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until you hate me

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Jeongguk is sitting upright when Yoongi comes down the stairs. 

There are discarded sketch books all around him, a pencil tucked behind the shell of his ear. He spreads his legs on the mattress, stretching, before standing, bouncing on his heels as he waits for Yoongi to greet him. His leash bounces against his chest, fingers clasped tightly in front of him, and he grins when Yoongi finally looks at him. 

Something fond touches Yoongi’s expression. He smiles, slides his shoes neatly against the wall, and then beckons Jeongguk to him with a hand. 

Jeongguk’s hug is needy and immediate, and Yoongi grunts when Jeongguk gets his arms around him; he’s like a huge puppy, babbling mindlessly about his day, attempting to land a big, wet kiss on Yoongi’s cheek when he pulls back. 

Yoongi slides a hand between them, resting it lightly on his chest, and slaps the other palm against Jeongguk’s cheek, silencing him. Jeongguk smiles, sheepish, and Yoongi cups his cheek, bringing him down for a long, slow kiss. 

Jeongguk leans into it when they part. Yoongi chuckles. “Glad to be home, baby.” 

“Welcome home.” Jeongguk perks up, smiling brightly, and Yoongi coos at him. “Did you already have dinner?” 

“Not yet.” Yoongi kisses the corner of his mouth once more before releasing him, wandering towards the tiny kitchenette. He blinks at the dish sitting on top, a glass baking pan peeking out from behind the tinfoil. There’s a heart sharpied on the top and Yoongi fiddles with it, curious. “Is this for me?” 

“You--uhm.” Jeongguk stands a fair distance away as Yoongi peels the edge of the foil up, blinking rapidly. “You said your birthday was soon, so…” 

Yoongi peers over his shoulder, and Jeongguk shrugs, shy. The cake is plain, yellow--Yoongi had never bought him frosting, had never thought he’d need it--but it melts him, makes him feel warm and bubbly as he recovers it and turns around, coming to sit on the edge of the bed. 

Gingerly, he gathers up Jeongguk’s sketchbooks and sets them on the floor. “It’s not poisoned or anything, right?” 

The joke goes over Jeongguk’s head. He shakes his head fast, hands clasped behind his back, and Yoongi feels a surge of fondness for him, watching his leash shake and shimmy with the motion. 

“Jeonggukkie.” He coos, and Jeongguk looks at him, wide-eyed, as he pops the first few buttons of his shirt. “You’re so thoughtful. Such a good boy.” 

Jeongguk’s whimper is audible, even across the room. 

Yoongi’s eyes wrinkle in a smile, and he crooks a finger, leaning back against the mattress with his knees parted. 

“Come here, baby.” 

Jeongguk clambers on top of him eagerly, mouthing wetly at his neck. Yoongi tips his head back and sighs, fingers seizing the leather strap dangling from his neck; he tugs, just hard enough to remind Jeongguk that it’s there, but not to stop him. 

“Good boy.” He purrs, when Jeongguk slides further down, latching onto a nipple and sucking hard. Yoongi shoves a hand into his hair, fingers tightening hard enough to pull on Jeongguk’s scalp, watching his hips kick into the mattress in response. 

“So pretty.” Jeongguk whines, trying to pull away, chasing the fine line of muscle down to Yoongi’s belly. Yoongi tightens his grip, urging Jeongguk to crawl closer so that he can land a kiss on his forehead. “You’re so pretty, baby. You’ve been such a good boy.” 

Jeongguk’s head drops against his shoulder, lips moving against his throat, and Yoongi’s sigh is pleased. He cards his hand through Jeongguk’s hair more gently, releasing the leash and trailing fingers down to dig into Jeongguk’s ass, encouraging the steady rock of hips against his thigh. 

“My pretty boy.” He guides Jeongguk’s hips, hushing him when Jeongguk whines into his neck. “Pretty baby. Wanna fuck Daddy today?” 

Jeongguk’s hips jump hard. Yoongi’s laugh is dark. 

“Think you can do it?” He draws his hand back only to slide the tips of his fingers past Jeongguk’s waistband, grinning when Jeongguk gasps into his ear. “Still remember how to use it, baby? That big, useless cock of yours. Think you can do it?” 

