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Brimstone Scars

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Hey y’all! It’s Spirit here. So, while I have been working on updates this random idea came to mind. I do need to get back to revising Incisor, but that will happen shortly enough whenever I get around to it. It does take me a while to revise and write up chappies. This title was Incisor’s previous one, but I thought I might as well use it for this new one. Hopefully you all will enjoy it. Hehes

Before we start, let’s go through a few things first. This is something I’ve been doing so y’all know how I work when it comes to fanfics.

  1. I primarily write in third person perspective. I tend to go through scenes a little quickly, but I always keep the pace a steady one.
  2. This is an AU. I own nothing except the plot and any OC’s I decide to use.
  3. This will involve ships that I love. Others might not agree nor love them. So, now y’all know I guess.
  4. Everyone writes the characters differently. I try to keep characters true to the anime/manga, but I also like putting my own spin on them too.
  5. This will have mature themes in it like usual. I always enjoy putting in a good mix of angst and spice, but other aspects get thrown in too.

Alrighty, I think that’s good enough. That way y’all are aware of how I work and how this will go. Let’s get on with it, shall we? Please remember to favorite, follow, etc. along with leaving some nice comments.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters.

Pairings: Thief, Death, Puzzle, Caste, Puppy, and Destruction. Any others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Dedicated: to my amazing, intelligent, and creative daughter, UmasenWolfDoragon, who I love and adore to pieces. Thanks to her I’m able to work on YGO stories quite frequently again after what feels like almost ten thousand years. She inspires and motivates me to keep working on my fanfics and original work. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Brimstone Scars

Chapter 1: Hunt

At the brink of night casts the entire world into shadow. The moon is out, casting its illumination on the ground in its silverly rivulets. It manages to penetrate most of the shroud, but there are certain areas it can’t pierce through. Usually the streets are silent during the evenings. There are a few people here and there making their ways from work back to home. One of these people is a caramel bronze skinned man with platinum hair and lilac lavender eyes, wearing a pair of khaki pants and a black tank top. Around his shoulders is a purple hoodie while on his feet are a pair of sandals. Where he works is at the local museum that his older sister owns. Having a lean form with an ample amount of muscle for someone of the age of almost twenty years old. Making his way through the streets, he doesn’t mind the silence. It’s comforting considering he grew up in a tomb for majority of his life. Fortunately, thanks to his sister and half-brother they managed to get away from their abusive father a few years back to live here in this city to create a new and better life for themselves.

Paying no attention to what or rather who might also be out at these hours, Marik continues on his way back home. Where he lives is in an apartment with his siblings. Ishizu pays for the rent mostly, but he tries to chip in where he can. It’s been hard for all of them when they also have to pay bills and the expenses to keep them going to therapy weekly. The vile things that their father has done to him in particular still haunt him, having terrible nightmares most of the time. It’s one problem out of the many that he has to deal with, hoping one day he’ll overcome it all. Continuing to walk, he yelps out in surprise when a pair of hands snake around to grab him by the hips, pulling him away from the open streets to be taken away to an alleyway where no one can find him nor hear him. Struggling in his captor’s grip, Marik can’t make out the other person’s features. What he does catch sight of is spiky blonde hair and maroon eyes. A cold chill rushes down his spine, having trust in his instincts to know that he’s in deep shit here. Whoever this is has an aura around himself that has the hairs standing on end at the back of Marik’s neck, continuing to wriggle around to try to get free. Somehow this guy has a vice-like grip. The next thing Marik knows is that he feels a pair of fangs embed themselves in the juncture between his neck and collarbone, wincing at the impact though the pain dissipates into a pleasant tingling sensation. When the man holding him captive finishes taking his fill, he feels a hit given to one of his pressure points, causing dark spots to dance across his field of vision. It doesn’t take much longer until unconsciousness sneaks up to drag him under the tides.

“Heh heh, I think I’ll take you back home with me, little birdie…. Besides, this will help drag out Bakura from whatever den he’s hiding in out to right where I want him.”


Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, is where the dens are. The shifters tend to prefer nature rather than cities and such. Sometimes they might gravitate to towns, but it depends on wherever the den is set up at. Currently, a man of about twenty-five years of age with wild gray hair and an albino complexion sits under the trees. The foliage provide cover during the sunny and sometimes even on a rainy day. The sounds that he can hear are the usual ones consisting of the insects, wind, and so on. Hearing a set of footsteps approach makes him snap his eyes open, revealing a pair of amber coals. A set of wolf ears are atop his head while out his backside protrudes a tail. What he wears are traditional furs for someone of his status which is an alpha. The reason why he set his den not too far away from the city is because he needs access to the stores and such. Besides, how else is he going to get his cigarettes? Turning his attention to the figure approaching, he narrows his eyes ever so slightly at his near mirror image coming to meet him.

