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Sigma : The Fourth Gender

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Book I – The Claiming

So I had a weird night last night. Weeeeeeiiiirrrd-weird. That's saying something for me, since I have a lot of weird nights, but this one takes the cake. See, it begins with me wanting to knock boots with this fucking sexy Omega, and ends with me eating pancakes in my boxers, and somehow pulled into the Castiel Novak Household.


I see him at the bar, the most beautiful Omega you ever did see. He's tall, with blue eyes, lean body, and a sarcastic smirk. Man I'd like to sink my cock in him. I head over, and sit down. "This seat taken? Can I buy you a drink?"

He looks me up and down. "Why yes, yes you can," he says. "Um, just a sec though, I'd better run it by my Alpha." He pulls out his phone, and shoots off a text.

I sit down, but my heart kinda sinks. This is the kind of Omega I could own. I just know it. I was always told I'd get a feeling when I met my match, and I think I might be getting some kind of feeling, y'know? But alpha isn't good. He's already owned, and I can't own him is what I hear. The most I can hope for is the alpha letting me in as a trio, but all that's complicated. "Alpha? If you have an alpha, how did you manage to get out of the house alone?" Not everyone ends up with an alpha, but when you do, there's usually protocol. Alphas are often more lenient with beta mates, but with omegas, they're generally more protective and with good reason. Omegas need to be protected, like it even. Thankfully our society has come to a place where we all can live the biology we feel inside without as much worry, as before, back in the early times when things were awful.

He gets his text returned quickly. "Yep, he's cool with it. I'll take a vodka soda, twist of lime," he says.

I call the bartender over, and order that plus a beer for myself. "What's your name, sweetheart?" I say.

"It's Michael. And, I've got a different sort of alpha, he makes rules based on, well let's just say factors other than biology, though he definitely factors in biology."

Interesting. "I'm Dean," I say. "Still seems kind of strict though, if you need to ask permission to let someone buy you a drink."

"I'm still an omega, Dean."

Right, which means he submits to him, and with submission come rules. Omegas are naturally submissive, whereas betas can go either way, or even be switch-y. On occasion, Omegas can be dominant, but it's far less common. "Right, sorry. I'm unmated, don't know what it's like."

He looks shocked. "You're unmated? But you're, wow. How come no alpha's scooped you up for his Household? You'd make fine babies with his omega. I'd let you put one in me."

Alphas tend to make Households, but not always. Betas tend to do pairs, but will sometimes do a Household if extremely dominant, that's more rare though.

I blush. "Jesus, Michael."

The bartender puts our drinks down; Michael takes a sip. "Too forward? Or did I hit upon something?"

God the way he bites his lip. My dick's getting hard. "N-n-no. I just," I sigh. "I suck at this." I actually don't. I never have problems taking anyone home, it's just this guy. I'm suddenly an awkward teenage boy—though I've never even been that . What the fuck is happening to me?

Michael analyzes me. "I think you might be what we're looking for."


"I don't just have an alpha, I'm in a family. It's my night off from household stuff, they all insisted I go out, and see if I could find myself a nice bit of fun."

"But if you're in a family, couldn't you just… have fun with one or, all of them?"

"I could, but then how would I meet our at least one more? There are three of us, and as you know a quad is the complete set. Cas and Sam found me, they want me to find our fourth. They are open to more than that, but four, one of each gender would be ideal."

Four, one of each gender? Did he say that right? I know I smell funny for a beta, but I'm still a beta. Sam's got to be the beta if Cas is the alpha. I don't worry about that for now though, because none of that matters at this point. "Whoa man, I just wanted to get to know you, I don't know if I'm ready to join a family."

"You know that's not how it works, not when it comes to an alpha. When Sam and Cas found me, they took me home, and that was that."

It's true, which is why I came to this bar in particular, and why I typically stay away from alphas. I did not expect to hit on a lone omega (mated omegas are usually with their mates in these sort of places), and have him tell me he's mated. But fuck, I'm done for. This guy's got some kind of hold on me, and the danger of continuing to talk to him makes my heart race.

He's an omega though, if a forward one, and he has no way of taking me himself. For starters, as a beta, I'll be naturally stronger than him since us betas make more of a particular kind of hormone, albeomalone, which is what makes us more dominant than they are. Second, the laws don't swing in his favor, and more in mine. Since he's mated, I can't lay any sort of claim to him, unless I want to contest his alpha, but were he unmated, I could decide he's mine. And God help me, if I could, this is a rare case I might.

I'm not really that beta, the one who forces omegas to come home with me.

"Your Household sounds real interesting."

"It is." He smiles wistfully. "I love it though, I'm well taken care of, and if you think I'm hot, you should see my mates."

I sip my beer and contemplate such a situation. Were I ever in one, I would go willingly. These are the rules. I like the rules. The rules exist for a reason, and they work. While there's the odd case of abuse, in which case the ministry is pretty damn quick to pounce and remove, and help the abusee, while throwing the abuser down some dark hole, these sorts of Households tend to work out how they're supposed to, somehow. Though I'm not really sure how they work never having experienced one.

Even those who decide to exist as pairs do too, like there's some kind of predetermined attraction for who you're supposed to be with, and who's supposed to be perform, which roles in your Household.

"So why are you, unmated?"

"There a reason you think I should be mated?" I say as gruffly as I can.

"You don't know, do you?"

"Know what?"

"Never mind. I want to have fun that topic's way too serious. Buy me another drink?"

I nod. Omegas aren't ever given license to buy alcohol. They're allowed to drink it, if their alpha, or beta says they can, but not buy it. If someone buys it for them, that someone is by law signing onto care for them. Their biology doesn't allow them to process alcohol, as quickly as an alpha, or a beta, and they need to be monitored. "How many you allowed?" I ask after I order.

"Up to five, and then I get pretty loopy. Cas will sometimes allow me a sixth if we're at home."

"Five? That's a lot for an omega." Most omegas I've ever known can handle three, maybe four. And they're not prone to lying about it, not only are there legal consequences for both parties, the monitor is allowed to punish the omega how he, or she sees fit whether the omega has a mated partner, or not.

"Mmmmm-hmmmm. You're welcome to call my alpha if you don't believe me."

I shake my head. "I do." Besides, bet he has a pretty ass to spank if he is lying.

Michael is sarcastic and funny, and fuck do I wish I'd found him first before whatever domineering alpha found him. He's extremely forward for an omega though, which I keep noticing in a few ways, like the way he puts his hand on mine for a moment while he laughs. Omegas aren't the most dominant of the Dakath Sharian species, but they do scent, and I know Michael's doing that now. We all have oil glands that live under various parts of our skin that secrete both at will, and on instinct. I'm not entirely sure, which it is for Michael right now. Maybe both.

As the night wears on, and we talk about everything under the sun, I make him laugh a whole bunch, and love the way his nostrils flare when I tease him. I get more drunk, and Drunk Dean does a whole host of fucking stuff, Sober Dean wouldn't do. I'm a flirty guy in general, but when I've had a few, I get more willing to share my scent, which is a super bad thing. Scenting and sharing scent are slightly different things. Michael scenting me is a declaration, don't touch. Omegas are prone to this. With them more often being the weakest of the sexes, scenting is one of the things that gives them power, and one of the ways they can send a message. Scent is an oil, and it's rubbed into the skin of the would-be mate.

It's illegal to make a move on someone an omega has scented.

Sharing your scent is different, it's some other kind of message, often an invitation when two Dakath's meet. You can emit it both consciously, and subconsciously. It's gaseous, meaning it floats into the air like a cologne. Not everyone is going to go crazy for your scent, but some will. It's a marker of compatibility.

Scenting and Sharing your scent are similar in that once a scent is on you, or surrounding you, it may lead to mate.

And while it's not exactly illegal for Michael to scent me without my permission (since the primal instinct to do so, is too strong to avoid it completely) it's not typical of an Omega you've just met, and asking is encouraged if possible.

I don't mind it though. Michael's, fuck he smells like summer rainbows. I could roll around in his scent all fucking day, so he can go right on scenting me like that. I hope I get to sink my cock into him with his scent all over me.

When I release my scent, Michael basks in the aroma. "Fuck, Dean. I have to have you. Will you come back to my place?" he says breathlessly, his lips begging to be kissed.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know what that means. I know they are a Household, Michael's made that clear, and when you agree to enter an alpha's home, his house rules apply. I might be having sex with more than just Michael – but he said his mates were hot right? The more the merrier. That's my drunk brain talking, by the way. Though with how fucking good Michael smells, I'm preeeeeety sure sober Dean would agree. "I can't drive though, I've had too many." I'm not wasted, but I'm well past my legal limit.

"Sam was supposed to come get me anyway."

"Which one's Sam again?" He's told me all about the people in his house by this point, but we've talk about so much. Besides, I love hearing him say stuff in his smooth voice.

Michael nods. "He's the First Mate in our home. He's a beta, not an alpha, but it's hard to tell sometimes when he gives you a certain look, and fuck he spanks hard with his mammoth hands."

I laugh. "Do you get lots of spankings?" Fuck. I'm blushing. Picturing him getting a spanking does things to me though.

Michael bites his lip. I want to bite his lip. "I am currently the resident brat, though I have a feeling you could give me a run for my money."

"What?" I'm outraged. Besides, how could he know that? I've been, well-behaved all night.

He smiles with a smirk in his eyes. "You don't fool me. Not only do you smell like a Brat, you have that look in your eye. You've already held back a few smart remarks."

This guy's got me dead to rights though, I didn't know you could smell like a brat. I let go one of my classic Dean Winchester smiles, the one that says that yeah, I am a cocky bastard. "Did you say somethin' 'bout a ride to your place, sweetheart?"


Sam is stern, just like Michael said. Like more than I ever could have imagined. There's no other word for it. He immediately banishes us to the back seat, and I feel like we're little kids whose dad came to pick them up from softball practice. If I didn’t know better, I'd say Sam was an alpha. Only thing giving away he's a beta is his natural beta scent – which is also different from his unique scent. All betas smell beta-y, alphas alpha-y, and omegas omega-y. Except for you, who can't even smell right, Winchester.

"Is he mad?" I whisper into Michael's ear, barely able to keep from giggling.

Once you've mated, you can begin to interpret more specific scents your mates give off, like when they're anxious, mad, joyful, stuff like that. "He's concerned about you, Winchester," he says moving the hair out of my eyes, as if he's done it a hundred times.

"Concerned about me?" Michael doesn't expand instead nodding, and grabbing my hand. "Then why isn't he talking to me?" I probe.

"He will, just give him a few minutes."

I'm me though, and the silence is killing me, plus I'm drunk. "Hiya, Sammy. I'm Dean by the way, in case you were wondering."

"How come no one's been looking after you?" is Sam's response.

That sends a chill through me, fuck. "Um, ah that is…" It's an easy answer, but one I can't seem to get out without stumbling all over the place. "Because I'm an adult, dude. Also, I'm a beta in case you haven't smelled. I don't need someone looking out for me."

"You think you're a… oh, okay that makes more sense."

"What's that supposed to mean, Sammy?"

"We'll talk once I've had the chance to speak with Cas about this. You'll refer to me as Sam, or sir. Understood?"

I could contest that. Were it another beta, I might, but Sam is no ordinary beta, and I'm a little hesitant to get on his bad side just yet. Though the night is young, folks. "Yes, Sam." I kind of snap it though, and I don't call him sir. He wants a sir out of me, he can do more than pick up my drunk ass, ignore me out of (supposed) concern, and boss me around.

We pull up to a house that's, fuck it's massive, and beautiful. I can't remember the last time I lived in one of these things, hell even had sex in one. I live on the road, out of my car, and motels. Sam has softened some by the time we pull up, and since I get out of his side of the car, he stops me with a hand to my shoulder. "I apologize for my rudeness. I'll have Cas speak to me about that," he says. He would tell on himself? "It's really nice to meet you, Dean."

I assume Michael told him my name in a text. "Nice to meet you too, Sam."

He smiles, and here in the moonlight, I can see how fucking beautiful he is too. In a different way than Michael. There's strength there, it's the kind of strength born out of angst, and torment, healed by love. "All right, in the house you two."

We enter the large foyer, with a large-ass chandelier overhead. "Cas is busy tonight," Sam tells us. "But he'll meet you in the morning."

"What's Cas doing?" Michael asks.

"Gabriel showed up," Sam says sounding both amused and annoyed. "They broke the fucking bannister again."

Michael laughs. "You ever seen two alphas have sex, Dean?"

"No." I have heard about it. It's rare that two alphas are compatible enough to have sex, but when they can, apparently it's something else. An all out battle for dominance to the end that's really fucking hot. Just thinking about it makes my cock hard, and I don't even know what Cas, or Gabriel look like.

"Well maybe you'll get to sometime. I highly recommend. In fact—"

"—don't even think about it Michael."

"Oh fine. Spoilsport."

"Is that how you speak to me? I don't think so little one. Just because you have a guest Michael, don't think I won't pull down your pants, and spank you right here."

Michael's cheeks heat. "Sorry, sir. And um, please don't spank me now?"

And whoa, I feel the rush of it too. Sam's, fuck, Sam's even hotter like that. Michael pulls me to him in a very un-omega-like gesture, turning me into a human shield. Sam laughs. "I'm not going to spank you, so long as you behave yourself. Stay away from the bedroom."

"Yes, Sam. Where's Jack?"

"Who's Jack, again?" I think he did mention a Jack, but a lot of the night was spent imagining what he'd look like under me.

"Our kid. Sorta," Michael says. "Cas had him young, at eighteen. Jack's mother died in childbirth. Cas met Sam when Jack was little, and they raised him together. Jack's our age now, in his twenties, but since I'm a mate of the Household," he says trailing off.

"You have parental rights to him, as well."

"Yep. I've never insisted on a parental moniker though, other than the standard sir when appropriate, but Sam's Dad and Cas is Father."

"Jack escaped to his room, when Gabriel showed up," Sam says.

"Sooooo, guest bedroom number four then?"

"That works. C'mere Mug Bug, I want a kiss before you head off with Dean."

Mug Bug?

"Don't say a word, Winchester," Michael says under his breath, as he nearly skips over for said kiss.

I expect it to be a little peck, of the goodnight variety, but it's like Michael's about to head off to war. Sam slides his hand up Michael's face in a gesture that says, you're mine, and proceeds to look in his eyes for a good ten seconds. Michael's just, as gaga, staring into Sam's like he's the luckiest fucker on the planet. When their lips meet their eyes close, and their mouths open.

It's a long kiss, one that leaves Michael a bit weak-kneed. "Pancakes?" Michael says when they part, and Sam seems to know what that means.

"Would love that. And you Dean, c'mere," Sam says.


"There any other Dean's around?"

I make my way over. He fixes the hair that's fallen into my face, and the fucker scents me. I want to complain, I really do, because how dare he? but I remember that often it can't be helped, and even if it could, Sam smells like cozy rainy days, and hot coffeee. And like with Michael's, I really fucking love Sam's scent. Warm; like home. Sam kisses my forehead. "Goodnight, and behave yourself, Dean."

Guess I'm staying the night. There better be some damn sex involved in all this weirdness. "Sure thing, Sammy."

Suddenly, he pulls me flush with his body, and swats my ass. Hard. Tears actually prick my eyes. "What did I tell you in the car?"

In all the talk of sex and watching kisses, so hot they fry my brain, I forgot I've stepped over the threshold into a Household, which comes with its own brand of rules. You break'em, you buy the consequence whether you know what they are, or not, which is why it's a really good idea to a) inquire about house rules when you enter, and b) be on your best behavior, but of course I didn’t do that. "Sam. Sam," I squeal into his shoulder, which don't know how the fuck I got here other than the comfort of it's really fucking nice.

But apparently the one isn't enough and he proceeds to give me three more, which I take as best I can. The only way out of something like this when you enter another's home is to leave, and I don't wanna leave. I want to have sex with Michael.

Man though, do I ever feel chastised, and only from four little spanks. Sam is some kinda discipline magician. He turns my face up, to look at me sternly, and while I know he means business, there's great care there too. "Sam, or sir, in this house for you, got it?"

It's on the tip of my tongue to retort that he first said it in the car, but I do get what he really means, and I do not feel like more of what he just gave out. I know how this works—what if he gives me a full spanking next? "Got it, Sam. I'm sorry."

"You are trouble," he says almost laughing. "Cas'll learn you." What does that mean? "Go with Michael, before I turn your cute ass over my knee just 'cuz."

Holy shit. I grab Michael's hand and let him drag me up the stairs. I swear I can hear Sam laughing behind us.


We have to pass by the main bedroom. That'll be the room where Cas, Sam and Michael sleep. I can hear crashes, moans, and cries of names mixed with curses. I can tell Michael totally wants to crack the door, and I'm game, but he shakes his head. "I will be in so much trouble. Some trouble is fun around here, but some is decidedly not."

"C'mon, live a little. What's it gonna cost you, a spanking? So what, no one ever died from a spanking."

"You do not know Cas." The look he has on his face right now, it's kinda scary to be honest. Who is this Cas guy? This would be the perfect time for me to leave. It's the worst idea ever to be in a strange alpha's home.

I don't though. Instead I let Michael continue to pull me in the direction of 'guest bedroom number four'.

When we get there, he shuts the door, and something changes.

When two same-gendered Dakath get together, there's a battle for dominance, the result forever changing the roles in the relationship, should the dominant choose to go ahead with it. It's not a winner, loser-type situation. It's about biology. The most dominant will win every time – studies show, and all of that.

When an omega has sex with anyone other than another omega, it's a given who's gonna dominate who, but Michael's acting like he's about to fight me. "Michael?"

"Tell me Dean, have you ever won one of these?"

"One of what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"A contest?"


"I've never had to fight an omega. Omegas always submit to me," I tell him. It's true. "And last I checked, you're an omega."

"That's exactly my point, Dean. You don't fight omegas, which I gather is why you have sex with them. Have you ever won against another Beta?"

I look at the ground. "No."

"That's okay, my darling. That's why I like you. It doesn't mean you're not strong, it just means you're not very dominant."

"I'm plenty dominant," I say.

"Oh please. You're a huge Brat," he says taking off his shirt and by god, Michael without a shirt is something to write sonnets about.

"Look, none of that matters anyway, you're an omega," I insist, my face heating with anger.

"I am, and I'm proud to be. I love submitting for my mates, I love everything about being an omega and wouldn't change it, but I'm no ordinary omega," he explains undoing his pants.

I am still fully clothed. I feel like I'm on the precipice of something fucking huge, and I don't mean Michael's huge cock – which what the fuck, Omegas are not supposed to have cocks that huge, I know; I've fucked a lot of them – and can't make move to unbutton my pants yet.

"I want to contest, and I'm going to win this one. I'm going to hold you down and stick my huge cock up your ass."

"What do you mean this one?" Yeah I'm stalling, because do I want to do this? No. Yes. Yeah, I totally fucking do. Besides, I highly doubt he'll win.

"As I said, Cas and Sam said I get to choose our fourth. I want someone I can dominate, whose pretty ass I can spank when he misbehaves, and you Dean Winchester have spank me stamped to your forehead."

"But I was so good!" This is infuriating. How could he have known that? "Know what? Fuck you Michael." I crack my knuckles. It's on. I'm going to own you."

"You're going to regret that." Michael smiles. "Bring it."

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The truth is, I don't know what the truth is.


"You do know what this will mean if you engage, yes?" Michael asks.

"Yeah, you'll be my omega, if I decide to keep you."

"Well not in this case, since I'm mated. If you win you get me for the night at best, but I can decide we keep you if I win."

In earlier times you could 'win' an omega from an alpha if you proved more dominant than the alpha, which meant challenging the omega, and the alpha. That practice has since been terminated, except in very narrow-minded areas. The omega suffered too great being torn from one mate and thrust to the next.

Mating in general forms a deep bond hard to undo. Our rules are meant to make everyone feel better, and not worse, while working with our biology.

"Fine. Will be the best sex of your life," I say.

"I don't doubt it, Dean," he says dropping the 'big mean scary' dominant act momentarily. "I look forward to it, and many more."

I'm pissed that he's being so nice, yet cocky, so I remove all my clothes down to my boxers in a huff. He'll be sorry when I'm sinking my cock into his sweet ass. For a moment anyway, and then he'll be glad I won, as he moans his way to the best orgasm of his life.

When I'm down to my boxers, I can tell he's admiring me. "Like what you see?"

He bites his goddamn lip again, making me want him more. "Very much. You're gorgeous, Dean."

That makes me blush every bit as much as Sam's baby spanking did. I'm not used to getting intense compliments like that. I know I'm good looking, and desired, but more often, I get the standard, 'you're hot' kind of comments. Michael looks like he really wants me for more than just sex. He wants me.

His dominant sneer returns, and I know it's time to begin. We circle, as best we can in the room, which I wouldn’t exactly call small, but for this kind of thing it is. I see an opening, and I pounce feeling good I got the jump on him for all of five seconds.

Michael uses the momentum to spin me and slam me onto my back on the floor. Holy shit he's strong. I did not expect this. Most omegas bend like licorice, but not Michael. I think, fuck, I think he's stronger than me. I sober up real fast and actually try like I would with a beta, or an alpha.

