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Re-Write The Stars

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Re-Write The Stars.




Rhys hummed to himself, his excitement building as he checked his reflection a final time; admiring the snug fit of his blue shirt and the hug of his jeans around his ass, before sauntering out of his bathroom with a smirk. He sighed, relieved to finally have the chance to relax and let himself have a good time after several weeks of focus, dedication and hard work. Or rather, he would be, if not for just one small wrinkle in his plan with regards to the evening. "Bro, are you sure about this?" Vaughn asked again, as Rhys rolled his eyes and groaned, flopping face first over his couch. "Can't we just chill here? You have like, everything we could want..."

"Yes, you're right Vaughn. I have everything I could want here..." Rhys scoffed, raising his head to pout petulantly at his best friend. "Except for good looking guys to fawn over, outside of the TV set." He added, snickering when Vaughn scowled at him. "You know, actual physical men who I can both drool over and touch..." He said eagerly, making playful grabbing hands gestures.

"Sometimes I think you have a one track mind, dude..." He said, shaking his head as he straightened his shirt and sighed in reluctant resignation. 

"Hmm, I try but unfortunately my best friend usually keeps me home all weekend." Rhys snorted, throwing his legs over his couch and lounging across the seats. "But this weekend; we are going outside!" He cheered, jumping to back his feet as he was consumed by a restless energy, waving imaginary pom poms. "We are going to find gorgeous men!" He continued, spinning in a circle and jumping onto one of his chairs. "And we-" he paused mid cheer, glancing at Vaughn's sceptical look. "Okay... I, am going to have so much, amazing sex!"

"Glad to know your priorities are in order there, Rhys." Vaughn snorted, rolling his eyes as Rhys jumped down from his chair and threw his arms around his friend from behind.

"Vaughn, pleeeeease?" He pleaded pathetically, nuzzling his cheek affectionately. "I can't go without you..." He insisted, finally resting his chin on his best friends shoulder and pouting at him as he batted his eyelashes dramatically. "I'll let you have a Sunset Beach marathon tomorrow." 

Vaughn rolled his eyes, smirking as he shrugged Rhys from his shoulders and sent him sprawling across the couch. "First off, you could absolutely go without me, you just don't want to-"

"Because I am such an awesome friend, and I love you and don't want to abandon you..." Rhys interjected haughtily, petulantly plucking at his couch cushions. 

"Secondly," Vaughn said loudly, ignoring Rhys’ interruption. "You only actually want me to come so you can pretend I'm your boyfriend if some guy doesn't fit your tastes and won't take no for an answer-"

"That is just not true!" Rhys objected fiercely, glaring up at Vaughn, but quickly averting his gaze when his friend merely raised a brow at him. "... Entirely." He admitted guiltily, biting his lip to contain a small grin. "I want you to come because you're my best friend!" Rhys whined insistently, pushing to his feet and grabbing Vaughn's hands in his own. "I want you to have fun, and meet people... and be there to gush with me over the hot guys I should hit on!" 

Vaughn snorted with laughter, shaking his head as he sighed I defeat. "Okay, fine... but gimme a damn key first. I don't wanna end up having to wait outside 'til you're finished again, after having you ditch me at the club." He insisted, holding out his palm expectantly and raising his brow.

"Bro, one time!" Rhys protested, continuing to grumble to himself even after fishing his spare key from its hook on the wall and handing it to his friend. "Honestly, I don't know why you don't just keep it. You're the only person who I ever actually give it to anyway; or, who even actually... comes here..."

"I feel uncomfortable keeping a key to your apartment, dude... I am just not ready for that level of commitment." Vaughn scoffed, snatching the key from Rhys and stuffing it in his pocket, grimacing as he looked at his friend and sighed. "Pleaaaase, don't be doing anything on the couch... Like, at all, let alone when I get back." He pleaded, sighing when Rhys spread his palms and grinned, notably remaining silent as he waved his eyebrows suggestively. "Urgh... We are going to marathon Sunset Beach all next weekend as well, assbutt." He demanded with a grin pout, as Rhys laughs and threw his arm around his shoulders.

"Sure thing, buddy." He promised, kissing Vaughn's cheek noisily and laughing when his friend shoved him away with a groan, though Rhys suspected his ducked head was to hide a small smile. "C'mon dude, ya never know; you might even enjoy yourself!" He said cheerfully, clapping Vaughn on the shoulder briefly before grabbing his elbow and quickly dragging him to the door.

"Just in case I haven't mentioned it lately; I hate you, Rhys." Vaughn sighed, reluctantly allowing Rhys to lead him through his front door and down the stairs, exiting the apartment complex into the semi-light of the approaching dusk hours.

"You love me." Rhys scoffed knowingly, clearly unfazed by his friend’s sour tone or his irritated scowl as he easily rebuffed his friends playful jibe. He drew in a deep and steadying breath, acutely aware of the excited clamour of his heart in his chest. "Bro... it has been forever since we did this..."

"Your sense of time is horrifyingly selective." Vaughn snarked, grimacing as Rhys pointedly linked their arms and practically skipped along beside him. His cheeks darkened as he glanced around at the random people passing them by, trying to pretend he wasn't with the strange person attached to his arm. "It's been like, three weeks, at most."

"You know, I'm sensing a little negativity from you there, Vaughn..." Rhys pouted, swinging his legs in exaggerated steps when Vaughn purposely tried to make him walk slower, quickly convincing him to give up on the attempt to slow him down.

"Oh, really? You noticed that, huh?" Vaughn asked sarcastically, turning towards him with a flat scowl which he only half meant. "Funny how it still hasn't stopped you from dragging me along..." He muttered balefully.

"Well, I can hardly go on the pull without my trusty best friend slash wingman now, can I?" Rhys snickered fondly, ignoring the dramatic way which Vaughn rolled his eyes and gave an exaggerated sigh of weary resignation.

"You and I both know you could." He insisted sulkily, flashing Rhys a look which he clearly tried to appear frustrated; but the amusement which twitched at the corner of his lips revealed his lack of genuine irritation.