“Yadonushi, what brings you here to see me?” Asks the alpha curiously.

“Uh, w-well,” Ryou trails off for a moment before mustering up the courage to continue. “Marik has been captured.”

“What the fuck? By who?” Bakura demands to know, his hackles raising up almost instantly at hearing this news.

“Malik,” hesitantly he hands over the information, flinching a little at the tone Bakura uses.

A low growl comes from the back of his throat as Bakura gets to his feet, “Well, this isn’t good. You’re coming with me.”

“S-Sure,” agrees Ryou, wanting to help out his other half as much as he can.

“Good,” grabbing him by the hand, Bakura urges him to follow his lead.

While the silver haired man is a canine shifter, Ryou is more on the feline spectrum. What sort of neko he is known as is a snow leopard. Having a set of cat ears atop his head along with tail protruding from his backside, Ryou wears a set of pristine linen robes while on his feet can be seen a pair of flat soled sandals similarly used by samurai of a distant land. He’s about three years younger than Bakura though. On his person, Ryou carries a staff along with a thick leather-bound book. Although he also keeps a smaller one on hand for journaling and writing down letters to his deceased mother, father, and baby sister. Bakura is the only person he has thought to be as family to him. Besides, he has always been there for him and vice versa even though Bakura’s methods are sometimes questionable ones. The thicker book contains all of his spells as well as other incantations. Most people don’t acquire auric abilities until they are older, but others like Ryou have it since birth.

“So, um, where to first?” Asks Ryou, still feeling anxious about agreeing to come along with his shadow.

“To go speak with someone,” says Bakura absently, not liking the idea of having to rely on this specific person.

“You don’t mean-“ Ryou is cut off by a curt nod from Bakura.

“I do,” hisses out Bakura, not liking it any more than Ryou does.

“Oh,” says Ryou quietly.

The two continue their travels until coming to a blank stone wall. Ryou examines it carefully, widening his eyes in shock at discerning the runes on it. Bakura lifts his free hand, waving it to reveal the mechanism to open it to allow them entry. It takes a few minutes while Bakura unlocks it, opening the door to have Ryou go in first before him, closing the door when they are both inside to have the wall return to its usual self as if there’s nothing unusual about it. In the strange place they enter is one lit by flames in sconces on the walls to cast light on what lies in this place. The floors and walls are of a dark stone while the furnishings are quite lavish in design and fabric. The decor is in shades of ruby, onyx, and gold. Bakura leads the way down the main corridor to reach the throne room where a certain someone will be waiting for them. Ryou tentatively walks up to stand beside him, feeling a knot forming in the pit of his stomach with having to deal with the lord of this manor. Raising a hand, Bakura knocks with his knuckles in the correct combination to alert the lord of his presence, dropping his hand from further knocking to wait outside of the closed door to be given permission to enter. Fortunately enough for them, it doesn’t take long for the door to creak open. Walking in without an ounce of hesitation, Bakura doesn’t give a glance back to see if Ryou is coming in too or staying outside. Whatever choice his Yadonushi makes about it doesn’t concern him.

“My, my, it’s a pleasure to see you again, darling,” says the velvet smooth voice of Zorc. “Hmm, I can tell that this isn’t your usual visit. What’s happened in your world as of late?”

“Marik’s been taken,” states Bakura simply, cutting right to the chase of it instead of engaging in any sort of banter with him.

“I see,” muses Zorc, mulling this over before giving him an offer he’ll find too good to pass up. “I can lead you right to him, but this information comes at a cost.”

“I don’t fucking care,” snaps Bakura impatiently. “Just tell me already!”

“Ah, ah, careful there,” warns the dark haired man with skeletal skin, wearing a pair of black robes while his eyes are alight with impish glee that can be seen in those amber hues of his own. “You know whenever someone wants something from me they have to pay up the price. We demons work a specific way, but none of us work alike.”

Curling his lip in a snarl, Bakura sighs, “Fine, fuck it I’ll do it. Just tell me where that idiot is.”

“There we are, love…. That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear,” purrs Zorc, bringing out his scrying mirror to display an image of the one Bakura is seeking. “I’m afraid that reaching him won’t be that simple. You’ll be too late to stop what’s in motion anyway.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Asks Bakura with a tinge of worry.

