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Vigilante Heroes

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Kassu’s basketball shoes pounded against the bare concrete. Her heavy breathing echoed throughout the alleyway as she skidded around another corner; beads of sweat already dripping down her face. Her amber-teal eyes were wide with fear.


Why was she running? What was she running from? Who was she running from?


“This way! After her! Don’t let her escape!” A voice from far behind her rang out.


Shit. Heroes.


Kassu skidded to a halt for a split second as she turned right, The exit! Kassu told herself happily. She began picking up speed, bolting across the empty street, nearly tripping over the curb.


Kass stumbled a few feet forwards, but managed to keep her balance. She slowed down, and her furious bolt became a brisk walk. She ambled briskly down the dark alleyway, stopping in front of a small, hidden Ramen shop.


Traditional japanese lanterns hung from the awning, strings of hanging light bulbs hung from the ceiling above the patio and a luminous sign with the words Kass’s Ramen in Japanese lit the front of the tiny shop, the light glistening off of the various potted plants decorating the seating area.


Kassu fumbled around with her teal satchel and pulled out a lanyard. At the end of the lanyard was a red key, along with a green bunny mask keychain (probably from some anime), and various other small trinkets. She unlocked the door, and was just about to shut the door behind her, when she heard a loud crash.


Are you kidding me? Please don’t tell me that was another damn raccoon! Kassu grumbled to herself, as she grabbed a broom and headed out the door.


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

   Bakugou had been running as well, (except in the opposite direction that Kassu was running) sprinting as fast as his legs could take him. 


   He turned to look behind him, trying to make sure that he wasn’t being chased anymore, when-


   Bakugou collided head on into some empty garbage cans, the thundering crash of the metal cans hitting the concrete echoed throughout the alleyway.


  “God.. dammit! ” Bakugou hissed in pain. He glanced around, hoping that none of the villains that were supposed to be following him heard that.


   Bakugou breathed a sigh of relief. He was safe for-


Yebena mat'!


   Bakugou spun around to face the person yelling at him, about to blast them into oblivion when a broom smacked him across his face.


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

“Yebena mat'!” Kassu yellped in fear, as a blonde (spikey???) haired figure emerged from the trash cans.


She let out another yelp as the figure spun around to face her, and Kassu closed her eyes and swung her broom as hard as she could. 


The broom hit the figure on the side of their face, causing them to lose their balance and stumble backwards, falling back into the trash cans causing a large ruckus.


   Bakugou rubbed the area on his face where the broom had struck him. Ow. He glanced back up at his attacker, expecting it to be some villain- a teenage girl??


   “Who are you?!” The girl exclaimed, raising the broom above her head, “Speak or I’ll hit you again!”


   Bakugou raised his hands in surrender, “Okay, okay!” He groaned with annoyance, “My name’s Bakugou! And if you hit me with that stupid broom again and I’ll blast you into next year!


The girl seemed dazed for a moment when he said the word Bakugou. She then shook her head, snapping out of the small trance she’d been in. As she extended her hand out towards him, the girl spoke;


“The name’s Kassu Sakino.” 


   As Bakugou grabbed her hand, shivers were sent down his spine for a moment. Her hand didn’t feel… well- it didn’t feel human.


   Bakugou brushed himself off and set the garbage cans that he had carelessly crashed into back upright. 


“You aren't from around here, are you Blondie?” Kassu smirked.


   Blondie??! Oh HELL NAW. Bakugou spun around to face her, and snarled at her. “Now listen here bitch!” He snapped, “My name ain’t blondie, and-”


“Shhh!” Kassu hissed. “If you keep yelling you’ll get in trouble!”


   “ Get in trouble? ” Bakugou snapped, “I don’t give a shit about getting in trouble! I’m already in over my head in some deep shit!”


Kassu cocked her head to the side, “Just how deep are we talking’?”


“Heroes and Villains out for your head-deep!” Bakugou shot back. 


   Kassu looked at him with a blank face. “Ohhhh… Well do you want any help getting out of this- ‘Heroes and Villains out for your head-deep shit’?” She asked.


  Bakugou turned away from her and folded his arms. “Why the hell would you want to help me?” He grumbled solemnly. “Besides, I’m a villain now. You wouldn’t want to help me anyways.”


   There was a moment of silence between the two of them, but it was ultimately broken by Kassu, who was rolling over on the ground with laughter.


   “Hey! What’re you laughin’ at? I’m being serious!” Bakugou yelled angrily. He could feel steam pouring from his ears in frustration. Why was this girl laughing at him?


   Kassu got back up, and her laughing seemed to die down, but she looked like she was on the verge of having another laughing fit.


   “Wait wait wait- you think that I wouldn't want to help you just because you’re a ‘villain’?” She chuckled, trying her best not to laugh.


“Yeah?” Bakugou replied.


And just like that, Kassu was again crowing with laughter. “You should hear yourself! Ha ha! You have know idea what I do for a living!”


Bakugou had just about had enough, and grabbed Kassu by her tank top. “I don’t give a FUCK about what you do for a living!” He snapped. “So quit with the jokes! I need a place to hide! There’s people after me and shit and-”


Kassu had somehow managed to wriggle her way out of his grasp and backed up, nearly tripping on her other foot. She managed to regain her balance, and looked up at him with wide eyes.


“There’s people.. After you?” Kassu suddenly sounded worried. She bit her lip as she looked off to the side.


Bakugou nodded and turned away. “Whatever. I’ll just go hide in a trashcan then, cause i’m complete garbage.” 


Kassu groaned in annoyance. “Fiiine… I have a place that you could hide out in for a while.”


Bakugou looked at her with wide eyes. “Kassu.”


“You know now that I think about it, my dad does own an entire apartment building above my ramen shop and-” Kassu rambled as she turned around, just as a villain lunged at her-.


“BEHIND YOU!” Bakugou shouted as he shoved her out of the way from a villain. The blast from his punch sent the villain flying back down the alleyway, hitting the wall. The villain proceed to get up and speed off down the opposite direction, away from them, whimpering in pain.


Bakugou turned, still heavily panting, and look down at- wait, where’d she go? He spun around, looking around for where Kassu disappeared off to, when he felt the hair on his leg stand up, as if something fluffy brushed against his leg and-!


Bakugou grabbed at the air in front of him, and snatched the back of Kassu’s tank top, causing her to (re-appear?), and become fairly startled.


“ACK-!” Kassu coughed as Bakugou tugged on the back of her tank-top, partially choking her. Bakugou let go of her tank, and she stumbled forwards, catching herself before she could face plant into the concrete.


“What the hell was that? Why were you trying to sneak away? Huh? Answer me!” Bakugou snapped furiously. “And who the hell’s chasing after you?!”


“P-probably the same people as you.” Kassu gasped. “You didn’t have to blow em’ away like that you know- I could have handled it all by myself!”


“Yeah right- you were mumbling about stupid shit just like Deku-” Bakugou began, but then covered his mouth.


