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Pei Wende arrived at the place where he was supposed to meet the prince he was supposed to guard, he was named Hua Wuxie.

Hua Wuxie was waiting for his new bodyguard who was here for protecting him since he is a prince.
But he can also fight.
So while he was waiting for him he was looking t the flowers.

Then Pei Wende saw someone looking at some flowers and smiling, it's a guy and he was really handsome.

He approached the person and at the moment, the person turned to be face to face and the smile he gave to him was illuminating.

"You are maybe Pei Wende? Nice to meet you" say Hua Wuxie with a big smile

Pei Wende wanted to protect this person so much, his smile was just so incredible, he wanted to make him smile everyday, he even wanted to love him. It is what could be love at first sight.

"Hi, I'm Pei Wende, your new bodyguard" and he smile at him.

Hua Wuxie smile at him and give him one of the flower that he had in his hand " It's a pleasure to be with you and meet you"

It's was the beginning of their advantures and maybe of their romance who will bloom little by little.