Jeongguk nods so hard his chin smacks into Yoongi’s shoulder, sending a short shock of pain down his arm. The eagerness is endearing, the way Jeongguk’s hips buck down against his thigh and back up into his palm, already breathing so heavily, blushy and dazed when Yoongi pushes him away to see his face. 

Jeongguk whines, kneading his hands in his lap like a cat. “Please. Please please please please--” 

“Okay. Okay, baby, okay.” Yoongi shifts onto his knees, cupping Jeongguk’s face with both hands. He leans in for a kiss and Jeongguk is so fast to reciprocate that his teeth bump against Yoongi’s lips, whimpering eagerly into his mouth. 

“Lube, sweetheart.” He fixes a firm hand on Jeongguk’s chest, pushing him back despite the distraught whine it brings. Yoongi’s eyes wrinkle, tongue swiping over his smile. He pushes Jeongguk even further back with his toes, playful. “Be a good boy and get the lube.” 

Jeongguk is still for a pregnant pause, shivering, and then, at the insistent press of Yoongi’s toes against his chest, scrambles off the bed, stumbling towards the secondhand nightstand and palming uncomfortably at his briefs. 

“No touching.” Yoongi reminds him sweetly, scooting up to lean against the headboard, leisurely undoing his belt. Jeongguk’s breath catches on a dry sob. 

Jeongguk fumbles through the drawer, breathing heavily as he shoves aside old clothes and stray pencils. Frustration growing, he slams it shut and yanks open the drawer beneath it, and then the lowest when he can’t find it there, either. 

“I can’t--” His breath catches, and he pulls the first drawer open again, shoving his things aside as if it will make the bottle magically appear. It’s not there. It’s clearly not there. He shuffles more desperately, whining. “I can’t find it, it’s not here.” 

Yoongi’s pretty lips press together in a thin line and Jeongguk flinches hard. “Useless child.” 

“I’m sorry.” Yoongi throws his legs over the edge of the bed and Jeongguk drops to his knees, shuffling forward immediately, head bowed. His voice brims with tears, rubbing his head apologetically against Yoongi’s thigh, pleading. “I’m sorry, I don’t know wh-where it went. I must have misplaced it. I’m s-so stupid, I’m sorry.” 

Yoongi hums, reaching over his head. He grabs his discarded jacket, moving it to the side, and then pulls the first drawer open once more. Jeongguk flinches when the wheels squeal. 

“Baby.” Yoongi’s hand touches the top of his head, gentle; not at all the harsh slap or strike he deserves. The drawer rolls shut and Yoongi cups his face with both hands, urging him to look up, thin smile in place. Jeongguk stares at the bottle sitting in his lap. “It was right there, silly. Don’t cry.” 

Traitor tears well over, but Jeongguk sniffles hard and feels Yoongi’s thumbs smearing them away, cooing and petting his head. Yoongi plays with the shell of his ear. “What do you say, sweetheart?” 

Yoongi had a knack for that. Being a thousand times better at things than Jeongguk could ever hope to be--particularly at finding things that Jeongguk’s blind eye always overlooked. Awe swells in the pit of his belly and he reaches up to hold onto Yoongi’s wrists, swallowing hard. 

“Th-Thank you, Daddy.” He whispers. Yoongi’s grin is pleased. “Thank you for finding it.”

“You won’t lose it again?” 

Something makes his throat burn, a shame and disgust long forsaken in favour of the adoring look scrawled across Yoongi’s face. “I won’t.” 

“That’s my good boy.” Yoongi sets the lube aside, mindful not to lose it in the sheets, and tugs on Jeongguk’s arm, bringing him back onto the bed. He slides a hand up to the curve of Jeongguk’s neck and shoulder, chilly rings raising goosebumps where they press into Jeongguk’s skin, and kisses him sweetly. 

His knees squeeze at Jeongguk’s hips, insistent rocking of his hips betraying the gentle way he cradles Jeongguk’s face. “C’mon, baby. Help me get ready.” 

