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Tickling and Flirting

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“How do you put up with him?” Roman groaned and he gracelessly dropped his backpack and slumped back in an armchair.

Logan looked up from his book. “What are you referring to?”

“Virgil! How are you brothers with the darkest and most feared kid in school? Who’s also an asshole?”

“I’d say he’s just as rude and inconsiderate as you can be, Roman. He never hurts anyone, he just tends to have an abrasive attitude.” Logan explained, covering up the real reason Virgil had been messing with Roman.

“Whatever, he’s still annoying.”

“What did he do this time?”

“He called me a royal pain, flicked me in the head, then rolled his eyes at me!”

Logan put down his book and gave him an ‘are you serious?’ look. “That’s what makes him such an ‘asshole’?”

“Well, it’s still annoying.” Roman huffed. “How do you deal with him?”

At that moment the door opened and in walked mister Virgil Sanders himself, ripped skinny jeans, patchwork hoodie and all.

“Sup, Lo? Sup, Royal pain?”

“See what I mean?!” Roman growled. Virgil ruffed up roman’s hair as he walked by. Logan didn’t miss the slight pinkness in Virgil’s cheeks as he plopped himself on the couch.

“Not my fault you can’t handle a nickname.” Virgil scoffed. Roman growled.

“Well, in the past,” Logan pondered aloud. “When I found him to be too much, I’d just tickle him.”

The room went silent.

“Logan you are dead to me.” Virgil groaned.

“Not the first time you’ve said that.”

“Wait.” Roman said with a grin beginning to grow. “You mean to tell me, Virgil Sanders is ticklish?”

“Well in the past, it was the only way I could get him to apologize for anything or stop bugging me. If he’s even half as ticklish now as he was then-”

“Logan shut your mouth.” Virgil growled. Logan only smirked at him.

Roman turned to him with a grin. “You are so in for it.”

Virgil didn’t have be told twice, he bolted from the couch and Roman quickly followed. Logan just chuckled and returned to his book.

Roman couldn’t believe it. That little punk who always had a smartass answer for everything, and the kid who had been bugging him all year… could be reduced to giggles by wiggling fingers?

He couldn’t wait to test it out… but first he had to catch him.

With a final sprint, Roman lunged forward and grabbed Virgil’s hoodie, dragging him to the ground.

Virgil began fumbling for the zipper to try and get his jacket off so he could escape. As soon as it was undone, Roman just grabbed his ankle and tripped him before pinning him down on his back.

“Roman, you little bastard! if you even touch me-!”

Roman sneered. “Oh come on. After all your little pranks throughout the year… glitter bombing my locker, drenching me after practice… I so deserve this.”

Virgil wouldn’t argue, he’d been a bit of a dick to Roman.

Well he wouldn’t have to continue being a dick if Roman wasn’t so clueless as to why he was paying so much attention to him!

Oh god… and now Roman… football player Roman was pinning him to the floor, about to tickle him…

Virgil wished he could’ve willed his rising blush away but that was not the case.

Roman grinned. “Speechless? You? This is hilarious. For the first time ever you don’t have some snarky comeback.”

Virgil growled like a dog ready to bite his hand off.

Roman used one hand to keep Virgil’s wrists pinned above his head and he wiggled his fingers at Virgil with his other hand.

Virgil trembled at the sight.

God he spent so much time keeping up his badass appearance and now Roman was about to tickle him… Bye-bye reputation!

Roman started softly wiggling his fingers at Virgil’s side. Virgil flinched and stiffened, using all his willpower to prevent a smile.

“G-Guess… Lo was wr-wrong. M’not t-ticklish anymore.” Virgil was surprised he got through without any obvious tip offs to his lie… but Roman seemed to see right through it.

“Really? Are you sure?” Roman sped up his fingers so he was skittering his fingers up and down Virgil’s side.

Virgil bit into his tongue. Don’t smile, don’t smile, don’t smile!