“Who?” Kassu asked, cocking her head to the side.


“N-no one!” Bakugou snapped again. “You also said that you had a place where I could hide?”


Kassu stood there for a second before it dawned on her. “Oh yeah! My step dad owns the building above my restaurant, so there’s plenty of space for you to stay!” She smiled, “Just follow me!”


Bakugou shoved his hands deep into his pockets, and began to follow Kassu back to her ‘restaurant’. He knew he shouldn’t be trusting strangers like this, but something in the back of his head sparked up, telling him Kassu was somewhat important.


Important. Psh- what a stupid concept. But back there, when he blew that villian into the wall, scaring them off- 


The bell on the inside of Kassu’s restaurant above the door jingled, snapping him back into existence.


“Welcome to Kass’s Ramen!” Kassu said with some joy. She closed the door behind her, and locked it.


“You own a ramen shop?” Bakugou asked.


“Yep!” Kassu replied, taking of her teal jacket, revealing her in-human arms.


Bakugou didn’t ask, or say anything, he just simply asked where he was going to sleep.


“Ah! That’s upstairs,” Kassu replied once more. She motioned for him to follow her up a small set of old wooden stairs, hidden behind a plaster white wall. At the top, there was another door, which was a forest green color, and decorated with light green swirls that seemed to be fading.


Inside was another room with a couch, a bunch of bean bags, a Tv; with godly amounts of video games and gaming consoles, and was lit by some lamps hanging from the ceiling.


There were also two boys sitting in the room, playing video games. One of the two boys, who had ginger orange spiked hair, glanced over at Kassu, while the other boy, who was quite focused on the Tv, continued to button mash his controller.


“Hey, Kass you’re back!” The ginger haired boy cheered. “And you brought a… friend?”


“Uh… I guess?” Kassu shrugged. “Ethan, Sorra, this is uh-” she continued, “What was your name again?”


“It’s Bakugou.” Bakugou grumbled.


“Wow- you meet a new friend and you can’t even remember his name?” Ethan sneered. “Man you really are losing your brain cells!”


Bakugou noticed Kassu clench her jaw. Her eyes seemed to water a bit, and her cheeks grew red. He wanted to say something, but Sorra beat him to it.


“Leave her alone Ethan.” Sorra shot back. “It’s not like you have any brains anyway.”


At that comment, Kassu seemed to relax, but her jaw was still clenched. While Ethan and Sorra wrestled with each other, Kassu motioned him to follow her again. “Follow me, blondie.” She sighed, walking down the hallway at the end of the living room.


At the end of the hallway was another door, that led to another flight of stairs and to a third floor, that had many doors, and it looked like the hallway of a hotel or something.


Kassu opened the nearest door, and flicked on the light switch. “You can stay here for the night.” She mumbled. “And if you need to stay longer, just leave a note on the counter downstairs.”


Bakugou stepped into the room and glanced around. It was like a small hotel room; a small king sized bed with faded sheets, an old wooden desk with a lamp, along with some papers and pencils, an alarm clock, and an old dark oak chair with a faded blue cushion.


Bakugou stood in the middle of the room, taking in the strange environment. 


“Thanks.” He replied quickly.


Kassu nodded her head, and shut the door behind her.


Bakugou takes some time to reflect on what had just happened. He was kidnapped by some villains, escaped from them, chased by the same villains, ran into some trash cans, smacked with a broom, and met this girl.




The thing that lingered on his mind was the fact that she had prosthetic arms. She looked young, about 16, how could she have gotten them in the first place? Some terrible accident or something? Was she born without arms?


Did she even really have a quirk?


Wait. She did have a quirk. The only reason he thought of that was when Deku entered into the UA, and was thought to not have a quirk.


Oh right. The UA.


Everyone at the UA right now thinks that he’s probably a villain now. Great.


“Just fucking great!” Bakugou grumbled in frustration.


“Well, might as well get some sleep while I’m at it. I can make a plan in the morning.” He muttered, as he flipped the lamp on the nightstand off, fell backwards onto the bed, and closed his eyes.

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Light filtered through the blinds and warmed Bakugou’s face. His eyes fluttered open and he stretched his arms above his head, yawning as he sat up in the bed. He spun himself so his legs were now over the edge of the bed, and he stood to his feet, stretching once more before he remembered where he was.


Kassu’s house.


Shit! Bakugou yelled in his mind. He began to panic, as he didn’t know what to do next. Could he escape out the window? The roof?


Wait. What was he thinking?


Kassu had been so kind to him. She let him into her house, and gave him a place to sleep.


Bakugou sighed, and took a deep breath, trying to calm his somewhat ‘explosive’ (no pun intended) nerves. I should at least thank her. She did help me hide from those villains.


Bakugou took a deep breath, and mustered up enough courage to walk into the hallway, down the stairs, past the living room, and to the door leading downstairs.


As he opened the door, the delicious smell of grilled fish and steamed rice filled his nostrils, and the sound of quiet jazzy music filled his ears.


He slowly crept down the stairs, trying to draw the least amount of attention towards him.


The last step groaned and creaked under his foot, causing Kassu to pop up from behind the Ramen shop’s kitchen counter.


“Oh! You’re up!” She chidded happily. “Good morning!”


“Uh, thanks..” Bakugou replied slowly, unsure of what to say.


As he walked into the restaurant area, he noticed Ethan and Sora sitting at one of the tables, blabbering off about something. Kassu however, was in the kitchen area--- cooking?


He decided not to be a rude asshole, and sat down at one of the tables in the back corner of the restaurant. Bakugou, of all people, was nervous. Nervous?! Why the hell was he so fucking nervous!? 


His angry thoughts and mental screaming were interrupted by Kassu setting down a plate of grilled fish and rice, along with a Ramune.


“Thought you could use a hearty breakfast- plus, it’s rude not to serve a guest.” Kassu hummed, placing down some silverware along with napkins and a set of chopsticks.


“Oh. Well, thanks…?” Bakugou replied nervously. “It looks delicious.”


Kassu smiled and headed back into the kitchen.


Bakugou was kind of scared. What if the food was… Poisoned?!  


He shook his head. Don’t be ridiculous. Kassu fucking made this herself, dipshit. Be a good person, unlike the asshole you are, and try it! Bakugou told himself.


He began to eat the grilled fish, and---


Bakugou had never eaten something so fast. The dish, was delicious! Fantastic!


In the middle of his chowing down, the bell over the front door rang. A tall girl; with long, poofy, black hair, wearing a UA gym uniform walked through the door. She had a few scars along her face, and there were thorny vine patterns spiraling up her arms.


She sat down at the bar area, and waved at Kassu, trying to get her attention.


“Hey, Kass!” The girl hollered, pounding her fist on the table.


Kassu jumped up, startled, “Whats up Erin?” She yapped, giving the other girl a first-bump.