I have, foolishly, contested a couple of alphas I fancied – not many would bother to contest an alpha, of course I did – but none of them wanted to keep me. I'm too fucked up.

This can't be over, so quickly though, can it? I struggle to move, and I just can't, not with the way Michael's got me pinned. God he's fucking strong, how did I miss that?

"Trouble?" Michael says.

"Fuck you, let me up."

"You sure? If I let you up that means I automatically win."

"Fine no, not yet."

"Okay, I'll wait," he says.

Cocky, arrogant, bastard!

Goddammit though, even my body's betraying me as it starts making slick in preparation for the sex to come. Both betas and omegas make slick; alphas do not, which is the other reason alpha-on-alpha sex is so hot, it usually happens completely slickless. You can buy slick in a bottle, and on occasion – so I'm told – a pair of alphas will have the wherewithal to stop and slick up, but more often instinct takes over, and they're too mad with passion.

"Uggaaaaaahhhhmmmph," I groan, as I try to remove the rock that is Michael, or at least get myself out from under him, but no such luck, and slam my head against the ground when nothing works. "I hate you."

"You don't mean that."

No I don't, but I wish I did.

"I'm going to take these off now," he says referring to my white boxers, "be a good boy and don't move."

Ha, right! As soon as he moves down and slides his fingers underneath the waistband, I move. I'm able to twist, and for a moment I have hope, but once again, it's short-lived, only now I'm worse off, on my belly, one of my arms pinned underneath me, as Michael easily pins the other against my back, and pulls down my boxers enough to expose my ass. "Look at this," he says rubbing his fingers between my crack, causing me to fucking moan – his fingers feel so good there. "You're dripping, Dean." A finger easily slips inside, and I push back into it. I don't mean to, but it just feels so good. I want, I really want. I forget for just a second that an omega just overpowered me in less than thirty seconds.

"Know what I think?" Michael says, as he fucks me with his finger. "I think you want to be a good boy for someone, but no one's given you proper care, or the chance."

"Screw you, Michael," I say between moans, enjoying what he's doing, all the while still not totally giving in. It's like, the coffee break between the part where I kick his ass, and then fuck him.

Michael laughs. I love his laugh. I get the impression it's hard to make him belly laugh like he has been all night with me, but I seem to be able to do it. Love that too. "I will be screwing you, my dear, but I feel you. Roll to your right, I'll allow it, and give me your other hand."

"No. Forget it Michael, I don't concede."

"What? How could you not? You can't even move Dean, and you like this too much," he says making his point by adding another finger.

And oh Jeez… Jesus, Jesus God Murphy. Fuuuuuck. I can't think for a good five seconds. "Mmmmm…huhnnnngggh, yeah, mmmmm…"

"Roll, hand, Dean," Michael reminds me.

"Oh, huh," I say already feeling a little float-y. I feel myself falling away to instinct. Thing is, people talk about this sort of thing like it's just to do with strength, but it's not. It's about how dominant, or submissive you are, and it takes something of this physical magnitude to make it come out. It triggers a series of biochemical reactions, depending on what the other does for you, at a visceral level, and either turns on the more subby side of you, or the dominant.

Right now I feel myself going into sub-overdrive, and it's happening so fast I'm quickly losing control over my desire to even want to fight him. I just want to bow at his feet, and beg to suck his cock. It's happened for me many times, just never with an omega, and never this quickly.

I do as asked without thinking about it, and he pins both hands behind my back without any problem. Even though I know how this is happening, I still can't fucking believe it, and I'm shocked. Man though, once again this shows how much us Dakath are ruled by our biology. I know I'm stronger than this, but it's Michael, his energy makes my body respond with hormones that weaken me for him, get me being all subby.

Knowing this I make another push to swing the pendulum back my way before it's too late. I fight, and try to struggle, but I might as well be asleep for all the good it does me. "Shhhh, sweetheart. I'm going to take good care of you. I mean, first I'm going to fuck you senseless, but after that."

I shiver, my whole body quaking for what's to come, as I feel the head of Michael's giant penis at my wet entrance. "C'mon, spread your legs for me," he says.

And dammit, I do. I can only go so far though with the way my boxers are still around my thighs, and I whine at not being able to go further for him. "That's okay, you're perfect. I love you like this, pinned down, struggling just enough, ass only just exposed, your thighs still trapped by your boxer shorts. It's the best, Dean."

I relax knowing he's pleased.

But despite the fact that I'm plummeting into the depths of subspace at light speed, I'm still aware of the shock I feel that an omega has managed to pin me down, and fuck me. And he is fucking me. Good. His gargantuan cock feeds into my ass slowly, and I can feel my slick surrounding him, welcoming him in with red carpet treatment.

How did this happen? and so easily? I was supposed to be fucking him. Part of me is still in shock, and the other part of me is relishing, oh god adoring the way I'm being manhandled and owned. I want to be a good boy for Michael.

"That's it," he coos. "You look beautiful, Dean. You enjoying that sweetheart?"

"Noooo…mmmmmm-unnnnngghhhh-yeeeeeah. More, please Michael. More. Want to be closer to you."

"Let go. Let go, Dean. I'll get as close as you want."

He doesn’t let me go though, as he continues to fuck me hard enough to show me my place. I respond by nestling onto his cock, bearing down, and allowing him easier access.

"I knew you were a subby-subby boy."

I'm deep in subspace now, which is a bit like being hypnotized, or even meditation. I'm still here, still me, just more pliant and float-y, open to suggestion. I want more of Michael – more of his bone-crushing hold on me, more of his cock in my ass, more of the praise he continues to breathe into my ear.

Eventually all of it builds to the climax, where we literally climax. Instinctually, I beg him to let me. No submissive would ever dare come, providing they could help it, without asking; it's just not in a submissive not to ask, and beg and plead for the privilege.

Michael pulls out to come on me, marking me, surrounding me in his scent both with his oil glands, and in the air. When he feels I'm sufficiently marked – I have no doubt other marks are to come, but while apparently he's more dominant than I am, he's still an omega, and the come and scent will satisfy him for now – he lifts my boneless heap that used to be my body, onto the bed, and curls around me possessively.

Fuck it, it's over now, he wins. I snuggle into him, and make my new home Michael's chest. He laughs fondly. "I knew it. You're a sweet, sweet sub," he says kissing my crown.

"H-How did you do that, Michael? That was amazing." Shocked as I am at being held down and fucked by an omega, I can't deny how perfect that was, even as I'm already dreaming about how I'll overpower him next time. You can contest a dominant, as many times as you want, but you have to be willing to risk the consequences. The first time, is kind of the freebee, the only consequence being the one who dominated you might call for your papers, but after that he can punish you how he sees fit. Challenging your dominant is seen as misbehaving, which is why most subs don't do it; subs prefer to behave.

"Because it was right, sweet boy. You were made for me, for this family."

I'm shocked again. This is usually the part where I'm dropped on my ass by some asshole alpha, or beta, and I have to get through the brutal fucking subdrop on my own. No that's not allowed, it's illegal to leave a sub without proper care afterward, but I never report it. Fuck them. I don't want to go through all that. I tried once, and it's a court process that just breaks me worse than the subdrop itself.

"You're keeping me?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm. Told you I would be." He nuzzles his face into my neck till I laugh.

We go a few more rounds, each time Michael dominating me within seconds, to the point I don't even try to fight him. I don't want to. I just want to be a subby boy for him. I quickly determine I'm not fucking anyone, anytime soon, but y'know? right now couldn't give a fuck, as I roll over, and beg Michael to take me again.

By the end of the night, I do have bruises, and hickies and other love marks, all of them wrapping around me like blanket.

After all that, we just talk. Talk, and laugh, and talk some more. We argue a little about some things we don't see eye to eye on, but we're mature enough not to let that stop the easy flow of conversation, and accept the other for who we are. I fall asleep clinging to Michael like an octopus, and have the best sleep I've ever had.

Chapter Text

In the morning I wake up with a start, the whole night rushing back to me. "Holy shit, what did I do?" I move and am alerted to the fact that every bone and muscle in my body hurts. Fuck it. I curl back into Michael. He did this to me, he can give me some love.

This is usually the part where I get kicked out of bed, and stuffed in a shuttle, and taken back to wherever my car was left. I know what Michael said last night, but I still wait for it to come, and cling onto what I can get before it does. Maybe after this I will settle down. Find myself a nice omega to take care of. Who you kidding Winchester? You couldn't keep a house plant alive.

Michael feels me stirring and opens his eyes. He smiles. "Morning sunshine." Not seeming to care about my fucking morning breath, he kisses my lips. "I like this," he says. "I'm going to ask Cas if we can do this sometimes. He'll want us in the big bed, and with Sam when he's away at medical conferences, but maybe once in a while he'd let us do this."

Oh yeah that guy. Cas. He sounds like a real barrel of fun. "Medical conferences, eh? What's he, like a doctor, or something?"

"Surgeon actually. Brain. He's really fucking smart," Michael says wistfully. Oh yeah, he's gaga for the guy. Everyone around here is for some reason, though I can't understand why. He sounds like a real killjoy. "C'mon, I have to get breakfast started for everyone. You can sit there looking pretty for me while I do."

As he gets up, I squint after him trying to figure out what he just said. "What are you, like the housemate or something?"

"You do recall I am the omega of the Household, yes?"

"Well yeah, but—"

"—but I dominated your ass?"

I blush, but he totally did, and I can't deny it. "Yeah."

"You're really not used to any of this are you? I can see you understand alpha, beta, omega dynamics, but I get the sense you've not experienced healthy ones."

I get hard (and I don't mean my cock), steeling my eyes, not wanting to answer that.

"You don’t have to share that with me until you're ready, but," he sighs. "Allow me to explain. Yes, I'm the omega, so I look after the house, and the kid, and I love it. I enjoy taking care of my family, Dean. I also enjoy being held accountable in that area when I fuck up. I trust Cas, or Sam will do so. Speaking of which, let's get down there before Cas does. He likes his coffee hot when he comes down from his shower."

Wow that's fucking intense somehow. Everyone really bows to this Cas guy. If he wants my submission, he can earn it like Michael did. Fuck that guy.

I get out of bed and Michael hands me a pair of his boxers. "A clean pair for you," he says with a kiss to my lips.

I reach to grab my jeans after I put Michael's boxers on – yeah mine are pretty gross – he smacks my ass. "Ow!"

"No way, Dean. That's enough clothes. I want everyone to see my work of art."

"You possessive bastard." He wants them to see he owns my ass. "Why let me wear boxers at all then?"

"You just said it, I'm a possessive bastard. I'm not ready to give all of you away yet. I mean, I'll have to, but I'm keeping this for me at least through breakfast," he says grabbing my cock, which perks up like a puppy for him. "Besides, those need washing, which I will do for you."

I glare at him, but he's not fazed in the least. "Come, let's brush your hair, and teeth and make you look pretty for Cas."

I follow him to the bathroom, not willing to test him, I'm not in subspace, or anything like that, but I'm still feeling fairly subby. Michael just seems to do that for me.

He's dressed in a green, V-neck t-shirt, and clean pair of jeans, and I'm in fucking boxers, but whatever I guess, seems warm enough in here. If that's what Michael wants, I'll do it. I think I'm falling in love, but I'm hesitant to dive in just yet. Still plenty of time to fuck this up, and have him never wanting to speak to me again.

Michael is super fucking happy, and pretty sure it's because of me, as we stroll down the stairs holding hands, but all the joy is wiped off his face when we arrive in the kitchen. I don't get it. I try to see what's making Michael look like someone killed his dog, but I just can't. Tears start streaming down his face, as he pulls the coffee pot out analyzing it in extreme disbelief that there's coffee in it (half-filled, someone's taken some) and that it's still hot.

I start freaking the fuck out inside. I don't know what to do to make it better, because I don't know what the fuck is wrong. I do see the omega in him now, the one that needs a strong presence to please, and take care of. He's soft now, and kinda falling apart if you ask me. I run a hand through my hair wondering if I should take the coffee pot from him and bury it in the backyard, or kill all the coffee in existence for that one coffee pot's crime of putting that look on his face.

Michael might be a possessive bastard, but I'm a protective one. I'm going to kill all the coffee.

Thankfully, before I do something that will most likely end up being foolish, Sam walks in. He's badly disheveled, his floppy hair all over the place, looking like he had the daylights fucked out of him, and I'm guessing he probably did, by two alphas. What would that be like?

When he sets eyes on Michael, he goes into major Top mode, helping Michael set the offensive coffee pot down in its holder, and crying into Sam when Sam takes him in his arms. "It's okay little one, I'm sorry," Sam says running fingers through his hair.

Okay, what the fuck is going on?

"I-I-I was supposed to make it for him Sam. I make Cas's coffee for him," Michael says half-angry, half-broken-hearted, while my heart breaks to fucking pieces.

"I know sweetheart, and he's sorry, but he got called in, and he wanted to let you spend time with Dean."

"But he could have come woken me. I would have made him the coffee before he had to go, I would have got to show him Dean."

"I know, but you know Cas is going to put your needs, especially on this one, at the top of his priority list. He knew you'd be upset, but it was more important you have the time with Dean."

Oh god this is my fault. I worry my lip. I'm out for sure now, aren't I?

"And um," Sam takes a big breath, "he took Jack to school. Jack asked for a ride, and Cas didn't see any reason to refuse him, especially since he's leaving for two days after work. Medical conference."

That's it. That sets Michael off sobbing into Sam's shoulder, saying things like, "I take Jack to school," and "I help him pack for his trips," as Sam sways and coos at him. Sam spies me, with a look on my face that probably says just how confused and worried I am about this whole thing. He tries to explain. "Michael's role in our family is to look after us. He doesn't like when you do something he deems his responsibility. I tried to do my own laundry once and almost got my hand ripped off. If you're really lucky, he'll allow you to help him."

That makes me feel better somehow.

"It's not your fault," Sam says, apparently able to read my mind. "Cas would have made this decision no matter who you were. He could smell how happy Michael was. Both you, and Michael will have to accept Cas's decision."

Huh, I've never truly had to do that before. My parents were both betas.

"You want to help me, help Michael, Dean?"

"Anything," I say.

"Pass me the wooden spoon in that drawer there," he says pointing.

"Sam, nooooo," Michael says.

"C'mon, you know you'll feel better. Hands on the counter, please."

Michael obeys him, but tears are still streaming down his face, the quiet sobs making his upper shoulder girdle hitch, and I hesitate handing Sam the spoon in my hand. "Spoon, Dean." I'm not sure. "Look, I know you don't know me well, and I can see you're protective of Michael, I like that, I'm happy to see that, but he needs this. I won't hurt him, well, anymore than is necessary."

"But, he said no."

"Of course he did. No one likes being spanked with a wooden spoon, but he always feels better after. You'll see." And when I still hesitate. "Tell you what, if I'm wrong, and he's not fine after, I'll let you go nuts on my ass with it. Deal?"

Sam does not have to make deals with me that he is says a bit about my state right now. I like the deal though, so I nod and hand him the spoon.

He's already got Michael's pants and boxers down, exposing his ass, which already has some cute little bruises on it, ones I noticed last night, probably from other spankings. Sam starts in with the spoon at a hefty pace that has Michael crying harder, and lifting his feet. "Ow, Sam! That hurts."

"Supposed to my love. C'mon, put your head down, sink into it."

Michael stacks his fists one top of the other, and puts his head down on the top one. His face winces with pain, as Sam continues right on spanking him through a nice shade of pink, and into an angry red. I can tell how much it hurts, and wince right along with him at some of the particularly hard whacks. All the while, he's beautiful. Michael getting spanked like this is tender, an intimate thing I feel privileged to get to see.

Sure as the sky is blue though, Michael does calm down. He stops crying, and his breathing evens out. His hands are flat now, his head resting on them on the counter, as Sam rubs his likely smarting ass. "Dean, in the cupboard there, is a bottle of aloe. Would you grab it for me?"

"Oh, uh, yeah."

I grab it, and Sam spends some time smoothing it over his freshly spanked skin, pulling up his boxers and pants for him when he's done. Sam stands him up for another hug. "All better?" Sam asks.

Michael sniffles. "Yeah. Thanks, Sam."

Sam raises his eyebrows over me as if to say, "see?"

Yeah, I fucking see. Sam knows exactly what to do in this kind of situation, which highlights for me how much I do not. Not just in this situation, but many others in my life. I take my hat off to this guy. Sam leans Michael's head back and kisses his forehead, wiping Michael's tears away with his thumb.

"There now, go look after Dean, make sure he's not traumatized, and then I want breakfast on the table – we have a guest," Sam says not looking happy about it.

Sam turns Michael to me and he puts his arms around me. For the first time, I feel like I'm comforting him even if Sam eluded to different, and Michael scents me like crazy. Ahhhh, I see what Sam meant. I was still freaking the fuck out. Michael's scent instantly calms me. It also helps we've just had sex a whole bunch, which strengthens his scent's affect on me. I immediately relax while still offering my comfort.

"Who's our guest?" Michael asks, which surprises me, since I thought I was the guest.

"Gabriel," Sam says and it's heavy.

Michael laughs, squeezing me tight. "That why you look like that?"

"Partially. The man's insatiable. Thank god I smelled your distress, or I'd be there still."

"I think you look beautiful, all well-fucked like that," Michael says.

"I look like a whore," Sam says sitting down in one of the kitchen chairs. "And Cas says I have to, ugh." He lets his head fall onto the table. Knowing how stern the man is, it's damn adorable watching him pout.

"Said you have to what?" Michael urges.

Sam lifts his head. "Said I have to make him comfortable, because Cas is a fucking sadist. I'm home from work until Gabriel decides to leave, which might be never at the pace he's going." Sam lets his head fall back down to the table. "I'm running away." He's not going to be running away very fast at that pace though.

I quirk my lips at Michael narrowing my eyes in concern. "Come," he says leading me to a spot near the counter. "Up. I want you sitting right here on this counter, so I can look at you while I cook."

I let him help me up, even though I can do it myself, still looking over at Sam who I think has closed his eyes. "Don't worry about him," Michael says quietly. "He likes the game with Gabriel, as much as anyone else. Gabriel does something to him inside, brings out the small bit of brat in him, which Sam likes to pout about."

"But he, the whore thing…"

Michael leans into my ear. "Oh Dean. Sam loves being Daddy's whore. You'll see."

Holy mother fucking shit. Yeah, okay, I really want to see that, sorry Sammy.

"Can't I help you with something? I feel like a tool just sitting here."

Michael's eyes get dangerous. "No. Your job is to sit there and look pretty. I make the breakfast."

"Whoa. Yes, sir. Can I have some of that coffee at least?" What? I'm asking him to get it for me, which he likes, and pretty sure that spanking really did make him okay with the whole Cas-making-his-own-coffee-this-morning-thing. I think.

"I'll get you a coffee. You sit your pretty ass there. You take cream and sugar?"

"Just cream please."

Michael makes me the perfect coffee, and I'm enjoying sipping on it, as I watch sexy Michael whip together pancakes like a pro, as Sam continues pouting even declining Michael's offer of coffee. Okay yeah, this is pretty fucking entertaining. This Household is weird, but I'm really starting to fall for it. It's got a really cozy feeling.

I lean over to snag a piece of bacon, which I think is going to get my hand slapped, but when I pout at Michael, he nods, and I take three slices. As I'm polishing off my third slice, Sam's head snaps up. "Tell him I'm peeing – for the next five years." Sam runs out the back of the kitchen.

Before I can piece all of that together, I hear a new voice. "Sam. Sam? Oh, good morning Michael. Who do we have here?"

Oh yeah. This is an alpha all right. His energy fills the whole room, hardly making space for anything else in it. He's not even the largest alpha I've ever seen, yet it doesn't fucking matter; I'm kinda mesmerized watching him do something, as simple as adjust his suit jacket. My heart's beating out of its fucking chest. "Um D-D-Dean, sir," I say. I've never met an alpha like him. How the hell did Sam run away from this guy?

"Good morning, Gabriel. Stop scaring him," Michael says.

How does Michael talk to him like that? No stuttering.

"C'mere little one," Gabriel says with a wink, and then pulls him away from his pancake flipping to kiss him deeply. Michael's panting, staring in awe at the alpha when Gabriel pulls away. Alpha's tend to have that affect, especially on omegas.

"Does everyone call him that?" I blurt out.

"That's his nick," Gabriel says.

"There seem to be a lot of those," I say feeling a little more comfortable knowing Michael's willing to, oh god, protect me from the sexy, smoldering, alpha.

"You'll have one soon enough," Michael says, which makes me a little uncomfortable. I still don't feel like any of this is really mine. I'm not sure I deserve it. "Cas will give you something we'll all use, and I'll have my own for you of course."

"Yeah, and I'm calling you green eyes for now. Michael, love a coffee," Gabriel says stealing a slice of toast.

"Gabriel, crumbs! I will get you a coffee, and whatever you want, just ask."

I get the distinct impression Gabriel does not like Michael's tone, which was less playful the his initial one. "Didn't Sam come down here to spank you?"

Michael knows he's about to get lectured. He looks down "Yes, sir."

"Eyes up here, Michael. You still seem a little riled. I know you wouldn't take that tone with me otherwise."