The bed is softer than the floor when Jeongguk falls to his knees again, deft fingers undoing Yoongi’s button and fly and tugging at the legs of his pants, eager. Yoongi giggles something sweet, holding his hips up helpfully, and Jeongguk plants a shy kiss on one of his rosy knees, folding the pants neatly in his lap and then shifting to pile them atop his jacket. 

“You’re so pretty.” Yoongi croons, pulling his own briefs off and tossing them onto the dresser with much less care. Jeongguk’s hand hovers over his belly, eyes fixated on the way his cock curves and drips onto it, and Yoongi laughs. “Go ahead and touch, baby. Get Daddy ready.” 

“Y-Yes, Daddy.” Tentatively, he presses his palm flat against Yoongi’s stomach, smoothing over his pale chest in appreciation. He comes closer on his knees, straddling one of Yoongi’s naked thighs, and leans down to kiss at his throat, feeling fingers curl in the back of his hair, goading him on. 

He fumbles for the lube, wincing at how cold it is when he finally gets it open. He rubs it between the fingers on one hand, aware of how much Yoongi hates being touched unnecessarily with it, and slides down the bed, one hand fixed on his lover’s hip, the other dipping to prod behind his balls. 

Yoongi sighs when the first finger goes in without resistance, and Jeongguk gets the feeling that he might’ve done this before he even came down--he’s always suspiciously loose, well-prepared and clean for how suddenly he claims he wants Jeongguk to fuck him. 

Jeongguk is wise enough to never point it out. Yoongi’s temper tended to be shorter on those days, anyways. 

“Doin’ good.” Yoongi tells him, spreading his legs obligingly and bending his knees, planting his feet flat on the bed. Jeongguk shifts to lay on his belly, crooking his finger to get a feel of how stretched he really is. Yoongi’s arm covers his face, but he sighs pleasantly. “Keep going, baby. C’mon, give me another.” 

Jeongguk rubs his free fingers together to re-spread the lube, and then carefully props his middle finger up, forcing it in beside his forefinger on the next jab. Yoongi jolts, breath shuddering, and Jeongguk wiggles his fingers a little too enthusiastically, sitting up on his elbow and watching what he can see of Yoongi’s expression. 

“Just a little more.” His hips work restlessly, grinding down against Jeongguk’s fingers. “Just a little more, baby, c’mon. Spread ‘em.” 

Obediently, he scissors his fingers, and Yoongi groans, despite Jeongguk’s confused confirmation that he is, indeed, already prepped. He feels like Yoongi makes him do things just to go through the motions, sometimes. To remind him of his place. 

It makes sense. Yoongi always knows what’s best for him. 

This is his way to keep Jeongguk from getting any more stupid, he thinks. To keep him from losing skill with his hands. Or maybe it’s so that Jeongguk doesn’t feel so useless--to share the intimacy of it, the way Yoongi looks down and cracks a smile at him, the way he shudders and clenches around Jeongguk’s fingers. 

Jeongguk delivers the third finger on a slow thrust, hoping he can convey how grateful he is just from the smallest of gestures. Yoongi tips his head back and moans and Jeongguk fixes his mouth on Yoongi’s balls, sucking just hard enough to bring a hand down, tangling in his hair. 

“Enough.” Yoongi wheezes, and when Jeongguk looks up, there’s a pretty pink blush all over his face. He bites his lip for a moment, seemingly dazed, and then tugs Jeongguk towards him, lips finding his eagerly, one hand dipping between them to shove Jeongguk’s sweatpants down his thighs, pawing for his cock. “C’mon, c’mon, give it to me--” 

Jeongguk holds himself helpfully and Yoongi seizes the head of his cock, wiggling his hips until he can guide Jeongguk inside, free hand fisting hard in the sheets at the stretch, head falling back. 

Jeongguk whimpers mindlessly, hips moving forward in short little jabs. Yoongi sits up on his elbows, fingers falling away from his cock only to grab the lead of his leash tight, throat working around words that he can’t force out until Jeongguk buries himself to the hilt, gasping at the heat. 