“Ha ha! Not much- but aye- did you watch the sports festival last week?” Erin laughed, playfully elbowing Kass. “That blondie and half-n’-half were really goin’ at it!”


“Hell yeah they were!” Kassu crowed, “Did you see Todoroki’s ice though? Sero didn’t even stand a chance!”


Bakugou felt somewhat.. angry...


“Half n’ half didn’t even win first place!” He grunted in response to Erin.


Erin swiveled around in her seat and glanced over at Bakugou with a surprised face. The surprised look on her face however soon evolved into a smirk.


“Well, well, well, well, well! If it isn’t the explosive blondie himself- Bakugou Katsuki!! ” Erin snickered.


Bakugou narrowed his eyes at Erin, and growled. “I remember you. You’re that girl who transferred to the UA on your second year of high school!”


Erin laughed and gave him a toothy grin. “Haha! Not bad blondie. I see you did your homework.”


Bakugou growled again, “Why you little-” 


Erin and Bakugou were about to host another rematch of the Sports festival in the Raman shop, when Kassu darted from the kitchen and in between the two of them.


“Ladies, ladies! You’re both beautiful!” Kassu chirped, “But please! Save the fight for the next Sports Festival! I don’t want either of you tearing up my shop!”


“Ugh… You’re no fun Kass.” Erin groaned in annoyance, but it was short lived, because Ethan and Sorra began to pipe up.


“Wait you’re Bakugou Katsuki??” Ethan chirped. “The Bakugou Katsuki? The one from Hero Class 1-A?”


Bakugou spun around, surprised. “Yeah? You go to the UA?” He asked.


“Hell yeah I do! Me and Sorra are in Class 1-H!” Ethan replied happily, throwing his fist into the air.


“I’m in class 1-G.” Erin smirked with pride.


“Well, it’s certainly nice to see some people going to the UA.” Bakugou chuckled lightly.


“Pfft. Yeah, but when next Sports festival comes round’-” Erin sneered, “We’re gonna come at you with everything we’ve got.”


“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Bakugou shot back.


Erin rolled her eyes, and folded her arms. Sora and Ethan went back to finishing their homework, and Erin was back in the kitchen.


“So-” Bakugou spun around to face Kassu.


“So what?” He asked, confused.


“Aren't you gonna leave or something?” Kass asked with a smile.


Bakugou looked around at everyone else who was doing other things. “Actually, I was wondering if I could stay for a bit longer.” He replied, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. “I wanna’ get to know y'all a bit better. You seem like good people.”


Kassu looked at him blankly, then a bright smile spread across her face. “That’s the answer I was looking for!” She cheered, “Welcome to the family!”


"Wow! Bakugou's actually being nice to us for a change! What a surprise!" Erin hollared from the kitchen.


"Can it weed arms!" Bakugou shot back.


Kassu snickered, and began made her way upstairs. She opened the door to her room and plopped herself onto her bed, and opened her teal satchel. From it she pulled a large, worn down, leather book, that had sticky notes and tabs galore poking out of its' pages. Kassu flipped the book open to page 73, and began writing.


UA Student #73:


Bakugou Katsuki.


Chapter Text

The sound of the door downstairs being slammed open was what shot Kassu awake. She had been having a terrible nightmare, and hearing the door slam open was enough to shake her to her core.


Kassu put a hand to her chest, trying to calm herself, and sooth her shaky breath. She took a couple deep breaths, and wiped the tears from her sore eyes, and threw on her black sleeved and hooded cape, and made her way downstairs. 


When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she brought both of her hands to her mouth, and her eyes widened with shock.


There of course was a semi-furious “What the-?” from behind her, who she assumed was Bakugou, who had also been woken from the door being slammed open.


“Valerian? What’s going on?” Kassu asked with a worried tone.


The neko girl with chestnut brown hair, and yellow eyes turned to her, with a serious and worried look on her face. Her ears pinned back and she strained for a moment as she turned to look at Kassu and Bakugou.


In her arms was the unconscious body of a school girl with platinum blonde hair tied up in messy buns. Her face was scratched up, nose and lip both bleeding, and Kassu could see two small fangs poking out from her mouth.


What really made Kassu flinch was the girl’s right leg.


It had been mauled from the knee down, and bloody bandages were the only thing keeping it from gushing out onto the floor.


Valerian finally spoke with a shaky voice. “Where… is… Hira..?” She strained, trying to hold up the unconscious girls’ body. “It’s… an… emer..gancy…”


Kassu flew up the stairs past Bakugou without hesitation, and two seconds later, an older woman with black hair and a white lizard tail with red feathers running down it, hurried down the stairs, closely followed by Kassu.


Bakugou followed them slowly down the stairs slowly, shocked by the fact that she was here. 


Himiko Toga


The black haired woman, (Hira wasn’t it?) carried the unconscious girl into the far, back end of the kitchen. She flipped some latch up, revealing a numbered key-pad. She typed in some code, and the small section of the floor that all of them were standing on began to move downwards below the ground.


Bakugou was becoming very suspicious and curious. Not to mention furious.


The girl that Hira was carrying in her arms was a Villain. A villain who had killed hundreds of people!!


The elevator platform they were standing on creaked and moaned as they descended father down below the kitchen. Bakugou was curious as to where they were going, but decided not to speak up, for the tension between him and the others was too high.


Finally the elevator platform settled at the bottom of the shaft, and two doors moved to each side as they exited the elevator. The doors lead out into what looked like some underground laboratory, filled with advanced medical tech that even Bakugou couldn’t understand. The walls were a dim pastel blue-white color, and it was fairly quiet- more erie than what this underground facility intended.


There were a few other people in lab coats, some carrying clipboards, while others pushed around carts filled with different medical supplies. They mostly averted their gaze from the group as they made their way down the hall.


They finally reached a medical room, and Toga was placed onto the bed. Hira grabbed a person in a lab coat who happened to be passing by the room, and pulled them inside, shutting the door in front of Kassu, Bakugou, and Valerian.


The three of them sat outside the room quietly. Tension soon began to fill the room when Kassu started to bounce her leg in anticipation.


“What is this place, Kassu?” Was the first of a thousand questions that began to spill out of Bakugous’ mouth.


“Umm… about that…” She began nervously, scratching the back of her neck sheepishly. “There are.. Some things.. I can’t really explain…”


Bakugou turned and faced her now. “Why is this under your home? I’ve only been here for almost a week now!”


Kassu buried her face in her hands. “I can’t explain this Bakugou!” She snarled, “I may know about this place, but I don’t think you’re ready to handle the truth yet!”


This really pushed Bakugou’s buttons. “Not ready to handle the TRUTH?!” He growled angrily, “I’ve been kidnapped by villains, learned that my childhood friend was given a special quirk by some pro hero and-”


He quickly clasped his hand over his mouth. Shit. Should not have said that.


“Who are your talking about? You’ve mentioned this ‘childhood friend’ of yours for over a week now, and we still have no idea who the hell you’re talking about!” Kassu shot back.