“Malik has bitten him,” explains Zorc as if it’s obvious. “You know the rest of that procedure. You’ll find Malik’s lair deep down in the underground depths.”

“I understand,” says Bakura quietly, feeling rage boiling in his veins at hearing this news being given though trusts Zorc not to lie to him.

“Now, speaking of the price I require from you,” says Zorc, changing the subject even though he knows that Bakura is on edge with his personal situation. “I require a piece of your soul. Be glad I’m not requiring a more….sensual position instead this time. Consider it as me being generous about your plight.”

Rolling his eyes, Bakura nods, “Do it.”

“Alright then,” curving his lips into a smirk, Zorc sinks his teeth into the ethereal part that people like him can see, but Ryou can see it too due to his abilities.

It feels like a terrible stinging sensation to Bakura even though this isn’t his first time, “Are you done yet? I need to leave…”

“Yes, yes, my dear. You are good to go now,” says Zorc dismissively when he finishes his business with him. “Oh and make sure to tell that kitten of yours I say hello.”

Shrugging, Bakura doesn’t mind doing it. Yeah, it’s no surprise to him that Ryou is waiting for him out in the hallway instead of having been in there with him. Most people feel dread and fear aside from apprehension around the ruler of the Underworld. Bakura along with his twin brother Akefia are the two that don’t experience such feelings around their deity they serve without question nor consequence. Out in the hall, he grabs Ryou’s hand to drag him off to the correct door for them to exit out of. Zorc isn’t kidding around when he mentions that it’ll take a good while to reach Marik’s location.

When they reach the right door, Bakura does the same motion as before. There are some turnings and such inside of the mechanism before it opens out to where they’ve come from. Tugging Ryou along, he takes him out of the place they’ve been in to return to the mortal plain. This won’t be an easy journey the two are about to embark on. It makes Bakura grimace at how the elders might react or even think, knowing that he can’t care about it at the current moment when his potential mate is in a dire predicament. Indeed, Bakura is the crown prince of his race for one day to become the king of his kind. There are matters that he has to see to, but is deciding to shirk them in pursuit of Marik.

What is Malik up to? Seriously, that nutter has to take who I wanted to be like me, but now he’s the enemy. Well, at least this won’t be boring.


Down in the underground, Malik walks down the stone steps that have been etched into the earth itself for centuries. Having his cargo slung over one shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he continues on his way back home to his lair. The coven here is one he doesn’t mind being a part of. His younger sister is part of it too. It doesn’t take much longer until he’s done the flight of steps to get down on the ground floor. Making his way across the hall to enter into the coven’s nest, he makes his way through the labyrinth sort of corridors that they have down here of all places. It takes about another couple of minutes until he’s in his room, dumping Marik down on his bed. Here in this coven, he’s the crown prince for his race, having certain duties and such to abide by. This is just another of his games, wanting to play it with Bakura because he’s one of the few that can effectively get under his skin. Taking what he wants most is just the icing on the cake for him. Sitting down in a chair, Malik eyes his captive intently, knowing the change will be taking place right now. It’ll take an uncertain amount of time until it finishes up for him to wake up. It’s something he’ll be patient for, anticipating the priceless reaction he’ll receive from him when realizing what sort of situation he’s in here. One way or another, Malik will get what or rather who he wants out of this. Another reason to spur Bakura’s rage is to have him lead Ryou to him.

“Heh heh, this is working out better than I previously thought…. It’s almost too bad ‘Kurakins won’t get here in time to save his caged birdie before the change finishes up. When he does get here…..oh….I just can’t wait for that moment when he realizes what’s set in stone.”

Yays! Done with chappie one! My apologies if the first chappie is a little short, but that will happen from time to time. At least I am working on YGO stories frequently enough, but I am also trying to work on my Naruto fanfics and original works too. That’s why sometimes, well more likely usually, updates are going to be slow. They’ll still happen of course though.

It’s upsetting to me personally that I didn’t get to past 3k for this first chappie, but oh well. That’ll happen from time to time depending on how much time I have had to work on a chappie for a story. Sometimes it might be long or short, but there will always be a lot of content to it. That’s something I can assure you of. Hopefully from here on out I can make the chappies longer, but we’ll see how things go.

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. The next chappie wil be out shortly whenever I have it finished being written up. Hopefully that won’t be too long of a wait for it though, but if it is then please pardon me and be patient. Until next time, please remember to review, darlings!