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A Deathless Death

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Chapter One. A Deathless Death

October-31-2001_10:23 am

Dursley Residence, #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England

Albus Dumbledore happily holds the Potter heir in his arms. He is immensely pleased with how well his pawns worked to ensure his plans for Harry’s new residence. After the Potters, Sirius Black was the only one left with the power to threaten his plans. A threat he took to heart. Like all purebloods, the Blacks and the Potters are Dark and therefore evil. As always his plans included a course of action to take to deal with the Black and Potter heir. Silently in the frigid November morning air, he approaches #4 Privet Drive. He gently lays Harry on the ice-covered ground outside his maternal Aunt’s muggle home. The young Potter heir is wrapped in a soft self-expanding blanket covered in quidditch snitches that appear still to muggle eyes. 

Unbeknownst to Dumbledore beneath that blanket lies a rather new invention. A black wizarding memory quilt and beneath that the child is wrapped in a particular invisibility cloak with a certain stone and wand in its pocket. The memory quilt is charmed to be self-expanding, soft and will collect memories. Those memories full a number of spells such as a Patronus and act to impart crucial natural defenses that family possessed such as a counter to mind magics such as the obliviate spell and legilimens. The memories can be viewed with a tap of the owner's wand or magic. 

Albus Dumbledore and his lackeys remain unaware of either of the blankets as he gently tucks a letter into the infant's outer blanket. He then knocks on the door before disapparated away. His followers spare the child one last tear felled farewell before following his lead. The poor orphaned infant remains on the front porch of #4 privet drive through the snowfall remaining until he’s deftly buried. As the child has been put under the bewitched sleeping spell he does not wake throughout this. His magic however does. In its second attempt to rescue itself in under 24 hours the infant's magic breaks the spells placed on itself causing the child to startle awake shivering and crying out.

November-1-2001_1:30 am

Dursley Residence, #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England

"But it can't be a baby. What kind of maniac would leave a baby outside in a November blizzard?” Petunia asks her husband as they groggy make their way to the front door. 

“I don't know Pet, but if it is one were not keeping it,”  Vernon states with a yawn unlocking and opening the door.

Petunia looks down expecting to see a stray familiar or dog trapped out in the blizzard only to find the morning paper atop a pale wailing baby on her doorstep. Moving in a panic she picks up the freezing snow-covered child and takes it inside as Vernon closes the door against the howling wind. “A baby." Petunia whispers in shock staring at the loosely blanket-wrapped infant as she tightens her quilt around herself. Thinking better of it she pulls the frigid child under the quilt with her.

“Told you.” Her husband grunts already grabbing the car keys. “You go back upstairs and grab Dudley. We need to take the tot to the ER and make an official report with the police.”

“Thank Hecate we’re already dressed,” she mumbles to herself as she rushes back upstairs. 

Vernon drives home fuming while Petuina plots. Both his and Petunia’s wild magic sparks atoms in the air. Their infant nephew and infant son are tucked into Dudley's car seats in the back sound asleep. First Vernon's parents were murdered in this Gods forsaken war and now Petunia's little sister and their brother in law. Then those ignorant light wizards left their nephew on their snow-covered doorstep without even ring the doorbell! If they ever find the people responsible they’ll face the end of their wands and the sharp edge of a knife. They slowly gather control of themselves as they near Privet Drive. No need to alarm any of the defenseless prey they've hidden among.

Petunia gently tucks Henbane and Dudley into Dudley's crib after singing the two to sleep. She is once again thanks to her magic and her career choice even if it is forcing them to move to Japan. Mahoutokoro is a good school. Much better than Beauxbatons where she attended and definitely far advanced compared to Hogwarts where her sister Lilith ended up going. Lilith, James, and Henbane were the only things keeping her and Vernon in England anyway. While Henbane and Dudley sleep she begins packing up all of the things belonging to Lily and James. Everything is then shrunk and placed in Lily’s extra trunk with disillusionment charms, undetectable extension charms, a featherlight charm and anti-theft charms previously cast on it. 

The only reason she's able to see or move the trunks is that Henbane has inherited them and is under her care at the moment. She didn't even know they had left them here. Would they have followed blood until someone noticed them or would they lay here forgotten forever? Brushing the depressing knowledge from her mind, for now, she gathers all of Henbane’s belongings from when he, Lilith and James stayed with them. She then packs all of Henbane’s extra belongings and places them in James’s old trunk possessing the same qualities as Lily's. Once everything is packed she picks up her mobile and begins calling the family. They have a revival ritual to plan after all.

