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Optical Sensations

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The night was silent as the moon rose in the air. The stars glimmered with the larger star, making the sky look like a beautiful canvas spotted with white, glittery paint. Shadows were starting to be created, being used by prey to hide from the nocturnal predators. The bushes suddenly rattled as something ran passed it. The creature was quick yet large. He was quiet yet very noticeable in the dark. His fur was dark grey and he only had one eye to use. A large scar went through his right eye and through his body were wounds and scars from former fights and former mates.


His large paws pounded against the ground as he ran. His mouth was open ajar to pant but he refused to stop running. He didn’t know why he was running but he was. He just suddenly woke up in a panic and ran. He growled lowly as he heard another group of paws pounding against the ground. He now knew why. He looked around in the dark and saw that to his left was a small path. If he continued, he could be killed. There was also a chance that he’d be killed if he turned left, but there was a better chance he'd live.


‘It’s now or never,’ the wolf thought before he sharply turned to the left and ran even faster.


He heard the other pounding paws fade away and he relaxed a little. He was safe. He continued to run until he found a cave to sleep in for the night. It was small and cold but he could rest. He trotted inside and panted as he lay down. But, suddenly, he was grabbed from behind, making him yelp in shock and pain.


“Akefia, you’re being very naughty,” a turquoise haired vampire hissed as he pinned the wolf down by holding him by his neck.


Akefia growled yet whined as he tried to use his declawed paws to push the hand away. “You’re evil!” he barked.


The vampire named Dartz smirked as he tightened his grip on Akefia’s neck, making the wolf stop any and all movements. “Why, thank you, my darling. Now, what is the real reason you ran away from your home?” he purred as he used his other hand to stroke Akefia’s fur.


Akefia glared at Dartz. “That… is not my home,” he said as he tried to breath. He gave a loud yelp as Dartz let go of his neck but then kicked him in his stomach. Hard.


“That is not a reason, you stupid whore of a mutt!” Dartz shouted.


Akefia groaned as he felt the little to no food he ate in his stomach start to go up his throat and winced as Dartz grabbed him by his neck again and brought him up.


“Well? What’s the reason?” Dartz hissed.


Akefia stayed quiet and grunted as he was thrown to the ground. He fell unconscious as his head was hit on the rock hard ground. Dartz glared at the wolf as he grabbed him by his ears and started to drag him back to his home in the vampire castle based in the forest. A figure from a tree above watched the scene play out. His arms were crossed and he had an emotionless expression on his face, although his eyes says otherwise. He as very angry at Dartz but he was quite interested in the wolf.


Who was he? And why was Dartz abusing the beauty who had caught his eye?




Hissing was heard as well as leaves crumbling under him. A naga slithered out of a cove under the ground, ignoring the screams and shouts that come behind him. His family has been driving him insane. Just because he didn’t want to go into hibernation when winter comes, doesn't mean he’s bad... right?


A female naga slithered out of the coven and placed her hand on her brother’s shoulder. “Marik, if you don’t want to be like us, then you should go. It’ll be okay, no one will be angry at you,” she said softly.


The male naga looked up. “But if I leave, I will never see you or Isis again. You’re my family,” Marik said.


Ishizu smiled and hugged her baby brother, kissing his head. “Hey, it’s alright. Me and Isis can always sneak out and come visit you. We have your scent so we will be able to find you,” she replied in a low voice.


Marik looked down as he nodded. He really didn’t want to leave his sister and her lover, but he couldn't take his parents anymore. He wanted to find love like Ishizu did and he wanted the freedom. He kind of felt guilty that the girls had to stay back, but he knew that they enjoyed doing their art. He looked up as he saw Isis slither over with a small bag of Marik’s things with food, water, and a few things to remind Marik of his favorite girls. Marik gave a sad smile to the girls and hugged them tightly. His eyes glistened with tears but he quickly wiped them away and turned around when he heard his parents’ voices come closer and slithered away as fast as he could.


“Where is the fucker?” Marik’s father snapped at his daughter, Marik heard.


Ishizu shrugged as Isis held her hand. “I don’t know. Maybe you scared him off that bad he actually ran off,” she growled.


“Get in the coven, dear,” Marik’s mother said to her daughter in a firm tone.


Ishizu looked at her before she nodded and slithered into the cave with Isis. The parents huffed as they looked around but still couldn’t see their son. With a shrug, Marik’s mother grabbed her husband’s hand and took him inside. Marik turned around and saw that the entrance to his now old home had appeared and now it just looked like a grassy small hill. He sighed and held the bag tighter before he started to slither away.