“Says the one who hid the fact that there’s an underground laboratory under your house!” Bakugou yelled angrily, “AND the fact that the person your ‘step-mom’ was carrying was a villain!”


Kassu was just about to say something, but she fell silent after Bakugou had called Hira her ‘step-mom’. Truth be told, Kassu had never met her parents, nor knew anything about them, that is, after the whole ‘incident’. She turned away from him as tears began to prick her eyes.


“If you don’t mind me intervening..” Valerian spoke up, “May I ask who you are exactly?”


“Ah! Valerian I forgot to introduce you to my uh… acquaintance…” Kassu muttered with a slight growl. “This is Bakugou Katsuki, he’s a student from Class-1A from the UA.”


Valerian’s eyes shone as she smiled, and her cat ears perked up with excitement. “You’re from the UA? From the hero class?”


“Uh.. yeah? What, are you from one of the other classes? Which one?” Bakugou asked with little hesitation.


“I'm from class 1-E, and I’m a second year.” Valerian chirped happily, swishing her tail happily. 


Bakugou noticed her hands, as she was wearing smudge-proof gloves on both hands covering her ring and pinkie fingers on each hand. “What’s with the gloves?” Bakugou asked, “You some kinda’ artist or somethin’?”


“Oh, well.. Despite my neko trait, my actual quirk is Sleep touch.” Valerian began to explain. “Whenever I touch someone with my full hand and make contact with their skin, I can make that person fall into a coma-like state for a certain amount of time.”


Bakugou gulped. Her quirk was similar to that of Tomuras’ and Overhauls’ quirks, minus the disintegration effect. 


“..But there’s a side effect to it.” Valerian continued, and Bakugou breathed a sigh of relief. 

“When I put someone into a coma-like state, I lose 3 hours of sleep.” She held up three fingers. “So depending on how many times I use it, the less sleep I get each night.”


“Will the person you used it on ever wake up? Or will they stay asleep forever?” Bakugou inquired, wanting to know how exactly her quirk worked.


“Yes, but only after twelve hours.” Valerian pointed out. “That’s so they get a good nights’ rest. Courtesy of yours truly!” She smiled and made jazz hands.


Bakugou raised an eyebrow at Valerian’s dumb joke, and snickered a bit. The tension seemed to lessen a bit, but it was still there, especially after Hira and the person in the lab coat came out of the room.


“Are they going to be okay?” Was the first question that popped out of Valerian’s mouth.


Hira bit her nails. “Yes.. but… she is going to need to have a uh…” She looked at Kassu nervously. “She is going to need a prosthetic leg, like how Kassu here has her prosthetic arms.”


Bakugou looked at Kassu with a little shock and awe. Kass covered her mouth and turned away from him, hiding her embarrassed, blushing face.


“However, I did some background checking, and found some information regarding her quirk.” Hira continued.


Bakugou, Kassu, and Valerians’ heads perked up at those words. “What do you mean regarding her quirk? Did something happen?” 


Hira nodded her head solemnly. “Unfortunately yes. Her original quirk was replaced by some sort of… oh how do I put this…” She scratched the back of her neck. “It was replaced by a Gemstone quirk.”


“Leo? Could you explain to them what her quirk does, and how it affects her?” Hira asked the person in a lab coat.


“Of course!” The blue, Chinese dragon girl smiled. “Her quirk was originally, being able to use another person’s blood to shapeshift into said person. What has currently replaced this quirk is a rosy pink gemstone, that gifts her some magical abilities.”


Bakugou frowned. “What kind of properties?”


The dragon girl smiled at him warmly. “Well, she is able to create a shield that can vary from types and sizes. She can also create bubbles around objects, and… her tears along with her saliva have healing properties.”


“So she can protect people, and heal them?” Kassu asked, curious on what Leo was saying.


“Yes. However… there is a massive side effect.” Leo began, as she flipped her tablet around showing a diagram of what looked to be the girl’s silhouette. “If the gem every gets removed, she will start to deteriorate, and die.”


“But that is only a theory.” Hira spoke up, “We actually don’t know what will happen to her if the gem gets removed, and we do not want to risk the chance of her dying if we were to remove it.”


“So you’re gonna let the villain live?”


Everyone turned to Bakugou, who had his arms folded across his chest.


“Excuse me?” Leo asked.


“That girl you just saved is a villain, from the League of Villains. She’s tried to kill me and a few people from Class-1A from the UA.” Bakugou responded in a sharp tone.


“Actually,” Leo began, pushing her glasses farther up onto her snout. “Her original personality changed when she received her replacement quirk. We think that it has something to do with the gemstone.”


“Can we go in and see her?” Valerian asked, “I wanna make sure Himiko is okay..” She bit her lip as she said that. Valerian was generally worried for her, especially after what she saw happen before she brought her to Kassus’ home..


“Unfortunately she is in a coma, due to your quirk,” Hira explained, “Which helped us a lot,  thank you.” Valerians’ face lit up for a moment.


“But.. she is going to stay here for about twelve hours, as she is on an IV and breathing mask and we are currently tracking her heart rate. But don’t be frightened by any of that stuff I just mentioned. She is merely recovering from her injuries.” Hira continued. “And we are currently designing a prosthetic leg for her.”


Kassu stood up and hugged Hira. Hira smiled and returned the hug, and as they departed, she spoke. “Kass, why don’t you take everyone back up into the kitchen and make some late night snacks? We’ll bring Ms. Himiko up when she wakes up.”


Kass nodded and motioned for Valerian and Bakugou to follow. Valerian went ahead, and Bakugou began to follow, when Hira put a hand on his shoulder. 


“Bakugou.. Was it?” She asked.


Bakugou nodded his head. “Yeah, you need anything?” He grunted, a bit annoyed that he was being held back from the rest of the group.


Hira took a deep breath, and looked at him with her tired silver eyes. “When this girl comes out of her coma..” She began, “I want you to be kind to her. You may have your differences, and that you two have probably tried to kill each other, but this is going to be her awakening.” 


Hira gave him a very serious look. “I want you to be there for her, and I want you to promise me that you will make sure she becomes a hero like you one day.”


Something in Bakugou snapped. It was a promise . He had to follow through with it, and if he didn’t? He would never be allowed to at Kassus’ home, nor ever be seen on the streets again.


Bakugou nodded firmly. Hira smiled warmly, and shook Bakugous’ hand.


She watched him run off back over to where Kassu and Valerian were waiting for him at the elevator. Just before he entered the elevator, her turned at waved back at Hira, ensuring her that he would keep his promise.


He was going to help her become a hero.

Chapter Text

Aizawa groaned and buried his face into his hands. He had been trying to plan a search party for Bakugou, who had disappeared about a week ago. “Hitoshi.. Midoriya.. Ochako.. Tenya.. Shoto.. Eijirou...” He whispered to himself as he wrote their names down sluggishly on a piece of paper.


