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Threat and sharing a bed

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Pei Wende was with Hua Wuxie in the countryside because Hua Wuxie had some duty to perform.

So Pei Wende was with him because he was his bodyguard, and also because he wasn't really happy with this trip because he was feeling something could happen and he needed to protect him.
He was more careful and on edge.

When they arrived where they were supposed to sleep there was only a bed for both of them.

"We can share I don't mind," say Hua Wuxie where he tried to not blush a lot because he was pining for him.

Pei Wende was thinking that maybe it's could be a good idea but also one bad idea, because he was falling hard for him.
And it's would be uncomfortable and maybe embarrassing but when he thinks about this he could also protect him.

"OK it's not a problem or I could sleep near the door if something happens or on the floor," say Pei Wende

"You can totally sleep with me I don't mind at all"

They have finally shared a bed where they have fall asleep together even if the weapon of Pei Wende were under the bed, he had a sleep who was not hard, compared to Hua Wuxie, but he feel him against him because he have turned at one moment of the night and he could feel him against him.

When they both wake up the next morning, it's have changed and it's was Pei Wende who was against Hua Wuxie.

This was a little awkward between them but they were trying to not show it.

At the end of their travel, nothing have happened and they resumed to go to the palace but it's was with tension because of the pining between them.
The romance will bloom soon between them at the same time that some flowers began to bloom.