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Inktober 2019

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“I don’t wanna wear my coat,” Alexander said when Sam crouched down to zip it up for him.

“Well, too bad, it’s cold out,” Sam told him. “Now come on, quit squirming.”

“No.” Alexander twisted back and forth, his arms flailing from side to side.

“Alexander,” Sam warned.

“Daddy doesn’t have to wear a coat,” Alexander tried.

“Daddy has super powers. You don’t.”

“I hate my coat,” Alexander argued. “I want a new one.”

“Only when you outgrow it,” Sam reminded him. He finally got Alexander to hold still long enough to get the zipper halfway up. Then Steve walked into the room wearing just a hoodie.

“We ready?” Steve asked.

Sam glared — it was fairly obvious they weren’t. Steve at least at the good graces to wince apologetically.

Alexander took advantage of Sam’s lapse in attention and freed himself, running to Steve and gluing himself to Steve’s legs.

“Daddy, I don’t want to wear my coat,” Alexander told him.

“Well it’s cold out,” Steve began, but he must have read the here-we-go-again expression in Sam’s face because he redirected. “Why not?”

“It’s too tight,” said Alexander. “I think I outgrowed it.”

“Outgrew,” Steve corrected. “Already?” he asked, turning to Sam for verification.

Sam shook his head. “Well, aren’t you a smart cookie?” he said to Alexander.

At Steve’s confused look, Sam explained what he just told Alexander about when he would be able to get a new coat.

“Sneaky,” said Steve. He was obviously trying to look stern, but he wasn’t really succeeding. “Look, son, nobody likes wearing their winter coat. But we hate freezing to death more. It’s called making a sacrifice for the greater good.”

Alexander scowled, but nodded and consented to Steve finishing the zipper.

Sam ushered them out the door in awe. He’d seen Steve pull off some pretty impressive accomplishments since they’d known each other, but the ability to talk logically to a 6-year-old and actually convince him to come around to their way of thinking? That was a real superpower.