He sighed and put the paper and pencil aside, and let his head hit the table, causing his half empty coffee mug to jingle. Aizawa only lifted his head when the front door opened, and his beautiful, loud, blonde haired husband Yamada Hizashi and their adopted daughter Eri came in. Yamada was carrying four bags of groceries, while Eri carried her orange tabby cat plush.


“Gooooooood Morning honey!” Yamada sang, plopping the grocery bags down onto the counter in the kitchen. 


“Good morning daddy!” Eri rang out cheerfully, climbing into the chair next to Aizawa. She plopped her head down on the table and scrunched her cheek against it, trying to mimic Aizawa’s position.


A warm smile spread across Aizawa’s face when Eri tried mimicking his groggy frown. “Good morning to you too, sweet pea.” He chuckled warmly, getting up from his seat to give her a peck on her forehead.


“Good morning parental figures of the male specimen, and to the sibling of the female specimen.” Croaked a sleep deprived, purple haired teen as he entered the living room.


“Toshi!!!” Eri cheered happily, getting out of her chair and running over to Shinsou, who picked her up. He playfully (and a bit tiredly) spun around with her in his arms while she bubbled over with laughter.


“And good morning to you too, Kitten~” Shinsou replied softly, kissing her on the forehead. 


“Wow, you’re actually up, and at an appropriate time.” Aizawa laughed teasingly.


Shinsou smirked as he set her down into one of the chairs surrounding the dining room table. “Wow, and you’ve been up for an ungodly amount of hours I see.” He teased, causing Aizawa to smirk with a little laughter behind his smile.


“What’s with the list though? You grouping us all together for some training exercise or something’?” Shinsou asked, sitting down at the table as Hizashi set down a plate of waffles in front of him and Eri.


Aizawa sat up and stretched his arms over his head and yawned. “Unfortunately, no. I’m grouping a select few people into pairs for a, well… sort of rescue mission.” He said, followed by another yawn.


Shinsou looked up from his plate of waffles, his cheeks stuffed full of food like a chipmunk. “Rescue mission?” He asked through his mouth full of waffles, swallowing the last of it down before speaking again, ”What for?”


“As you know, Bakugou Katsuki has been missing for almost a week now.. So I am grouping you with five other students.”


“Uh Uh. Who?” Shinsou asked once more, finishing up his waffles and handing the empty plate to Hizashi, who was already grabbing Aizawas’.


“Well, you’re going to be paired with Midoriya. As for the others, it’ll be Ochako and Enjirou, and Tenya with Shoto.” Aizawa continued. He slid the paper with multiple names strewn across it; each pair of names followed by the name of a specific location.


“You’ll all be placed into areas of where Bakugou was last seen. There you will spread out in your assigned pairs, and try to find any sign of him, or Bakugou himself.” He finished, while Shinsou nodded his head, and spoke.


“When do we head out?”


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*


The kitchen was quiet. Silence filled the empty seating area. The stairs were silent as ghosts walked up its old worn steps. The door to the upstairs living room was filled with a heavy silence. 


A silence between Kassu, Valerian, and Bakugou.


All Kassu could do was look at the floor. Had she lied to Bakugou? She didn’t really know. It had just been Valerian's’ fault right? No no no… It was Kassus’ fault.


But was it?


Who knew.


But the oh so heavy blanket of silence was broken by none other than Bakugou himself. 


“Explain.” He grumbled.


Kassu and Valerian perked their heads up. “Explain what?” Kassu responded with a bit of fire in her tone.


“Why does your ‘mom’ have a hidden lab underneath your house? Why doesn’t she just run her own hospital or something’?” He argued, not trying to be rude, but that was hard for even him.


Kass folded her arms across her chest and turned her head away from him, grumbling something under her breath.




“Mmm..” More grumbling as her bottom lip trembled slightly.




“Mmm..!” She turned her head to the other side, her lower lip trembling even more, as she tried not to spill the beans she was trying so desperately trying to hide from Bakugou.




She lost it. “Okay, okay! You got me! My mom has a secret hospital under our house! Go on then! Spill the beans to everyone else! Go run a muck and spread the news!” Kassu blurted, throwing her hands up into the air angrily as she fell backwards onto the floor like an angry toddler.


“It’s not my fault she has it though! My step-dad designed it for our warriors and-” Kassu blurted, clasping her hands over her mouth halfway through her sentence. “Shit. Sorry! Uh-”


Bakugou was dumbfounded. “ Warriors? ” He sputtered, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”


This time Valerian spoke up. “I might as well explain it, since Kassu clearly can’t stop acting like a toddler.” At the comment she received a playful punch to her shoulder.


“The ‘warriors’ are a group of vigilantes.” She hummed, “Kassu, myself, Erin, Ethan, and Sora are all part of a vigilante group.”


Bakugou cocked his head to the side and rested it on his hand. “Vigilantes? So you’re telling me that you’re students that go to the UA, but work against the law? Like with villains and such?”


Valerian shook her head. “No way! We respect the law, but we don’t work with villains.” She continued. “However..”


“However what?” Bakugou inquired.


“...only in certain circumstances will we recruit villains. Basically what happened with Himiko.” Valerian continued on, “She was injured, was brought to us, and is currently in rehabilitation.”


“So the rehabilitation is supposed to help her in some way?” Bakugou asked. He wanted to know more. How would she change? Would the rehabilitation even work?


He continued to ask more questions, and hours went by, and soon enough, they were playing Mario-Kart .


It was at 6:00 in the morning when they were interrupted by the sound of metal clinking up the stairs, slowly, along with some muffled words of support and comfort. The door opened slowly, revealing Ratchet and Leo, helping a young blonde girl into the room.


The girl was using crutches to balance herself, and her right leg was a nub, what was wrapped in bandages. The girl looked up at Kassu, Valerian, and Bakugou. 


“Uh uh… H-hi..!” She managed to speak, nervously, if not shyly. “M-my name’s H-himiko T-toga…” She seemed to rambled as she hid her face in embarrassment.


The thing that shocked everyone in the room was when Bakugou got up, and walked over to Toga, and extended his hand out towards her. Toga, still very confused, smiled warmly as she shook his hand as he continued to speak.


“Uh.. Nice to meet you. My name’s Bakugou Katsuki.”

Chapter Text

“So, you excited for this new mission?” Shinsou asked, slurping down the last of his ramen. He and Deku, along with Uraraka, Kirishima, Iida, and Todoroki had all gone out for a bowl of ramen at a local Ramen shop near the UA. Iida said that it wouldn’t be good if they went on with the mission on an empty stomach.


“Mhm!” Deku replied, swallowing his noodles, “I hope that we don’t run into any villains like last time, right Kiri?”


“Yeah.” Replied Kirishima, who had already finished his bowl and started on his second. “But if we do run into villains again, we’ll be prepared!” 