"I'm sorry, sir. Maybe a little, but the spanking did help."

"Very well, but I've got my eye on you, and I am sorry about the crumbs. Would you get me a plate?"

Michael smiles, and nods.

"Speaking of misbehaving boys, if Sam doesn't get his bubble butt out here soon… where is he?"

"Something about peeing," I say.

"For five years," Michael adds winking at me.

"I see. That's fine, I can wait, the anticipation of what's waiting out here for him will kill him." Gabriel takes a seat with his toast, which is now on a plate, as Michael fixes him a coffee.

My cock is kind of excited about whatever Gabriel's going to do to Sam. If Sam ever comes back. I go back to watching Michael stack pancakes onto a plate, and sip my coffee. Gabriel opens the newspaper.

When Michael's got everything on the table, he pulls me off the counter, and carries me over, my legs wrapped around his torso, which is kinda fucking cool; I'm realizing how much I like being manhandled.

Sam saunters in from the front of the kitchen even though he'd gone out the back, just as we're about to dig in, the scent of unease peeling off him, so heavily even I can smell it. He knows he's in trouble. He pretends like nothing's happened. "Pancakes, my favorite," he says, but he doesn't join us at the table yet. He analyzes Gabriel, and when Gabriel says nothing, Sam moves to sit in the chair to Gabriel's right.

"I don't think so, Sam. You're sitting right here," he says sliding out his chair, gesturing toward his lap.


"You took off, and disobeyed me. We're going to show everyone your place including you. Sit."

I see a visible change in Sam, he still has some of that playful resistance Michael eluded to, but his unease vanishes. He continues to pout, but he's alert to the fact the alpha before him is truly unimpressed, and he needs to start making up for that, fast.

Sam sits gingerly, like he might get eaten. I'm so fucking intrigued, I stop eating, and Michael has to cut me a slice of pancake, stab it onto a fork for me, place it in my hand, and nudge it up to my lips. I enjoy the sweet syrup on my tongue (Michael makes good fucking pancakes), my eyes riveted, as Gabriel stuffs his hand down Sam's pajama pants.

Sam is partially mortified, partially really the fuck turned on, which I can relate to. It doesn't take much to have him start panting, and leaning his head back on Gabriel's shoulder, as Gabriel strokes his cock. "Michael, there a bottle of slick about? I'm sure Sam's got lots ruining his pants, but I want to leave it there."

"Noooo, Gabriel, please," Sam says.

"I'm sorry, but are you in charge?"

"No, sir."

"Besides, are you not enjoying this?"

"I am but, I'll come w-w-with the slick."

"You'll come when I say you will, but yes, that is the general idea."

Michael hands him the bottle, and Sam jumps such that Gabriel has to pull him back down when his wet hand makes contact with Sam's hard penis again. Michael sits beside me, helping me eat some more, as we watch Sam get taken apart, slowly lose it, going under and into the land of subspace. "That's better, see how pliant he is, Dean?" Gabriel sucks hickies into the skin of Sam's neck, as his eyes flutter closed, and Gabriel continues to stroke his cock without mercy.

Sam is moaning, and begging, near crying. "Please, Gabriel. Please."

"Interesting. Still Gabriel though. Is that how you speak to Daddy?" he says low in his ear, but loud enough I can still hear.

"No," Sam whines.

Watching Sam suffer like this, as he holds back an orgasm threatening to make its way out of him every second Gabriel works his cock over, is exquisite, as it is fascinating. Sam is a unicorn. He's got a rare sort of beauty, and grace that must be created by magic. I'm feeling damn lucky to get to be here for this.

"Well then, ask me properly. See, sometimes Dean, us alphas have to teach lessons we've already taught. Pouty betas forget. Sam?"

Sam can barely talk as he pushes up into Gabriel's hand, squeezing, trying to hold back the orgasm. "Daddy please? Please may I come?"

"That's better. But tell me, how will you make it up to me if I let you, hmmmm?"

"I'll suck your cock, Daddy. I'll make it good."

Gabriel laughs. "You like sucking Daddy's cock though, how's that making it up? Sounds like more reward to me."

Sam's lids crack open for a second, long enough their eyes catch, and they both smile crazy stupid at each other. "Yeah, I do."

Ha! I see it now, what Michael was talking about. They have some kind of thing going, and while I can't claim to completely understand it, anyone can see it's their version of everything they want between them. "Okay Sam," Gabriel says slowly like he's very sacred. "You may come."

Panting hard with sharp exhales, Sam lets go the hold he's had on his cock, and comes like a volcano, spewing all over Gabriel's hand, Gabriel's hands a lot smaller than Sam's let me tell you, and somehow that makes the whole thing hotter. Sam has to work to catch his breath after that one, as Gabriel feeds him his own come, sliding his fingers past Sam's lips as Sam licks them greedily. "See what a subby boy he is for me?" Gabriel says to me.

I don't know how I got my own show, but fuck I'm happy to have it.

"On your knees Sam. Take off your shirt."

Sam doesn't lose eye contact with Gabriel, as he gracefully kneels, and removes his shirt at the same time, balling it up and tossing it to the side. "Very good, hands behind your back," he says, as he unzips his pants and pulls out his large cock. I should have expected it, but the size difference between Sam and Gabriel height-wise is different (Sam is tall for a beta, Gabriel is shorter for an alpha), but all alphas have ginormous cocks, and Gabriel is no different.

With large, subby eyes, Sam looks up at Gabriel and when Gabriel nods, Sam swallows him whole, keeping his hands behind his back, hands clasped, and arms straight. Sam is a fabulous cocksucker, and he's mastered the craft so that even Gabriel an alpha (who are known for their endurance) is struggling to maintain hold.

Gabriel fucks his face, and Sam's able to keep up, his already messy hair getting messier, as he works Gabriel's cock over. Just before Gabriel's about to come, he pulls out, and paints Sam's chest with it. "That was perfect, perfect Sam."

Sam smiles adoringly, as Gabriel helps him stand kissing him. "Wait until that dries, and then put your shirt on. No washing it off 'till Cas gets home."

That brings Sam halfway back to the surface real quick. "But, but Daddy, he's going to flip out and he'll—you know what he did to me last time you did that."

"Yes, yes I do. Don't misbehave for Daddy if you don't want to be punished, and you still have a spanking coming before I leave, but that'll teach you, not to mention the phone call I'll get from Cas will be fun. Now sit and eat. Michael, fix Sam a coffee."

Gabriel barks orders, and everyone jumps to it even if Sam is left pouting. I'm starting to learn a bit, and I can see that while Sam isn't thrilled about the 'punishment', he's not all that put out by it either. In fact, I'd say he's just this side of sub drunk, occasionally gazing up at Gabriel with googly eyes like he is.

When breakfast is done, Gabriel stands up. "Thank you for breakfast, Michael. Delicious as always."

Michael stands so Gabriel can kiss him. "Thank you, sir."

"Dean," he says and I straighten the fuck up. His voice is powerful. "I hope Michael will stop being, so possessive, and let me have that sweet mouth on my cock." He's teasing Michael, Michael doesn't have to let him.

"I know I have to share," Michael says. "Is it too much to ask for 'till the end of breakfast?"

"He's safe from me, for now," Gabriel says winking at me. "I know I have to wait 'till Cas brings him into the family officially. Sam, you'll be happy to know I'm leaving, don't miss me too much, I'll be back before you know it."

"Joy," he says. He's so sarcastic, you'd never know just minutes ago Gabriel was feeding Sam bacon, and Sam was kissing his fingers.

"That's right, I knew that smart mouth existed for some reason; to remind me." He bends, and manages to easily lift Sam over his shoulder, smacking his ass.

"Hey! Gabriel, put me down!"

All of this supports the theory behind mating, and strength and hormones. Gabriel shouldn't be able to lift Sam like that, but he does and it's easy for him. "This one needs good spanking. Sorry Dean-o, I'm saving it just for us. See you guys soon."

Sam complains and beats on his shoulder, but Gabriel carts him off like he's nothing.

"We need to clean this up," Michael says when we can't hear Sam anymore.

"Are you actually going to let me help you this time?"

"No. You're going back to your spot on the counter."


"Maybe you need to see what the wooden spoon feels like?"

"So was that the same spot, or somewhere else you wanted me?"

I hop back up to where I was, and Michael brings me more coffee. He cleans, and I sip. "So what is the deal with Gabriel?"

"That is a long story, but we have a little time for the short version. Cas and Gabriel were best friends growing up. They always did their alpha sex thing as an off and on venture, but as you know alpha's decide whether they will mate, or not. So far Gabriel's never wanted to join the Household officially, he likes being an outside member."

"He and Sam seem to be… close."

Michael laughs. "Yes. Although Cas and Gabe always had their very casual sex thing, when Gabriel met Sam he was besotted. Cas was also looking for someone for Sam to be a bit more… free with. Cas needs to have an extreme amount of control for his level of alpha, which means Sam really has to be careful. Cas is the strictest with Sam due to the relationship that evolved between them because of their energies, but Sam also needed Gabriel's more playful energy, a Daddy, to balance him out."

"Sam really runs the spectrum of roles."

"You got that. Sam is the best sub I've ever seen, he's got such range, but when he's dominant, watch out, though you saw him in action there, and I think you know."

Boy do I.

"You think Gabe ever will join the family?"

Michael shrugs. "Not sure."

Michael's nearly done clean up when Sam returns. Michael's fucking meticulous, you could eat off his floors and all of that. Hell, I bet sometimes people in this house do.

Sam looks a lot more relaxed than he did last night, and even this morning, and this time he comes bearing a notebook. He's fully dressed in grey slacks, and a long-sleeved button-up shirt, yellow tie, and glasses. "Michael, I need to borrow Dean for a few minutes, I have instructions for you two, and then I'm heading into work."

Michael pulls me down from the counter – like I can't on my own, or something – and sends me over to the table with a hefty whack to my ass. "That was so unnecessary," I complain.

"Have you seen your ass? I assure you it was very necessary," Michael says.

I scowl at him, as I head over to the table where Sam sits gingerly. Michael notices too. "What did he use?" Michael asks.

"Fucking wooden hairbrush."

"Ouch, that thing is murder."

"You're telling me."

"Did he put aloe on you?" Michael asks.

"I'm taken care of little one," Sam says starting to slip back to his dominant edge. "But thank you sweetheart. Now, as for Dean, Cas said you say the word, and I can request his papers."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, my papers?" I say. In all the sex and fun I forgot about where this was going. As you might have observed, I was totally into it this morning, but brining up my papers is so serious and final, and in true Dean Winchester style, I throw a huge fit. "I think it's time for me to go."

Sam rolls his eyes at me. "Oh please. You know how this works. Michael?"

"Yes. His papers. He contested me, and I won."

"I can see that," Sam says gesturing to all the marks on my mostly naked body. "I'll get that started today at work—"

"—at work? What do you do?"

"I'm a lawyer, Dean."

Ugh, of course he is, which means he knows the ins and outs of every law. He starts writing stuff down in his notebook, which I try to see, but can't. I'm going to have to go at this another way. "This Cas guy hasn't even met me yet, what if he doesn't like me?"

"Cas was clear, this was to be Michael's choice. My advice to you is to get on Cas's good side, but either way you will be treated well, and loved. As for you Dean, Cas wants you fitted for a custom cock cage, which you will wear twenty-four-seven."

"What?! That's outrageous. I haven't met him, and he's already dictating my life?"

Sam and Michael exchange a look. "You have lived on Earth before right? You know how this works, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. Fine cock cage, what else?" I am a bit of a rule follower, which is odd, because I also like to break the rules just as often – I'm complicated.

"First lets talk about what has you in a snit," Sam says.

"Why you a counselor too, now?"

"Last chance, or we're having this conversation over my knee."

"Look, I know the rules, okay? But I just think it's polite to at least come say hi to a person before you start telling them their cock is getting locked up forever, which sucks by the way."

"He really is sorry he couldn't come say hi, but he had to go for work. But the cock cage Dean, you'll love it, Cas knows what he's doing."

Not for the last time, who is this Cas guy? The Wizard of Oz?

I don't bother repeating how much he doesn't know me, or what I'll like since he's never met me, because it doesn't seem to matter to anyone. I remember something. "Contest. I can contest this, I know my rights."

"Of course you can, but Michael dominated you, and he's definitely a subby omega, more dominant than most omegas, sure, but really fucking subby. He'll tell you that himself." I swallow because Michael's not subby at all with me, so if Sam's saying he is for him… "And when Gabriel was around, you could barely speak to him."

Thinking of Gabriel, and the way he lifted Sam the gigantor over his shoulder like nothing brings me to my next argument. "It's an energies thing, and a hormone thing. Maybe, uh, all 'a that will be different with me and Cas."

Michael and Sam both laugh. "I highly doubt it Dean, but you are welcome to try at your own risk. You saw that I call Gabriel, Daddy yes?" He raises a brow at me, and I nod. "I call Cas, Master."

A fucking delicious chill goes through me.

"Except for that one time you called him Overlord," Michael says laughing.

"That was one time," Sam says chagrined, but then he starts laughing along with Michael.

"Oh my god, what did he do to you?" This Cas Guy sounds like serious business. I'm surprised Sam's still alive.

"Strung me from the rafters, literally, and decided to take my snark as a suggestion. I had to call him Overlord for a month, in which he did an exemplary job of acting like an real Overlord." Sam shivers a bit, remembering. "So much crawling. My knees were bruised."

I can't help laughing too. This Cas Guy sounds like he does have a sense of humor. I think he's just insanely strict with Sam, and I'm keeping my energies theory that he'll be different with me. "What do you call him, Michael?" I ask.

Michael stops laughing. "Sir," he says, but he's too short.

"There something else to that?" I say. "I'm gonna see anyway, dude."

"You'll see it when you see it then."

He is not happy. "Jeez. Fine."

Sam interrupts our first mini-disagreement. "You are correct Dean, about the different energies, you and Cas will have your own special relationship, I'm not saying you won't, but my example was to illustrate just how dominant Cas is. You dominating him? Not even a chance, but I've known Cas a long time, and I think there's going to be something special between you two – something he's been looking for." Sam has a twinkle in his eye.

Suddenly, Michael gets very loud with his putting the dishes away. "Come here, Mr. Omega," Sam says. Michael plods over, and Sam pulls him into his lap. "You already have something special with Dean, we'll each have something special with Dean. Michael's super possessive," Sam tells me.

"I gathered that."

"I know Sam, but I've been waiting for this," Michael says.

"And you feel like you've barely gotten a turn, and everyone's taking him from you."

"Him is right here, Jesus, and him says he'd really like more sex with Michael, and some clothes."

Sam releases Michael, and Michael kisses me. "Almost done, and then we'll play."

"And I have instructions from Cas to give, so listen up. The woman fitting you for your cock cage will be by at one, you won't give her trouble, you'll behave yourself, or else."

"Oh yeah, Samm—"

"—watch it Dean, I don’t have time to spank you now, but I'll show you what the hairbrush feels like when I get home if you finish that sentence."

"I'll be an angel, Sam," he says, lying blithely. If Sam, or Cas think I'm sitting still through that, they have another thing coming.

"Michael, see that he behaves."

"Hey that's not fair – can he do that?" I ask Michael.

Sam answers. "I'm First Mate, which means I can do that. I can do a lot of things. Moving on, Cas is gone for two days, and in that two days he wants you, Michael, to acquaint you, Dean with the general house rules. Dean, you will have the same rule as Jack about leaving the house; it's not allowed without an escort."

"What? Why do I get that rule? Has everyone forgotten I'm a beta? Just because Michael out-dominated me, or whatever, doesn't mean my gender's suddenly changed. I'm still strong enough to handle myself, by myself." I make my voice extra gruff.

"He doesn't know, does he Michael?"

Michael shakes his head. "I was going to ask Cas how to tell him this morning."

"Since he's not here, I'll tell him. Dean you're not a beta."

"Pretty sure I am. Doctor said so when I presented. Can't have babies, and we all know I'm not an alpha, no knot. "

"True, and because of that, for easier classification, your gender got put in the beta category. In fact, the whole 'parts' debate was what kept your gender from being classified properly for so long, was a point of controversy for at least decades. But there's more to gender than sex organs, or lack there of. By default you're a beta, but in actuality you're the fourth gender."

"There's no such thing."

"There is, and it's very special Dean, super rare."

"Okay, I'll bite. Say there is a fourth, what is it?"


"Ha, ha, very funny. I know I can be a brat sometimes, but—"

"Completely serious, Dean. Discovered and named by a Canadian researcher last year. Historically, we always thought they were really subby betas due to yeah, no baby making parts, and no knot, but no, they are in fact their own gender."

"What, but wouldn't that be more my orientation, again the parts?"

Sam shakes his head. "Gender isn't just about parts. It's part about parts, but there's more to it. There's a deep biological component that will mean you'll require certain protections, and rules for your particular psyche."

"Say I buy all of that – which I'm not saying yet – why would it be, alpha, beta, brat, omega? See what I'm saying?"

"First of all it's alpha, beta, omega, brat, and I do see what you're saying. Brat is the lay term, Sigma is the designation."

I cross my arms. "Well until I see a doctor, I'm a beta."

"Fine, call yourself what you want for now, but you'll follow the rules regardless, Dean."

"Out of curiosity though, Michael is an omega, same as Jack, why doesn't he have the same rule?"

"Cas does have some rules for Michael surrounding leaving the house, he can't go anywhere he wants, and he prefers Michael is picked up and dropped off by one of us, but as you know the rules for each gender are suggestions, and not law, the alpha ultimately decides based on a few factors like how subby, and unique personality, etcetera."

"Does that mean once Cas gets to know me, he'll make changes?"

"Most likely, but for now, he's following what we know about Sigmas, and therefore the standard recommendations. Quite honestly, it's all so new, we'll be learning as we go with you."

That actually… well I like that. I've felt misunderstood my whole life. These people are going to attempt to understand me? Almost seems too good to be true.

"What makes you think I'm this sigma thing, anyway?"

"Honestly? At first your smell. You don't smell like an alpha, beta, or omega."

Okay, he's got me there. That was one of the things the doctor commented on to my dad when I presented. "He's presented all right," he'd said. "He's making the pheromones, smells different than we'd expect, but no knot, or baby baking gear. This happens sometimes, perfectly normal. Congratulations, son, you're a beta."

I never thought much of it, and it was never a big deal to others. The odd person would comment, but that's as far as it would go.

"And after that?"

Sam laughs. "You're a huge brat, Dean."

"Brat is a noun, not a gender."

Sam shrugs. "You can go argue that with the camp of researches who said the same thing for years, until it was finally accepted, and classified. It isn't something everyone knows about yet even though it was pretty big news a year ago, kinda like that new organ, the mesentery. Same story. Some, like you, are still resistant to that it's even a thing."

"But you were kinda bratty with Gabriel earlier, maybe you're a sigma."

"Aside from the fact that I do indeed smell like a beta, brat is also a noun. It's two things at the same time. I am on occasion a brat with Gabriel, yes, but it's not my gender. Also, I feel that over time people will get more used to going by the classification sigma, versus brat it's just a pretty huge part of being sigma, and the researcher had one of his own who he's very fond of."

"You know a lot about this researcher."

"He's an alpha friend of Cas's, well and mine too, but him and Cas are closer."

I sigh. If it's a lie, it's an elaborate one, and at the end of the day, looks like Cas will be my alpha now too, providing I don't win the contesting, which is still debatable no matter what stupid Sam says, and his rules are the rules. "Anymore rules, Sam?"

"Not from Cas for now, other than the house rules Michael will inform you of. Michael, you two are going to get Jack at three from the university."

"What about my car? It's still at the bar," I tell Sam.

Sam nods. "I'd better bring you guys on that errand. Cas won't want you driving without at least Michael in the car for now."

"What? So, suddenly I can't drive on my own? Overnight?"

"It's not the driving, it's the being on your own part."

"Also been doing that too."

Sam's quiet on that one, but it's not because he doesn't have anything to say, just the opposite, I think he has a lot to say about that. "Everything's going to get sorted as it should be, as to what will work best for you, and everyone in our Household. I promise." He reaches across the table to grab my hand. "You just focus on doing what you're told for now. I know it's hard for you."

I snatch my hand away. "Why because I'm some weird-ass fourth gender?" I probably am too. Sam is hella smart, I can tell, and Cas is a freakin' brain surgeon.

He rolls his eyes. "No Dean. Because you're you. I've had your number since you called me Sammy after I asked you not to."

"Oh that, isn't there some thing about nicknames in this house? Can't that be mine for you?"

"No," he says standing up, wincing as he moves his sore ass. He looks over to Michael. "Cas wants me home for five, so maybe start dinner then, and we'll all eat together for six."

"I'll do that, Sam. Can Dean and I stop to get hamburger ingredients, on our way to picking up Jack? They're Dean's favorite." I told him that last night. How fucking sweet.

Sam holds his notebook to him, checks it, then looks to Michael again. "How about you give me a list, and I'll stop? I can make it home for five, if I leave work a little earlier."

Michael agrees, and then, once again, Sam and Michael kiss like one of them's heading off for war. Sam mistakes my fasciation for desire. "C'mere Dean, you want a kiss too?"