"Yeah... but maybe I just don't want to." Rhys admitted flippantly, grinning as they paused to wait for the lights to change and allow them to cross a road. "Life's only half an adventure, without a trusty sidekick!"

"Uh, excuse me, mister ego..." Vaughn snarked, scowling at Rhys as they jogged across the road between the halted traffic. "What makes you so sure that I'm the sidekick in this situation?" He demanded hotly, his lower lip jutting out in an adorable pout.

"Because I'm the one who had to drag your reluctant ass all the way here." Rhys snorted, tipping his chin towards his favourite club. "Now, stop looking like you just ate Nemo..." He said, leading Vaughn past the huge queue at the main entrance to an unremarkable door around the side. "Smile, be happy! Enjoy yourself among all the glistening, sexy bodies and-"

"Oh god, Rhys please shut up." Vaughn groaned, shaking his head as he laughed despite himself, looking at his friend in fond exasperation. "I promise to enjoy myself, just please, never finish that sentence." He said, sniggering as Rhys laughed and knocked on the door.

"Done!" Rhys agreed cheerfully, beaming joyfully as the door swung out towards them. "Hey, Brick! Two to tango?" He said, as a large boy laughed heartily and offered them both a large fist to bump with their own.

"Rhys, Vaughn!" He greeted warmly, grinning broadly as he stepped back and held the door open to allow them both inside. "Guys, this place is slammed tonight... Ya’ll are lucky you actually caught me! I gotta go work the main door in a little while." He said, closing the door behind them before any other customers happened to try and follow Rhys and Vaughn.

"Trust me, Brick, we are really grateful to have an inside gal." Rhys said leadingly, grinning as he offered his friend a twenty. "I mean, standing in the queue for this place is like, a soul destroying experience..." He added, insistently pressing his money towards his friend when Brick raised his hands and backed away with a grin.

"Hey, naw! No charge for friends little fella’s." He said, gesturing for them to slip through the backdoor curtains and into the club proper. "Just be ready to buy me a drink someday... or a keg." He offered, upon catching Rhys’ uncertain frown.

"Done." Rhys grinned, tucking his money into his jeans waistband, before slapping his palm to Brick's in an eager high five, turning to Vaughn when he jerked his arm free of Rhys’ suddenly.

"Dude, what the hell?" He spluttered, his cheeks red as his eyes dipped to Rhys’ waistband before flitting to Brick and around the surrounding area embarrassedly. "Are you some kind of stripper, or something? Use your damn wallet, like a normal person!" He demanded, shaking his head as Rhys snorted and rolled his eyes. "Roll your eyes all you want, you weirdo, I refuse to be seen with you when you're being such a... hussy... slash weirdo." 

"Fine, fine, keep your damn hair on, dude." Rhys finally huffed, making an exaggerated show of withdrawing his money from his waistband and stuffing it in his pocket. "Happy now?" He snickered, as he and Vaughn casually slipped past the curtain with a final brief wave at Brick, heading toward the bar.

"Do you want me to actually answer that?" Vaughn snarked, folding his arms over his chest awkwardly as he glanced around the club, his uncertain gaze flitting across the various patrons. "Wow, Brick wasn't kidding... this place is really packed tonight." He added before Rhys could answer him, pointedly turning his back on him as Rhys chuckled knowingly.

"Dude; it’s a Saturday night... and the feelin' is rig-" Rhys began, only to laugh when Vaughn whipped around suddenly and waggled an accusatory finger in his face.

"So help me, if you start singing right now I am going home!" He threatened, as Rhys grinned and raised his palms in placation.

"You usually love my singing, Vaughn..." He pouted playfully, snickering when Vaughn's lips twisted into a torn grimace. He turned to the bartender as they finished serving someone else, ordering a drink and a shot for both himself and his best friend.

"I like your singing when it’s embarrassing to you." Vaughn corrected, resuming their conversation as the bartender set about making their drinks. "Like, when I volunteered you during that overly energetic anti-smoking display we had a couple years ago..." He said with a smirk, as Rhys grimaced and rolled his eyes at the reminder. "Although, you disappeared like, halfway through that god-awful performance anyway, so you got away with not performing." Vaughn pouted accusingly, a small frown forming between his brows. "Where the hell did you go, anyway?"

"Dude, you expect me to remember shit from years ago?" Rhys laughed, turning towards Vaughn and offering him his shot of Tequila Rosé. "I barely remember what I did last week, and you know it!" He snorted, as Vaughn laughed in agreement and accepted his shot.

"I swear bro; you have the worst memory ever." He huffed, clinking his shot glass to Rhys’ briefly, before they both down the smooth strawberry flavoured liqueur. "That said, you never fail to remember my birthday so alls good." He added playfully, as Rhys laughed and handed him a colourful cocktail.

"Dude, I only forget unimportant shit." He assured, grinning as he grabbed his own drink and removed the small umbrella, before raising the glass to his lips and gulping the liquid down quickly.

"You once forgot three math tests in a row; and, your own date with that guy who transferred..." Vaughn persisted, shaking his head as Rhys slammed his empty glass back on the bar with a loud, satisfied gasp.

"Like I said, unimportant shit." He coughed, patting his chest as he turned and leaned against the bar, gazing out at the dance floor longingly. "Come on, Vaughn... Drink, drink, drink! I'm in the mood, for danci-"

"Go and stand somewhere else, assbutt. I am not associating with the weirdo singing Diana Ross in a goddamn club." Vaughn snarked, mockingly scowling at Rhys as he deliberately took his time in drinking his cocktail.

"Vaughn..!" Rhys whined, gazing at him pleadingly as Vaughn ignored him. He heaved an impatient sigh, watching his friend take purposefully long sips and cast nervous glances towards the dance floor, clearly aware that as soon as his drink was finished he would be dragged over. When his glass was finally empty, Rhys hurried to snatch it from him and slam it to the bar, causing Vaughn to snigger as Rhys grabbed his hand and indeed dragged him to the dance floor.