“Depending on where we are searching, there is a possibility we will in fact run into some villains.” Iida noted, waving his arms in various hand motions. “Besides, the area we were instructed to search is in the back alleyways of some apartment buildings in the older part of Hosu.”


He paused for a moment. “Where we fought Stain..”


Deku and Todoroki both nodded. They certainly didn't and wouldn’t forget the fight they had with Stain after Iida’s older brother had been brutally attacked by him. But they didn’t have to worry about him. Stain was in jail, and wouldn’t be getting out anytime soon.


Besides, all of Stain’s victims had been accounted for right? There weren't going to be any people who wanted revenge on him other than Iida.


“But we don't need to worry about him anymore right?” Deku asked, “Besides, we’ll probably only run into small villains, or none at all.”


“Deku’s right. If we run into trouble, we’ll find a way out!” Uraraka replied. 


“We need to focus on the mission at hand.” Todoroki reminded them. “We first find need to find out were Bakugou is, and where he is being held.”


They all nodded, and decided that it was time to head out.


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*


“Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me that I was a villain?” Toga asked, dumbfounded.


Kassu, Ethan, Sorra, Bakugou, and Valerian were downstairs eating in one of the booths near the back of the shop. Bakugou nodded his head.


“Yeah, you were. Do you even remember trying to kill me or anything?” He asked, receiving a sharp elbowing to his ribs from Kassu.


“What the hell Kass? That fucking hurt!” Bakugou growled, sparks popping and crackling from his palms in anger and annoyance.


“You should start of by asking easier and calmer questions for her to ask. Then as you bond with her, start asking the serious ones!” Kass replied, her reflexes catching Bakugou’s wrist before he could even send a small blast towards her face.


“Anyways, what did happen when you found Toga, Valerian?” Kass asked, looking towards Valerian as she twisted Bakugou’s arm, trying to get him to shut up.


Valerian glanced up in surprise. She hadn’t been paying attention and had spaced out while stirring her noodles. “Oh! Uh.. well… I think I’ll explain it later after we’re all done eating.. It’s pretty graphic.”


Even after they were done eating and were in the upstairs living room, Valerian still wouldn’t explain what had happened that night. “Pleeeease?” Kassu begged, “Come on! We’ll be able to handle it! Just tell us! We promise not to tell anyone!”


“Kassu, you’re the biggest blabbermouth that I know, so that gives me the best reason why I won’t tell you.” Valerian replied unenthusiastically.




“No buts!” Valerian retorted.


Kassu grumbled and folded her arms in frustration. She laid back of the couch and made a frowny face, which received a couple of snickers from Ethan, after which he received a pillow thrown at his face.


“Ugh! Fine! I’m going downstairs to get ready to serve any customers that may come by.” Kassu began. “Cafe mode activated!” She pumped her fist lazily in the air as she disappeared downstairs.


After Kassu was out of earshot, Valerian sighed. Toga glanced over at her with some worry. “Are you okay Valerian?”


Valerian shook her head. “No. I want to tell you guys what happened that night when I rescued you… but… I just can’t bring myself to say it.”


Toga smiled warmly. “Don’t worry! I’m sure whatever it was wasn’t important anyway!”


Valerian smiled, but in reality, what had really happened that night haunts her day and night.


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

Kassu twiddled her thumbs as she drank her late night espresso, scrolling through Instagram on her phone, when the bell over the Cafe’s door rang. She glanced up ready to great whoever just walked in and was met with surprise.


“Welcome to Kass’s Cafe-OHMYGOD-” She blurted, nearly spitting out her espresso.


It was a small girl, followed by a familiar masked face.


“Paramore!!!!!” Kassu squealed happily. She rushed around the counter and nearly lept at Paramore, giving the girl a big bear hug. “Where have you been? And who is-”


“ERI.” Paramore translated. “HER NAME IS ERI.”


“Ah!” Kassu squatted down to get a look at the small child clinging to Paramore’s leg. “Hey there Eri! My name’s Kassu, but you can call me Kass!” She smiled a very toothy and warm grin as she extended her hand out towards her.


Eri pulled herself closer to Paramore’s leg, and trembled a little bit. “IT IS OKAY.” Paramore translated again. “THEY IS FRIEND OF MINE.”


Eri seemed more relaxed after Paramore had told her that she was her friend. She even used Kass’s correct pronouns.


“N-nice to meet you…” Eri managed to squeak. She shook Kassu’s hand and smiled back.




Kassu stood back up and threw a thumb behind her, directed towards the stairs leading to the upstairs living room.


“Everyone’s upstairs. We’ve also got a new member of our gang! His name’s Bakugou and he pretty cool, you should go introduce yourself.” Kass chuckled


Paramore nodded and led Eri upstairs, “OTHER FRIENDS YOU WILL LIKE.” She told Eri calmly as they disappeared up the stairs.


Kassu smiled and went back behind the counter, and turned on the television in the corner of the cafe. She flipped the channel to the news, but didn’t bother watching it. She had only turned it on so she wasn’t drowned in silence.


The clock on the news channel read 3:45 PM, and bell above the door rang. 


“Welcome to Kass’s Cafe! What can I get for- you… two…?” Kass trailed off as she stared nervously at the two patrons who had just walked into her Cafe.


Standing in front of her were two of what Kassu would have presumed to be pro heroes. There was a short brown haired girl, and spiky red haired boy with sharp teeth (not to mention that he was shirtless).


“Have you seen this person?” The brown haired girl asked, sliding Kass a picture across the bar, a picture of what appeared to be- Bakugou.






Oh no.

Chapter Text

The girl behind the counter looked at the photo, glancing up at the pair every so often, trying not to have a mental shut-down or some stupid shit that comes along with anxiety and ADHD.


“Well?” The brown haired girl asked again, this time a bit more ‘aggressively’.


The girl glanced back up at Uraraka and Kirishima. “How do I know you’re not here to kill him?” She asked quietly, her sharp pink eyes piercing through their souls, sending a shiver down both Uraraka and Kirishima’s spines.


“We’re friends of his. He goes to the UA with us and-” Uraraka began, but was interpreted by the girl gasping. Uraraka was surprised at first but noticed the wide grin on the girls face.


“I remember you guys!” The girl blabbered. She pointed at Kirishima, “You’re the hard rock dude who went up against Tetsutetsu! Seems like I have a new challenger to face when it comes to arm wrestling!”


She turned and pointed at Uraraka, “And you! You’re were the meteor shower girl! You were so confidant going all out against Mr. Explosive Blondie- You guys were so cool!” The girl squealed excitedly.


Uraraka and Kirishima were dumbfounded. How the hell did this girl remember their battles during the Sports Festival? Besides! Kirishima’s arm wrestle with Tetsutetsu was a small battle and was forgotten about even after Kirishima went up against his boyfriend, Bakugou.


“And you are..?” Kirishima asked, confused.


The girl stood up and saluted to them with two fingers. “The name’s Kassu Sakino, but you can call me Kass!” She replied with an energetic attitude.


