End, the mother of the new Lord Paramount, Steffon Baratheon. His birth mother.

Her husband had bitten through his own tongue whilst confined in Dragonstone, and Laena had cleared the remaining Baratheons and Tullys of all charges. They retained all of their titles and honours, but Robb had not been aware that she was there. He had no desire to speak with her, at any rate. Perhaps he should have been curious, and maybe in another life he would have been.

But not in this one, and he wasn't.

"Mother," she corrected him. "I am your mother. You surely must know that-"

"You are not my mother," he replied, quietly but firmly. She faltered mid-sentence, looking ready to protest his statement. "You might have birthed me, against your will I am given to understand, but that does not make you my mother.

Ashara Stark of House Dayne was my mother, the woman who cared for and raised me. She nursed me at her own breast, right alongside her own child, loved me as if I were born from her own womb. You are not my mother, and I will not tarnish her memory by addressing you as such. I bear you and your family no ill-will, but I have no desire to know you or interact with you. I have a family, and I have no wish for you to be a part of it. You cannot try to abort me, refuse to have any contact with me my whole life, and then expect me to embrace you with open arms the best part of two decades later because you hope to rise in status by being goodmother to the queen."

Her expression had fallen in disappointment, but Robb felt no guilt for speaking the truth. He began to turn away, only to pause a moment to look back at her again.

"And one more thing," he added. "I am not the King, I am the Prince Consort. Do not disrespect Her Grace again by addressing me as such. Good day to you, milady."

With that, he returned to his wife's side, wrapping an arm around her waist to rest his hand over her swollen stomach and pushing away anymore thoughts of Catelyn Tully Baratheon. He had a family, and while he would be happy for it to expand, he had no wish for that expansion to include Lady Catelyn.

The Red Keep: 8 th May, 300 AC


It was impossible to have an impartial panel of judges for the Lannisters. Their greed and lust for power had caused too much grief and had ensured that they were hated even by their allies.

Therefore, the new Queen, she herself, and Lord Willas Tyrell were the sitting judges (Lord Mace had suffered a heart attack when his goodson had been declared a Waters after Cersei was condemned for adultery and incest by the Most Devout. The Fat Flower, as Larra's husband called him, was now abed recovering whilst his heir and mother ran things for him (not that they had not been doing so already). The man was absolutely horrified by the fact that his precious daughter was married to a landless bastard born of incest, and that she had refused to consent to him going to the High Septon for an annulment.).

Cersei had already been judged guilty by the Most Devout for her incestuous and sinful actions with her brother, as had her brother Jaime (obviously), and she had been condemned by them to a walk of atonement through the city before being sent to a motherhouse (if she was not executed). But that had been a religious trial. The one she would be going through after her fatherwas a criminal one, and Larra doubted that she or the Old Lion would be given such a light sentence as the former-Ser Jaime, who was now on route to the Wall, whose crimes were mitigated from a death sentence due to the fact that he had saved millions by killing Aerys and the pyromancers all those years ago, and that, although he had done terrible things, it had all been on the orders of his father or sister.

Larra herself was certainly in favour of them both losing their heads.

Tywin was judged first. As he was escorted down the aisle, people spat at him and sneered insults. Tywin remained blank faced, thin and sickly-looking after his long coma, but Larra saw the way his fists clenched in anger at the blatant contempt and disrespect for him. The Old Lion had been awake for not quite a fortnight, and, as Manfrey had promised him, he had woken to find the world turned upside down for his House. No longer were the Lannisters a family to be fawned over and sucked up to for the sake of gaining the favour of the Crown. No longer were they the most powerful people in the kingdoms.