"I hate you sometimes, Rhys." He laughed despite himself, reluctantly beginning to sway and grind to the beat, though he cast furtive and self conscious glances at the oblivious crowd around them.

"You love me!" Rhys crowed, throwing his arms in the air and whooping loudly, soothing Vaughn's nerves as he happily made a fool of himself and danced to his heart’s content. 

Time blurred, lost in the pounding beat and rhythm of the music, as Rhys and Vaughn danced and laughed at each other. Finally, hot from the thick cluster of bodies around them and exhausted from the constant dancing, Rhys and Vaughn stumbled to the bar for more drinks. "Dude..." Vaughn huffed, panting for breath as he shook his head fondly and sipped at another colourful cocktail. "I don't know whether to be embarrassed or impressed... your dancing is..." He trailed off, waving his hand indecisively as he failed to find words to describe his friends dancing abilities. "You know what? I think I'm just gonna go dance some more..." He said loudly, setting his empty glass down to turn abruptly and hurry back to the dance floor.

"Assbutt!" Rhys called after him, shaking his head fondly as he laughed and leaned his back against the bar, watching his friend weave awkwardly around the edge of the dancing crowds, before falling into a rhythm with a guy who was somewhat taller than himself, painted blue by one of the neon strobe lights.

"Unique." A voice drawled from a bar stool to his right, and Rhys turned with a start to see a guy leaning his elbows on the bar, his short dark hair streaked with a skunk stripe of grey and partially obscuring his ears as he nursed a glass of whiskey. "I think that's what your buddy was gonna call your dancing... either that or he was gonna go for the kill, and tell you that you looked like a fish outta water." The stranger added with a smirk as he turned to look at Rhys, revealing mismatched green and blue eyes which darted over him quickly but appreciatively.

"Uh..." Rhys stammered, his eyes partaking of a much slower inspection of the stranger. He eyed the man's grey jacket with a raised brow, able to see the hints of toned muscle beneath his almost too tight, yellow jumper beneath; and a small tech tag, which hung around his neck and dangled to the middle of his chest. "Ahem, I mean..." He coughed, shaking his head and plastering a grin to his face as he returned his eyes to the other mans amused gaze. "I will have you know, I practiced a great deal to perfect the 'fish out of water' routine." He said confidently, smirking when the guy raised a brow in surprise, his lip curling as he angled his body towards Rhys’.

"That so, huh?" He asked, smirking as he took a large swig of whiskey. "Well, clearly your efforts paid off... You put so much practice into everything?" He asked, his eyes drifting toward the dance floor as Rhys felt himself flush at the question.

He bit his lip, his eyes darting briefly to where Vaughn was happily dancing with the same man as before, before looking back at the man before him and clearing his throat to get his attention. "I guess it depends how much I enjoy whatever it is I'm practicing..." He said leadingly, smirking when the stranger before him started briefly, turning back with his brows raised in obvious but pleasant surprise. "And then there's the stuff I'm just..." He added, pausing to slide an unsubtle step closer along the bar, looking up from beneath his lashes coyly as he leaned closer and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "Naturally gifted at." He murmured playfully, pulling away and leaning back against the bar, pointedly arching his neck to allow the other man a full view of his body and exposed throat.

"Hmm..." The newcomer hummed, taking advantage of the view Rhys offered him. "That so?" He repeated thoughtfully, his voice dropping as his eyes lingered on Rhys’ collarbone.

Rhys felt his heart pause, before quickening its pace, thudding more insistently as his stomach flipped and twisted into a pleasant knot. "Mmhm." He murmured, shifting his weight to mirror the other mans position, angling his body towards him. "... I've even been known to give demonstrations." He said, hesitating a moment as the strangers eyes rose sharply to meet his own, before reaching his hand out slowly and tiptoeing his fingers across the other mans wrist. He peeked down at his playful hand, before looking up again with a heated and meaningful gaze.

"Damn... ya don't play around, do ya Cupcake?" The stranger huffed, shaking his head in amusement, though he made no move to stop Rhys from walking his fingers higher up his arm. "Straight for the kill, huh?"

"Hmm, I don't see the point in wasting time playing games." Rhys admitted, cocking his head so he could look up at the other man with a playful smirk. "Cupcake, though? I've been called a lot of things before... but never that." He said, his fingers slowly skipping along the other mans chest, drawn to the tech tag around his neck. "Do I really seem like such a sweet, good boy? So..." He paused, leaning closer to ghost his breath across the other mans ear. "Innocent?" He asked, smirking as he pulled back and looked up through his lashes.

"Not when you’re looking at a fella with those eyes." The stranger murmured, hesitantly reaching forward and trailing a single fingertip from Rhys’ shoulder to his elbow. "Those eyes are anything but innocent right now." He said knowingly, his finger slowly moving back up Rhys’ arm and causing a pleasant shiver to ripple down his spine.

"Hmm." Rhys hummed; his breath catching as he basked in the other mans attention. His fingers traced the edge of his tech tag, his gaze lowering as he made to turn them over. The other mans finger left his arm abruptly, quickly closing around Rhys’ and preventing him from reading the words printed upon them. Rhys looked up quickly, startled by the sudden movement and he was briefly concerned by the uncertainty in the other mans eyes.

"... Sorry, Cupcake." He said, clearing his throat as he gently eased the tag from Rhys’ grip, flashing him a cocky grin. "But you've gotta wine me and dine me before you get my name." He said, winking at Rhys and causing him to laugh in surprise.

"That so?" He snickered, tossing the other mans phrase back at him. "Well... I think I can probably manage that, as it happens." He said, relaxing again as the other man grinned at him, clearly pleased he hadn't given up. "Do I at least get to know what kind of super brainiac I'm going to be wining and dining with?" He asked teasingly, as the stranger snorted and tucked his tag beneath his jumper.

The other man hesitated, eyeing Rhys for a long pause as he deliberated, while Rhys tried to remain patient and hesitantly raised his fingers to the other mans arm again. "... I was a programmer for a weapons manufacturer." The stranger finally admitted, seeming to relax when he realised Rhys wasn't about to give up over his secrecy.