I rub my arms, hugging myself. Okay fine, kinda. I still feel like an outsider, Michael's date for the night, who gets to watch the ongoings of this wild family for a morning, even though I'm apparently about to join it.

"You do," he says pulling me to him. I'm unsure if I want him to kiss me quite like he did Michael, but I'm also wondering what it would be like, especially with Sam in those Clark Kent glasses. "At some point, I'm going to kiss you 'till you can't see straight, but for now…" Holy fuck. He leans in and presses a soft kiss to my lips. It's super chaste, but manages to feel indecent. "See you both later, and behave."


So there you have it, dominated by a smoking hot omega, pancakes in my underwear, alpha daddies, kisses from Superman, might be some new-age fourth gender, and about to be adopted by the Wizard of Oz. Weird night, huh?

At first I was shocked at being held down and fucked by an omega, but the more I see of these people, the more I wonder if I don't just want them to conquer me, and force me to sleep in the middle of all of them. Guess we'll find out, when Cas gets home.

Chapter Text

Book II – The Alpha

Michael dresses me in a pair of his jeans, and a white t-shirt, which is just a tad small on me, once again showing I've got more muscle, which is apparently useless with Michael. I look myself over in the mirror at the new hickies Michael sucked onto my neck.

"I'm going to get you a collar," Michael says.

"You just want your own special claim on me," I tease him.

"I do." He's serious. I love the chills Serious Michael gives me. I'm starting to notice how different I feel around each person. With Michael I have an intense desire to please him, which is more sub-like than I've ever been with a beta. I'm always just on the edge of subspace, with Michael even when we're not doing sexy stuff, which is relaxing for a guy like me.

"Am I ready?" I ask. I'm glad for the clothes, but I don't get why he's so meticulous dressing me, when I'm likely going to have to drop my drawers for whoever's coming by to measure my junk. Starting to think that's just Michael, Mr. Meticulous.

"Almost, just one more thing to do," he says. That's when I notice the leather paddle.

"What? What's the paddle for, Michael?"

"I know there's still part of you that thinks I'm a pushover, because I'm an omega."

He's right to some degree, I did think that, past tense, but even after seeing him be very omega this morning, I have no doubt as to who claimed my ass (several times by this point), and that he did so fair and square. I'm even losing my desire to contest him. "I really don't, Michael," I say.

"I suppose we'll see then, because I'm about to introduce you to a rule, my rule. One I think Cas is going to institute anyway, but whether he does, or not this is for you and me."

Whoa, I'm yeah. I'm paying a-fucking-tention. "Yeah, sweetheart?" I swallow.

"I've read all about simga, and I've put it together with what I know of you. A spanking before something where you know your sigma's likely to misbehave, and definitely before going out of the house. We're leaving not long after your fitting, so this will kill two birds with one stone."

I look at the thing, and then back to Michael. "Every time?"

"Every time. Come, you will grow to be comforted by it."

"If I'm even this sigma-whatever-thing. And if I'm not? Can I use this spanking toward when I really have misbehaved?" Because we all know I will.

"First of all, whether you are sigma, or not, this is a good idea for you. Cas is very good at reading these things, and has taught me. I will do what is best for you." That Guy Cas again. I cross my arms at the thought of Cas. "Second, this is not a punishment. You can think of it as maintenance, or a gentle, physical reminder to behave yourself. Your behavior, and well-being is on me too now, you're going to be able to depend on family in a way I suspect you haven't been able to before."

Wow so, there's really no talking him out of this. Now my arms are really crossed at him. "B-But I don't want a spanking," I complain.

"I thought you might test me. You're getting this spanking Dean. You can come willingly, or I'll make you. I don't care which, but it will be better for you if you obey me."

Holy shit his domineering ways turn me on. Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, it's the thought of displeasing him making me head over to him, not concern about a worse spanking, though that's not appetizing either. "Thank you, Dean. Put your hands on the wall."

I do, but lean into snag a kiss when his head passes by. He reciprocates smiling, as he undoes and pulls down my jeans and boxers. Michael uses the paddle liberally, and it hurts, making my ass sting, warming it to the point I'm not going to forget I've been spanked, but it's not a terrible spanking. His last five whacks do warn of what's to come if I misbehave.

When he's done, he helps me with my jeans, and kisses me sweetly. "That hurt," I complain anyway.

"Behave yourself, or it's going to hurt a lot more," he says not feeling sorry for me in the least.

"Sooooo, this cock cage thing, really forever?"

"S'what Cas, said." Right and we do everything that Guy Cas says around here. "I know you don't know him yet, but you'll see. He's a gifted alpha," Michael says getting all dewy-eyed. He has to wipe a tear away. "Sorry, I—"

"—this morning?"

"A little, and I don't do so well when he's gone. Omegas need their mated alpha, Dean."

"Well I know I ain't much, but you got me," I tell him wanting to wipe that sad look off his face.

"You're everything. How do you think Sam keeps it together?"

"By looking after his charges?"

"Exactly. Looking after you helps."

"Well then you just look after me, sweetheart. Take real good care of me," I say. Yes I mean sex, but he's not buying what I’m selling.

"Dean Winchester, get your ass moving downstairs."

"That's not the kinda taking care of I meant."

"I know what you meant, but it's not what you needed. Stop your pouting, and get going," he says with a whack to my ass.

The cock cage fitter's name is Annie, and she's a real hard ass beta. I'm in no mood for her, or her measuring my junk. I'm not feeling cooperative, but that spanking is fresh enough I go through the motions of what she says, if mulishly. "You're his dominant?" she asks Michael.

"Would be. I have claimed him and he'll be joining our Household. Here's the order with Castiel Novak's signature," Michael says handing her a paper.

"Everything looks in order here. All right, Dean, everything off waist down."

I narrow my eyes at her, but I unbutton my jeans before Michael can (he seems to like to do that stuff, but submitting for this thing is all I can handle right now) and let them drop to the floor. I pull my boxers off too, but it's pretty clear I'd rather be doing anything else. "Dean," Michael warns.

I cross my arms not willing to do anything more than stand there. We're in the living room, where anyone could walk by, and see, but thankfully no one is home. The feeling there could be is still there, though. I've never been shy about baring all, but to have my cock measured for this? That's a whole other thing. Of course though, my stupid cock likes it, and this is a problem.

"We're going to need a bowl of ice water for that," she says, and I'm sure my cheeks are the color of cherries.

"I'll get you one, Ma'am," Michael says, which tells me what kind of energy he's picking up from her. "Dean, behave yourself."

Behave yourself, Dean, blech! Normally I dig that, but not when I'm trying to get my dick un-hard. The idea of sticking it in cold water would normally be enough, but then Michael has to go and say that.

While Michael's gone, she measures the circumference of my balls, casual as you please. "These are big for a sigma," she says.

"Verdict's not out on that yet. Still haven't seen the doctor," I say as politely as I can. She does have me literally by the balls.

She laughs. "Don't need a doctor, worked on enough sigma's to know what one smells like." She's a rough sort of person, but the way she says that hints to some amount of softness, and that I can understand. "Who do you think they call when they find out they've got a sigma?"

Good point. If twenty-four-seven cock cage wear is known as standard protocol for sigmas, she's going to get a large majority of her patrons as sigmas. Lots of people use cock cages, but custom made's expensive, and only required for long term wear. "What do I smell like? The sigma part, I mean."

"Other than trouble," she says with a pointed look to my crossed arms, which I uncross with a huff, "it's something like pine trees, and winter. I've found sigmas have an Earthy quality to them, which is a contradiction; on the one hand, they're wild, not grounded at all, but on the other, if they've got the right environment, they're solid, and thriving."

I smile at that, feeling proud for the first time since hearing about this fourth gender nonsense. Kinda sounds like me.

"But solid as they be, they still find cause for bratting, and I have many toys I can make for your alpha to help with that, so you'd better watch yourself, young man."


That's when Michael returns with the death for my nuts via bowl of icy hell. "Sorry, ma'am, is he not behaving himself?"

"He's fine, for now, but you're going to need to hold his hands behind his back for me," she says taking the bowl.

"What? Michael?"

"Shhhh, you're gonna be fine, Dean," he says gathering my arms behind me, which is way too easy for him to do. Yeah fine, because I probably will punch her in the face when she sticks my nuts in the ice bath, if he doesn't restrain me.

"Mother fucking fuck!" I shout when the merciless bitch submerges my balls. "Fucking cunt."

"Dean!" Michael says.

She laughs hysterically. "I've been called worse. It's a natural reaction to having your balls reduced to frozen peas."

You're telling me, but while my nuts are running up into my stomach, my cock is taking its sweet ass time. "H-h-how, how long?" I ask, because fuck this is painful.

"Until that goes down. Shouldn’t be much longer."

Michael looks like he actually feels bad. "Cas, would love this," he tells me. "Me, not so much. I'll make you feel good after," he promises.

Cas would love this? He really is a sadistic bastard, isn't he?

It's the longest sixty-eight seconds of my life, but my dick finally does go down, and she removes the bowl, takes the final measurement she needs (of my cock when it's soft) and allows me to redress, which Michael won't let me do by myself. "You're not even sorry," I accuse her, outraged.

"Not everyday I get to work on a bratty little sigma pretty, as you. Don't worry, I'll make you one of my best cages yet."

I don't know how to respond. Is that how she thinks she can make it up to me? Thankfully Michael steps in, pulling me to him, getting a bit possessive. I think… I think I can smell it. "How long will it take, ma'am?"

I see her eying up Michael's hot body too. "Shouldn't be much longer than a week. Then we'll need to make sure it fits right, and make any adjustments."

"Pervy old woman," I say when she's gone.

Michael laughs. "She adored you. Everyone does."

"You think, Cas will?"

Michael's been scenting me since she left, remarking his territory, rubbing his scent all over me, and it calms me when I consider about what this mysterious alpha might think about me. Don't have a great history with alphas. "He will love you. I know it. He needs someone like you in his life – Cas can have fun and joke and laugh, but he's too serious sometimes. I think you'll make him laugh, like you do me."

I do like the sound of that, and it's easier to believe with his scent all over me like it is. I love his scent, like sunshine and rainbows. "Michael, what do I smell like to you?" I made the mistake of asking an alpha that once. Once, and never again. Already, I feel like I can ask Michael.

"When I was a little boy, I would pick lilacs with my grandmother. She wore a pretty perfume, one I don’t recall the name of, and it would blend with the scent of the flowers. We would sing, and laugh, all the while that scent surrounding us."

"Are you telling me I smell like an old lady?"

He laughs. "I'm telling you, you smell like my favorite memory, and one of my favorite people. She also happened to be one of the only people who could make me laugh as much as you do."

That's, one of the best things I've ever heard in my life.

"Now c'mon blue balls," he says with his patented smirk. "We have chores to do before we leave, which is soon."

"That mean I get to help?"


"Then why do you keep saying, we?"

"Because you do have a job, which is to keep me entertained, or in the least give me something pretty to look at, while I do my job."

"Does this job, pay?"

"Not very well," he says taking my hand.

"What's in it for me then?"

"I would be pleased."

Dammit. He knows me too well already. "All right fine, but if you want to see anything naked that's gonna cost extra."


After watching Michael fold all the towels in the world, and then clean one of the upstairs bathrooms, Michael tells me it's time to go, and we load ourselves into the car and head to the university. "So, Cas let you get your license, hey?" If omegas want a license, their alpha, or beta has to sign for them. Oh my god, is there a law for sigma like that?

"He did. Not at first, but over time. Cas is…" he trails off smiling that loony smile people seem to get when they think of Cas. That Guy, Cas. "Cas is this odd mix of cool secret agent, and hot science nerd, meets panther."

"Okay, but what makes you look like that about him?" He can't be that good, can he?

"He knows how to make you feel that unnamable thing inside. It's like he knows the address to the place your sexuality and kink live, and can turn on the electricity there, so well, just him walking in the room turns it on. Wait and see what happens to us, we can barely speak. It's somehow terrifying in the best way. I don't know how Sam manages to talk as much as he does."

"That's what I smell, his unease about it."

"You can smell that already?"

"Should I not?"

"More of those nuances usually happen after mating Dean, though I'm not surprised. Maybe it's a sigma thing."

"Yeah maybe."

"And I would say for Sam, it's not unease per se. It's like how it feels to have to try and talk to your crush in high school, and constantly be impressive. We all just want to impress Cas, so badly. Sam's around him more, and has far more responsibility than the rest of us. They have meetings about the Household, where Cas tells Sam what he'd like him to enforce, and implement when he can't."

"Does Sam like all that responsibility?"

"Most of the time. Sam is a sub who needs challenge, he'd get bored without Cas pushing him to the edge like he does. Wait 'till you see them play, they're magnificent. Sam really knows how to suffer, and it brings him to a height you can only get when you're pushed in just the right way."

"But then he needs to let of steam sometimes with an alpha like Gabriel," I think out loud.


"What's with the notebook?"

Michael laughs. "Sam's notebook. Filled with Cas decrees. There are a lot of them, and some of them crossover. He solves all those puzzles and lets us know, which is why we ask him a lot."

"That why he had to look when you asked about swinging by the grocery store?"

"Yeah. My guess is that Sam wasn't sure what to do if we were late picking up Jack."

"Why not suggest we get Jack first, and then the groceries?"

"He would need to ask Cas if he was okay with that, which is why I didn't ask it that way. Sam probably wasn't sure if you were allowed either, and he likes to bother Cas as little as possible when he's away."

"So, he fucks up, makes a little mistake, maybe you get spanked, or something, what's the big deal?"

Michael raises his brows at me. "Spanking is just one form of punishment, Dean. There are plenty of others to be worried about. Aside from the whole punishment aspect, no one wants Cas disappointed in them. Having Cas's favor makes you feel like you can fly, his disappointment is anguish. There's even another layer on top of that. It's exciting when Cas sets a challenge for you, or lays an order down. It's all submission. You're not used to submitting are you Dean?"

Yeah, bet he's starting to wonder about that. "I submit nicely for you."

"You do, but that’s because of how our energies worked out. You never even tried to submit to anyone. From what you told me, you either contested, or found omegas."

"Yeah there's something," I admit. "But it's a huge bummer. Can I tell you another time?"

Michael nods keeping his eyes on the road. "It sounds like something for being cozied up with the world's most amazing alpha, and your strong yet soft beta, and your best omega in a big bed."

We're both quiet as he pulls into the parking lot of the university, me contemplating that suddenly my reality is what he just described, and him trying to calm the scent of his concern. "Thank you, Michael."

We exchange a brief smile, before the door to the back is opening. "Hello!" The person, who I assume is Jack, hops in the car. Holy shit is he bright and sunny. "You must be Dean, I'm so happy to meet you."

"Hiya, Jack."

I see why they call him 'the kid', even though he's close to Michael's and my age. Something about him's young. Not in an immature way, more a naïve way. Did that happen from not being allowed out? Or is that why he's so restricted? No way of knowing yet, and was so distracted with sex and cock cages I didn't ask much about him.

He smells like an omega, and his unique smell must have something of Cas in it, because Michael relaxes a little in a way I've heard you do with your alpha. He's really missing Cas, and when that Cas Guy gets home, I'm going to give him what for.

"How was school, Jack?" Michael asks him.

It's interesting watching the two omegas interact, each a world different from the other. Jack does have this you-want-to-protect-him-vibe, and with the two together, I can see how much more commanding Michael is. Jack has no less confidence than Michael, he seems like a well-rounded kid, but I do have the inclination to call him kid, which stands out. So why does Michael get the nickname 'little one'?

By the time we reach, um home I guess…? I know a lot more about Jack, like that he's not just in school, but doing his Ph.D, and would like to open up his own practice ( Like father like son I guess) providing Cas decides that's appropriate, and any future alpha he might mate with allows him to work.

I try to get Michael to stop for ice cream, but he refuses saying there's plenty at home. Guess that's a Cas Twister Michael can't solve and doesn't want to bother Sam with. "Didn't you say something about making it up to me about the ice bath, Michael?"

Jack laughs. "Cock cage?"

Somehow that seems real indecent coming out of his mouth even though he's only two years younger than me, but I do know many parents get them for their omega children. I should have known that Guy Cas of all people would get one for his son.

"I've had mine since I presented when I was twelve, Dean. I'll never forget that ice bath – yick!"

"What was that like when you presented? With Cas being an alpha, and all?"

"It was a amazing. Father was the perfect person to help me. I need a good alpha, Dean."

Of course he's the perfect Father too. "Didn’t he want, an alpha child?"

Jack shakes his head. "I mean, if I were an alpha, he would have been fine with that, but he always tells me how proud he is to have an omega son. Is that what you wanted to know, Dean?"

I must sound crazy right now. Michael reaches for my hand and squeezes it. "That's what I mean, Jack," I tell him.

"So you gonna be one of my new dads, Dean?"


"Jackson, Bellamy. Jesus."

"What you full naming me for? It's a fair question."

"You're teasing him."

"That a crime?"

I want to laugh, 'cuz this kid's hilarious, but I get the feeling that would be a bad move right now. And just when I was going to deem the kid my polar opposite, he pulls out this brat. Omegas are brats. This whole sigma gender might be the brat gender, but it doesn't change how much brat can live in an omega.

"I'll tell you what is, talking to me like that. Apologize to Dean."

"Sorry, Dean." He winks at me in the mirror when Michael isn't looking, and I smile back conspiratorially. I think we're gonna be friends.

"And to me."

"Sorry, Michael. The look on his face was kinda funny though," Jack says.

"This is the side of Jack we get to see, Dean," Michael says. "Tell him what you are for your father."

"His little angel."

"Jack does not misbehave for his father," Michael adds.

"To be fair, no one does. Not on purpose. Even that time Dad called him Overlord wasn't exactly on purpose. Just sorta slipped out."

Right. Sam is Dad. I'm starting to wish I'd been there to see the famous Overlord story.

"Touché," Michael says. "Even still be nicer to Dean, at least until he's lived here a week."

"Yes, sir."

Michael actually abandons me when we arrive back at the house. It's been less than twenty-four hours since I've even known the guy, but I already feel like I’m missing a limb. But he has a few chores, and thinks I should hang with Jack.

"You're all right, kid," I tell him when we're alone.

"You too, Dean. You know, I can't remember when I've heard Michael laugh this much. You're good for him."

I like knowing that. "So, what do we do around here for fun?" I ask.

"Usually a lot of sex," Jack says.

"What? But you… you don't..."

He laughs. He's teasing me again.

"Asshole." I'm sure Jack, like all Dakath children understands instincts. We are a sexual race and sometimes an alpha has to take his mate when he has to take his mate. Children are taught to leave when that happens. Of course, no one is shy about sex, or related dominant-submissive activities, none of it's anything to hide, or be ashamed of, but no kid in any universe wants to see their parents doing it.

"I do have sex," he says, "just not with anyone who's parented me."

"People who have already been mated?"

He nods.

"Why is your father, so restrictive with you?"

"In general, my father's never been very permissive with anyone, but for me, I'm as submissive as an omega gets. I can go under in almost light speed. Father finds this terrifying, and he's right. What the wrong kind of alpha could do with that? And once he had my papers, I'd be gone."

"What about getting pregnant?" Even sex with mated partners ending in pregnancy could cause a whole host of legal trouble. When babies are involved, they set off a bunch of hormonal instincts in both mates, and any prior arrangements become null and void.

"Can't. My chastity device isn't just a cock cage. I can only be entered one way, and I'm not getting pregnant that way."


"FYI, Father likes to make Michael wear a similar one at times."

"How could you know that?"

"Not a lot is secret in this house, Dean."

The thought of that is pretty hot though, and I wouldn't mind seeing it on Michael. "Why are you unmated though?" I know why I'm not at my age, and also that I'm pretty old to be unmated.

"Just haven't found the right Household yet. Father will find me the right one, and when he does, I will go. It's hard because it's so great here. Also, Michael and Dad will likely go crazy."

"Why will Dad go crazy?" Sam says walking in the door with shopping bags and setting them down on the counter.

"When Father finally finds me the right Household and I move out."

"Not happening Angel bug."

"See?" Jack says; he's smiling. Jack isn't so keen on moving out either. "Hey Dad, any chance of me going over to Atlas's? His alpha will be there."

Sam frowns, twisting his lips. "That's not your father's favorite, but I think it would be all right for a few hours while Michael and I take care of Dean." Take care of Dean. What does that mean? "We'll drop you off when we take Dean to get his car. I want a phone call from his alpha."

"Yes, sir."

"Where's Michael?" Sam asks.

"Something about bed linen…?" I say.

"Is he rewashing everything, again? He'd better not be," he says digging around for something in his computer bag. He pulls out the green, hard-covered notebook from this morning, opens it, and reads through. "Oh shit. Shit! I forgot about the fucking bannister Gabriel and Cas broke. I was supposed to call about having it fixed. Cas is going to have my head on a platter."

There's something fun about Sam losing his cool, and getting all nervous about Cas. "Somebody tell Michael the groceries are here, while I make this call."

"Could uh, could we start doing something with the groceries?"

"You can ask Michael, but I doubt he'll let you."

"Can't you just tell him he has to let us?"

