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Inktober 2019

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Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but Sam wasn’t most people. 

There was a big, husky guy running behind and to the right of him the morning he met Cap. After Cap left him in the dust for the third time, Sam rounded the corner of the Reflecting Pool and saw the big guy doing a quad stretch. He looked like any other morning jogger — sweaty and out of breath, red-faced from the slight chill in the spring morning air. 

Sam knew right away that the guy wasn’t there for him. His eyes slid over Sam like he was invisible. Secret Service, Sam thought, not slowing his pace. Either Secret Service or private security for one of the higher-ranked officials. This was DC, after all. 

He only put it together when Cap appeared again and this time stuck around long enough to actually talk to him. The husky man — he must have been a linebacker in high school with that build — jogged by only seconds after Cap climbed into the car with the red-haired woman and drove away. For a split-second, Sam saw something in the big guy’s face: Sam was sure that he was pissed. 

Of course, when two superheroes showed up on his doorstop a week later and told him the entire government was trying to kill them, Sam began to understand why.