"Wow..." Rhys cooed, impressed by the revelation. He bit his lip, his fingers pausing in their tentative exploration, flicking lightly at the other mans jacket zipper. "I uh, don't suppose you'd want to... program your way out of here?" He asked, blushing when the other man laughed at his unsubtle prodding.

"That eager?" He asked, smirking and running the back of a knuckle across one of Rhys’ heated cheeks. He raised a brow at Rhys’ sudden sharp breath, his heterochromia eyes dropping to his lips as they parted, before returning to Rhys’ eyes.

"It's like I said, Handsome..." He breathed, closing his eyes briefly as the other man dragged his knuckle across his jaw and tipped his head back gently by his chin, before slowly trailing his finger down Rhys’ throat. "I don't see the point in wasting time." He repeated, his eyes reopening when the other mans finger reached his shoulder and hesitated, his warm palm splaying around the back of his neck and squeezing gently. "... Especially not when I see something I like." He admitted quietly, biting his lip as he waited nervously for the other mans response.

"Gotta admit, I wasn't expecting this the night I hit town." The other man chuckled quietly, pausing to inhale deeply through his nose. "I was kind of planning on just catching a drink and getting to know the place..."

"Well, I guess it's lucky for you that you caught something much more fun than some... drink." Rhys snickered, sauntering a step closer and cocking his head invitingly as the other man grazed his nails over the back of his neck and caused him to shiver. "So... is that a yes..?" He asked hopefully, throwing caution to the wind and invading the stranger’s space by sliding closer along the edge of the bar. "I mean, tomorrow is a Sunday... plenty of time still to explore and get to know the town, really..."

"Hmm..." The stranger hummed, though he didn't comment, instead flicking his eyes to the dance floor. "What about your friend..?" He asked, his breath ghosting across Rhys’ shoulder as he half leaned towards him, his fingers gliding over the back of Rhys’ neck, flexing restlessly.

Rhys glanced back at the dance floor himself, raising his brows when he saw Vaughn in a position which he hadn't expected his friend to be flexible enough for; still dancing with his tall, blue and handsome stranger. "He seems pretty busy right now..." Rhys hummed, turning back to his own stranger with a noticeable flare of hopeful desire in his intent gaze. "Wouldn't really be a very good friend if I interrupted him just now..."

"What about... if he ends up interrupting you?" The stranger drawled lowly, smirking as his lips brushed over Rhys’ ears and caused him to shiver against him.

"Then he and I will have to have some very strong words tomorrow." Rhys breathed, arching himself against the other man without actually touching him, his gaze dropping to the strangers lips as his heart skipped a beat in excitement. "Besides, once I'm focused; nothing interrupts me..." He added leadingly, his eyes rising to the strangers striking gaze again quickly when he squeezed the back of his neck again.

Rhys bit his lip, holding his breath as his eyes locked with the strangers in a lingering, heated exchange which left his heart pounding fiercely against his ribs. "... Alright, Cupcake." The other man finally huffed, shaking his head in amusement as Rhys grinned brightly. "Lead the way." He said, winking as he tipped his head for Rhys to walk ahead of him.

Rhys smirked, reaching forward to snag the other man’s hand in his own, backing away from the bar before finally turning away to lead him out of the club. "C'mon," he said, a quiet gasp escaping him as they stepped out into the chilled night air, a vast difference from the pulsing heat in the club; though it did little to cool the fire in his blood. He tugged at the other man’s hand, the pair of them jogging to cross the road between light changes, too impatient to wait when there was so little traffic. As he led the other man to his apartment, Rhys fished his phone from his pocket, sending Vaughn a brief explanation for his disappearance.

Oh my god! Super hot! Do not disturb; like, ever! But seriously... gimme an hour, at least..! He texted, sniggering when he imagined Vaughn's salty response later, though he had no intention of reading it any time soon, as he stashed his phone back in his pocket and glanced up at the building ahead of them. "That's the one..." He murmured, peeking at the man beside him and feeling his face warm despite the chill air, when the man looked back at him and squeezed his hand encouragingly.

"Lead on, Cupcake." He repeated, holding the front door open for Rhys to slip through ahead of him. "Stairs or..?" He began to suggest, when Rhys grasped him by the jacket sleeve and steered him to the elevator.

"Fourth floor." Rhys said quietly, moving to the far side of the lift and leaning against the cool metal wall, closing his eyes as he tipped his head back and tried to calm his frantically beating heart. He heard the click of a button and the ding of the elevator doors closing, a tense but pleasant silence building around them as Rhys’ eyes opened; locking onto the other man on the opposite side of the elevator, watching him intently.

Their eyes locked, a silent but heated gaze which grew until the atmosphere around them was almost crackling with desire and longing. When the doors pinged open, Rhys shouldered himself from the wall, holding out his hand for the other mans and leading him down the hall to his door. His hands shook with excitement and anticipation, as he dug in his pocket for his key, shoving it into his lock as soon as he found it so he could throw his door open wide. He stepped inside and turned, gesturing for the other man to enter so he could close the door. "Make yourself at home..." Rhys suggested quietly, sauntering into his living room and turning to face the other man with a coy smirk. "Anything I can get you..?" He offered suggestively, taking three exaggeratedly slow steps back, as he ran his eyes over the stranger and arched his neck provocatively.

"I got some ideas yeah," the stranger muttered lowly, narrowing his eyes as he stalked forward, their playful banter in the club forgotten as Rhys’ breath hitched. "Namely; you." He said fiercely, as they stepped forward together, all pretences abandoned as they collided in the middle of the room. 

