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Avery and her new boyfriend, Kel, have done everything except ‘the act’…kissing (as they are now-lots
of practice have resulted in each developing into EXCELLENT KISSERS), fondling, ‘handies’…but no
copulating. Avery wants to, and Kel CLEARLY does, except she wants advice from her Mom before (rather
IF) she takes this any farther with Kel. KEL-one of the most sought after guys in school, due to his exotic,
impossibly good looks (his father is Nigerian, his Mother German), and he’s a well-muscled 6 ft 2, 210 pound
dual sports star. He has a soft, very curious accent underlying his speech (born in Germany, he also speaks
Igbo and Youba, regional languages of his Father’s native country.) Avery considers herself very fortunate to have
captured the eye of this gorgeous 18 year old, who is clearly going places.

Reluctantly, Avery pulls away from their current embrace, murmuring “Genügsam, Babe..bring mich nach Hause”
(take me home).

“In einer Weile” (in awhile)

“Nicht jetzt” (no-NOW)

“You want to leave me, eh? You can’t wait to get away from me?”

‘Kel…you know that’s not it…you’re already on Kurt’s shit list; bringing me back on time can help repair that. Please,
Baby? If you want to keep seeing me, we have to abide by their rules.”

“Okay, los geht's” (OK-let’s go)

KEL…just thinking his name, or saying it aloud, causes a delicious shiver to her nethers (which she’ll have to deal
with later.) Before bringing her home 15 minutes past Kurt’s curfew a few weeks ago, her kind-of Stepfather and her Mother
seemed to really like Kel. He has a 3.6 GPA, holds the record for New York State High School Goal Soccer Scorers-25-which may
never be broken, and he’s an All-American Football Star with 20 confirmed Scholarship offers (her Parents don’t
know it yet, but she’ll be going with him-wherever he goes.)

Kel pulls up in front of the Weller’s building, 15 minutes before curfew, which gives them plenty of time to make
it to the 14th floor. “There they are!” Kurt’s in a cheery mood, sitting with Jane in front of a blazing fire. He stands
to bump fists with Kel, and give Avery a hug. After Jane repeats the action (a hug instead of fist bump for Kel), she
invites them to sit awhile.

“K has early football practice, Mom…we can visit maybe 15 more minutes.” Jane observes the way her Daughter
sits as close as possible to her boyfriend, without being disrespectful of her Parents. “That’s SOCCER, not Football
FOOTBALL, eh, K?”, Kurt asks.

Well-behaved as ever, the young man agrees. “Semi’s are next week, and our opponent has several Chaps from over-seas
on their squad. We’ll need to be at top level to move forward in the playoffs.”

“Did you know I’m from South Africa, Kel? That’s why it annoys me as well when this one (she nudges Kurt with an
elbow), doesn’t grasp that FOOTIE is the proper name for your sport, since you use your FEET.”

“I’m going with Kel downstairs, Mom-to say bye.”

“Fifteen minutes-round trip, Av.”

“Thanks for keeping to the curfew Kel, says Kurt. Her Mom and I feel much more comfortable with the two of you dating
now. And we’ll be getting tickets to the game, right?”

“Of course. Mrs.Weller, tanks for your hospitality. Mr Weller.” A parting fist tap, and Kel leads Avery to the front door,
she holding his big hand in both of hers.