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you will come willingly

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Flowers braided into his hair, robes cascaded to cover his virgin skin, and an unpleasant pout gracing his face is where you'd find Demeter's son, her only son; Kore, better known as Smokey. 

"I told you not to plant these pomegranates," Demeter lectured, her hands frantic and voice breaking and wavering. "Kore -"


"My name is Smokey."


"Your name is Kore."




The Goddess of Harvest rolled her eyes and grabbed the pomegranate. "Well, Smokey, you don't need these fruits." Smokey rubbed his forehead and smudged the dirt across his face as he watched his mother toss the fruit he worked so hard to grow.

"Mama," The Harvest Goddess shook her head and walked passed her son, heading towards their quiet home that was below the clouds of Mount Olympus. “You didn’t have to do that...

The Goddess of Harvest had one son, a son that she wanted to protect and hide from the cruel, tainted world, but then again, they were ancient. Demeter was pushing one-hundred and twenty-seven in human years but she was way older in Olympian, while Kore was eighty-three in humans and three-hundred in Olympian.

Smokey huffed and pushed his body off the cold ground, stretching his arms above his head, dirt-stained robes and arms, but he casually brushed it off.

It was a normal occurrence; his Mother being too picky about what he planted and he, being a mama's boy, not harvesting the things he desired: figs, apples, and pears were to list a few.


"No more pomegranates, I guess."


The virgin shook his head as he walked away from his life's long labor; his mother always ruined his work. For example, he was planning to plant carrots and Zeus, better known as Caesar, came down to have casual chat, as he always does, and not even a millisecond later his mother was rushing down and frightened the God of the Sky away. 

Demeter was always protective, scaring away all the Gods and Goddess that we're in a radius of him. It was sad, for all he had in his life was his mother and the Sirens who only came once in a while. 

Smokey slowly wandered around the fields. It was his season, the warm atmosphere and budding vegetation.

The Sirens were fun, yet they lacked the spirit that he wanted. He yearned to branch like a tree, feel the sun and moon on the same day, and experience things he never experienced before.

Alas, all the Sirens did was gossip among themselves, leaving him absent in their conversations.


'Zeus is quite easy on the eyes. . .'


'I was with Eros last night, and he satisfied all my needs. . .'


That was one of many things Smokey couldn't wrap his head around, sex. Being a fertility God he knew of it, and how it worked, but he could care less about it. His mother wouldn't let him explore himself and he wasn't going to have sex anything soon since he didn't see the reason why his body should connect with another's.

"Sex," Smokey spat, the clear distaste in his mouth. ' I shall never partake' He thought as he met the mouth of a river, cool and refreshing.

He checked his areas before he dragged his foot into the water; it was definitely cold. The young God rid of his robes and settled into the waters, washing the dirt that caked his body and his wild, black locks. The last thing he wanted was to track mud in his mother's house, she was a clean freak of some sort.

Smokey groaned as he felt his whole body come in contact with the waters, his back against some type of rocks that hid him from prying eyes.

Smokey calmly sat there, body drifting with the waters as he felt up and down his being, making sure to clean every part that had tracks of dirt.

The God stopped as his cock, he wanted to pleasure himself but he didn't want somebody catching him. Entertaining the idea was dangerous but he could feel his hands ghost over his half-masted cock, and he couldn't help but wrap his hand around it. He whispered a silent plea as he started to slowly rub his cock, lips pursed to hold in his filthy noises.

(His mother would call them tainted)


The Virgin God arched his back against the rocks, his hand rubbed faster as he let his voice rip out his throat; a loud whorish moan. It felt so good, so he moaned again, a quieter one that only animals with superb hearing could hear. 

" - yes. . .I - " The virgin threw his head slightly, his eyes closed as his strokings got sloppier. He spread his legs to get more leverage and to let his cock get more attention than it already had.

" Aa. . .s-so. . .good, " Smokey moaned as he reached his peak, his legs shook and his vision faded as he let go of himself and rode the high he gave off. "Ahh. . ."

He relished in the feeling before he blinked his watery eyes and came to. His breathing awry, chest flushed, and his mind lost.

Smokey finally regained control when he blinked around at his surroundings, and he was embarrassed beyond belief. He never meant to be so open and careless. He felt his shame scatter all throughout him. 

His mother would be disappointed and disgusted with him.



Little did Smokey know that the God of the Underworld was watching him, blushing, but still watching. Joseph didn't actually mean to see him, it was an actual accident.

He just happened to be looking through the lake, at the vegetation and, boom, Smokey just happened to be there. He couldn't stop watching, even if he wanted to. It was weird.