November-1-2001_12:00 pm

Addams mansion, 0001 Cemetery Lane, Baltimore, Maryland, America

Morticia quietly hums to herself as she arranges her latest bouquet. The thorns, peacock feathers, and bones look breathtaking. She really must find a way to properly thank Mrs. Pomeroy for gifting the rose bush to her. When they saw the plant she and Gomez had thought it would be better to just burn it. Then she caught sight of the vicious thorns. Such a lovely plant tortured by its hideous petals and vibrant leaves. She planted the bush out back by the Asphodel. She politely listens in as Gomez catches up with his cousin Petunia. From what shes gathered Petunia has finally gotten her dream job and is moving to Japan with her family to pursue her career. Good for her. Teaching Dark Arts and Necromancy in the British Isles just isn't what it used to be.

"Cara Mia,” Gomez croons waltzing over to her after hanging up. “cousin Petunia called with the most wonderful news,” Gomez says pausing to pepper kisses up her arms. “Her younger sister Lilith just died. She and her husband were murdered in their own home. And at midnight on Hallows Eve no less!"

Blood red lips curl up into an icy smile as Gomez continues to worship her. “Oh, how delightful. It has simply been too long since one of our own were murdered.” Morticia says fondly “What method did their killer use?”

Gomez pauses and frowns. “Petunia didn't say. No matter. We’ll simply have to ask Lilith and James when they wake up. I'll start arranging legalities and you and Grandmama can begin preparing everything for the ritual.”

November-2-2001_12:00 pm

Godric's Hollow Cemetery, Godric's Hollow, West Country, England

Lady Lilith Peverell admires the graveyard of Godric's Hollow peacefully recovering from her recent bout of death. How lovely to be buried with her beloved husband and in the very graveyard his family has spent centuries cultivating. She smiles lovingly at the slowly warming corpse beside her. It often takes a bit longer to raise a non-Addams. They just aren't as in harmony with Death as her own family. But soon her James will wake. She's incredibly proud of her little Henbane. Apparently he was able to shake it off his own death before they had a chance to even bury him. As his mother, she couldn't be prouder. 

Movement beside her catches her eye. James’s left eye twitching. And there again. Lilith smiles proudly. It’s not as strong as her kin, but he clearly shares the family affinity. Her flesh inside him will help, but she won't do that until the third resurrection at least. She happily bounces little Henbane on her lap as they wait, pausing only to take a sip of her vintage wine. Henbane happily babbles with little Wednesday and Veronica who are sitting in their own mother's laps. Above them storm clouds gather. Already James's chest is rising and falling. Around them, the rest of her clan are enjoying a nice midnight picnic. The only thing that could possibly make this night better is a good rainstorm. When she decided to follow the advice of her mother and attend Hogwarts she never imaged meeting her James. 

November-2-2001_12:00 pm

Godric's Hollow Cemetery, Godric's Hollow, West Country, England

Lord James Peverell wakes up with a mouth full of graveyard dirt, which he immediately coughs out. He's been drifting in and out of consciousness for the last half-hour unable to move his own body. He vaguely has the memory of meeting Death and being sent back. He's still not quite sure how he's alive. The only thing that would make sense would be a necromancy ritual. The last real thing he remembers is dying in battle. Around him, the sounds of a celebration cut off and he looks up to find his Lily flower smiling down at him. He takes her offered hand allowing her to pull him to his feet. As soon as he's standing he begins swaying unsteadily on his feet forcing him to lean on his wife for support. 

"Welcome back my love,” Lilith says with a pleased smile as she guides him over to a picnic blanket laid out in the middle of his family's graveyard. “You will need a little while to fully adjust but how do you feel?" 

“Alive. You brought me back.” It's not a question but she still answers as though it were.

“Of course,” Lily replies blinking confused. “You're my husband. What made you think something as trivial as death would keep you from me?” There's a threatening infliction to her tone that he's only heard from her moments before someone's death. It causes a shiver of arousal to travel through his body. 

James lifts his head off her shoulder bringing his gaze away from her hauntingly black gown and bloodstained hands. He's always been a little bit unhinged, and he supposes dying hasn't done him any favors in the sanity arena. He pulls her in for a kiss as lightning flashes across the sky and a downpour of rain begin pelting their reunion. "Will you forgive me for ever doubting you?" he asks because he doesn't ever want anything to stand between him and this goddess again.

“Of course.”