Uraraka was still a little confused, but Kirishima seemed confident about it. “Wait, so do you know where Bakugou is? I- we’ve been looking for him everywhere!”


Kassu nodded. “Yep! He’s upstairs with everyone else.” She chided, “Come on, I'll show ya’!”


She motioned for them to follow her upstairs, and Kirishima started to follow her when Uraraka pulled him aside for a moment.


“Are you crazy? How do we even know if we can trust her? What if she was lying about him being upstairs?” Uraraka intoned.


“Uraraka, we have to trust her. I mean, what if he is here? What if he’s also got something important to show us, like-” Kirishima began, when he heard a familiar angry yell.




“LANGUAGE!” Kassu shouted back. “What are you two waiting for? Come on!”


Uraraka and Kirishima looked at each other, mouthing ‘no way’ to each other and then quickly followed Kass up the stairs.


Low and behold, when the two got upstairs, in the middle of the room was a slightly agitated Bakugou, pointing at the small child Eri who was sitting in front of the Tv watching cartoons.


“Bakugou!!!!” Kirishima yelled with joy, nearly tackling the blond to the floor.


“What the-?” Bakugou began but was cut off by a quick kiss on the lips from Kirishima.


“Oh my god you’re alive! We’ve been looking all over for you, where have you been?!” Kirishima asked wrapping his arms around Bakugou’s neck.


“How the hell did you find me? It’s been almost two weeks!” Bakugou asked, a bit embarrassed from Kirishima kissing him.


Kassu had stars in her eyes as she gasped excitedly. “You guys are together?!?! Eeeee!!!! How long have you two been a thing? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Who was the first to kiss- ow ow ow ow ow oW OW!”


Ethan had grabbed Kass by her ear and was pulling her away from them. “Stop bombarding them with questions, Jesus christ Kass.”


Kassu grumbled something to herself and sighed. “Listen, it’s great that you heroes are here, but I do have to question how you guys found this place. Like! It’s in an alleyway!”


“Well, it wasn’t hard to find after we heard reports of some villain activity in this area.” Uraraka replied with a small laugh.


Kassu and Ethan looked at each other then back at Uraraka. “Ha ha.. Yeah..” Kassu retorted, “Pfft- stupid villains, always doing… villainous.. Stuff…”


Uraraka eyed Kassu for a moment, and Kassu thought for a second she was going to blow her cover when the clock on the wall struck 4:30. “Ah ha! W-would you look at the time!” Kassu chided with nervous laughter that seemed to bubble up out of nowhere, “I-I should probably st-start getting dinner ready!! Come on Ethan!”


“But it’s not even that late-” Uraraka began, but Kassu and Ethan had already disappeared downstairs.


“Huh.” Bakugou exclaimed. “They usually eat dinner around 7:30.”


Uraraka and Kirishima both looked at Bakugou. “Oh I just forgot, round face, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”


He motioned for her to follow him up the second flight of stairs and into the dorm-like hallway filled with door leading to separate bedrooms. He passed by the room he had been staying in and knocked on the door of the one next to his.


There was a bit of shuffling and a quick “Be right there!”, followed by the sound of metal clinking and then the door opened.


“Hey, Toga.”


It took a moment for Toga to process what he had just said, but the warm fanged smile on her face said it all. “Hi Bakugou!” She replied cheerfully, stepping aside so that he and Uraraka could squeeze through the door. Once they were inside Toga’s room, she shut the door behind her, and Uraraka got a good look at what she looked like.


Still on crutches, dressed in a cute black and white dress, and her hair tied up in pigtails, was Himiko Toga. 


“You two talk or something. I’m going to go check on Eri.” Bakugou said in a hurry, “Don’t do anything stupid either.”


The room was almost dead with the most dreadful and awkward silence known to man.


Like everyone else who first saw Toga’s prosthetic leg, it caught Uraraka completely off guard. Hadn’t this girl tried to kill her, Tsu, and Deku? And why was she acting so much… sweeter than physco..? Wasn’t that supposed to be a part of who she actually was?


Uraraka was cut from her thoughts when Toga spoke up. “Sorry if my prosthetic makes you uncomfortable… It’s just another thing I’ll have to get used to aside from my quirk..”


“N-no!” Uraraka blurted out, quickly clasping her hand over her mouth, (and making sure she wasn’t going to float up towards the ceiling) “I like your outfit!”


Oh god why am I so awkward!!!???! Uraraka thought to herself. She mentally screamed at herself, until Toga spoke again.


“What’s it like now at the UA?” She asked, sitting down on her bed. “You know, even after Bakugou was kidnapped by Dabi, Shigaraki, and I?”


Uraraka was caught off guard once again. Toga wasn’t going to try and kill her right now.. Right? Tears almost started to form in her eyes, not of sadness or joy, but of fear. She was scared. Those memories of when Bakugou had gotten kidnapped during the UA Training Camp.


She sighed. “It’s different.” Uraraka finally said. “But as in the atmosphere of the place. Everyone talks about it now and then… but, after everything that Class 1A has been through is still there in the back of everyone’s minds.”


Toga smiled. “That's okay. Because now, I feel like I’m different too.”


Uraraka looked at her with a confused frown. “How do you know?”


Toga looked back at her with aspiration in her eyes. “I recently went through some big event like Class 1A went through. My quirk changed right after.. And now I want to help protect you.. And everyone who needs help.”


As she said this, she stood up on her bed, and punched her arm in the air, shouting. “I quit being a villain! I want to be a hero!”


Right then and there, something sparked in the two of them. Uraraka swore she saw stars in Toga’s eyes as she shouted those words, and for Toga, when she had punched up into the air, a rosy pink shield appeared on her forearm.


Then Toga nearly fell off the bed.

Chapter Text

The day began to turn to night, the sun slipping below the tall buildings and disappearing partially below the horizon. Deku and Shinsou had been walking up and down many alley ways, arguing with each other on whether they were lost or not.


They were lost.


“Midoriya I’m telling you- We. Are. Lost.” Shinsou groaned in annoyance, kicking a nearby pebble off into the distance.


“No we’re not! I swear this is where we came in!” Deku protested. “Besides, we’ll be out of here before it gets super dark!”

They turned around another corner. And another. And… another corner… By the time they stopped, the sun was even farther below the horizon and Shinsou was 100% sure that they had just been going in circles.


“Okay! I give up! We’re lost!” Deku finally admitted with a tad bit of sarcasm. “Got any ideas, o’ wise one?”


Shinsou glanced around at his surroundings. “Why don’t we call one of the others who was sent on this mission?”


“I thought we did that already. They weren't answering.” Deku responded.


Shinsou sighed. “Okay… then why don’t we try and climb one of these buildings and get a better view? From there we can pinpoint where the main streets are.”


Deku smiled. “Great idea! We can use those fire ladders up the sides of the buildings to cl-”


“There she is! Get her!”