“G-Good boy.” Yoongi is winded, tugging at the leash in lieu of petting Jeongguk, finally lifting his head and looking at him. His hair is clean, bangs falling into his eyes, and Jeongguk yearns to lean forward and bury his face in it, smell the floral shampoo he’s not allowed to use. 

Yoongi’s smile is fond, fingers crawling up the leash to his neck, curling around his jaw. Sweetly, voice no higher than a breath, he croons, “Fuck me well, sweetheart.” 

Jeongguk’s hips jerk forward and Yoongi sighs, flattening out against the bed, shifting into the touch when Jeongguk brings hesitant hands around to seize his hips. He rolls against Jeongguk’s sloppy, eager thrust, following up a string of profanities with a choked, “Feels so good, baby, keep--keep goin’, c’mon, harder--

Jeongguk curls around him like a dog desperate to keep its prey, whimpering into his shoulder, both hands wrapping around Yoongi’s back to hold him still as he fucks forward clumsily. The hand that’s not wrapped around his leash finds its way to the thin skin between his shoulder blades and sinks in, nails streaking burning lines across his back. 

“S-Such a big c-cock, Jeonggukkie,” Yoongi’s voice is right in his ear, punched out of him with each jolt of Jeongguk’s hips. He pulls the leash hard enough to choke and Jeongguk’s head spins. “Gonna make you fuck me everyday. Such a g--good cock on my pretty, stupid baby.” 

His blood rushes in his ears, a high pitched whine rolling over somewhere between them; he slams into Yoongi harder the longer his air is gone, the harder it gets to breathe, and when he starts to feel too weak to keep moving, he finally gives in. 

Jeongguk pulls away and Yoongi releases the leash with little fuss. He gasps for air, choking on the attempt, and Yoongi coos at him, hands running all over his chest and belly, hips moving restlessly against his. 

“Keep fucking Daddy, baby.” Yoongi rolls hard enough to bounce the bed, determined to get Jeongguk moving again, one hand falling to wrap around his cock. “C’mon, Jeonggukkie.” 


Yoongi stills, hand falling away from him to rest against the sheets next to his head. When Jeongguk looks at him, one artfully severe brow is arched, lips pursed in annoyance. 

Slowly, he repeats, “Can’t?” 

A tremor of fear rolls through him, but it’s nothing compared to the pressure, the swell of pleasure when Jeongguk shifts only barely and feels precum spurting out of him. He can’t help it, it’s been too long, and Yoongi is tight, and--

“Baby.” Yoongi’s voice comes back firmer, yanking on Jeongguk’s leash and sending him jolting forward, breath vanishing and hips melding against Yoongi’s. “Answer me.” 

It’s enough to send him over the edge. 

He trembles through his orgasm, holding himself up on shaking arms and sweating, feeling tears prick at his eyes already because Yoongi is never happy when he cums like this. He thrusts mindlessly forward, chasing the wet heat that milks his cock, and Yoongi sighs, shortening his leash around his hand and appraising him with an almost pitiful look in his eye. 

“Such a big cock,” He says, disinterested as one can be, and Jeongguk feels like crying. “Wasted on a useless cockslut like you.” 

Jeongguk shudders, feeling his dick give an interested little twitch, but Yoongi rolls over him, straddling his hips and shoving a hand between them to keep Jeongguk’s slowly softening cock lodged inside him. He seizes the leash once more, pouting, and steadies himself with a hand on Jeongguk’s belly. 

“I’ll do it myself.” He raises himself up only a little before seemingly deciding against it, dropping firmly back onto Jeongguk’s hips and rocking back and forth with him deep inside. “Just--Just sit still and be pretty for Daddy, dumb bitch.” 

Despite himself, Jeongguk whimpers, scrambling to grab Yoongi’s cock and tug at it, almost apologetic. Yoongi’s eyes take on a rounder edge and he sighs, fucking up into Jeongguk’s fist, keeping one hand stationed on his leash at all times. 

