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It Only Takes A Taste

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Yuuri knew he was doomed when it had been three weeks since he had gotten the stomach flu and he was still throwing up. Phichit and Mari had kept throwing him worried glances when he had to excuse himself to the restroom immediately after taking a customer’s order. The final straw of sympathy was after Yuuri, on his way to a table, passed a platter of grilled fish to Mari, and had just barely made it inside the kitchen in time to empty his stomach’s contents.

Yuuri knew he was really doomed when Mari and Phichit had cornered him after they closed the restaurant and handed him a pregnancy test. Shame and panic rolled through Yuuri like fire on a house covered in gasoline. Up to this point, he’d be able to ignore his possible condition. Taking the test meant definite answers, and he wasn’t ready for definites, yet.

“Yuuri. You’ve been acting off for a few weeks now, and ignoring your problem isn’t going to make it go away. You missed a heat, you’ve been throwing up all day, and honestly, you look like you got hit by a truck. We all know what that means. It’s time to pee on a stick.” Phichit says, hands on his hips.

Yuuri shakes his head violently, trying to shove the stick back into his hands. “No. No way. I don’t want to to know.” 

“Nope. You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to be a big boy. Get in there and do it.” Mari says while shoving Yuuri into the employee-only restroom.

Yuuri tries to push the door to get out. “Wait, no. Phichit, are you leaning on the door? Stop. Come on. I mean, can’t we do this later? I’m going to miss the bus if I don’t leave now.” He protests from the other side of the door. 

Mari cracks the door slightly, “That’s a terrible excuse. I’ll just drive you home. Now, Phichit. Read the instructions, please.”

Phichit clears his throat, “อย่าใส่แท่งทดสอบเข้าไปในช่องคลอดของคุณ”

“Phichit! English!” Mari says with a huff.

“Oh. Yeah. My bad. ‘Do not insert the test stick into your vagina.’” Phichit says in a professional tone.

“Ohmygod. Thank you, Phichit!” Mari turns back, sticking her face back into the door crack. “Come on, now. No if ands or buts. Take a piss, Yuuri!” She declares, and then throws the test at him, and slams the door. 

“It’ll be okay. We’ll focus on the positive here! Or well- the negative.” Phichit says, in attempts to comfort Yuuri.

A few minutes later, Yuuri finds himself settled on the customer side of the bar, head in his hands. Surprisingly, Yuuri hasn’t cried over this situation as much as he expected. Although, that’s likely due to the fact that he’s ignored it. As they wait for the test to develop, he can feel the tears welling in his eyes. The anxiety settling deep in his muscles, seizing them. Suddenly, a thousand pounds land on his chest, constricting his lungs. A spike of nausea waves through him again, but at this point, he’s become an expert at waiting those waves out. The reality of the situation becomes very apparent in this moment. 

“How did I even get myself into this mess? I know better than to go out and get drunk like that. Especially, in that sparkly red shirt!” Yuuri says, wiping his tears away with his shirtsleeve.

“Awe! I love that red shirt though. It brings out your eyes, and the way it sparkles under the lights,, it reminds me of your old ice skating outfits.” Phichit says with a sigh and a dreamy look, settling his chin in his palm on the other side of the bar.

“Phichit! Another time please!” Mari scolds, and then turns to Yuuri with a softer look, “Yuuri, I thought you didn’t do casual sex? What happened?”

Yuuri drops his head from his hands, forehead landing on the countertop. “I went on a date with the alpha that owns the coffee shop. You know, Mateo Ramirez? Anyways, -”

Phichit gasps, “Yuuri, no! You didn’t! I can’t believe you slept with Mateo. He’s so rude and ugly! You could do so much better.”

“What!? No! I didn’t sleep with Mateo! Let me finish!” Yuuri squawks and turns to his sister, who looks both disgusted and unconvinced. “I did not sleep with Mateo Ramirez! We went on a date at The Grapevine. It went terrible. He showed up late, and his cologne was god-awful, and he kept asking me these weird questions. Like what my shoe size was, and how good I was at tying knots.”

Phichit and Mari give each other a troubled look. 

Yuuri continues, “After I told him I wasn’t going to answer those questions, he called me an uptight bitch, and left. And it really got to me so I drank a bit to comfort myself. A bit turned into a lot really quick, and I do stupid things when I’m drunk. Like sleep with strangers. I can only remember dancing a lot and waking up next to the most handsome alpha I’ve ever seen in my life, but then I had to be at work so I left before he woke up, and oh my god this is awful. I’m pregnant with a stranger’s baby. I’ve ruined my whole life. How could I be so foolish?” Yuuri’s tears start pouring like a waterfall out of his eyes. 

“No! Yuuri, nothing’s ruined. We don’t even know the results yet.” Mari says, wiping his tears with a tissue. 

“Yeah! Maybe his machinery is broken or his boys don’t swim! Nothing to worry about then!” Phichit says excitedly, giving Yuuri a comforting pat on the back. “Let’s just focus on a negative!”

When the timer goes off, Yuuri’s stomach drops to his toes. “Someone else look at it. I can’t.”

Mari hands him the test, “You need to be the one to look at it. It’s important. We’re here to support you through whatever the result is.”

Yuuri lifts his head from the counter and gives Mari a pitiful look. If he was 14 years younger, and not in a potentially life-altering situation, it might’ve worked. Mari just sighs and shoves the test in Yuuri’s shaking hands. 

He gives a short prayer to whatever powers there are above that the test is negative. God, it has to be negative. Yuuri’s still trying to get a college degree while working at the restaurant full-time. He barely has the time or money for himself. He can’t be a single parent. He’s thankful to have Mari, but all he really needs right now is his mom. She’d tell him what to do. She’d wrap him in a tight hug, and tell him it was all going to be alright. Yuuri’s mom was the only other omega he knew, other than Phichit. She was always so cheerful and happy to help Yuuri, offering sage advice or wiping away his tears when he had a panic attack. Yuuri’s life had been completely upended when he lost both her and his father 4 years ago in a car accident.

But she’s not here to help him anymore and Yuuri has to figure this out by himself. He takes a big breath to calm his nerves, gives one last worried glance to Phichit and Mari, and looks down at the test.

“Oh shit.”