Quite the opposite in fact. Nobody who wanted to gain the favour of Queen Rhaenys or her Prince Consort wanted to associate with the disgraced lions who had murdered their families. The lions were now the unofficial personae no grata of the kingdom, and had as good as been banished from court. It had come out that their supposedly bottomless mines were in fact empty, and that had resulted in them losing large chunks of land and Tyrion Lannister having to resort to pawning various portraits and such due to being unable to pay the fines levelled on his House by the Crown. Larra had even heard that Lady Genna and her children had been sent to live at the Twins with her loathed husband, as her brother was unable to support them. The Lannisport branch had lost all of their own property also, and they basically had nothing more than the Rock left to them, and the keep itself was more of a hinderance than anything else, due to lack of resources to sustain it.

Occasionally Larra felt that perhaps she ought to feel bad for them. Not all had participated in the actions of the main line, after all. Some were but children, like Ser Kevan's youngest daughter. But then she recalled how, even if they had not participated, they had stood back and done nothing to prevent their kin preforming actions that they knew to be morally and legally wrong. They continued to hold the Rock and they were alive and not sent to the Wall. It could have been far worse for them, and they could possibly regain some power in the future, when the wounds were no longer fresh and Tywin's siblings were no longer around to remind people of his actions towards the Crown and so many others.

Elaena rose to her feet, dressed in a black dress with red along with hems, her dark hair swept into a plain bun and tucked beneath her crown. It was made of gold, in the shape of a dragon, curled around the wearer's temples so it appeared as if the dragon's tail was in its' mouth, with a pair of rubies for eyes. She wore no other jewellery save for her signet ring, due to the solemnity of the occasion.

"We are gathered here today," Laena called to the audience, silencing the whispering. "For the trial of Tywin Lannister, former Lord Paramount and Warden of the West, and Head of House Lannister! He is being tried for the murders of Her Highness Princess Elia Targaryen of House Martell, her son the late Prince Aegon Targaryen, for the massacre of the Tarbecks and Reynes, for embezzling money from the Royal Treasury, for holding then then-Lady Alarra Stark, Lady Paramount of the Winterlands and Wardenness of the North captive and assaulting her in an attempt to usurp the authority of the Starks over the Winterlands, for..."

The list of charges seemed to go on forever, every possible thing that the Old Lion could be charged with being brought up. Laena's voice was barely audible above the jeers and cries for the man's execution. Once the charges had been listed, the witnesses started coming out. People ranging from servants who eagerly testified to overheard conversations to Lannister's own bannermen, anxious to escape being charged for their own crimes by laying the blame at their former-liege's feet.

The whole trial took two days, the whole time spent listening to witnesses speaking against Tywin. Nobody, not even his own kin, had offered to speak in his defence. When the presentation of evidence was over, the three judges spoke with one another for only a few minutes before announcing their verdict.

Absolutely nobody was surprised when Tywin Lannister was declared guilty, stripped of all his titles (including his knighthood) and sentenced to execution. But they might have been surprised by Laena's announcement that she would be doing away with the office of the Royal Executioner, and from now on either she herself or her husband would take responsibility for that distasteful task.

Tywin Lannister lost his head to a swing of Laena's sword at sunset the day after his sentencing, followed less than ten minutes later by his daughter, at Robb's hand. It was fitting, that Laena avenge her mother, and Robb avenge Eddard Stark and Arthur Dayne.

Winterfell: 31 st August, 300 AC


Ellaria was the last of them to arrive in the godswood of Winterfell. She had come on the arm of her father, whilst Larra had been escorted by Robb. The grove was full, even in spite of only close blood relatives being allowed to attend the ceremony. There were the Sand Snakes (including Elaena, who had come to Winterfell along with her husband in spite of her advanced pregnancy purely to see the wedding, as she had missed the sept one between Oberyn and Larra), Ellaria's father and uncle, and the remaining members of the House Stark. Daryn and Garin were being held by Tyene and Arya respectively, and even the typically-fussy Garin was quiet and pliant.

The air of the godswood was heavy. It was clear that the Old Gods were indeed watching them that eve.

"Who comes before the Old Gods on this eve?" Robb, who was officiating for them, called in a strong voice, affection in his eyes as he looked at his cousin-sister. "And for what purpose?"