“It’s okay.” He whispers, and the relief would’ve knocked Jeongguk flat were he not already down. He strokes Yoongi’s cock and Yoongi sighs, head tipping back, bouncing unevenly when Jeongguk spits into his hand and smears it all over the head. “‘S’okay, I’ll--My big, clumsy baby, ‘s’okay, Daddy’s not mad.” 

More than anything, the reassurance alleviates his tension. Jeongguk tries his best to thrust upwards, tries his best to stay hard and ready until Yoongi is spilling into his fist with a pleased sigh, oversensitive to the point of tears. 

Yoongi rises on his knees, batting Jeongguk’s cock out of him, and Jeongguk cries out at the harsh treatment, at the sudden sting on his already raw skin. Yoongi rolls off of him and onto his belly on the bed, and Jeongguk grips himself with his whole hand, whimpering softly. 

“Don’t clean up yet.” Yoongi rumbles, face buried in his arms. “Lay with me.” 

It’s an easy request, although a rare one. Jeongguk pulls his hand away from his cock delicately, shuffling to drop the lube onto the nightstand and then pull the thick blanket over them, stretching an arm out in offering.

Yoongi’s head plants itself there, shy smile etched into his face, and Jeongguk’s heart swells with affection. Love. 

“Hi, baby.” He whispers, and Jeongguk leans forward, kissing his brow when Yoongi doesn’t object. “Did so well for me.” 

He doesn’t tear up, but guilt winds him like a kick to the head. “I’m sorry.” 

“I said it’s okay.” Yoongi’s hands come up to cradle his face, hushing him softly as Jeongguk breaks down into shudders and a handful of quiet tears, overwhelmed. Yoongi kisses the corner of his mouth, pulling Jeongguk’s head to his chest. “I love you. You did so well, I love you.” 

His stomach turns and his breath feels sour when he chokes back, “I love you, too.” 

Yoongi dozes, rolling onto his side and pressing his shoulder blades firmly into Jeongguk’s chest, content. Jeongguk has half a mind to go for his wet-wipes, to clean him up before he wakes up cranky and filthy, but Yoongi has himself rooted firmly against Jeongguk’s arm, and there’s no way to move that far without waking him, so he doesn’t. 

Instead, he stares. 

Jeongguk has always been weak for pretty men, from his crush in high school to the beautiful man that lured him into a collar within hours. Yoongi was a breathtaking sort of beauty, all soft slopes and rosy skin, and Jeongguk kisses his temple, fingers brushing against his cheek, in awe. He doesn’t remember why he cried so much, when they first met. Yoongi had always been so nice to him. Shown him how wrong he had been before. 

He had been silly. A silly, stupid boy. Yoongi was right. 

Yoongi was always right. Jeongguk presses a charmed smile to his cheek, trying desperately to leave another kiss. 

He smooths Yoongi’s hair out of his face absently once he pulls away, grateful that he’s staying the night for once, when he sees them. 

The keys to the basement door are right there. 

Yoongi dozes, breathing deep and even, and Jeongguk sits up, eyeing them. They’re right on his nightstand, right within reaching distance--and Yoongi is asleep.

Jeongguk could leave. 

He could leave

He sits up a little further, resting a hand on Yoongi’s warm hip, heart pounding like a war drum inside his chest. They’re right there, they’re right there, they’re right there -- 

Yoongi shifts, mumbling. Jeongguk freezes. 

Slowly, his eyes fall to Yoongi’s face. His paramour. His captor. The love of his life. 

Yoongi hadn’t stolen him. Not really. Jeongguk settles back down behind him, winding an arm around his waist and breathing deeply, the smell of sex and Yoongi’s faded cologne sticking to his lungs like spiderwebs. 

Yoongi had taken him to paradise. He didn’t have to work or worry about bills, here. He got to lay with the man he loved almost every night. Yoongi helped him. Yoongi understood him more than anyone. 

Yoongi loved him. Yoongi always did what was best for him, always. 

Nobody else would ever do that for Jeongguk. Not the way he did. 

He needed Yoongi. 

Jeongguk presses his lips to the back of Yoongi’s neck, chaste, and holds them there until he falls asleep. 



(Tucked to his chest, Yoongi reach out, shoves the keys back into his jacket, and smiles.)