He watched as the God spread his legs and shivered every time he stroked his cock; quietly whimpering to hide his obscene noises except for that one time he moaned into the sky, back arched and quivering legs. 

He must admit that the boy was handsome; dark-chocolate colored skin, small body frame - and that's all he could see. He wondered how the boy looked, talked and who he was.

Joseph didn't know what he was going to do, but all he knew was that he was going to get that small boy down with him, no matter what.



Joseph cursed as he trudged out of the fields. His chariot laid in waste feet behind him and his horses were gone. He had to make it to a meeting that would soon be held in Olympus discussing Demigods, and he could care less, but alas, he had to go because he's a God.

"How the hell am I going to get up there," Joseph cursed to himself, "Damn chariot."

Joseph kicked a Sunflower before he came to a field full of Hydrangeas. They were a rarity nowadays. They didn't grow in the Underworld, but when they did they were a light shade of red. They came between mid-spring, the late summer or early autumn all the time down there. He wondered how it was up here.

But that wasn't of his current predicament. 


How the hell was he supposed to get to Olympus -


"Ouch!" Joseph stepped back and look below him; it was a boy. "Watch where you step."

"Watch where you lay," Joseph retorted as the strange boy got up, his body covered in rosy robes that suited his skin tone. "Matter a fact, why are you laying here."

"I just wanted to enjoy the Hydrangeas before they die out."


"Do you even know what Hydrangeas represent?"


"Pink hydrangeas mean heartfelt emotion, blue, frigidity, and apology, while white hydrangeas symbolize boasting or bragging."


Joseph was astounded.


It wasn't every day that you find some who appreciates flowers."Chrysanthemums?" He asked.


The God thought on it, "I believe Chrysanthemums symbolize death, or optimism and joy in some places."


Joseph smiled while he ran a hand through his hair, "It's not every day you find someone who knows their flowers."

"I am an expert." Joseph watched the boy smile, it was radiant, unearthly. He was smart, cute - the whole package.


" -ame?"


Joseph snapped out of his trance, "What?"


"I said, what's your name?"


Joseph froze. He could tell his name and risk the consequences of scaring the God away, or he didn't know. "Joseph, but people call me Hades."

Joseph watched the God smile like the name Hades didn't scare him, "I've heard of you. Many people say you're a mean, cruel, ugly God, yet you don't fit the description."

Joseph rubbed his nape, blushing, as he felt his heartbeat in his head, pounding like there was no tomorrow, "Yeah, people do that."


"Well, my name is -"


A lightning bolt stopped right in between him and the God.

Joseph panicked and looked around, "I'm late to a meeting."

"Hermes can take you, he's always helpful."

Joseph nodded, "Thank you -" How'd he know?

"I'm connected with the flowers and Spring, " The God revealed sheepishly, "I'm sorry, it's creepy."

Joseph shook his head, "Creepy? No. It's so amazing."


Smokey shyly smiled. 'By the Gods he's perfect'. Joseph thought to himself. He wanted to say it but he couldn't risk the factor of scaring the young God away.


Shit, he never asked for the boy's name, and it would be weird to ask him now. "Hey -"


"My name is Smokey, but people call me Kore, to my distaste."

He did it again.

'Smokey', Joseph thought. A strange unusually name that fitted a strange, unusual God. 

"Smokey, will we ever meet again?"


The God smiled. It was so bright, like the sun.


"You haven't answered my question Smokey. "


The God thought on it, his robes swished in the wind, "Depends if you want to -"


"I do!" Joseph pleaded.


"Then we will, only if you come to these fields."


He would meet him. He will.



Smokey stretched, half of the grasses brushed off. Joseph woke him up when he stepped on him, and he honestly wanted to sleep again, but he had to get home since it was late.


“And where were you,” Demeter said with her hands on her hips. “I was worried sick.”


“I'm sorry," Smokey responded as he picked the flowers out of his hair and off his robes. "I got carried away and helped a God out."


His mother always got upset easily, more the reason to leave this isolated place. "Who?"


"A male God."


“I need you to stay home,” she said, no, demanded. "You will not associate with male Gods nor female Gods; I don't want to be loose like Aphrodite!"




"No! You will stay at home!"


"We didn't do anything!"


Demeter scoffed, changing the topic, “There is a meeting in Olympus with those barbaric Gods. I hate having to leave you.”


"Well, I will be okay, don't worry."


"Are you sure?"


"Mama, I am not a child, please go."


"Are you -"




Demeter looked at her son one last time before she shut the door and disappeared. Smokey knew she was gone when he heard then the wine of her chariot.


The young God strolled to his room, unfurled on his silky sheets.m, and let the remaining flowers fall out of his hair. He bore a giddy smile, a smile that girls get when they have a crush.


