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damaged goods: lost boy life

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Downtime came rarely but when it did, and they were at home, Kyle would jump on the opportunity to take Dan to an old theatre on a ritualistic date to see whatever stupid movie was being replayed that week as part of the monthly Film Club. They weren't exactly the dating kind, so what else would they do when going out together? Film Club at the old Pathe Theatre would satisfy Kyle's need to feel like a regular couple while also keeping his vampire suitably entertained for a long enough period of time that he didn't end up with him glued to his phone instead of actively engaging.
Ever since the Bloodline incident, Dan had been a little distant - and understandably so - but this ritual of sitting in the back of an old theatre, watching classic films while cuddled into old, plush velvet seats that squeaked if you moved a certain way would bring him back to his human... Even if it was only for the duration of Back To The Future or Jaws. It just made them feel normal, in a world and a relationship that just wasn't, and that was enough for Kyle. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for one rather irritable thing: the ghost that sat in the front row and shouted incessant running commentary or threw things around during the film every single week; and this week was certainly no different.
It would have been easy to ignore if Kyle had been a regular human and couldn't see or hear the ghost (for him, it would have been, at any rate, how Dan would react to the interruption was still up in the air), but being a feeder, a trained feeder, meant that he had the unfortunate ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Unfortunate in that the only pleasant spirit he had ever come across was Charlie's former love, Ed, who would often pop in and out of the flat to check on the pair whenever he could. Other ghosts, on the other hand weren't quite so pleasant. Wailers and poltergeists were especially vexing, but there was nothing anyone of the living persuasion could really do about them. This particular ghost was a product of the decade the film on the screen was originally premiered, wearing something that made Kyle think of pictures of his dad as a young man: the man was eternally glued to an outfit that was made up of a flammable windbreaker jacket in blue with giant, diagonally cut white and red stripes that met at the zip, a bright white t-shirt with The Specials on the front in poorly screen-printed black ink, a pair of tight, acid-wash 'cigarette' jeans with the cuffs rolled up at the ankles and a pair of beaten up boots in a deep shade of red that reminded Kyle of his own blood. The ghost was also stuck with the permanent accessory of his cassette playing Sony Walkman that the 80s ghost would sometimes lie down in the middle of the aisles and listen to, singing along loudly to whatever track was playing on his admittedly shitty mixtape through the bright orange headphones that clung to the gel in his hair whenever he became bored with the now predictable lines and scenes of the moving pictures on screen. A part of Kyle was kind of jealous of the young dead man until he would notice the large stain on the left side of his shirt and remembered why he was stuck in this beautiful old building: he had been murdered, and murdered ghosts were tied to the spot they'd died in. That fact always made Kyle incredibly sad but he daren't go near the guy and ask him to keep it down. The screening room was this ghost's house, after all. It was like asking a vampire not to feed in their own kitchen; sacrilege.

"You're telling me you built a TIME MACHINE! Out of a DELOREAN!!!" The line wasn't delivered very clearly by youthful Michael J Fox, oh no, it had been delivered by the ghost, the last word screeching and echoing around the old room like a tornado in a wine glass and that, apparently, was the straw that broke the vampire's back.
"Oi!" Dan yelled, hopping upright so he could try and get a glimpse of the ghost at the very front of the room. "Shut the fuck up!"
Immediately a rush of anxiety flushed into Kyle's cheeks and gave them a warmth he wasn't used to.
"Fuck you!" Came the ghost's reply, followed by a pair of middle fingers directed at the vampire.
"... Dan," Kyle began, really wishing Dan's temper hadn't gotten the better of him.
"No, Kyle, this sheet needs to fucking cool it." Snipped the vampire, briefly looking down at his human. "We get it, he's seen the film a million times. So have we, but that doesn't give us the right to ruin it for anyone else."
For Dan, it was the audacity of the ghost's overall attitude that had enraged him more than anything. Poor manners cost nothing, or so he had been taught as a child and this spirit's lack of them had finally grated on his very last nerve. The vampire was having none of this shit, not anymore. He was here to enjoy a classic with his lover and escape in an old favourite, not have to listen to a dead man ruin every single frame of it.
"I'll text Charlie... Ask him to see if he can get Ed to help us?" Kyle suggested, already pulling his phone out of his pocket.
"Good. We need someone who speaks Mad Ghost." Dan nodded, throwing a gesture toward the 80s Ghost.
Without warning, said ghost had appeared at the end of their row; wearing a big, sarcastic sort of grin as he leaned against an empty seat, making it slowly, and loudly, squeak.
"Why should I stay quiet when you two break the first rule of any public establishment every week?" He sniped, locking eyes with the steamed vampire.
Dan frowned and squared his shoulders defensively. "The fuck are you on about?"
"No Heavy Petting!" Smirked the ghost, tapping his nose a few times. "I know what you two do all the way up here in the nosebleeds."
"That's none of your business!" Retorted the vampire, while his human quietly tapped out a text message to their friend.
"Someone having hanky panky in what's essentially my bedroom makes it my business." The ghost calmly replied, pulling a face before trying to make eye contact with the feeder that was sinking further and further into his seat and staring deeply into the little box in his hands as he tried to deal with the embarrassment. "You okay there, sweetheart?" Added the ghost, and just to rub salt in the wound he made a playful, sarcastically tone kissing noise.
Kyle didn't reply; he was too busy praying that Ed would appear soon. Anything to take the rather bright spotlight away from his face.
"Back off, George Michael!" Swiped Dan, shuffling over until he was inches away from the spectre's nose.
"What're you gonna do, wham me?" Giggled the ghost. "As cute as you are, darlin', I think necrophilia is frowned upon."
"Get exorcised!" Spat the vampire.
"Get staked!" Mocked the ghost with a bright, gleeful grin plastered onto his pale, thin face. This was the most fun he'd had since... When? 1992? No, no, 1994 - and he was absolutely going to milk this interaction for every giggle he could get. Fuck this irate vampire and his overly shy blood bag.
"If you weren't already dead I'd-"
The overly familiar image of Ed interrupted his thought, standing directly between them.
"Oooh! Who called the ghostbusters?" Said the elder ghost, still grinning like a child.