The muffled sound of people yelling, followed by the sound of footsteps and a figure blurring past the alleyway he and Shinsou were standing in interrupting him mid sentence.


“Did you hear that?” He asked, his attention focused on where the sounds were coming from.


“Yeah, can you tell where they went?” Shinsou asked in a serious tone.


They poked their heads out from behind the corner nearest to where Deku heard the yelling. Deku and Shinsou both gasped, but wasn’t fairly surprised at what they saw.


There, in the dead end alleyway, was a platinum blonde short haired girl with a long cocoa and chocolate brown striped tail. She was carrying a black and grey messenger bag and had it close to her side, as if whatever was in the bag was important.


The girl looked extremely worn out and in a flight or fight mood. She was already in a fighting stance, and her teeth were bared.


“Well, well, well, well, well, look what we have here! It’s that blasted mole who’s been spying on us!” Said the older boy.


The other girl, who had long black hair and a slim cat tail, turned to the older boy. “What should we do with this traitor?” She hissed, unsheathing her nails into sharp claws.


“Mmh… why don’t we teach her a lesson she’ll never forget?” The older boy smirked, “I mean, we already know that she damn sure helped that vulgar explosion boy.”


Explosion boy? A sense of realization hit Deku right in the stomach area, filling it with angry butterflies. He stepped out from behind the corner that he and Shinsou were hiding behind.


“Leave her be!” He shouted, gaining both of the villains attention.


“Oh great, looks like we caught the attention of some almost heroes!” The older boy scoffed.


Let her go, and go home. ” Shinsou commanded, and Deku zipped his mouth shut, knowing that he was using his quirk.


“Like he-” The older boy began, then he froze, the mind control clearly kicking in almost instantaneously.


The black haired girl, didn’t go down quite as easily. She kept her lips sealed shut, as she transformed into an enormous black panther. She straight at Shinsou and Deku, barley giving them any time to prepare their attacks.


But they didn’t have to.


The platinum blonde haired girl (teleported???) onto the wall and launched herself at the panther girl, slamming her foot into the panther’s rib cage with a forceful jump kick.


The panther girl yowled in immense pain, as she most likely had a broken rib by now. 


The girl transformed into her normal human form, and booked it, dragging the older boy, who by now had snapped out of his mind controlled state.


The platinum blonde haired girl grunted and turned around to face Deku and Shinsou. She froze for a moment, realizing that they were heroes.


“Uhh…” The girl began, but didn’t finish her statement, because she was already booking it down the alleyway past them.


Deku quickly pulled out his phone and prepared to drop his location when Shinsou stopped him. “We should follow her, you heard what that villain said, right?” Shinsou continued, “About how that girl was helping that ‘vulgar explosion boy’? You cannot tell me that that girl is the one who’s helping Bakugou!”


Deku hummed in agreement. “You’re right, lets go find her.”

Chapter Text

Kassu was breathing really hard. She had been running (again) from those heroes that she saved from [insert panther girl’s name here].


Was she embarrassed? Yes. Incredibly embarrassed. They were heroes for Christs sake! And not just any heroes- Kassu knew exactly who they were. They were Deku and Shinsou! They two UA students who faced off against each other during the sports festival!


Kassu finally came to a stop at the front of her Cafe, her aggressive breathing not letting up after running so hard and for so long.


She took in multiple deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves and relax herself. Kassu opened the door and made her way into the Cafe, letting the door slam behind her. The clock on the wall beside her read exactly 12:37 PM.


“Wonder if everyone’s asleep?” Kassu mumbled to herself. She yawned and went behind the bar counter, and stuffed her messenger bag into a small hidden draw, tucked away under the counter.


Phew- safe at last.


Kassu stood back up and leaned against one of the stools behind the bar. But her break was short lived. Her  attention was caught by the sound of the bell above the Cafe door ringing, and the sound of footsteps approaching the bar area.


She nearly fell off of her stool, and when she regained her balance, she immediately regretted her decision of staying downstairs.


Sitting in front of her were four heroes. And Kassu once again knew exactly who they were.




“Uhhh.. c-can I help you?” Kassu managed to sputter, slowly making her way towards the entry-way of the bar area.


“Yes. We were wondering if-” The tall, blue haired boy began, but was cut off by the red and white haired boy.


“One bowl of hot soba noodles please.” He asked with a cold tone, that also seemed to have a bit of flare in it too.


“One bowl coming right up!” Kassu replied, feeling a little relaxed, but her security meter was still at 98%. She went into the back of the kitchen and began cooking the noodles.


*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ »»——⍟——«« ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*


“Shouta!!” Iida scolded, waving his arms around sporadic motions. “We are not here to order food! We are here to investigate!”


Shouta glanced at him for a moment. “I was hungry from walking around, so I needed something to eat.” He replied solemnly. Iida furrowed his brow.


The girl placed a bowl of hot soba noodles in front of him, and he thanked her. “Would anyone else like anything?”


“I’ll take a black coffee with seven shots of espresso please.” Shinsou asked, “Along with three bowls of hot soba.”


“Mhm, daring tonight are we?” The girl chuckled, “I’ll bring that out in just a few minutes.”


The girl disappeared behind the kitchen area again and hopefully was out of ear shot. Shinsou turned towards Iida and Souta, and began speaking.


“That’s the girl. She’s the one who saved Deku and I from that panther girl that tried to attack us.” Shinsou uttered in a low tone.


“Do you know her name?” Iida asked.


Shinsou shook his head. “When we were eavesdropping on those villains who were chasing her, the only real hint that we got about Bakugou’s whereabouts was that she was helping an ‘vulgar explosion boy’.”


“He’s not that vulgar is you get on his level of aggressiveness.” 


They all turned to see that girl who was bringing their food. She smirked and placed down the three bowls of piping hot soba in front of the three remaining boys, and the black coffee with (and I quote) seven shots of espresso to Shinsou.


“Yeah I heard your conversation. You should really come in when its more busy, then I wouldn’t have actually heard your conversation.” She laughed.


“Who are you? And why the heck did you save Shinsou and I from that villain?” Deku interrogated, “And where are you keeping Bakugou hostage?”


The girl stared at him blankly for a moment. Laughter seemed to bubble up from her throat, and past her sharp teeth, finally making its way into the air. 


“Hostage??” She snickered, “What ever made you get that idea?”


“Stop laughing! This is serious!” Iida said angrily, waving his hands around. “Where is he?”


The girl nearly fell over with laughter. “Good god you guys are so dense! He’s upstairs chilling with his boyfriend.”


“His W H A T-?” Iida began when Shouta’s fork clinked against his bowl. “Thank you for the food. It was delicious.” He pulled out some yen and tried to hand it to the girl, but she shook her head. 


“As I can tell, you’re all ‘friends’ with Bakugou, you won’t need to pay. It’s on the house.” She continued. “I’ll start by answering your ‘burning’ questions that you keep pestering me with.” The girl giggled sarcastically. “So sit back and finish eating your soba.”