"No. Oooooh, no. I mean, I could, and I would if I thought he was overworking himself, but it's not worth the freak out for no reason. Not good for you, him, or me. No. You can ask him, but if he says no, it's no."

God he's bossy tonight.

"I've got to make this call. Somebody, Michael, please. Go." He turns around, leaving with green notebook in hand, expecting his will to be done.

Jack laughs at me. "Good luck getting Michael to let you help. He's got to be going crazy inside with wanting to make your first dinner, and night here special."

"Not my first night, Jack."

"I know that, but I mean first night as officially ours."

"It's not official though. Cas, uh, your father still has to sign the papers, and the mating ceremony."

Jack waves his hand at my words. "Pishaw. Michael will count tonight as your first night."

Yeah that does sound like Michael. "Is it just me, or does Sam seem squirrely to you?"

"Don’t mind him, he gets like this when Father is away. Wait until you see him tomorrow before Father gets home."

"Shouldn't he be feeling better by then?"

"He will, once Father takes care of him, but he'll want to make everything perfect. Prepare yourself for Major Sam, or as Father calls him Bruishka."

I should probably be scared, but kinda sounds hot. "Bruishka?"

"You should go find Michael," he says being all cryptic. Fucking Jack.

"Fine. I'll go find Michael, maybe I can sweet talk him."

"Don't say I didn't warn you on that one."

I head upstairs, and knock on the door to the big bedroom where I can hear him rustling around. "Michael? It's me."

"Don't come in here, Dean!"

"Jeez, I won't."

He's all secretive, shutting the door behind him when he comes out, not letting me see inside. "Sam brought the ingredients home you asked for. Any chance you'll let me help."

"None. It's your special first night dinner," he says scowling at me. Well, Jack had that one pegged.

"Michael I'm boooooorrrred though, please."

"Lucky for you, it just so happens I have a cure for boredom. Come with me."

I have a bad feeling about this.

Michael leads me to a room close by the 'big bedroom'. Inside there are drawers, and items hanging on the wall, like various spanking implements, chains, and leather, so much leather.

Michael fishes around in one of the drawers. "Drop your pants, Winchester."

"I glare at him, but I do as asked, and he smacks my ass. "What was that for?" I rub.

"One day you'll learn to do things you're asked without the attitude."

I give him sulky eyes. Fuck, I like displeasing him less by the second. My lip wobbles. "I can."

He runs his fingers through my hair. "You're lucky that works on me. It won't on Cas."

"What about, Sam?"

"For you? Will depend on his mood, since I've noticed he's more lenient with you than I'd expect. I certainly wouldn't get away with it. Hands on the counter."

I place them like he wants, and stick my pretty ass out for him, trying to redeem myself. He pulls down my boxers, and I dunno what he's about to do, but I'm game. The slick is flowing. He slips two fingers inside, and I push back. "Have you ever worn a plug, Dean?"

"Mmmmmm, uh, yeah like that, Baby." He pulls his fingers out to smack my ass. "Ow! No."

"Thank you. Thought not."

"Read about them though, sounds kinky."

"They are definitely kinky, but unlike what you read, they're not all fun and games."

His fingers are replaced with something soft. Feels like silicone. He pushes it inside, and then pulls it out again, in and out, in and out 'till my heart speeds to a giddy up, and I'm tugging on my lip with my teeth. "Feels… pretty good… to me."

"That's because it's moving, but the ass is an exit only sort of place. The sensation of holding something in, is really fucking uncomfortable. Especially this size." He pushes it all the way in, and leaves it there.

It's not bad, at first. I shrug. "Seems okay," I say not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

"Give it a few minutes. Moving around isn't going to be fun. I will be displeased if it comes out even a little, and have to push it back in for you."

He pulls my boxers up, and helps me return my jeans, and fuck, when I stand, I see what he means. My body wants to push the plug out. It's on the tip of my tongue to ask what I did, but I'm already learning. "This for pestering you about helping?"

"Some, but you're also too chaotic. You need something to center you, to focus on. Something to help you behave."

"Well, how long?"

Michael pulls me in for a kiss. "Until I say. I'd mind my manners if I was you. Aw, don't pout."

"You don't have a large dildo up your ass."

"It's a plug."

"Potaytoe, Potawtoe."

"And I have, for misbehaving, as well. I learned to be a good boy, so be a good boy, and you won't have to walk around with reminders."

Ugh! Fine. "Yes, sir."

I don't like it, it's uncomfortable and my body is saying out, but even I have to admit, yeah, the stupid plug is giving me focus, and I'm already thinking twice. Something I'm not prone to, which I could use more of in my life.

"All right, where do you want me looking pretty for you?" I ask when we return to the kitchen. He looks to the counter where I was earlier this morning. Guess this is my spot. I feel the damn plug shift inside me when I hop up and almost lose hold on it, glad I won't be moving around much until Michael's done with dinner, and I have to make my way to the table.

Somewhere between my stupid joke involving a cactus, and Michael flattening out burger patties, Sam returns to the kitchen. He's back to the stern version from last night. "Michael, I want to speak with you please. Wash your hands. Come here," he says setting his ever-present green notebook on the counter.

I expect Michael to complain, since he's making me burgers, and I don't expect he'll want to be pulled way from that, but something in Sam's tone, makes Michael's eyes get serious. He washes his hands and wipes them on the dishtowel nearby, and then he makes his way over to Sam, kneeling at his feet.

Michael's always commenting on Sam's exemplary sub skills, and he's right about that, but he's no slouch himself. He's graceful, and he looks up at Sam with large blue eyes lost in a world made only of Sam. "Michael," Sam says his voice deep. "Which linens were you washing?"

Did something happen with linens?

"None yet, sir. I promise, I was just changing the ones on the big bed, so they'd be fresh for Dean's first night."

Sam's not satisfied. Wow, this bed linen stuff is important for some reason. He reaches out and grabs onto Michael's jaw in one large hand turning it side to side, inhaling scent, as Michael lets him, submitting easily. The room is tense, while Sam decides something. Finally he lets Michael go. "Thank you, boy," he says. "Up."

Sam fixes Michael's hair and sends him back to kitchen duty with a nock of the head. Michael looks relieved as fuck, but seems to take comfort in the strictness of it. "Um, what did I miss?" I ask.

Sam looks skyward, still keeping an eye on Michael. "This is mostly me being an overly concerned Dom, because of this morning, but Michael gets carried away sometimes when he's feeling off."

"What Sam's trying to say nicely is I've, more than once, managed to wash every piece of linen in this house everyday for a week."

Sam laughs; all the tension in the room evaporates. "Michael looks after the Household chores, but I make sure we have stuff; food, toilet paper, laundry detergent. Everything. I wondered why laundry soap kept showing up on his lists." He gives Michael a fond look. "It's also my responsibility to make sure Michael gets a particular kind of care."

"Sam is my Dom, Dean," Michael says the reverence clear.

"Then what's, Cas?" I wonder out loud.

"Cas is his—"


"What is up with you? Out with it Michael, or I really will let Dean make the burgers and you can spend some time kneeling for me on my pillow."

Michael doesn't like that, he really doesn't want to answer. He balls his fists. "Please, sir. May I please talk about it with you later?"

I think Michael's going to cry; I feel a huge knot in my chest. Sam senses he's about to have a situation wildly out of control in a moment. "Dean, would you excuse us for a moment? Check on Jack for me?"

I'm hesitant to leave Michael though.

"I promise he will be fine. Michael?"

Michael pulls me off the counter, scenting me like crazy, as the plug shifts uncomfortably. "I will be fine, Dean. I'm-I'm sorry. Go see Jack. He's probably in his room—second door on the left."

I don't think Sam will do anything bad to Michael by this point. I'm acting on instinct, and Sam seems to understand this, like he did this morning. I nod and head off to Jack's room. "Knock, knock," I say.

"Come in, Dean."

When I enter he narrows his eyes in a way that's kinda chilling for the subby omega. "What's wrong?"

"You can tell?"

"I smell distress. Lots of it."

Huh. How quickly I've gotten comfortable here. I'm usually better at hiding the things I'm feeling. I explain to him what happened downstairs. Jack smiles. "I know what's going on. Everything's going to be fine Dean. I think I should let Michael tell you the details, but I will share something with you. Dominant as Michael is for an omega, he's still an omega who's had a lot of failed contests. As an omega, he's naturally attracted to dominant betas, or at least dominant seeming betas, and alphas. You're everything he's ever wanted in a sub. He wants things to go well."

"They're going pretty well. He won, and Cas is signing my freakin' papers tomorrow."

"Yeah, but there's one more thing. I'll let Michael tell you that part."

"All right." I make myself comfortable on Jack's bed, already becoming used to being an ornament, and my eyes close.

When Michael shakes me awake, I start. "Whaaa…? Did I miss dinner?"

Michael smiles, releasing some of his scent for me. "No, we're just about to eat. I sent Jack down there, but I want to talk to you about what happened downstairs."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure, and even if I wasn't, it's too important, and therefore more important I'm brave. Relationships mean being vulnerable Dean."

"Did Sam just lecture you on that?"

"Sorta, but Cas talks about it a lot."

That Cas Guy. That Guy Cas. What can't he do?

"I'm just gonna rip the Band-Aid off. Dean, Cas is Daddy to me."

"Michael, I fucking love that. It suits you. Why were you worried about telling me?"

"For two reasons. Look it's not an Age Play thing, okay? Not that it would be bad if it was, but it isn't. It's also not as, well grown up up as Sam and Gabriel's version. It's more, tender."

Ah. Little One. "I get it, can see it actually," though I've never met this Cas Guy, "but what I don't get is, are you ashamed of it?"

He gets that look in his eyes again, the wistful one he does when he thinks about Cas. "No. Not even a little bit. It's incredibly special to me, what I was worried about is how you would see me, or maybe more like, how you would feel inside about it."

"I don’t understand. How dominant, or submissive I am for you that's biology."

"Yes, but there are things that can disrupt our natural instincts, stop us being how we feel inside. I am omega, my first instinct is to submit. I love that. I can't imagine having to avoid that part of me, just like it would be awful if Cas had to ignore his own biology instead of getting to share it with others, and dominate the fuck out of us. Our society works, because we encourage people to be themselves."

"I agree Michael."

He smiles. "I know you do. You're not the kind to tell me not to be me, but you don't give into being you. There's a reason you've haven't looked for who you could submit to even though, Dean? You're the subbiest of subs."

I can't tell him he's wrong. Even him saying that, though I know it's true, feels uncomfortable.

"I want you to see all the beautiful sides of my submission, I'm excited to show you, when you see it, and experience it in a loving way, you feel the yearning inside to let go, and be you. I was afraid if I told you rather than showed you, it would give you time to make an opinion, and that it would ruin it for you. And then I went on all kinds of wild tangents about it affecting how you view me. Your body can say one thing, with your mind another, your submission to me never complete, which wouldn't be good for either of us."

"I've been an asshole."

"You're not an asshole Dean."

"In this I have been, but you're right about all of it. It has to do with how I was raised, some but also bad experiences I've had ever since I presented. You might as well know now, before Cas signs any papers. I'm a fuck up, Michael."

"Oh no you don't, Winchester. You belong to me and that's the end of it. Don't think for a second you're going to sabotage this."

"I'm telling you the truth."

"I know you are, and I don't think you are sabotaging on purpose. Regardless, it's not happening. I will save you from yourself, Dean Winchester."


I make a mean burger, but Michael's are fucking something of legend. I ate four. Then Sam dropped us back at my car before he carried on to drop Jack at his friend's place, and had to do that thing he does where he stops to think, consults with his notebook, and then tells us what will happen. "You can drive your car back, Dean, but after that it will have to be discussed."

"What's to discuss? I've been driving for years, Sam." Sammy.

"Not arguing about this Dean. The law is clear, sigma's need their alpha to sign off on a license for them. Cas has not done so for you yet."

"Whatever you think I might be, I'm still registered as a beta, and I have a license." By this point, Michael's taken mercy on me, and removed the plug from my ass, but he was firm about his, 'Dean leaves the house, Dean gets a spanking' rule. None of this seems to matter to me when it comes to my car, and driving. I forget all about the warm sting on my ass.

Sam is displeased with my tone. "Which is the only reason I'm allowing you to drive home. Something I might be on the hook for later, because Cas's motto in these situations is to air on the side of caution."

"Really? Why are you letting me then?"

"Tell you when we get home, okay? Behave yourself, and keys on Cas's desk when you get home. You two will be home before me – Michael bathe him and you. I won't be able to join you," he grumbles. "Stupid Gabriel."

That reminder of this morning makes us both laugh. Alpha come is the sticky consistency of molasses, but dries down like clear wax, only it doesn't peel off nice like wax would. You have to wash it off.

"Yes, sir."

"Everything shaved," Sam specifies.

"What's that supposed to—"

"I'll see to it sir," Michael says and tugs my hand before I can get myself into real trouble. When Sam drives off after another reminder to behave myself (this time with just his eyes, which let me tell you, effective) Michael leads me over to the driver's side, opens the door for me, and then casual as you please, undoes and pulls down my jeans and boxers to below my ass. He then does a thorough job warming it for me. "You're getting tetchy," he lectures."

"I'm sorry," I say wanting this spanking to be over. We're outside of the bar, anyone could come out at anytime. My ass is hot under my jeans when I'm sitting on the leather of the Impala.

"Are you going to pout all the way home? That was a warm up spanking at best."

"I didn't do anything."

"Not yet you didn't, and I want to keep it that way. I want Cas to come home and see we've taught you to behave nicely."

Chapter Text

When we return to the house, Michael brings me to an office that's large and intimidating. "This Cas's?"

"This is Cas's study, yep. We're here so you can put the keys to the Impala on Cas's desk."

"Stupid Sam making me surrender my keys."

"Not Sam, Cas. Make no mistake pretty boy, Sam's often the messenger, but that order came from Cas."

"And what if I don't?"

"There is no 'don't.' You're doing it Dean."

I know I'm outnumbered. Fighting is futile, but doesn't mean I'm doing it with a smile on my face. I pull the keys out of my pocket, and slam them on Cas's stupid desk.

"C'mon pouty boy. The law is the law, and the rules are the rules."

"I'm running away then," but I make no move to do any such thing.

"Already?" Michael laughs taking my hand, but not taking me serious at all for some reason. Am I that obvious? "I'm going to draw you a nice bath, and make true on my promise of something to make up for that horrible ice bath."

"I guess I won't run away today."

"Or ever. I'll hunt you down, Winchester, and drag you back."

Is that supposed to warm my insides? Because it does. "What would be the punishment for running away?" I ask, so fucking intrigued.

He smiles. "It would be severe. Remember that collar I talked about? I would be attaching a leash to it, and tether it to something, so you couldn't run away again."

Thing is, I know he's fucking serious, but I laugh and am oddly comforted by it, which is weird for a guy who avoided that all his life.

Michael does draw me a nice bath, with bubbles and salts that smell like Eucalyptus. "Are the candles really necessary?"

"Yes," he says and he kind of snapped it if you wanna know.

"Fine, but if you put on fucking Enya, I'm out."

He gives me the look he's given me before when he's been about to spank me. I'm starting to cross that line of too cheeky, so I dial it back some. See? I can behave, for at least five minutes at a time. I slink into the bath, as he lights yet more candles.

Water's the perfect temperature. "Ahhhh. I live here now."

He laughs. "Enjoy, but don't get too comfortable. I need to make you nice for Cas."

When I open my eyes again, Michael's undressed, his large cock, hard, hanging there, and he's slipping behind me in the tub. "I'm going to wash your hair."

"He says, commandingly," I tease. "It's that important to you?"

"It is, Dean. I want you to feel taken care of."

Michael takes time washing my hair, and using special soap to make me smell nice. It's all fun and games until he announces we've got to shave. I know he doesn't mean the hair on my face. "Fuck that, Michael. I'm not shaving my nuts. Cas is just going to have to enjoy my rougher qualities."

"Cas doesn't mind that at times, which is why we don't get waxed regularly, and shave sometimes, but later on we'll all go together, and—"

"No. I'm not shaving, and I'm definitely not participating in family waxing parties."

"You're not. I'm going to shave you," he says starting to get irritated. "And if Cas says you're getting waxed, you're getting waxed."

"Michael. Please."

"Even if I didn't want to shave you, which I do, these are Cas's orders. We can't disobey, Dean."

"You know what I think? I think we need someone around here who stands up to this Cas, Guy."

"Yeah, okay. You do that, Dean. Meanwhile, get out of the tub, it's time to go hairless."

"Not happening, dude."

He's getting out of the tub; I stay in. "What have you got against shaving anyway?"

"I… I like my hairy balls okay? And you might slice them by accident. I don't see any shaving license on the wall."

He laughs toweling off, and then tying that towel around his waist. "I'm not going to slice your nuts, I'm very good at it, and while yes you look dashing with hair, do you have any idea how sensitive shaving makes the area? It's going to feel so good." His pleasant amusement starts to wane when he sees I have not moved from the bath. "Dean, get out of the tub, now."

"I live here now." I'm not buying what he's selling. "Remember?" I say in a small voice when he narrows his eyes at me.

"I'm going to count to five—"

"—not a little kid."

"You're acting like one, and if you don't get out of the tub by the time I get to five, you're going to get to experience the hairbrush on your wet ass."

That does not sound fun. "Fine."

I get out of the tub, but as soon as I've toweled off, I'm gone. But fuck is Michael fast, and I don't make it past the door to the bathroom before he's tackled me to the ground. "I guess we're going to have to do this the hard way."

"What's the hard way?"

"I'm glad you asked," he says producing rope from seemingly nowhere (apparently they keep rope and other things in the bathroom drawers), and it doesn't take him long to have my hands secured, and tied behind my back, which makes it easy for him to maneuver me any which way he likes. Michael frowns at the bathroom, now drenched from my escapades, and I get five Michael handprints on my wet ass, which really fucking hurt if anyone wants to know. "I'm not going to slice your nuts, my boy. I'll do a good job, and rub nice lotion on them."

"Which will turn into a hand job?"

"I should make you wait for Sam to get here, and put you in a torturous predicament for that little stunt you just pulled, but if you can behave yourself while I do this, I will do that as your reward from earlier. Either way, you're still sitting in the corner while I clean this up."

I'm more worried about my reward at the moment. "Shouldn't I just get the reward anyway?"

"Rewards can be won, and they can be lost. Currently, it's lost to you, I'm giving you the chance to redeem yourself. So, are you going to behave? Or am I tying you to a bed spread eagle, shaving you anyway, and then spanking you with the hairbrush?"

"All right, all right. I can sit like a good boy."


Once I'm smooth as the day I was born, and Michael is too, he removes my bindings, and leads me to the big bedroom, which I haven't seen yet. "You ready?" Michael says.

I nod. Inside, the room is wide, and has the largest bed I've ever seen. It's four poster of course – better for kinkery – and it's got all sorts of pillows and cozy looking blankets. There's a large by window to the right with a view, and I can imagine how nice it must be with the sun shining it, with heavy graphite gray curtains to frame it and yet more pillows.

There is also a ton of equipment hanging from the ceiling – yes for sex stuff – and drawers and cabinets with some other sex toys hanging from insides. I can see a large walk in closet at the back, and a small ensuite bathroom.

Michael obviously took some time to put the extra nice bed linen on. It's done in purples and reds, and golds, with bits of black, and yep, more fucking candles, which he goes around lighting. "You like it?" he asks.

"This is a beautiful room."

"It's where Sam, Cas and I sleep. You now too." He starts removing pillows and placing them on the bay window, and then he turns down the covers. "C'mere, I'll massage some lotion into the rest of your body, until Sam gets here," he says.

He already massaged some lotion into my cock, which was awesome.

Sam opens the door to the bedroom, as Michael's working on my feet. "Sorry I took so long. I remembered something I had to order for Cas, and another phone call I had to make. This is a nice sight to come in on though. Hello Dean. Your nuts look good."

I glare at him. "No thanks to you."

"Cas decree," he says shrugging, and stealing my masseuse. "Hello Boy. Are you ready to kneel for me?" Sam lays a hot kiss on him.

"Yes, sir."

"Go get your collar."

I sit up in time to watch Sam undress. He's got thick muscles, and skin that looks really fucking soft. And this is like, the big cock family, or something. His cock is even bigger than Michael's, and Michael's is big. Sam is larger in general though. I fucking love he's taller, and larger than me, and want to see what it feels like to be wrapped in those arms.

Sam's naked skin is soft as it looks, as he climbs in behind me, and pulls me back toward him. Michael's back wearing a thick blue collar that matches his eyes. "Spread his legs Michael, I want you to lick his cock for him. I don't doubt he was a horror when you tried to shave him, but let's show him the benefits, and maybe he'll behave next time."

"Yes, sir," Michael says, his eyes heavy with lust.

There's an interesting feeling in the room now; solidness behind me from Sam, confident submissiveness from Michael. The whole time it's clear he's not submitting to me, but for Sam, even when he starts lapping at my cock like a kitten.

I find the decisive way Sam gives his orders comforting, even when it's something simple, and even when I don't like the order. Liking an order is not a requirement for submission. "He's a good boy," Sam says into my ear, as he runs his hands up my body, and I can't help, but push my hips toward Michael. His attentions feel good, but they're the just-not-enough-kind, the drive-you-wild-kind, the I fucking need more kind.

