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Inktober 2019

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With all the noise in the gym, Sam wasn’t sure what he just heard. He switched his phone to the other ear. 

“I’m sorry, why do I have to pick Devon up early today?” he asked the vice-principal. 

“Well, Mr. Wilson, Devon attempted to use the prom streamers to swing from the auditorium ceiling this afternoon, which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite dangerous.”

You're damn right it is, Sam thought, but he didn’t say that. “Quite dangerous,” he repeated blandly. “Was anybody hurt?”

“Well, no, but that’s—“ 

“Not the point,” Sam finished for her. “Yeah, you’re right, I’ll— I’ll be right there.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wilson,” the vice-principal said smoothly. “See you soon.”

Sam hung up the phone and addressed the crowd of people who were waiting for him to finish. “We’re taking lunch early,” he announced. “Family emergency of sorts.”

“Is everything okay?” Kamala asked. 

“Oh, yeah, just my son doing something dumb and risky again.” 

Wonder where he got that from,  he added silently, thinking of how he caught Steve about to knock down a hornet’s nest in the backyard with their shield last week.

The All-New Avengers — like all teenagers — were happy with the news of an early lunch. They began to file out of the room while Sam took off his protective training gear.

“See you in a bit, Cap,” said Miles on the way by. 

“Yep,” Sam agreed, but then he was struck by a sudden thought. “Hey, Miles,” he called after him..

Miles turned back. “Yeah?”

“Can I ask you to do me a favor instead of training with the group this afternoon?”

“Sure,” said Miles, looking surprised. “What is it?”

Sam quickly explained the idea that had just occurred to him. Miles said he thought it sounded feasible — maybe even fun. Sam grinned and thanked him, then hustled to the locker room to change into his street clothes. Devon was waiting for him, after all. 

And if he was going to try and swing from the ceiling, he’d at least know how to do it safely.