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Inktober 2019

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It’s a cheap little thing. Plastic, thin, and probably breakable, it’s the kind of item that usually ended up at Goodwill inside of five years, or the landfill in less. But it’s cute — Sam has to admit that it’s cute. 

Two reindeer with antlers entwined, a heart between with Dad + Dad written on it in square black letters, followed by the year. Sam’s seen ornaments like this in kiosks at the mall; he knows how overpriced they are, and how Taylor and Jamie must have pooled their allowance for weeks to be able to afford it — a real sacrifice for two kids who love gumballs and Pokémon cards. 

When he’s finished unwrapping it, he holds it up, watches Bucky’s eyes get a little misty. Jamie insists that Uncle Steve take a picture of them holding it, and Sam notices that his eyes are a bit cloudy, too — the big softie. 

Not that Sam can blame him. He’s feeling pretty soft himself when he hangs the ornament on the tree, right under the red and white star, so everyone can see.