Rhys’ delighted groan was muffled by the other mans lips, as they fell into a demanding and passionate kiss. Rhys arched himself closer, his entire body rocking against the stranger fluidly. His hands rose to fist in the other mans lazily coifed, skunk streaked hair and pulling him closer as his body reacted to the near aggressive intimacy eagerly, flooded by a sudden rush of excitement which left him breathless. "Mmm!" He moaned, his lips parting and allowing the other man to suck his lower lip between his teeth, nipping the soft flesh sharply and causing Rhys to whine with rising desire. He was vaguely aware of a crash, as they stumbled into the side of the couch, but Rhys neither knew nor cared what they'd broken; his only concern being to keep his perfect stranger locked against his body.

He sidestepped awkwardly; tugging at the other mans jacket and impatiently shoving it from his arms. He hummed in surprise as his legs bumped against the coffee table, turning to draw the other man against him briefly, before tugging insistently at his remaining clothes. Catching on to his demanding movements quickly, the other mans hands drifted, pulling at Rhys’ own clothing roughly and tossing it aside between hurried gasps for breath. Rhys hissed when he found himself chest to chest with his lover, his hands scrabbling quickly for his belt as the other man shoved his jeans over his hips. "Mmm!" He groaned hungrily, shivering as the other man’s hand curled around his cock and stroked him with almost painful urgency.

With a gasp he pulled his swollen lips free of their passionate kiss, pushing at the stranger’s chest suddenly. "Oof!" The stranger huffed, smirking as they panted quickly for breath, watching as Rhys dropped himself to his knees and tugged his trousers free entirely. His hands swept quickly over the other man's thighs, and he leaned forward to mouth at the thigh beside his head. "In a hurry there, Cupcake?" The stranger chuckled, his voice thick with desire, as he curled his hand around the back of Rhys’ neck.

"You asking me to slow down, Handsome?" He murmured, raising his head briefly to glance up at the other man, one hand gliding to the base of his cock and rolling his balls in his palm.

"Damn..." The stranger hissed, his hips straining forward as Rhys nipped his thigh with a grin, before quickly soothing the area with his tongue. "You're a goddamn teas-" the other man began, abruptly cutting off with a deep throated groan, as Rhys moved to take the head of his cock in his mouth.

He made no short work of lathering attention on the other man, swiping his tongue eagerly around his cock and flicking playfully across the slit. His lovers hand squeezed the back of his neck encouragingly, his body trembling beneath Rhys’ ministrations, as he groaned and rocked his hips to meet his movements. Rhys hummed in eager appreciation, sucking his lover deeper into his throat and hungrily worshipping his cock until the hand on his neck rose to his hair and tugged sharply. He gasped as he rose free, his hand still stroking the other mans cock as his lover surged forward and captured his lips in a rough and passionate kiss.

He lost himself to the sensation of demanding lips against his own, arching when his lovers hands caressed his burning skin, a deep whine of need and urgency escaping his throat when one curled around his neglected cock. "Ya got a pretty mouth, Cupcake, and I could happily let you carry on makin' damn good use of it..." His lover drawled, as he urged Rhys to his feet, steadying him when he stumbled from having knelt so long. "But I got somethin' else in mind right now." He added, his hands sliding down to Rhys’ ass and squeezing pointedly, as he pushed to his feet and pulled Rhys against him roughly. "Just say where." He said lowly, smirking when Rhys blinked and shook his head quickly.

"Uh..." He croaked, glancing at the clock on the wall and wincing when he realised Vaughn would likely be back any moment, and could have been for some time. "That way..." He said thickly, humming in pleasant surprise when the other man pulled him closer and crashed their lips together in another heated and near desperate kiss. Rhys curled his arms around the stranger’s shoulders, groaning when the hands on his ass squeezed before swatting him sharply.

"Lead on." He ordered roughly, and Rhys bit his lip as he took his livers hand and quickly led him to his room, his heart racing as he tried to catch his breath. He'd barely closed his door, when the other mans firm body pressed him back into the door, a needful whine escaping him as he rocked himself against the other man urgently. "I'm assuming you're aware of just how ridiculously hot you are..?" The other man muttered, his teeth grazing Rhys’ neck as he pulled him away from the door and turned, glancing over Rhys’ shoulder and steering him towards his bed.

"I am now..." Rhys gasped distractedly, shuddering with desire as his hands roamed the other man’s body eagerly. "Oh god..." He whimpered, biting his lip as the other man sucked at his throat.

"Nah, but close..." His lover chuckled darkly, as Rhys’ legs bumped against the side of his bed. "On your knees, Cupcake." He ordered, pushing him back to bounce on the bed briefly.

"Yes, sir..." Rhys snickered, quickly swinging his legs around and shuffling backwards, until he was kneeling on his bed. He grinned when the other man quickly climbed on the bed and plastered himself to his back, his hands splaying across Rhys’ hips as he encouraged him to further part his legs. "Oh, oohhh..." Rhys breathed, leaning forward to brace his hands against his headboard, as he felt his lovers cock glide against his own; the hard, hot flesh snug between his ass cheeks. He hid his face in the crook of his arm, moaning unashamedly as the other man shifted, his cock now pressing insistently to his entrance and slowly sinking into him.

"Damn..." His lover cursed, his lips, tongue and teeth moving furiously across Rhys’ throat and shoulders, as he rocked against him, thrusting deeper and grazing against the node of nerves which caused Rhys to shiver and moan hungrily. "Ya make the prettiest noises, Cupcake... Let’s hear you get a little louder though, huh?" He whispered against Rhys’ ear, thrusting harder as he gripped Rhys’ hip to prevent him from rocking back against him.

"Oh god... you're a sadistic bastard!" Rhys groaned, his body aching from the pleasure which coursed through him, his fingers curling tightly against the headboard. "Pleeeease don't tell me you're gonna torture me with this slow and- ah!" He gasped, a loud cry of bliss erupting from deep in his chest as his lover rocked deep into him, his hips snapping forward quickly and firmly, before slowing once more. "No, no, noooo... don't stop!" Rhys cried, turning his head to glance back pleadingly, his legs quivering beneath him as his body trembled from the unexpected burst of pleasure. "Please, don't stop... don't-"

"Heh, as you command, sir." His lover smirked against the side of his throat, his hands gripping Rhys’ hips tightly as he began to thrust into him with powerful and determined movements, driving Rhys to a consistent and dizzying wave of roiling pleasure. His lips and teeth moved across Rhys’ throat and shoulders constantly, eliciting needy whimpers and urgent moans from him, as his body twisted within itself; overwhelmed with pleasure as pressure began to build in his gut.

