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Tried Not To Stare

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Eleanor tried not to stare.

The streets of New York City are much more lively than she recalled in her memories of when she had last come through the city with her parents. Everything is so much brighter and louder.

Gone are the horse-drawn carriages of her past, replaced by large and small vehicles that were loud. There is so much more here reminding her that she comes from an entirely different decade.

She wants to belong in this time for dearest Hannah, but she hasn’t figured out how to make herself belong amongst them yet.

A man runs into her roughly, cursing at her under his breath, shouldering his way past her rudely. Eleanor finds herself staring after him, anger flaring in her veins and wondering if she should go after him.

She’s distracted, however, as a tan hand wraps gently around her wrist, Eleanor looks over to meet Hannah’s gaze, Hannah smiles softly at her.

“Are you alright?” Hannah asks, squeezing her hand gently, her eyes flitting from her to the people trying to move around them.

“Yes, I think so, my dearest,” Eleanor returns quietly, smiling as Hannah links their arms together and walk towards the parks.