Hades was sweet.


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Smokey lolled in the fields, it was the beginning of fall and it still looked like summer. ' It never changed , ' Smokey hummed as he thought last week over, the meadow he visited every time he was allowed to be away from home, was forgotten:


Joseph smiled while he ran a hand through his hair, "It's not every day you find someone who knows their flowers."


"Joseph, but people call me Hades."


"Smokey, will we ever meet again?"


Smokey smiled, his eyes bloomed and he couldn't help but laugh. He didn't know what took over him, but he wasn't complaining at all.

It was a lovely day, and he was free -

" Kore~ "

Well, forget being free.

"Sirens; to what do I owe the pleasure -"

"We just wanted to see our favor Flower God," The Sirens whispered, their gorgeous blonde hair swaying in the river behind them. "How's life?"

"First of all, my name is Smokey, not Kore," The God huffed, his mood dropping in comparison of earlier, "You, out of all creatures, should respect that!"

"Mhm. . ." Smokey wilted into the flowers as the Sirens mounted near land, their tail lashing in the waters, "Sorry little one, I forgot."

"I - I didn't mean to lash out," The God sighed meekly, his head hurt and he didn't feel the need of just existing at the moment. The Sirens annoyed him but he didn't have the heart to tell them that.

"It's been a rough day for me." He lied.

The Sirens nodded and they both stayed at that.

Smokey wished he had better friends. He wished he could see Joseph, and it's only been twelve full moons.



Joseph was jumpy, irritated and lost.

The Chthonic God wasn't in the best of moods; Cerberus was sick, he was overworked and -




Joseph let his frown drop into a temporary smile to his servants' interests. Smokey, cute virgin God of Flowers, was all that plaque his mind. His overzealous attitude, his adorable smile and their promise.


Smokey, will we ever meet again?


". . .we will, only if you come to these fields."


Joseph groaned as he rubbed the wilting narcissus in that was vivid out on his hand.

Renewal and new beginnings was all the bud existed for. . . Joseph thought over as he clasped his hand over the flower, watching the dead hybrid lavender pedals hit the cold onyx ground of his home, the Underworld. And practically equivalent with spring. . .

The God was on his mind constantly. He didn't know how he would be able to see him without getting caught by his nagging mother, his somewhat sister, Demeter. The woman was a good mother, yet she could be a nag, and during their last meeting on Olympus, she cursed every God who ruled the Earth.


Stay away from my son, leave him be, or you will all rue the day you were created. . .


Joseph stood from his seat. All he did was sit there; sad, angry and his heart, breaking from the love that he knew was never going to be received.

He didn't know what to do, didn't know who to ask.

Poseidon, Mark, was out honeymooning with his newly wedded wife.

Zeus was probably swooning some random broad on Earth or Olympus.

Poseidon was busy, Zeus was -


Wait - ZEUS .


Caesar always had some random man or woman on his arm by the next day, he was essentially Aphrodite 2.0.

Joseph looked up before he grabbed his feelings and easied them with him as he strode to where his chariot laid.

He was going to see Smokey again. His stubbornness would lead him straight.

He cracked his whip as his chariot guided him past Cerberus, out of the unearthly realms of the Underworld and towards the bright lights and cloudy view of Olympus. 


Will we ever meet again?


Yes, I will meet him.




The God of the Sky cringed as he bedded his body on his silky, lavender couch that was occupied by numerous other suitors. "Hades -"

"My name is Joseph."

"Whatever, what do you want?"

" Well. . . "



Smokey smiled when the Sirens retreated back into the murky rivers; crisis averted

He slowly got up, his robes cascading down to his feet and the roses below him. He began to walk about the flowers, essentially becoming one with the Spring atmosphere. He was called the God of Spring for a reason. He picked flowers, names of which he had already known before he stopped and came up to a Narcissus .


A flower of spring, rebirth and a page to a new start. . .


The young God needed it, it was his mother's favorite flower, and that was simple enough reason to beckon to its somewhat nauseating call. 

Smokey got onto his knees and reached out for the entrancing flower before the world seeped out from under his legs. The ground fractured open and a sickly, cracking noise accompanied it as the quiet meadows that he and his mother grew in his adolescent hood ate him whole.

Smokey felt his world rush by him. His ears' were blurred, as he heard horses' whines that were accompanied by rapid whooshings. Smokey could feel the blood pounding in his ears, tears that were cryable become non-existent.

He was terrified. 

Smokey tugged harshly as his waist was pulled and his entire center caught off equilibrium as he wailed and shouted. He heard the switch of a whip and a harsh grunt of a man as his head was hit by flying debris as he lost consciousness.

"Mama. . .help me -"