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The sun doesn't come back

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A few month's after the events at Guanyin Temple, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji pay a visit to Lan Xichen. They have recently come back to Cloud Recesses after eloping together.

Lan Xichen politely let's them both inside the Hanshi. They brought tea, biscuits... and a jar of Emperor's Smile for Wei Wuxian.

Although still graceful, it is painfully clear Zewu-Jun is not at his best. His smile is lackluster, his eyes look tired as ever and his mind wanders elsewhere every now and then, which used to be a rare occurrence.

"Thank you for coming to visit, Wangji, Young Master Wei. I have to admit, it is rather lonely and I've missed Wangji dearly."

"You didn't miss me Zewu-Jun?" - Wei Wuxian halfheartedly retorted. He was clearly joking.

"Of course, you as well Young Master Wei"

"Brother" - Wangji's eyes were inquiring with a mix of worry. He was silently asking "What can I do for you?". Lan Xichen only looked at his younger brother, knowingly.

"It's going to be alright Wangji. I am as good as I can be."

All of a sudden, Zewu-Jun had his eyes on the bottle of Emperor's smile that was already almost half-way through.

"Brother Xichen wants a sip?" - Wei Wuxian playfully asked. Obviously, Zewu-jun would not take a drink. INSIDE CLOUD RECESSES, out of his own accord.

"If you don't mind. I am rather curious as to why people like this drink so much" - Lan Xichen answered with a straight face, voice even, not a hint of sarcasm. Wei Wuxian looked at him quite astonished. The elder jade took this opportunity to snatch the bottle out of Wei Wuxian's hands and served himself a cup and downed it.

"Brother!" -

Lan Xichen passed out on the spot.


Lan Qiren's hair did not turn white.