"Oh no you don't. You're going to stay still a be a good boy for me too."

In past, even when I lost contests and my body had already recognized the other as dominant, I still fought with submitting, but like with Michael, I feel my body slipping over to a subby place, and I can't seem to bring myself to care much.

"That is unless you'd like to contest…?"

Do I want to though? "Not fair, asking me after you get Michael to start doing that to my cock."

Sam laughs. "If you'd like to contest I promise my boy will resume his ministrations after I beat your ass into submission."

I snuggle further into Sam. I'm not contesting. Might be my first time not contesting a beta. Not that I've ever won.

"No contest?"

Could always do it later if I really want. I shake my head. I can already feel that's a lost cause anyway.

"I'm not asking again, Dean. I'm going to claim you tonight you realize?"

I nod.

"Nuh-uh. Not good enough. I want to hear a yes daddy, baby boy."

Holy shit. My tummy swoops, in a really fucking good way. My eyes pop open, and Sam's features are soft, he runs a hand through my hair. "Remember I said I'd explain, earlier?"

I can barely speak. I make some kind of noise that means, yeah.

He keeps on fixing my hair likes he's trying to make it do something. "I'm going to be prone to indulging my baby boy now and then," Sam sighs. "Which will get me trouble from Cas, not to mention another way you'll be trouble for him, but it's worth it."

Sam leans in to capture my lips, and my tongue meets with his, just as Michael's tongue makes its way to the head of my cock. I moan into Sam's mouth, as he tugs me in, and I want to taste more of him. He kisses me senseless. "That doesn't mean you're getting away with murder," Sam says. "I'll expect you on your best behavior at least most of the time. Am I understood?"

I couldn't refuse him if I wanted to, with eyes like that, and the funny thing is, I don't think I want to. "Jeez, yeah Sam."

"Excuse me? Who?"

So many fucking butterflies. Sam hasn't noticed yet, but Michael's stopped licking my cock, risking reprimand to look up and give me support. It's taken Michael all of twenty-four hours to figure out how much I want all of this, no matter how much I've worked to resist and hide from it.

"Yeah… yes, Daddy," I say all fucking shy about it. Pull it together, Winchester.

Michael returns to faithfully licking my cock, as I try not to fucking move, but it's hard when all I want to do is shove my cock in his mouth.

"You want my boy to suck your cock?"

"Yes, god yes."

"Ask with your nice manners."

Fucking Sam. "Please, Daddy. Can your boy suck my cock?" I give him the eyes, I hope will be the ones to get him to allow those indulgences he alluded to.

Sam uses his thumb to play with my lip. "Suck his cock, boy."

Michael smiles and winks at me, before swallowing me whole. My hips jump. "Stay still pretty boy. No coming."

I can only just barely stay still, I have to push back into Sam. I offer my neck for him; he sucks over hickies Michael's left there.

"You look so good like this, wanting, and needy. I can't wait 'till Cas gets home, and makes your life one long wanting, needing dream."

Can he do that?

"Add a finger, Boy. Get him ready for my cock," he says before he accosts my lips again.

I'm torn between begging him not to, knowing how fucking good that's going to feel, and begging for more. Both are useless though, Sam's in charge here. In the end I go with surrendering, enjoying Sam's long kisses.

"Off," Sam says to Michael, and Michael pulls off me like lightning kneeling up where he is. It's clear they have some previously understood protocol for things. Michael looks floaty, off in the land of subspace. Man, this really makes him happy. Which makes me happy. "You have a choice boy, you may wet your cock with slick and play with yourself until you orgasm, or fuck your cock into Dean's mouth, and suffer for me – no orgasm."

Well that's an easy choice, who wouldn't pick the one with the orgasm?

"I'll fuck Dean's mouth, sir."

What? Apparently Michael, that's who.

"You surprised, Dean?" Sam says.

"A little, but I should have expected that by now."

"Michael is such a good boy, so good to me," he says and Michael beams at the praise. Sam manhandles me 'till I'm on all fours. "First I'm going to claim you like this, baby boy, and then I'm going to make sweet love to you." He smacks my ass, hard.


Sam laughs. "Get to work, Michael."

As Sam lines up his cock with my hole, I remember how large it is, but I don't have much time to think on it, as Michael slides his cock into my mouth. I can tell how fucking turned on he is, and I think he might be regretting his choice. It's gonna be hard for him not to come in my mouth, poor bastard.

Next I feel Sam slide in, and y'know? Now I'm glad I wore that plug most of the night, I open easy for him and he goes slow until he's seated inside. By this point I'm bathed in Sam's scent that plus being turned into a spit roast has me feeling pretty damn subby.

There's something rough and playful about Sam that's hard to name in one word. He pumps into me aggressively, but I can feel his smile behind me. He handles me easily, gripping my hips in his massive hands, yanking me to him in time with his own thrusts. "Yeah little boy, you like that, huh?"

"Yeah, Daddy. Fuck!" I say around Michael's cock, which is still in my mouth, and I have no idea how he can hold back for so long.

Sam does come, all over me and in my ass, and as promised, we go a few rounds, with Sam arranging me in various positions, getting Michael to help torture me. At least I get to come several times. Sam does not let Michael come at all, even though he did break and plead a couple times, which he got punished for. Turns out Sam is a pretty strict Dom.

By the time Sam's done with me, I feel like a bag of bones, and can't move. They both spend time cooing at me – how good I did – and rub more lotion into various places, and then both snuggle around me. This, this is what I never got. I relish in the care.

"Dean? I've got to go pick up Jack. Michael's going to stay with you for a bit, okay? This wasn’t a hard session for him, he's back to ground zero. I'll be back quick though, kay baby boy?"

"Uh huh, Daddy. S'fine."

He chuckles and kisses my cheek, then he says something to Michael, and then he's gone. Michael pulls the covers around us, I notice his collar is gone. "Go to sleep my love. I'll keep you safe, until Sam gets back."

If I could move at all, I'd punch him in the throat for saying that, but I'll give the poor guy a break; he must be so fucking horny right now. Sam must've edged him at least six times with no release. Which has me curious. "You still turned on?"

"Like you wouldn't fucking believe. Only thing keeping me from shoving my cock in your ass is what Sam said to me before he left.


"He said be a good boy, and wait 'till morning and he'd suck me off before breakfast; come with out permission and I wouldn’t be for a very long time."

Fuck. There's that cool, roller coaster sensation again. Lotta that around here.

"Not only do I not want to miss anytime with you, Sam's blow jobs are legendary. Don't pass one of those up. He's responsible for sucking Cas off every morning, sometimes more than once a day. He had to get good at it."

God that's hot. "Man, this house. It's kinkier than anything I've ever known."

"Cas is one kinky fucker, but so are we, so it works."

He moves the hair out of my eyes, and kisses my cheek. "You sound more like yourself."

"I'm coming to. Tell me more stuff about the house."


"Please tell me more? Like, did you know Sam was going to get me to call him, you know."

"Daddy? No, but I had my suspicions."

"You did?"

"The kind of concern he had for you in the car last night, and a few other little things. For Sam, he lets you get away with murder."

"Doesn't feel like it. He's so strict."

Michael laughs. "If I had talked to him like you did tonight, I would have been over the hood of that car so fast, with my pants down."

"Don't say things like that. My penis is currently in a coma, but it's going to fight for life again picturing that. Wait, if Cas is your daddy, does that mean he's more indulgent with you?"

"I would say, for Cas, yes, which doesn't mean much. Cas's less strict is someone else like Sam on their strictest day."

I yawn, but I want to hear more; I want to know everything. "C'mon Dean close your eyes. Tomorrow's going to be a big day. Cas is coming home, we'll have lots to do."

I nod into his chest and make Michael's chest my home as is becoming usual, deeply inhaling his scent he's releasing just for me, as I fall asleep wondering just what the fuck tomorrow's gonna bring.


Sometime in the night, I remember cocooning around Sam, but when I wake up, it's to sucking sounds, and Michael's gorgeous moans. I'm just in time to see Michael's face as he comes down Sam's throat, and to witness how graceful Sam is as he swallows every drop.

"Th-thank you, sir. That was mmmmmmm."

"You deserved it, little one."

Michael is back to little one, from boy. Michael tosses himself back on the bed. "Hi Dean," he says.

"Good morning, baby boy," Sam says.

"That my name from now on?"

"Probably," Sam says smiling. "Been dying to use it."

I roll my eyes at him, but I'm feeling too good to be mad. "Love to stay and snuggle with you two, but we've got lots to get accomplished. We have to give our keys today, which means you need help Dean find something temporary."

"Keys? Temporary what?"

"Michael will explain it to you. I'm hopping in the shower. Michael, bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. Do we have any of that granola you make in the house?"

"No, but I could make some today. I would need ingredients."

"Hmmmm." Sam twists his lips and then reaches between the mattresses to pull out the green, hard covered notebook. I admire his naked form as he flips through the pages. "I could have groceries delivered. Get me the list. Cas would love that for breakfast tomorrow."

"Yes, Sam."

Before he leaves he accosts us both, kissing us like it's the last time he'll ever see us.

"Off the bed, Winchester. I have to make it."

"Jeez, everyone's bossier today than usual," I grumble, but I do get off the bed – his face is not one to mess with.

"Cas is coming home."

I sit on the bay window naked, because it's not like he's gonna let me—

"—pass me that pillow, Dean."

I have to double check, because he must be joking. He smirks as he continues to make the bed naked. I throw the pillow at him, he catches it. "If you're going to throw things I'm not going to let you help me." He's still smirking.

I chance gathering the rest of the pillows he had to toss off the bed so he could make it.

We put pajamas on. He gives me stuff from his drawers, since all I've got in my bag I brought in with me from the Impala last night, is more clothes. Don't really have pajamas.

Once we're downstairs, I don't bother waiting to be told, trying to score some brownie points, and head over to the counter. "This where you want me?"

He's impressed. "Good boy." I blush. "So you can behave yourself. I'll make sure to reward you before I lock away your cock later today," he says pulling out pans, and ingredients.

Taking that as a yes, I hop up to best Dean viewing spot. "Later today? Oh God, is that was this keys business is about?"

Michael nods. "It's a submission thing. Cas doesn't keep Sam and I locked up, all the time, but on occasion. When he goes away, we put our cages on, and all of us submit our keys to those cages again. It's kind of a sacred ritual in our house. It says we are honored to submit for him. Jack does it too. For Jack, he's simply honoring his father's authority, plus, both Sam and Cas thought it was a good practice for him for when he has an alpha someday. For Sam and I, there's another part to the ritual where he unlocks us, if that's what he wishes."

Right, because Jack doesn't get unlocked, and neither do I, apparently. I'm going to have words with that Cas Guy about that. "I thought Annie said my thingy was going to take some time."

"For your custom one, yes. We've got many different kinds of cock cages floating around here for you to use temporarily."

Of course they do.

"Don't pout. Here, I'll make you some coffee."

When Sam enters the kitchen, Jack's already there drinking a glass of juice Michael poured for him. He's freshly showered, and dressed for work, wearing his sexy Superman glasses again. He's also got the green notebook, and his bossiest pants on. "Michael, why isn't breakfast on the table? Are you allowing Dean to distract you?" he says sitting down with Jack.

I may have been doing that, but in my defense it wasn't on purpose, he was the one who kept coming over to steal kisses.

Michael's horrified at himself. "Yes, sir."

Sam opens his book. "I understand that Dean is wildly irresistible, but I'll take him away if he interferes with your duties. Understood?"

Before Michael can answer, I do with outrage. "I'm not some pretty little object, Sam. You can't take me away or, or, or return me like I'm some god damned toy. I won't do it, I won't leave Michael."

Sam waits patiently for me to finish my rant. "Are you done?" he says when I am in fact done.

"Yes." I cross my arms for good measure, so he knows I mean business.

But then his eyes darken, and I'd look around for a rock to crawl under, but I can't pull my gaze away from his for anything. "You're going to do as you're told little boy. Come here," he says.

All my bravado gone, I slink off the counter, and plod over to him.

"Sit," he says pointing to his lap with his eyes, and I do because I thought for sure I was getting my ass handed to me. I figure so long as I'm sitting on it, my ass is safe. Sam continues to flip through his book. "And I beg to differ, you are a pretty little object. Toy even." He kisses my crown. "Michael, how far away?"

Michael races over with a coffee for him, and the one I was drinking at the counter, the chagrin pouring off him. "Sorry, sir. Almost there. About fifteen minutes."

"Don't worry, he's fine," Sam tells me when he notices me analyzing Michael.

"I am Dean. I need help staying on task at times," he says sounding a bit sheepish. "Even without gorgeous toys to tempt me, and I expect Sam to help me with that in whatever way he sees fit."

I give Michael a half-hearted glare for the toy comment, but it's all I can muster. I think, yeah, I think I'd be a toy for him. I turn my attention to Sam not sure I'm out of the woods with Sam. "Am I in trouble?" I hedge.

"I thought it was understood you were? You're in Daddy Time Out."

"Daddy Time Out?"

"You have Gabriel to thank for that term. I used to hate it, right up until now. From Top Side, I can see the appeal."

I cross my arms again, in an attempt to pout, but it's nearly impossible when Sam's lap is so comforting and I do calm down. Eventually, I get interested in his book. "So, you've got everything in there?"

"This book is not large enough to fit everything, but it is the master copy, the decoder, so to speak. I've got other books I need to consult with at times, but this one has enough for most everyday things. I have a feeling, I'm going to have to start a whole new book, for you—probably switch this one over to include whatever Cas has planned for you. I've already had to add to this one, I try not to put anything in this that doesn't lean toward general, but now I've got a whole new person to weave into the general."


"Don't be sorry for that," he says wrapping an arm around my waist.

"It sounds like a lot of work."

"It is that, but I'm good at it most of the time, and it's the perfect challenge for someone like me. Overall, Cas is pleased with my performance, and I take pride in my role."

I've never seen a Household run like this one. Truth be told, I've never seen many proper Households, but even ones I have seen, or have heard about are different than this one. I could sit here and just listen to stories about these guys. Can't believe I'm becoming part of this Household. If Cas is as much of a sadist, as everyone says he is, I'm sure there's gonna be stuff I'm gonna hate, but I'm kinda feeling pretty lucky regardless, as I cozy further into Sam's large, beta lap, and listen to him rattle off a bunch of Cas decree.


Once Michael's got breakfast on the table, which he wouldn't allow anyone to help him with, Sam stands me up, and sends me to the chair beside Jack with a sharp spank I have to rub out. "Ow! Jeez."

"Consider that your warning. Cas is coming home, he spanks a lot harder than that for sassiness, little boy."

"Take the warning," Jack says. "He's right."

Sam rolls his eyes. "You've barely been spanked by your father in your life."

"That's not true. I've had plenty of spankings from Father. He spanks really hard, Dean. I'd avoid it at all cost though Dad's no slouch either, who has spanked me a lot."

"That much is true, and I'll take that as a compliment, which…" Sam stands up and starts removing his belt. "How many minutes late is breakfast my boy?" Sam says to Michael.

Michael already knows, like he expected this. "Fourteen, sir."

"Come," Sam says. He sets Michael up at the end of the island with his hands flat, and pulls down his pajama pants. He's business-like when he delivers the fourteen stripes to Michael's ass, and Michael seems to know how to time his breathing to take them with grace. It's clear they fucking sting, but Michael is so good at taking them even with the way his body tenses, and he has to exhale. "Thank you sir," he says when Sam's done.

"I know you'll do better. C'mere little one." Sam pulls him close and kisses his forehead. He laughs. "I suppose it's hard with that one. He's hard to let go of."

Michael winces when he takes his seat at the table, but he's smiling. "We have lots to go over folks, so listen up," Sam says sitting at the head of the table. "Everyone needs to be washed, shaved, groomed, and caged by four pm. Michael will show you, Dean. There's a guy coming to fix the bannister at noon. Michael you'll let him in. Jack, I'm going to pick you up from school on my way home from work, which will be at three pm."

"Okay, Dad."

"We also have the matter of the little, gift Gabriel left me. If Cas catches even a whiff of it, I'm done for. Thankfully, Gabriel was clear, I can wash it off when Cas gets home. I just have to keep Cas from getting to close to me, or the wind blowing the wrong way, which won't be a problem since we're in the house.

"Um, Dad? You can smell Uncle Gabriel on you from space."

Sam sighs. "I know my chances are slim, but I'm trying. I have a lot to do around here, I can't be tied up for however long, because Gabriel thinks he's funny. Sorry Dean, but I plan to use you as sacrifice."

"Me? Why me?"

"A brat, a sigma is the polar opposite to an alpha Dean. He's going to find you irresistible. The scent of you will drive him to distraction."

"So I'm bait." I don't know how I feel about that.

"Sorry Dean, but Sam's right, it's probably for the best. We don't function as efficiently without Sam. He makes life a lot less stressful around here with that little green book of his. Father won't be able to help himself if he smells Gabriel on him like that though; it's instinct," Jack explains.

I don’t say anything, pretty sure I'm outvoted anyway – even Michael's looking at me apologetically, acknowledging he agrees – but also, I'm coming to learn they do most things in this house for a reason. Besides, I kinda like seeing this. I was starting to think they were all goody-two-shoes for Cas, but seeing them all ban together to do something sneaky is heartening. It's not going to be all obedience all the time around here. There's wiggle room.

"Ugh, but I suppose I should plan for if I am incapacitated. Michael's in charge, which I know you don't like, but I'll leave my book. Do the best you can."

Michael nods. "Yes, sir."

"Next order of business, Dean I need your handprint and signature on these." Sam reaches into the computer bag beside his chair and pulls out a folder, pen, and inkpad. When he opens the folder, I see what he's got.

They're my papers.

"I need you to sign and date here, saying you ended up as submissive in the contest you had with Michael. Because Michael is in Cas's Household he doesn't get to sign, but Cas will once he's home, and I'll file them at work. Once that's done your papers will say you belong to Cas and therefore us."

While not much, the signature is meant to protect submissive parties. Anyone can request someone's papers, which means they could say they'd contested the potential mate in question, without having even contested. This claim can then be disputed. If it's found no contest took place the papers are returned, and there are legal consequences.

If it's found there was, one of two things can happen. There is a recontest which is invigilated, or the submissive party can confess and is then forced to sign.

"You're still allowed to contest Cas even once you've signed this, but signing will confirm someone in our house dominated you."

I also know I can wait to sign, wait for Cas, and contest him first, but there's an honor thing to it as well. Not signing denies Michael of that place on my papers. He's proud he dominated me, and made me his. Can't fucking do that to Michael.

I sign, date, and stamp my hand, all the while, Michael watching on proud. I smile at him.

Sam takes a deep breath like he's preparing for battle. "All right men, we have our assignments. Let's eat and introduce Dean to another one of our family rituals."

"Oh?" I say. Don't know how much I'm gonna love being Cas bait, but I'm finding I soak right into some of their family life stuff. Something I never had much of.

"Before Cas comes back from his trips, we like to take a moment at one of our final meals alone, to gush about him a little, or say why we miss him, stuff like that."

"Like he's the new jock in high school you're dating?" I ask.

"Yeah, sorta," Sam says getting a bit shy. "Except in Jack's case where it's just adoring admirations. It began by accident one day."

I say once again, who is this Cas Guy? Can he really be that amazing?

"I'll start," Michael says. "I'm missing his voice, and his scent. Both of them surround you like armor. Instant comfort, and safety."

That kind of thing's important to Omegas.

"I want to acknowledge Father for his loving advice when he drove me to school yesterday. Most of the kids in my class who have alpha Father's don’t feel like they can talk to them. I knew Father would decide what was best for me, and sharing my concerns would give him the opportunity to do so. There's a freedom in that."

"I want to thank Cas for helping us be our best selves. He pulls it out of each of us in different ways. There are even times we don't understand his methods at first, but he always pulls through for us. He's a good Alpha," Sam says.

"Best there is," both Jack and Michael agree.

Having never met Cas, I have nothing to add; I sip my orange juice all the while wondering, Who is this Cas Guy?


From there the day is a blur. There isn't much for me to do except let the bannister guy in, which Michael finally allowed since he was just too damn busy, between making his special recipe granola for Cas, and cleaning everything in the large house.

There was also another delivery Sam forgot about, and we had to phone and check with him that it was right. "Fuck, god dammit. I forgot about that. Yeah, that's for Dean. Cas wanted me to order him some clothes."

This put another unexpected thing on Michael's list, which resulted in slight agitation, and him telling me to put it in the first guest bedroom on the right, and leave it. "Do not go into the third on the right," he warned me. Which only made me want to go into it all the more, but everyone's busy mood was catching and I was interrupted by yet another delivery – this time flowers for the house – which apparently Michael was expecting, since they have them delivered once a week.

It's two o'clock before Michael can stop and drag me upstairs to the room I've deemed the Kinky Tools Room. He fetches something from a drawer and a key on a chain, and then we head into the big bedroom where he keeps his chastity device. "Sorry, but we'll have to make this quick," he says undoing my pants and unveiling my already hard cock. "Still a lot to do, and we do not want to get on Sam's list today, let me tell you."