"Lady Alarra of House Stark, noble and flowered, comes before the Old Gods on this eve," Larra replied, smiling back at him. She looked absolutely radiant in her grey-and-white ensemble, her pale skin seeming to glow like the star that graced the banner of her mother's House. Her hair, as well as her sister and cousin's, had been cut recently, when Myrcella had wed Trystane (who had insisted on going through with his betrothal in spite of everything.) Those they had declared blood feud against were dead or in the Night's Watch, and so they had said it was over now.

"To claim Ellaria of House Uller and Oberyn of House Nymeros Martell as her spouses," Larra finished.

"Who comes before the Old Gods this eve and for what purpose?" Robb repeated, turning to Ellaria and Lord Harmen this time.

"Lady Ellaria Sand of House Uller," Ellaria's father answered gruffly. "Noble and flowered, comes before the Old Gods on this eve. She comes to claim Alarra of House Stark and Oberyn of House Nymeros Martell as her spouses."

Robb repeated the question a third time, this time looking at Oberyn, who was grinning from ear-to-ear. Ellaria was not one to talk, however, as she too was unable to stop beaming with happiness.

"Oberyn, of House Nymeros Martell," Oberyn responded. "Comes to claim Lady Alarra of House Stark and Lady Ellaria of House Uller as his wives."

Robb turned back to his sister. "Do you take this man as your husband?" he asked her. "Do you take this woman as your wife? Do you vow to take their feuds, their sorrows and their joys as your own feuds, sorrows and joys? To love, defend and honour them all of your lives? To become one in the eyes of the Old Gods who watch us now?"

Larra nodded confidently. "I take this man and this woman," she agreed. "Their feuds are my feuds. Their sorrows are my sorrows, and their joys are my joys. I will love, defend and honour them all our lives. This I swear in the eyes of the Old Gods who watch us now."

Robb repeated the question as he looked at Ellaria, who repeated the pledge before the Prince Consort turned back to Oberyn again. "Do you, Oberyn of House Nymeros Martell, take these women as your brides? Do you vow to take their feuds as your feuds, their sorrows and joys as your own? Do you pledge to defend, love and care for them all of your lives? Do you swear to this in the eyes of the Old Gods who watch us now?"

"I take these women as my bride," Oberyn agreed. "Their feuds are my feuds. Their sorrows and joys are mine. I will defend, love and care for them, honouring them all of our lives. This I swear in the eyes of the Old Gods who watch us now."

Robb nodded solemnly and stepped aside, gesturing to the heart tree. "Kneel in front of the heart tree for the Gods to judge and bless your marriage," he instructed them.

They went forward and knelt. As they had been instructed, Ellaria placed her hand atop Larra's, and Oberyn in turn placed his own larger one over hers. Larra had her eyes closed in prayer, and Ellaria too said a prayer to the gods of the Forest, River and Stone, thanking them for protecting her young love and asking them to bless their marriage. In spite of being warned by Larra as to what would happen, she still nearly jolted when she felt something crawling over their hands.

When she opened her eyes, they all had bracelets made of weirwood wrapped around their left wrists. The Old Gods had indeed blessed their marriage.

Ellaria could not have stopped herself from examining the Marriage Bracelet with her hand and gaze if she had wanted to. They fascinated her, though she had never even heard of them until she and Oberyn had asked Larra to wed them in the eyes of the Old Gods, and Larra had in turn explained the ceremony to them both.

Like all Marriage Bracelets, they symbolized the three of them and were entirely unique.

In their case, it showed a viper with the flames of House Uller on its' head, entwined with what looked like a direwolf with stars for eyes.

"The Old Gods have blessed the marriage," Robb announced. "The wedding is now over!" he decreed once the cloaks had all been swapped. "Let no mortal tear asunder what the Gods have brought together!"

"So mote it be!" everyone watching called, as Oberyn tugged the both of them into an embrace, the three of them lost in their own bliss of victory and delight.