"Oh god, yes!" Rhys cried, dropping his head forward and moaning loudly. He groaned when his lovers hand slid from his hip to his throat, urging his head back up as his hips began to snap forward with more urgency. 

"Look at me now, you hear?" He drawled in a low husk, as Rhys whined and rocked his hips back against him pleadingly. His lover hissed, his free hand squeezing Rhys’ hip tightly, before gliding over his cock. Rhys turned his head, the other man’s hand warm against his throat as their eyes met, pleasure pooling in his gut at the heady, heated gaze which lingered between them. "Mmm." His lover hummed, leaning closer and splaying his fingers further across Rhys’ throat, as their lips collided in a consuming and demanding kiss which was bordered between passionate and aggressive.

"Mmm!" Rhys whined, arching himself back into his lover as the other mans hips drove forward relentlessly, pushing him closer to bliss as pleasure coiled within him like an inferno. "Oh god..." He gasped, his jaw falling slack as the other man kissed a fiery path from his jaw to his shoulder, his teeth sinking into the soft flesh with a deep throated groan which rumbled through his chest against Rhys’ back. "Oh god... Oh-" Rhys choked, his knuckled turning white as an incoherent cry tore free of his throat, his body finally coming undone around the programmer.

"Hmmm!" His lover growled, his hips first stuttering and then slowing, before finally falling still as they rest snugly against him. Rhys shuddered, his chest heaving as he panted rapidly to catch his breath, his body awash with the intense afterglow of his orgasm.

"Oh god..." He groaned contently, slumping back against his lover and hissing at the warm flesh still against him. "You're lethal..." He mumbled, ignoring the other mans chuckle as he grinned and glanced back slyly. "You're welcome to stay the night, so long as you do that to me again in a round two, before you actually have to leave..." He offered, smirking when the other man seemed to genuinely consider the offer.

Before he could answer however, their blissful haze was interrupted by a loud cry from the living room. "Dude!" Vaughn called indignantly, as the sound of the door slamming closed echoed through the apartment. "What did I say about the damn couch?!"

Rhys’ head fell forward against his headboard; his cheeks blazing with embarrassment as his lover gently withdrew from him. "Fun as this was, Cupcake, I think that's my cue to skedaddle..." He drawled, leaning against the side of the bed and carding his fingers through Rhys’ sweat soaked hair, his touch surprisingly gentle after their previous activities.

"Urgh, I am never going to forgive him for this." Rhys muttered darkly, scowling to himself before finally sighing and raising his head to meet the other mans gaze. "He has the worst timing..." He offered apologetically.

"I dunno, could've been worse..." His lover chuckled, trailing his fingers over the bite mark on Rhys’ shoulder suggestively. Rhys snorted and hummed in agreement, finally moving his pleasantly aching body and standing on unsteady legs.

"Holy shit..." Rhys laughed, shaking his head as the other man steadied him with strong arms. "You don't do things by halves, do you?" He huffed fondly, toying with the ends of the programmer’s dark hair playfully.

"Hmm, if a things worth doin', it’s worth doin' right." He replied, smirking when Rhys blushed heavily at the suggestive remark. He was saved from replying when his lover leaned down and kissed him again, his arms encircling Rhys’ waist and drawing him closer as the kiss slowly deepened and turned hungry once again.

"Oh god, please tell me that's not what I think it is on the couch..!" Vaughn's loud complaint caused them to pause, withdrawing by barely a breath as he continued to voice his displeasure. "Dude, we have to sit on that! Oh god... where's the bleach?" Vaughn's grumbling quietened, as he stomped away loudly.

Rhys huffed an embarrassed chuckle, reluctantly pulling free from his lovers embrace and easing him back a step. "Uh, just... wait here a sec." He said roughly, clearing his throat as he stepped around him and move to the door. "I'll uh, get your clothes..."

"What about-?" The programmer began, gesturing to Rhys’ similar state of undress.

"I'll grab those too." Rhys snickered, laughing when other man rolled his eyes at him. "You, stay... My friend just earned himself some mental scarring." He said, winking playfully as he opened the door and stepped through, closing it behind himself again. 

"Bro!" Vaughn yelped, dropping his cleaning supplies and scrabbling to cover his eyes, turning his back to Rhys quickly. "What the hell?! Couldn't you find some clothes first?!" He demanded, as Rhys snorted and began to quickly gather his and his lovers clothing from his apartment floor and furniture.

"That's what I'm doing, assbutt." He snarked, smirking at Vaughn's continued discomfort. "Hey, if you didn't wanna see the parade, you shouldn't have called me out here! It's nobody’s fault but your own, dude..." He said unsympathetically.

"I hate you." Vaughn muttered pitifully, as Rhys laughed and snuck up behind his friend, blowing against his ear briefly.

"Love you too, buddy. Now why don't you go wait in your room or something to protect your delicate eyes, so my hot guest can make his sexy ass, walk of shame?" He suggested, as Vaughn yelped and shot away from the breath of air against his ear, peeking around his hands to male his way down the hall and slamming the bathroom door closed behind him. Rhys laughed and shook his head, making his way back to his bedroom with his bundled clothing, proceeding inside and dumping his armful onto the bed. "Finders keepers?" He asked playfully, raising a brow suggestively when the programmer laughed and approached with a grin.

"You talking about the clothes?" He asked knowingly, as Rhys feigned an innocent, one shouldered shrug. He grinned as the other mans hands skimmed up his arms, before he sighed and knocked their foreheads together. "You’re pretty hard to say no to, ya know that, Cupcake?"