Michael gets down on his knees, and sucks my cock so efficiently, I'm not sure I can call it sex. Doesn't change how hard I come, he's fucking good at this shit. Once I'm cleaned up, he helps me lock my cock into the metal jail for my cock, using the key to lock it on, and then placing the necklace with the key on it around my neck. "These chains are designed to break apart at the back, without breaking the necklace. Just give a little tug when you take yours off to give to Cas."

Michael dresses me in a pair of black slacks, and a dark blue, short-sleeved button-up. "We won't do a tie for you this time. You somehow manage to make that look formal without one."

I sit on the bed (I tried to lay on it and got scolded that I was going to wrinkle my shirt) and watch Michael get ready. To my surprise he already has his cock cage on. "I took the opportunity this morning after my shower while my cock was soft," he explains when I see it. "But I haven't put the other piece on yet, you wanna see my other hole?"

Lord do I, and fuck, my cock is already fighting with this stupid cage. Michael doesn't help when he lifts a foot and places it on a stool, and then inserts a long dildo into his special omega entrance, the one he'd use for baby making. Attached to the bottom of the dildo, is a strap of leather that goes up and over his penis, which is fashioned into a belt at the top, and secures around his waist. There's a lock for that too. "This one's leather, and could technically be cut off, unlike the steel ones they used to make omegas wear in earlier times, but I would never do that without Cas's permission," he explains.

"You look hot, Michael," is the only reply I've got.

He carries on dressing in clean black slacks, and short-sleeved white button-up with grey blazer, but he blushes, and smiles so huge his blue eyes crinkle, but


As Michael gets dinner ready to put on the table, the hour of Cas's arrival draws nearer, and Sam goes from squirrely to squirrely as fuck. He's running around barking orders, consulting with his book over and over, and he's dressed, really fucking oddly.

When I think kneeling, like the kind Sam will probably have to do once Cas comes in the door, I think harnesses, and other bits of decorative leather. Sam's outfit is a three-quarter-sleeved white button-up shirt tucked into crisp, black slacks, covered by a black vest. The outfit is deliberate, especially with the way the cuffs of his sleeves are folded. He's got his black-rimmed superman glasses on, and the way he's chewing on his pen right now, reminds me of him wrapping those lips around Michael's cock this morning. "Dean? Where you skulking off to? There's work to be done."

"I'm not skulking anywhere, Michael sent me to find you to see if you need help."

"No, but Cas's vehicle's about to pull up any fucking second, and we haven't even had time to go over protocol with you – you'll have to follow our lead. And, come here, look," he crooks his finger and when I'm before him starts doing up my shirt buttons. "That's too many buttons undone. You want Cas to have sex with you on the stairwell?"

I let him fix me up. "Isn't that the idea around here? All sex all the time?"

"It's a lot about sex around here, but not when Michael's pot roast is sitting to dry out. You want to make him cry? There. You look nice, baby boy. I'm a proud Daddy. Cas'll love you."

I ignore how warm that makes me, in favor of firming my resolve. Yeah I've been enjoying my time, yeah I didn't even contest Sam, but none of that's as final as giving into an alpha. To Cas.

Thing is though, I've never challenged an alpha before. No one really does. No one in history has and won. First time for everything though, right? Maybe this whole sigma thing will give me the edge I need.

"What's with your outfit? Isn't kneeling better done with less clothes?"

"Well first, Michael's pot roast," right, Cas will jump his bones, which will lead to dried out pot roast, "but also sadist. It's far more uncomfortable kneeling in something like this. Jack, Michael! Get your asses in here," Sam bellows.

They're quick to scamper into the large entryway. Both are also done up nice for Cas like I am. Fuck though, as the big moment approaches, there's nervousness percolating in my belly, and damn, am I dressed nice enough for this guy? This Cas Guy?

"Oh god, he's pulling up," Sam says. "Can you smell me? Is it noticeable? He's going to smell it isn't he?"

Sam's close to freaking out. What did Cas do to him last time?

Sam grabs hold of my shoulders, and stands me in front of him. "Bat your eyes at him, or something."

Michael and Jack stand near Sam making us a little cluster, all of us standing on edge, a mixture of scents in the air, as we listen to the car pull up, and the car door shut. The crunch of gravel, eight steps up to the door, and a shadow stands there taking three of our breaths to reach for the handle of the door and open it.

Chapter Text

A mixture of excitement and nervousness has hold of us, my heart beating a million fucking miles a second. I've spent the past two days hearing this Cas Guy this, and that Guy Cas that, I figured I'd got to know everything there is about him, but none of it prepares me for what's walking through the door right now.

Castiel Novak is an alpha all right. He's at least as large as Sam, who is large for a beta, but that's not why he feels larger than life, his very presence dominates the attention of everything and everyone in the room. I'm sure there are tiny ants crawling through here standing at attention.

He's dressed in black slacks, and a dress jacket, with white shirt and tie, a khaki trench coat over top of it all. His dark hair is the sexy sort of messy, the kind you want to make messier by tugging at it, but Jesus his eyes. I don’t know what kind of blue to call them (Cas Blue? I feel like they should have their own color name) but they're dark and piercing and I feel like he can see through to my soul.

The energy radiating off the man can't be real, it's powerful, like it's going to suck you in and swallow you whole, yet feels, as comforting as a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day. All this from one alpha?

All of that coming at me, then he speaks, and I get really fucking weak in the knees.

"Hello my family. I've missed you all. I hope you've been well-behaved."

Oh god that voice. Like dark vampire sex. There's definitely love in his tone, but there's a strictness woven in that gives all of us a collective chill, checking back over the days in our minds, making sure we had indeed behaved, both not wanting to let this man down, and not wanting to suffer the kinds of consequences he could dream up.

Jack is fucking brave going first. He steps forward. "Father."

"My angel. Do you have something for me?"

"The keys to my chastity belt, Father," he says tugging just enough to pull the chain from his neck. "I recognize your authority, and am honored to be under your wing."

Cas pulls him into a firm hug. "You've been a good boy?"

"I have, sir." I can hear every ounce of gratefulness that he had been.

"Glad to hear it."

Michael steps forward next. His eyes are softer than I've ever seen them.

"Don't be shy, little one. Come see, Daddy."

Michael almost runs. I think he would run if there were more space and jump into his arms. As it is, when Cas embraces Michael, he demonstrates his alpha strength by tugging upward, in a move they've clearly done before, Michael wrapping his legs around Cas's torso, Cas swaying him from side-to-side. Michael's crying.

"It's okay, little one. Hush now, Daddy's sorry he left without waking you, but Michael, I had good reason. You will accept that decision just like you will any others I make for your benefit, am I understood?" The strictness I've heard about bleeds into his tone, and oh god it does things to me.

My cock tries to get hard in this stupid cage, but can't. Ow!

Michael nods into his neck. "Yes, sir."

Cas puts Michael down, and Michael wipes at his tears. "Do you have something for me?"

Michael smiles. He tug on the chain around his neck like Jack did, and hands Cas the keys. "The keys to my chastity, Daddy. I recognize your authority, and I'm honored to be under your wing."

"Thank you little one. Were you well-behaved, or do I need to punish you?"

Jesus, this Cas Guy gets right to the point. And holy shit, how am I supposed to answer that? My heart pounds loud in my chest.

"M-Mostly, Sir. Sam had to punish me this morning, breakfast was late, because I was playing with Dean."

Don't say my name, for Christ's sake Michael. Maybe Cas will forget I'm here if I'm not mentioned.

The look Michael gets makes me want to run and find a cave, and then hire a dragon to guard that cave, as I push a huge boulder in front of the entrance never to be seen again. His soft demeanor turns hard. "You'll do better in future. There will be rules about Dean, I'll let Sam know, and he'll help you follow them."

"Yes, sir." Michael looks like his sun stopped shining.

Cas nudges his chin upward. "Eyes up here Michael. You'll do fine. I know you. Sometimes you need assistance with that kind of thing."

I can't take it anymore. "Jesus Christ, it was fourteen fucking minutes," I say rolling my eyes. "Y'all act like act like he set kittens on fire, or something." It's Michael, and I'm protective of him. What can I say?

But it may be the last thing I ever do. Cas's head snaps around like he's the fucking terminator, which sharply contrasts to the soft hand he runs through Michael's hair, and the soft words he speaks to him. "I trust Sam punished you appropriately." He leaves a peck on Michael's forehead.

Then his attention is on me, this time his full body turns toward me, and he's headed my way. I can barely fucking breathe. I have the distinct feeling that in this situation he's the lion and I'm the prey. Thrilling, and terrifying.

Behind me, Sam gets tenser than he already was, probably freaking the fuck out with Cas being this close, potentially able to smell Gabriel on him. "Our new resident trouble maker. Won't this be fun? Pleased to make your acquaintance, Dean."

I want to speak, I really do, but suddenly I can't. Oh sure, I was all fucking lippy a second ago, but now my vocal chords decide to close shop. I try anyway, feeling like his words require a response of some kind, but all I can manage is some warbled utterings, which he mistakes for me beginning a sentence. I have no sentence, I'm just in awe of the massive force before me.

"—no. Don't speak. I want to smell you. Stay still." He snaps his fingers. "Sam. My jacket."

From the way Sam's eyes wince and frown down minutely, I know this means his plan is done for. Sam steps out from around me, and Cas's head swivels like a homing beacon, those eyes zoning in on Sam. "Oh my heart, you were not well-behaved."

Sam immediately sinks to his knees, and it occurs to me this is the sort of situation he needs his book to consult about, but can't, do I take his jacket first or kneel and beg forgiveness? or do I remind Cas about Michael's pot roast? I'm starting to get the idea of how this place, and the people in it work.

I can't help, but be momentarily happy Cas's attention is not on me, as he moves to tower above Sam instead. Sam's quaking just a tad, focusing on his breathing, but Cas is having an equally hard time. Instincts. The smell of another Alpha's come on not just one of his mate's, but Sam in particular, must be driving him fucking crazy.

His eyes are a bit feral, and the alpha's massive energy is making even me want to kneel and beg. Michael slides up behind me, and pulls me against his body. "Sam will be fine," he says quietly into my ear.

"Jack, take Dad's glasses will you?" Cas says. I can feel the restraint it's taking him not to take Sam this very instant. His fists are balled and squeezing white, jaw clenched. "And then you may want to leave."

Jack snatches the glasses from Sam, and runs off up the stairs, and that's all the restraint he's got left in him. Cas is tossing off his trench coat and blazer, and then ripping open Sam's vest. Sam lets him not resisting in anyway, full submitting to Cas's will.

It's beautiful and I can't take my eyes off them.

But I have to when Michael tugs at my arm. "C'mon, if we're lucky Cas will claim Sam, and that will be the end of it, and then we can all have dinner together."

Doubt that Michael. He's such a fucking optimist. He pulls me toward the kitchen, but I wanna see the hot claiming alpha sex, and continue to look back as Cas is sliding into Sam roughly – he's so fast I missed seeing his probably brilliant cock! – as he fucks him against the bannister which we're probably going to have to get replaced again, aren't we?

We can still hear all of Sam's moans, and all of Cas's grunts when we're away from them, and they go straight to my cock. "Ugh, they're making a huge mess," Michael says heading over to the stove to stir his gravy.

"That's what you're worried about?"

"For now. I'll worry about other things if Cas returns without Sam, like how we're going to run the house without him."

"What did Cas do to Sam the last time this happened?"

"Well for starters, Cas has a large Sam Cage. They use it for some of the deep submission, dominance they both need."

"A cage?"

Michael laughs. "Yes, does that scare you?"

"Will he put me in it?"

"I don't know."

"Has he put you in there?"

"Not yet. I don't think he would, not by myself anyway. It's not really us. Perhaps maybe all of us as a submission thing, but then we would all be together, and that could prove fun."

I'm not so sure about that, but then I've never tried it either. "Is there anymore besides this cage thing?"

"His instincts were set off because another alpha tried to lay claim to his. We know that's not what Gabriel was doing, and so does Cas, but that makes little difference to how his instincts view things, and what will trigger them. Cas will be doing all the things that make him feel like Sam is his, all of it rooted in a deep desire to own. For them it's often Sam being tied up in various positions, and predicaments, from the uncomfortable to the really un-fucking-comfortable. Suffering is a large part of their relationship. Of course, suffering is present in some way with all of our bonds and Cas, but for them it's much larger. He'll do these things until his instincts are sated, when that part of him feels Sam's been marked enough, and he won't be this crazy. Until then his instincts are in the driver's seat—stay the fuck away from Sam, or he'll view you as a threat too."

I nod starting to understand things that were never properly taught to me as a boy. My parents… my parents weren't well.

"There's also the Sam factor," Michael continues. "Look, Cas loves all of us the same, he has a unique relationship with each of us, special in its own way, but Sam… Sam is Cas's prince, his treasure, his heart. He's Bruiska." There's that word again. "There's something sacred between the two of them you don't touch, just sit back and admire, and learn to appreciate. You tend to feel lucky you ever get to see their tender moments."

"If this is them, why was Sam so hot on preventing it? He went as far as scheming."

Michael laughs his large belly laugh, entertained by the way I say things. "That's Sam circumventing Cas, so he can do what he's supposed to for Cas. Sam's role in our house is important to him because it's for Cas. When stuff like this happens, it prevents him completing the large list of tasks he has. Many of them – the ones we couldn't do – will still be around for him to complete when Cas releases him. Sam knows Cas is a slave to his instincts as much as anyone else, and is careful not to set them off if he can, so he can continue to do his job."

To both our surprise, Cas does enter the kitchen with Sam. He's wild looking, or maybe feral is a better word. His messy hair is messier than it was, his shirt open, and blue tie askew, but he's managed to put his pants back on. Cas has everyone's keys (but mine) hanging from his neck like some kind of war prizes.

The almost soft energy present within the firm when he greeted us, has vanished from existence, overruled by whatever force has gripped him, looking ready to tear heads off with his teeth. It's something I've never directly experienced, never having had an alpha before, but I have seen many an alpha get possessive over his mate. Was nothing like this though. The pattern continues and even in this, Cas is something else.

Sam is crawling behind him attached to a leash. He does not have pants, and the cock cage he's wearing for Cas is on display. The three quarter sleeved white button up, and vest are both on, but have been ripped open, and are both ruined beyond repair. Sam is full of marks, bites, bruises, and scratches; the sticky alpha come still drying all over him in a lot more places than Gabriel left it.

Sam is deep in subspace.

Cas retrieves a golden pillow, places it by his chair and then snaps and points. Sam hurries to take position, kneeling up like a beautiful cat, his hands resting on his thick thighs, each toe pad pressed directly into the ground, his ass, which I noticed has a few bites from Cas's strap sitting atop his heels. He keeps his head down. "Michael, I require food for both Sam and I," Cas says his voice gruff with a shade of anger.

"Yes, sir. I saved you the rarest piece – blue rare," Michael says.

"And by decree," he begins. "Dammit!" He's likely remembering his recorder and enforcer of decrees cannot serve him at the moment. "Michael? Where's that infernal book of Sam's?" he says like Sam is not right beside him.

"I will get it, sir," Michael says.

"Good. Get it and write this down. I hereby decree Gabriel is banned from this house! Do you hear me? Banned!"

"Yes, sir. I will see to it," Michael says placing a plate of food before him that's meant for both Cas, and Sam.

I plead at Michael with my eyes not to leave me alone with the instinct-triggered alpha even for a second, afraid to utter a word. While Cas concentrates on his meal, Michael quietly pulls me away, and back to the entryway where Sam's book got tossed when Cas accosted Sam. "Don't worry, Gabriel has been 'banned' multiple times. Cas will calm down, and lift the ban. Gabriel will be hysterical with laughter. And between you and me, I'm not writing a damn thing in Sam's book unless Cas asks to see it. Sam will be pissed."

I don't blame him, I wouldn't want to touch that book. When we return, Cas is feeding Sam, and Sam now has his arms cuffed behind his back. "Michael," Cas says sharply. "Why isn't Dean dressed in what was ordered for him? I know I asked Sam to order him things."

"I'm sorry, sir. Would you like me to see to that now? Or shall we eat first?"

It looks like Cas is having to use a great deal of restraint in talking to Michael at the present moment. "I would like for you to take food for the three of you, and eat with Jack, and then take care of Dean. His smell is too distracting. It's making things worse."

Is that why he can barely look at me?

Michael is fast getting us food, as my heart breaks. I'm out… I'm out aren't I? I've spend this whole time planning to leave somehow in little ways, but really I want it so bad. I want to be in a family, specifically this one, but the worst has happened, and Cas isn't going to accept me.

Smelling my distress, Michael moves faster, shoves a container of food and a bag of plates at me, and ushers me out of the kitchen carrying stuff as well. "I know what I'm smelling. He's not rejecting you Dean. Aside from the fact he promised me whomever I chose he would sign for, he's not his rational self."

"Yeah, he just hates the smell of me."

"I'm going to spank you in a minute. That's not what he said. In fact, it's just the opposite. He likes your smell too much, it's driving him wild."

"You think?"

"I know. I've gotten to know what his various scents mean over the years. Sorry my boy, but you're going to have trouble keeping him off you."


I can't sleep. I know Michael said Sam was fine. Hell, while we ate with Jack he had Jack verify a few times for me that yes, Sam is and will be fine, but I have to see him with my own eyes. I'm no stranger to having to sneak around, it's easy to slip out of bed, and out the door to the bedroom without waking Michael.

The three of us had a riot eating our picnic pot roast dinner together, as Michael complained about it having dried out some in all the ongoings. Jack and I complimented him on everything, every five seconds, because fuck can Michael cook, and that had him beaming. It was succulent and the homemade Yorkshires he whipped up from scratch had me wanting to sneak down to the kitchen for more, but Michael wouldn't let me.

We had fun.

After Michael had cleared our picnic and packed it into the reusable cloth bags, we trucked down to the room with the boxes delivered for me. Inside were several pairs of cotton pants, all in the same shade of crème. In another box there are short, and long robes of the same color. Michael stood puzzling over them for a decade until I finally asked him, "what you thinking about?"

"This is exactly the sort of place I need Sam and his book. Does Cas want you to wear these with underwear, or none? Always together, or separate?"

"Shouldn't he say it?"

"Sometimes, but that's part of the challenge set for Sam; How well can he cater to Cas's needs based on what he knows of him, and the decrees he's already made? Sam lives for it. Me? It stresses me the fuck out and I want to run crying to Daddy." He winked and pulled a pair of the cotton pants out of the box.

Huh. Once again showing me how different everyone is here, and how much Cas knows that setting for each what they need.

"Let's start with what I know, which is we need to wash and dry these first. You're not wearing them straight from the factory. Who knows what they're carrying. I'll even let you help me."

We spent the rest of our night doing laundry, and avoiding Cas and Sam, but we could hear them all around the house.

I do a quick check of the hallway, I don't see, or smell anyone, and head across the hall and down three rooms. I have a destination in mind, the room Michael told me not to go into earlier when I originally put the boxes away.

I'm dressed in nothing, but one of the pairs of cotton pants, (Michael decided on without underwear after consulting with Sam's book, where there was thankfully some notes, still confusing, according to Michael, but enough to have him pretty sure.) and the key for my cock cage, which I'm supposed to give to Cas at some point. I don't know what sort of kinkery Cas has in mind by these (because I'd bet my life there's something), but whatever it is they're mine and that's something to me. I was too busy earlier, wrapped up in the commotion of Cas's homecoming, but now I can acknowledge how much a simple thing like being given my own pants, makes me feel part of this zaney Household. I also enjoy the plush carpet between my toes, as I pad toward the door. Haven't had that luxury in some time.

I smell Sam as soon as I'm near the door, and I'm comforted. I don't detect any sign of distress, but that's not good enough. I have to see him. I also smell Cas having memorized his scent earlier; it's not something you forget. By this point, I'm sure he's marked Sam several times though, so it's hard to tell if he's in there or not.

My heart feels like it's going to beat out of my chest, but I carefully proceed despite the risks, cracking the door only enough to just see inside. I get a good look, and see that Sam is alone.

As I enter, I see the room's actually pretty normal, as far as rooms go. I legit expected a dungeon setting, but there's a big, beautiful bed in here, and some standard bondage equipment. The only thing that's in any way different from anything I've ever seen, is the giant cage, with thick metal bars. It's large enough to hold a Tiger, or a Sam comfortably.

It's lined with purple, gold, and pink pillows, and I didn't think I would use cozy to describe a cage, but it's fucking cozy looking. Sam's wrists are bound together behind his back, attached to cuffs that are around his ankles, by a short chain. The position doesn't look very comfortable, but I think Sam is asleep, and it doesn't to be bothering him. I move further into the room to get a closer look.

"That's as far as you go little sigma." Cas's gravely voice comes from behind me, and I whip around to see him casually leaning against the doorframe, looking like hot sex. I freeze and have the same sensation I did earlier where I can hardly breathe. He moves into the room closer to me.

Right away I notice he's different. "You don't seem like you did at dinner," I say blurting more stuff out I'm probably not supposed to.

"I am calm right now, because I have Sam bound, locked up, and subdued – totally under my control."

"But Michael said you'd be all, y'know, feral for days."