Marik was so into his thoughts that he didn’t see that he was slithering into a split root. He gasped and hissed in pain as his tail was caught in the plant. He turned around and growled as he saw that it was cut badly. He slowly slithered back and pulled his tail out of it. It started to bleed badly and Marik dug into the bag he had. There was a small cloth and he took it and wrapped it around his wound.


“I hate my life,” Marik whispered to himself.


“Why do you say that?” a voice asked.


Marik jumped and looked around. He saw that behind him was a pale man with white hair. Marik backed up a little and looked around. He was alone with a stranger. Would he die if he ran?


“Who are you?” Marik asked.


“Bakura. You look like a bitch who’s lost her mate. Did you?” the man named Bakura asked.


Marik’s eyes narrowed and he hissed, baring his fangs. “Fuck you... wait, you’re a bloody vampire. Why the fuck are you here?” Marik asked as backed up.


Bakura smirked as he walked closer to Marik, giving a dark chuckle. “Well, I was walking around my lands and I so happen to find you here and the rule on my lands are finders keepers. What do you say, eh?” he purred.


Marik’s eyes widened and he shook his head and tried to slither away. He gasped as Bakura was suddenly in front of him and cried out as he felt Bakura’s fangs sink into his neck. In a few seconds, he started to feel dizzy and groggy and started to sway back and forth. He heard Bakura laugh a little evilly and weakly looked at him. With a gasp, Marik fell into Bakura’s arms and fell unconscious as Bakura's venom started to work in his body, making him sleep and paralyze him.




“Ryou! Ryou, where are you!” A young girl giggled as she ran around in a forest.


Her name is Amane and she is a baby neko; she is only five years old. She has white hair that is in braids and her eyes are a beautiful color of brown. She is only just 4’4 and is quite pale. If she weren’t so young, she would have been the twin of her older brother, Ryou. Her ears and tail are black with the tops stained white. Little Amane looked around and squealed as she saw a large cat that goes up to her waist and ran to him.




Ryou chuckled and purred as he nuzzled her. Ryou is a fully black cat with white spots all over him. He is large in his cat form but is only 5’5 in human form. His eyes in cat form are green but in human they are doe brown. He laughed as Amane got on his back and laughed as he trotted around in circles. After a few minutes, they were quiet.


“Are you still thinking about Mum and Dad?” Ryou asked quietly.


“Yes, big brother. I...I miss them,” Amane sniffled.


Ryou turned his head and licked his sister’s hand and purred, totting around again. Amane gave a weak giggle and held onto her brother. She closed her eyes though and slowly fell asleep, comfortably against him. Ryou smiled at the cuteness but looked around as he heard a branch break. He gave a low growl as his back hairs stood up and started to tremble in fear.


He turned around and started to run to his village. If someone was there, he’d rather have someone take care of his little sister than have he and his little sister die. He started to become paranoid that someone or thing was following him and ran faster and entered his village. He went into his home and set his baby sister in bed. He looked at her sleeping face and teared up a little before kissing her cheek with a lick and leaving.


“I love you, my sweet baby sister,” Ryou whispered as he ran out of his village of nekos.


Thoughts flooded the albinos head. His parents died and if he died right now, he leaves Amane alone to fend for herself. But it wouldn’t have been fair for Amane to die with him though because of a stalker. Ryou shook his head and squeaked as he was grabbed and pinned to the floor. He gasped as he saw that a sandy colored wolf was on top of him, looking crazy as ever as saliva dripped down his mouth and on Ryou’s cheek.


“Hehehehehehe're a sweet catch for a wolf like me, hmm?” Malik smirked as he looked at Ryou, sniffing his neck.


Ryou tensed and tried to pull away. “Leave me alone!”


Malik growled and pinned Ryou to the floor even more, already tired of his attitude and games. “Shut up! Or would you want your sister to die like your parents did?” he asked with a smug grin.


Ryou’s eyes widened and he looked at Malik. “Don’t you dare touch my sister, you mutt… and how do you know about my parents?” he asked shakily.


Malik laughed crazily before he lifted a paw. “Because I killed them!” he said and with a cackle and he hit Ryou’s head with all his strength.


The poor neko passed out with the final words he heard in his mind, haunting him until he woke up.