Roman suddenly gasped. “You can smile! And not just one of your little half-smirks.”

It was true, Virgil, despite his best efforts, was grinning ear-to-ear, and Roman felt his heart melt at the sight.

“This is amazing. From now on whenever you prank me I can just tickle you. And think about it… if you embarrass me in front of everyone i’ll show the entiiiiire school how ticklish you are. That should keep you from flour bombing me again!”

Virgil felt his face blossom bright red at the thought and Roman laughed victoriously.

“Now let’s hear your laugh. Your tickle-laugh, not the kind of laugh you make when you smash mashed potatoes in my hair.”

Roman tried scratching at his underarms, but he still held out, though now he was shaking from holding in his laughter. So he tried his belly next. Roman slipped his hand under Virgil’s t-shirt and began skittering and poking the soft flesh beneath.

“PFTAHAHA! Prihihihincey- yohohou dihihihihick!”

Roman felt his eyes widen.

Virgil was… beautiful. His features softened when he laughed like this. He was giggling like a kid… He tossed his head back and giggled helplessly, his smile wide and his hair messy from the struggle as a brilliant pink blush extended across his adorable face.

Roman shook his head to snap himself out of it. This was Virgil we were talking about! He was an asshole!

Well… really he just did pranks and teased Roman… kind of like how Roman acts to his little brother.

And the pranks were never mean…

And Virgil always seemed to make sure he was okay…

Stop it!

Roman snapped himself out of his whirlpool of thoughts before it went somewhere embarrassing.

Focus, Prince Roman!

“Awww, the little punk can’t handle a little tickling, huh?” Roman teased, his fingers exploring all over Virgil’s sensitive belly. “That’s all it takes?”

“Shuhuhut uhuhuhup, yohohou fuhuhucking ahahahasshole!” Virgil giggled.

“I don’t think I will. What are you gonna do about it, huh? You’re just a ticklish ball of nerves.” Roman stuck a finger in Virgil’s belly button and laughed when it made Virgil honest to god squeal.

“AHA- Nohohoho wahahahahait! Dohohohohohohon’t!” Virgil’s giggles steadily grew in volume until he was full on laughing.

Roman grinned and even giggled to himself. “Your navel’s a weak spot, huh?” He began swirling a finger in said navel. Virgil bucked and shrieked, giving out deep belly laughs. His eyes screwed shut as tears of mirth began to form in the corners of his eyes.


Roman gawked. He was saying ‘please’? He was BEGGING from being tickled? Virgil freakin’ Sanders?!

“Roman, don’t make him pass out! Last time I did that he was not happy.” Logan called.

Virgil had been tickled to passing out? He was that ticklish?

Oh- right.

Roman lifted his hands to stop the tickling.

Virgil went limp, panting and blushing up a storm between residual giggles.

Virgil looked up at him with a half-smirk. “Ihi wihihill soho behehehe getting pahayback later.”

“Good luck with that, Tickle-Me-Elmo.”

Roman stood up and offered Virgil a hand who gratefully accepted it. Virgil smirked and gave him a punch to the shoulder. “Dick move.”

Roman bit his lip, still seeing Virgil’s messy hair and residual blush.

God how was he so cute-

Roman coughed. “I-I think I best be going. I’ll visit Logan later.” Roman rushed out of there, trying to cover his blush.

Virgil smiled and sighed before returning to the living room with Logan.

“So, how did it go?” Logan asked with a knowing smile.

“Why is he so clueless?!” Virgil groaned and covered his face.

“Maybe you could act like a normal human being and simply tell him how you feel instead of flirting through antagonistic means.”

“I’d actually rather die.” Virgil grumbled.

“You might be tickled to death.” Logan snickered.

Virgil remembered Roman’s face when he was pinned. His smile, his hair, his-

Virgil groaned loudly and hid in his hoodie, though Logan could see the blush creeping down his neck. He just shook his head at his lovesick brother and returned to reading his book.