"From an omega's perspective, I'm sure that's true, and how Michael would experience me. From an alpha's perspective I would say it's a thing that comes in waves. It's not over mind, I can feel that it isn't, but I'm not gripped by it right now, so long as you don't get too close to Sam. I can't let Sam go any time tonight, but I think I might be okay by tomorrow. In fact, I think you're responsible for that."

"M-Me?" Pull it the fuck together, Winchester. I don't think that's happening any time soon though. This Guy Cas has a way about him.

"Come, we will talk away from here."

But I remember why I came, Sam, and I'm not satisfied that he's okay. It's not easy with him staring at me like that, and he might well eat me, but I stiffen my lip and say words. "I'm, I'm, I'm, not leaving until I make sure Sam is okay."

"You will do as you're told when you're told to do it in this Household little sigma, but because I am aware of a sigma's proclivity to protect, I will allow it. I find some biological situations require accommodation. I'm going to have to bind your arms behind your back, though, understand?"

I nod, unable to speak again a little scared of the large alpha – he's a lot bigger than I am. He heads over to the bed, and opens a drawer on the side pulling out a set of soft, black leather cuffs. My skin heats, and my cock tries to get hard in its confines, just at this touch, while he attaches the cuffs and clips them together behind my back. I am in so much trouble.

Once he's happy I'm sufficiently bound, and therefore won't be able to even try to touch Sam, he uses my bound arms to steer me as close as he deems allowable. Sam is sleeping, his breathing looks even, and pain free. "I exhausted him little sigma. He'll sleep soundly, unless I continue to wake him and fuck him in the night." Implying that's what he's been doing. "Does this appease you, my Lord?"

The 'my Lord' is said really fucking sarcastically, but I'll take it. "Not quite. I want to talk to him."

Cas frowns. "I would rather you didn't wake him." He sighs, and then snaps his fingers. "Sam. Bruishka," Cas says.

Sam's eyes flutter open. "Dean?"

He looks, really fucking blissed out. I'm immediately sorry I got Cas to wake him. "Yeah, it's me."

"Sh-shouldn't be here, Dean," he says, some of his bossiness coming through even like he is.

"No. I shouldn't."

"You stay there," Cas says to me, and for once in my life, I think I'd better fucking listen. The way he says that's kinda terrifying. Cas unlocks the cage, and enters, kneeling beside Sam, whispering into his ear, kissing his cheek, and stroking his hair until he's asleep again.

When he exits, he relocks the cage. Holy shit, I've been poking at a fucking lion. Why oh why am I such a god dammed brat? Maybe it is my fucking gender. I go for nonchalant, even though I want to run. "I'm good. You can unbind me now, and I'll just head right on back to bed, sir." Why do I have the feeling he's not going to?

Cas's smile is cunning, as he shakes his head. "Foolish little sigma, getting yourself bound up by a strange alpha. I prefer you this way. Besides, we're going to start this off right. You were told not to come down this way, weren't you?"

Ugh. "Yes." Michael warned me in no uncertain terms what he would do if he caught me out of bed, and especially caught me out of bed looking for Sam.

"Mmm-hmm," he hums. Without warning, he yanks down my cotton pants by gripping the sides, only needing one, swift pull. Both my cock, which is locked away, and my ass are bared for him. I could try running, but I won't get far and that will piss him off more. "Bottom out for me, and stay still."

Expecting me to present for him, he starts in spanking my ass. Everyone was right, he spanks hard, and it hurts from the start. It's also embarrassing having to stand there and stick my ass out like this, trying to stay still as Cas goes to town on my ass. "Ow!" I complain.

"You will do as you're told. When you're told to stay put, you stay put, or you'll see a lot more than my hand, do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir," I say near tears. Jesus fuck this guy knows how to spank, and here I am sticking my ass right into the fire known, as Cas's hand. I'm hoping if I do a good job he won't spank my ass for too long.

But it feels like forever as the pain builds. The slaps ring out through the room, and I'm sure the whole house can hear me getting a spanking. My ass gets hot and the slaps fucking sting. And while I definitely am not enjoying this spanking, my stupid cock likes the embarrassment factor way too much.

I've never been so happy for a spanking to end. When it does, both my sets of cheeks are red, and a few tears have made their way down my face. "You are so pretty like this," Cas says. "I hope you've learned your lesson?"

"Yes, sir."

"Mmm-hmm. I have no doubt you'll be up to more mischief and sassiness soon enough. This is why Sigma's need firm and swift discipline," he says pulling my pants back up. "That's what you'll always get at any time, and any place you need it. I would behave if I was you."

"We don't even really know if I'm a sigma," I challenge him, because I don't know when to shut up.

I fully expect him to pull my pants back down, and spank me some more, but instead he laughs. Huh. I think he's entertained by me. Cas has the most beautiful laugh. "You are without a doubt sigma. I can smell you. As you know, an alpha's sense of smell is the most acute of all the genders, and I know what sigma smells like. I will bring you to the doctor, of course, so that your information will be legally reassigned, and you can be assured by science if need be, but I have no doubts about it. You're a bratty, trouble-making sigma, Dean Winchester, and I intend to train you."

I would be offended, but I can't deny any of that, and besides, he seems to like these character traits in particular. Not to mention, my mind has gone wild with what him training me means. "Come."

I follow him to the bed. He easily lifts me to perch on the edge of the tall mattress, and stands between my legs. Cas being this close is doing things to me. My groin is vibrating I'm so fucking turned on. Cas makes it worse, by leaning in to nuzzle at my neck, and holy fuck, he's scenting me. I can't do anything about it, and I don't care. Cas's touch is like bliss, and I feel some of that look Sam had in his eyes. I moan wanting more of him. "I believe there's something else we need to take care of. I need to sit you on my knot."

Oh God, yes. I bet his knot is divine. Cas is forbidden fruit, the last piece of chocolate you shouldn't eat, that extra glass of wine. He's saying I'm trouble, but he's trouble of another kind.

I lose myself in the sensations of his touch, as his continues nuzzling his nose into my neck, with more scent as he sucks bruises into the skin. "You have no idea how good you smell to me. You're like a succulent steak, blue rare. I want to eat you." He nibbles on my ear, the soft caress going straight to my cock, and I start to whine. "You're a needy little thing, aren't you?"

For him, apparently. "Mmmmmm, please," I say pushing my hips toward him.

"Nuh-uh, that's staying on." I'm putty, as he hops onto the bed with me, and manhandles me, until I'm in the middle. He deftly unclips the cuffs, and rearranges my arms, so they're overhead now, and clips them to a ring sticking out from the headboard. His fingers reach to the waistband of my pants, and he tugs them off, so I'm fully exposed for him. "Sam tells me you didn't even know a fourth gender existed. Is that true pretty thing?" Cas runs a finger up and down the inside of my thigh, and it makes me shiver in the best way. I open my legs, so he can have more access.

"Yeeeeeessss, sir."

He nods continuing to gently brush at my thigh, the anticipation slowly killing me. "Then I will tell you some things. A sigma is the balance to an alpha's energy. You will balance my whole household Dean."

I nod. I'll be whatever he wants right now, if he'll just lean down and kiss me with those lips.

"Most sigmas scare lesser alphas if you can believe it. They are often rejected by them." That hits a little too close to home for me. "It doesn't matter if they know what they have before them is a sigma, or not, it's an energy thing, they will still feel the energy, and without the understanding of what they're feeling in response to the sigma, they flee."

That oddly makes me feel somewhat better.

"I'm not afraid of you Dean, just the opposite. I welcome the challenges you'll bring. I look forward to bringing you to heel. That's just one reason you'll be wearing this twenty-four-seven," he explains with a feathery touch to my balls, letting his hand glide up and over my caged cock. "This is for taming you. Unfortunately for you, it will also make you more needy than you already are, which means you'll need to be very well-behaved if you want it to come off and get played with, which won't be very often."

Jesus fucking Christ. Even though that sounds awful, my stupid cock loves it, and my hips jump toward him. His mere words are making me so god dammed horny, I think I'm going to die.

"We'll make sure you're milked regularly, for health reasons, but not before these are heavy, and aching," he says gripping my nuts, which are already feeling the strain of being confined.

"Please, please," I beg.

Cas slips a finger inside my hole, which is dripping with slick. Fuck yeah. I spread even wider than before, but of course he makes this as hellish as possible, only entering enough so I know he's there, not doing anything of real sexual worth, yet I'm ready to hump his leg if he'll let me.

"I will allow you to have orgasms from here more often," he says pushing his finger up further, finally massaging my prostate. "And I will enjoy being in control of how you come. Are you good at prostate orgasms, my little sigma?"

"I'm, okay at them." They aren't my forte, but I've had'em.

"Lucky for you, you can get good at them, with practice. All of this in the interest of having a well-tamed, well-behaved sigma, it will be, so beautiful. You'll feel loved and treasured, and you'll suffer so sweetly."

Being denied dick orgasms doesn't seem like fun for me no matter how Cas tries to sell it, but fuck if he does this forever, I'll find a way. I know that's how it works though, submission isn't all pleasure, it's not really submitting if it's all things you like. Which is what terrified me about the whole thing for so long. Submission requires giving something of yourself, something that's hard to do, which is the magic that makes you go deeper. Learned all that watching Sam and Cas, and asking questions. You have to let go, which hasn't been easy for me.

"Another beautiful thing about alpha, sigma relationships, is the sex. I can make you needier and hornier than any other gender. Conversely, you also have the ability to drive me into a frenzy, a thing that would also scare a lesser alpha, but I look forward to craving you incessantly, Dean."

Cas continues to open me with his fingers, pressing into my entrance, and finally he leans down to kiss me. His lips are as soft as they look, but it's like kissing fire. He consumes me, and I don't care if I never return.

It's not that his kisses are better than with Sam, or Michael, they're just a different brand. They have a dangerous quality and the potential to be addictive – the forget to eat kind of addictive.

He pulls away smiling. "Tonight I will claim you, and then once we've mated enough, you'll start to have heats. They're not unlike an omega's heats, but whereas an omega's are about breeding, yours are for your alpha. Me, and only me. It's not something that can be triggered, or sated by an beta, or omega. They can last days to weeks – it's going to be marvelous."

Not sure how I feel about any of that, but right now? don't care. He can have my first born if he'll take this even a little further.

"You will call me Alpha, or sir. I'll allow Cas for more familial moments, but out of the house I'd better not hear you utter anything, but Alpha. I can see in your eyes you're going to give me trouble about this." He brushes my hair back. "You're going to be the most delicious trouble, but you're going to obey me, or you're going to regret it."

Fuck that makes me shiver. When I have mated with alphas, I usually found the most thrilling and dangerous ones. I seek thrill. Is that a sigma thing? Cas has got thrill for days.

Cas adds another finger, knowing just where to rub that ball inside me and how much pressure to use to drive me wild. It's not just what his finger is doing, it's a combination of the powerful energy bleeding from him, his scent which is a sweet masculine cologne, and those fingers. It's That Cas Guy. That Guy Cas.

I'm so blissed out by the time Cas does slip inside me, I miss seeing his cock again it's so quick. It only takes one thrust for me to get the idea of what he means by craving. My whole body feels like it's on fire, mad with passion for him, Cas my only salvation.

His massive cock slides in and out easily, slowly driving me insane, as I moan, and beg, and mewl. I press down trying to get more of him, and sure, my cock wants to come out and play, the cock cage killing all its fun, but Cas seems to know how to hit that spot inside me and it builds slowly with more fire, and more wildness, making it hard to pay too much attention to my cock.

I do feel Cas's knot grow, and it hurts as he pulls it out, and shoves it back in, the come starting to leak from it, which has Cas thrusting more manically, until he can't pull it out anymore, and I'm stuck on his knot as he continues to come inside me. He reaches up to unclip the cuffs, and pulls me so I'm on top, unable to go anywhere, sitting on his cock. "Milk me, sweetness. That's it. You'll get every drop, or I shall not be pleased," he growls.

I wouldn't waste any, anyway, but his tone has me working harder to milk his cock, and hope I'm doing it to his standards. When I can't get anymore, I collapse on top of him, totally fucking wrecked. I haven't come, but I wasn't thinking about pleasing myself, just Cas. "Al-Alpha? Did I do good? Did I do it?"

"Fuck I love that. You have done well. I am pleased." In this moment, I'm not sure there's anything better than Cas's praise. "Close your eyes. You've earned some rest. I'll take care of you."

I have no doubt he will, and so I do.


I wake up to the familiar scent of rainbows, and sunshine, and then nestle into my new favorite place, which is Michael. Cas is wild sex, he's solid, a powerful force I can't wait to have consume me again, but Michael's, Michael and I would live in his chest forever. The key is still around my neck.

"I smell Cas all over you now," he says breathing me in. "It's delightful. Didn't think you could smell any better, but you do." He kisses me. "How was your night?"

"Cas he, holy shit Michael. You guys weren't exaggerating about him. He's something else." I get giddy just thinking about him.

"Gushing isn't just limited to before he comes home meals, it's just another time we do it. We also gush to each after spending a night with him, whether it's alone, or all of us together – doesn't always have to be about sex either, could just be something he did on an extra fun family night."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Somehow Cas seems to be able to give that first night with your new man jitters most times we're together. We feel so alive, and giddy afterward, we have to gush. So, gush away, Baby."

I only have a small bit of hesitation, because isn't that the sappiest thing ever? But it quickly fades, because yeah I want to fucking gush, okay?

"He's everything you guys said, he's really fucking dreamy." I go onto tell him all about how turned on I was, and his eyes, and his big alpha everything. I call him Alpha without realizing; the whole time reliving the feeling of being with Cas, already looking forward to the next time. "Is Alpha a wizard? Is it a spell?"

Michael smiles. "No spell. You're just in love. Cas is easy to fall in love with."

After gushing a bit more, Michael wakes me up to the stark reality that last night only happened, because I disobeyed him. "Now Michael, Cas already spanked me for that."

"Perfect, I won't have to work as hard to make you wish you had obeyed me."

"Cas already made me wish that!"

"You're getting this spanking Dean, with your pants down."

"This is so unfair."

"If you don't want to be spanked, obey the rules. Come here my bratty boy." Michael flips me over his lap easily, and he has my cotton pants down, which I'm starting to catch onto the logic of (how easy they can be pulled down and put back), and is going to town on my still sore ass. "Ouch this is red. You'd better start behaving yourself, or sitting is going to be unpleasant."

Michael isn't nicer because I've already been spanked, he's just as thorough as always. My only saving grace is that he does not spank as hard as Cas, not by far. Still fucking hurts though.

I'm appropriately chastised by the end of it that's for sure. "I'm sorry, sir," I say when its done and we get to cuddle again.

"Be a good boy." Michael is stern, as he presses my nose. "Let's get some aloe on this, we've got to get breakfast on the table for Cas, or I won't be sitting comfortably either."

God, just his name gives me the good feels, but as good as being around Cas can feel, woe-be-tide you if you're not behaving. I'm already resigned to the fact that's not something I want to invite. I mean I'm me and apparently the resident brat, so it's bound to happen, but no need to make it easy. "Yeah, yeah okay let's go."


I perform my usual duties as Michael's eye candy, but with slightly more decoration (Cas left some nice marks I'm feeling lucky to have) and in less comfort (my ass is fucking sore) as Michael makes us breakfast and dotes on Jack when he comes down.

To all of our surprise, Sam makes his way into the kitchen wearing a pair of sleep pants and t-shirt, looking like a guy missing at least seventeen years worth of sleep, but who's also had the best sex of his life. He throws the gold pillow to the side of Cas's chair, but instead of kneeling right away, he leans over to kiss Jack's crown, "hey Dad," and then me on the lips, "'morning, Daddy," but then slumps his arms around Michael from behind, and over his shoulders, burying his face into the shorter omega's hair, scenting him.

"Good morning, Sir."

He stands there quietly a good five minutes, luxuriating in Michael's scent. "You okay, Sir?"

"I am, but I'll need you later," Sam says.

That one I can figure out. With someone as switchy as Sam, him going to such a subby extreme requires a little balance by way of topping his boy.

"Gladly, Sir."

Sam's eyes widen, when Cas's scent heads our way, and he jumps to his pillow taking position even though I can tell how sore his whole body is. When Cas enters, he takes stock of us all. "That won't be necessary, Sam," Cas says in his rich voice, all of us on edge. I'm in on this Cas thing too now, and the fucking mix of tension-excitement he brings is real. "You may join us as the table."

Sam does as he's told, but he's uneasy about it. When you've spent any amount of time being mega-subby it must be hard to leave subspace entirely. Sam's back, and functional, but a piece of him is still living there.

Cas is looking him over. "Would you put the song on for me little one? You know the song."

Michael gets a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"Master, please," Sam says.

"You're not getting out of this. Up," Cas says.

Sam really doesn't want to do whatever it is Cas has in mind. He slides out, and pads over to him, taking Cas's offered hand. Cas is smiling at him the whole time, two parts adoring, one part roguery. The song starts, I recognize it immediately; The Eagles, Take Me to the Limit.

Cas makes a show of pulling Sam to him in proper dancing stance, and begins by slow dancing with him. Before long his dance moves are exaggerated, and he leads Sam all around the kitchen, mostly dragging him, since Sam isn't doing more than go through the motions clumsily, still unsure if he should let the rest of him loose.

Cas gets more wild, spinning him, letting him fly outward and then pulling him back in, which gets us a tentative smile from Sam. Feeling like he's getting somewhere, Cas resumes his exaggerated slow dance sequence, and then starts signing. "If it aallll fell to pieces tomorrow, would you still be mine?"

That makes Sam smile, but when Cas nuzzles his face into Sam's neck, tickling him with his breath, he lets loose his booming Sam laugh, as Cas breaks out into the chorus. "So put meeeee on a highway, show meeeeee a sign, and take it to the limit one more time!"

Even loud and obnoxious as he's aiming to be, he's got a gorgeous voice. It's enough to finally break all of Sam out, and he's laughing and whacking at Cas's shoulder. "Okay, okay you big brute."

He doesn't stop though nuzzling him again, and then making him dance some more. "I love you, Bruishka."

"What's Bruishka?" I ask Michael. It's not the first time he's called Sam that, he said it last night, nor is it the first time it's come up.

"Bruishka is an ancient Dakath word with a couple of different translations." Oh yeah, ancient Dakath. Only Dakath majors study that stuff anymore, some real Shakespeare kinda shit. Of course Cas would know some. "It roughly translates to Shepherd of the sky, or Shepherd of my heart. Sometimes we call him that when he gets particularly bossy, you know, shepherding us around, but also just because Cas says it so often it's become another one of his names."

"Come on everyone up," Cas says. "Dancing. Singing. Now."

Cas continues to dance with Sam, while Jack, Michael and I form a little trio. Before long, all of us are finishing off the chorus and laughing together.

I'm in complete awe of this family, and they were right about Cas. He's fucking perfect. He definitely provides discipline around here, and he is not to be fucked with, but then he does stuff like this; all of it makes your heart full. Do I really get to be part of this?

As if he can hear my thoughts, Cas breaks up the dance party. "All right, take your seats everyone. Michael serve us up. Dean my lap please, we have something to take care of. Sam, I believe you have some papers for me?"

"They're in my computer bag, sir. I'll grab them."

I head over, and tentatively make my way into the large alpha's lap. He surrounds me with scent, and scents me, rubbing scent under my chin, and down my neck. "I'm going to make sure everyone knows you're in this family. You belong to me, to us."

Sam places the papers, and a pen before Cas. "I believe Dean mentioned something about contesting your authority over him," Sam says, ratting me out. Asshole! "Don't give me that look, you said it."

"Is that true, Dean?" Cas says in a voice that says he fucking dares me, and would look forward to such a contest.

"Uh, aaaaah, that is…" Fucking Sam!

"Well, while you figure that out, I'm putting my signature right here," Cas says signing my papers, and adding me to his Household.

I watch him passively, all the will to fight him sucked out of me, well, for now. If what Cas says about sigma, alpha relationships is true, I'll be back to my sassy-self in no time. I'm just too damn happy right now. I lean back into Cas, and let his scent surround me.

"Next on the agenda, Dean will have to be trained," Cas says.

I perk up out of my Cas cove. "What?"

"Everyone has their role in his family, you'll have yours."

"And just was is that?" I ask.

"You'll see," Cas says in a way that's really fucking suspicious. "Are you going back to your seat? Or am I feeding you here?"

"Are you going to let me up?"

"No. Do you want me to?"


"Just as I thought, now behave yourself."

I have questions, so many questions, but he told me you'll see which means now is not when he's going to answer those questions, and my ass is fucking sore, and I have no doubt Cas won't care, and will spank it anyway if I pester him. Instead I go with obedience. "Yes, Alpha, and here." I tug at the necklace with the key to my temporary cock cage hanging from it, and hand it to him. I don't say the thing everyone else said, far too fucking shy to try tripping over it - maybe next time.

He takes it and adds it to the others around his neck. For the first time, I get to experience what Cas pleased with me feels like.

I'm in the family now; if I have any doubts, I can keep looking at my papers, which Cas has kept just within my view, making it easy for me to see his signature while everyone eats, and he spoons yogurt topped with Michael's homemade granola into my mouth.