"Hmm, it’s my secret weapon." Rhys laughed, pressing a longing filled, open mouthed kiss to the side of his lover’s throat. "Sadly, it only seems to work when handsome, mysterious strangers have genuine excuses to abandon me after the best; most mind blowing sex I've ever had..."

"Oh?" His lover laughed, his eyes drifting over Rhys curiously as he pulled on his jumper and jacket. "You, uh... had a lotta 'mind blowing experiences' there, Cupcake?" He asked unsubtly, as he dug his underwear and jeans from the pile of clothes and stepped into them.

"Hmm... wouldn't you like to know, Handsome?" Rhys teased, smirking as he flashed the other man a playful wink. His amusement cleared abruptly, and he dropped his eyes in shy deference as he cleared his throat awkwardly. "But uh, as I'm feeling generous and all... No. I've had a few experiences sure, but... never hit mind blowing before. That one’s uh, new." He admitted, his voice slowly dropping to an embarrassed whisper. 

His lover paused in the middle of tugging on his jacket, eyeing Rhys thoughtfully as he slid his arms into the sleeves. He hesitated, before stepping closer and slipping his hands around Rhys’ waist, his lips lowering to brush across his shoulder. "Lucky me." He murmured, and Rhys couldn't help but laugh in surprise. He raised his eyes as his lover drew back, chafing Rhys’ cooling arms with his palms. "... Give me your phone." He ordered quickly, holding out his hand expectantly.

"Uh..." Rhys hesitated, slowly digging his phone free of his jeans pocket and raising a curious brow when the other man quickly plucked it from his hands. He peered over the other mans hands, his heart lightening as he quickly pulled back again to hide the small grin which spread across his face, realising his lover was saving his own number in his contacts.

"You ever want that round two, you just let me know." His lover said with a smirk, tossing his phone back and laughing when Rhys fumbled to catch it. 

"Oh, I will." Rhys promised with a cocky smirk, giving no indication as to whether he was promising to call; or to want the offered second 'round'. "For now though, I should probably see you out; before my crazy friend starts complaining again..." He said, biting his lip as he dropped his phone and grabbed his trousers, stepping into them quickly but not bothering to do them up. 

Rhys grinned as he led the way back through his apartment, opening the door and leaning his hip against the frame. "Well, thanks for the greeting... I just hope everyone else isn't so uh, enthusiastic." The programmer said as he strode through the door, turning in the hallway to throw Rhys a cocky wink. "I think I'd be exhausted before I was even here a week." He huffed, stuffing his hands in his jacket pocket with a grin.

"I can assure you, I am one of a kind in this town." Rhys laughed, smiling as he scratched the back of his neck shyly. "Um, thanks for the wild night..." He said, peeking at his lover from beneath his lashes, his heart skipping a beat as he sucked in a quick breath. "Next time, you'll have to let me take you for a ride..." He offered with a coy grin, causing the other man to chuckle appreciatively.

"Hmm, you'll have to give me the details when you call." He said, stepping closer and leaning in to kiss Rhys’ cheek sweetly. Rhys ducked his head with a small giggle, before looking up again and capturing the other mans lips briefly with his own.

"See ya round, Handsome..." He said hopefully, flashing him a bright smile as the other man backed away down the hall.

"Look forward to it, Cupcake." He replied with a cocky wink, finally turning away and heading for the stairs. Rhys watched him walk away, leaning his head to the doorframe and biting his lip to contain a giddy squeal, when his lover glanced back briefly; before disappearing down the stairs.

"He's so hooked." He said confidently, snorting as he pulled away from his doorframe and headed back inside, kicking his door closed with his heel. "Vaughn! It's safe now, assbutt!" He called, laughing at the unintelligible grumbling which returned to him. "Oh come on, it's not that bad..." He snorted, rolling his eyes as he fell back on his couch with a content sigh.

"You suck so bad, Rhys..." Vaughn muttered as he entered the living room, scowling at his friend’s obvious blissful state. 

"Pretty sure he would disagree with you... because he was really-" Rhys began, grinning as he made a lurid gesture; re-enacting his lover’s position from when he'd been gripping the back of Rhys’ neck.

"Oh god, please never do that again..." Vaughn groaned, grimacing and covering his face as Rhys laughed and rolled his head along the back of his couch. "I honestly don't know why we're even friends sometimes, you're so shameless-"

"Hmm, that's what you love about me." Rhys hummed, yawning as he gazed up at the ceiling with a smile still lingering on his lips. "God, Vaughn... He was exactly what I needed." He sighed, before throwing his friend a mocking scowl. "Thank you very much for spoiling the mood and scaring him away, bro... I'd almost convinced him to stay and do me aga-"

"Then I am not sorry in the least!" Vaughn said quickly, flopping onto the couch beside Rhys and jabbing his shoulder irritably. "I so do not need to be woken up by you doing your best porno voice again." He added, grimacing at the memory of Rhys’ last prank.

"Hey, at least it would have been my real porno voice..." Rhys countered, sniggering fondly as he continued to stare at the ceiling. They sat in silence for a long pause, before Rhys rolled his head towards his friend, running his eyes over him briefly. "... You know that's where he was sitting when I-"

"Oh, god Rhys!" Vaughn yelped, leaping from the couch as Rhys laughed hysterically. "Urgh, I hate you! Assbutt!" He complained, grimacing as he wiped his hands over his jeans, as if making sure he hadn't sat in something unpleasant.

"Love you too, bud-" Rhys’ witty, knowing retort was abruptly smothered by the cushion which smashed into his face, and his laughter rang loudly through the apartment, as Vaughn stalked away to the spare room, muttering that he was absolutely never staying over again.

Rhys finally forced himself to get up and go to bed sometime later, his body exhausted in the most pleasant of ways. He hummed tiredly to himself as he settled his couch cushions back into place and made his way to the bathroom, cleaning himself up quickly before heading back to his room. He paused in the doorway, the light reflecting from a small, dark piece of metal on the floor. "Huh," he hummed, walking over and picking up the ball chain which held his lovers tech tag. "Oops... guess you'll just have to come back some time now." He snickered, biting his lip as he tentatively reached for the tag. He paused, recalling the programmer quickly tucking the tag away before he could read them. "Hmm..." He huffed, shaking his head as he lowered his free hand and walked to his bed, dropping the tag on his nightstand and shutting off the lights, before wiggling free of his jeans and falling into bed.

"Oh..." He groaned contently, rolling on his side and drawing his knees to his chest, sighing blissfully at the tiredness of his muscles and the lingering tingle of pleasure along his spine. He sniggered to himself, curling his sheets around himself and unable to keep the smile from his face. His curious gaze drifted back to his nightstand, the tech tag glinting mischievously in the darkness. He's gonna know they're here... and I'm sure he wouldn't mind after... He thought, slowly reaching for the tag and running his thumb across the imprinted letters as he picked them up again. After a moment of consideration, Rhys sighed and rolled his eyes, lowering the chain over his neck and rolling to face the opposite way; the tag nestled securely against his chest as he closed his eyes, and allowed his exhaustion to take over.

The following day was spent in a haze of gleeful and occasionally shy recollections, often daydreaming and biting his lip; much to Vaughn's amusement and disgust combined. The tag remained hidden beneath his shirt, and though he began several text messages to explain that he'd found them; he continually deleted them, determined that he sounded too foolish or stalkerish, or both. By the time Vaughn headed home Sunday evening, Rhys was no further forward to either informing his liver of the missing tag, or inviting him over again. "Urgh, this is so stupid!" He growled, pacing his bedroom in agitation. "He's seen me naked for crying out loud! He's done more than just see too... and I've had his- oh god..." He groaned, flopping dramatically onto his bed and staring at the ceiling in horror. "I'm turning into Vaughn." He whined, before finally laughing at himself. He hesitated, slowly sitting himself up as he glanced down at his bare chest, the tech tag sitting innocently against his skin.

Rhys sucked in a deep breath, glancing away guiltily as he chewed his lip and slowly raised a hand to the tag, closing his fist around them as his heart thudded loudly beneath them. With a guilty chuckle, Rhys slowly opened his hand, finally peeking at the name imprinted on the surface of the metal. "... John Lawrence..." He murmured, a slow grin curling across his face. He hummed thoughtfully, taking a moment to process the information and wondering distantly why the programmer might not have wanted his name known, before pushing the thought aside. "Be seeing you soon." He snickered, reluctantly rising from his bed to spend the remainder of his evening, preparing for the following day.

"Dude, did you sleep at all?" Vaughn asked the following morning, as Rhys yawned loudly and ignored his smug grin. "Don't tell me you spent all night brooding over your mystery man..." He scoffed, shaking his head in mock disgust when Rhys merely grinned and shrugged in response.

"What can I say? That man was definitely worth brooding over." He said, looking around the crowded halls with a groan. "Urgh, I should've called him last night... maybe I might be more mentally prepared to face today then." He sighed, pouting when his friend clapped him on the shoulder.

"Dude, you are the most sex focused person I know..." Vaughn snorted playfully, as Rhys grimaced and followed him down the hall and into a room filled with familiar desks.

"Now that is just not true." Rhys pouted, slinging his bag onto a desk near the back where he and Vaughn sat. "I mean, Dean Winchester for one-"

"Dude, we've been over this. Dean Winchester is not real, assbutt." Vaughn snorted, rolling his eyes as he dumped his bag beside Rhys’ and sat down in his chair. "You can't keep comparing yourself to fictional characters!" He laughed, throwing a pen at Rhys’ head.

"Pfft, you're just jealous you're too short to be my Sammy." Rhys scoffed, rubbing his head where Vaughn's pen had struck. "Besides, I can compare myself to whoever the hell I-"

"Alright, that's quite enough blathering for one morning!" The loud, clear voice of Principle Kincaid cut across Rhys’ retort, and he hurried to seat himself before the older man would notice him. "You're here for your education, not to gossip like old maids about whom you think the hottest celebrity you know is... even if it is me." He bragged with a smug chuckle, as Rhys rolled his eyes and shook his head, scowling at his lap and picking at his tie to avoid looking at the Principle.

"Now, I know you've been woefully neglected in this class, these past few weeks... But no fear, children." Kincaid continued, clapping his hands together and gazing around them all with a condescending grin. "We've finally found ourselves a new History teacher!"

"Oh, joy." Rhys groused petulantly, frowning at his best friend, when Vaughn practically vibrated with excitement beside him. 

"Please give a warm welcome, for Mr. Zane Flynt." Principle Kincaid insisted, leading the class in a spattering of applause. Rhys rolled his eyes and turned to look out the window, sighing heavily and pursing his lips as he tuned out the rest of the Principles' introduction.

"Psst, Rhys... this guy is crazy hot..." Vaughn whispered, nudging him unsubtly with his foot. "Dude, look-"

"Vaughn please, all the teachers in this place are the damn same." Rhys sighed, stretching as he ran a hand through his hair. "They're all disgusting, old, pe-"

"Thanks, I haven't got much of an introduction really. Just don't nark me off, and I'm sure I won't have to mark you down or give you a detention." Rhys fell silent, his heart racing as his gut churned with disbelief. He turned to the front of his class, his eyes widening in disbelief and horror as he saw an all too familiar, handsome man at the front of the class. His hair was swept back neatly, and he wore a shirt and waistcoat, but even his grey jacket was undeniably the same.

"Oh god..." Rhys choked weakly, clutching his chest suddenly as the tag beneath his shirt began to burn against his skin. His breath quickened, his heart hammering as he watched Kincaid banter awkwardly with his new history teacher.

"Bro, are you okay?" Vaughn asked, watching him in concern as Rhys felt the blood drain from his face. "I warned you he was hot..." He said, frowning at the vacant gaze Rhys turned towards him. "Rhys..?"

"Yeah..." Rhys mumbled, shaking his head as he looked back to the front of the class, his heart sinking in dread. "Yeah... super hot." He agreed quietly, desperately wishing the floor would open, and erase him from existence.