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Sylvain, had never been in a working tribe before. He says working, because there had been multiple occasions when he had wandered into an abandoned camp. Instead of burnt shreds of fabric falling from it’s frame and the smell of distress, these tents were luxuriously crafted with thick animal hide that slowly came to a point where the sticks that held it up came out in an uneven mass. 


It was like heaven, sometimes he pinched himself just to make sure the ocean didn’t straight up knock him out. There were people! Even little kids that sprinted around, blocking his path and then giggling apologizes. There was a young orange haired Omega who was washing linen clothing in a stream, Marianne, the nurse he remembered, was happily chatting with her. 


There was a thick chested Alpha with dark skin who was creeping out of a tent, furiously apologizing to a Beta with blonde hair. She looked stern, cold eyes narrowed. He didn’t mean to catch the Alpha’s attention, until he saw the visibly sweating man point him out to the woman. 


“Ingrid, this is the Alpha we had rescued last night. I told you it wasn’t just Caspar,” he smiled warmly ushering the redhead closing, “I am Dedue, I was apart of the collation that brought you here. I’m glad you’re walking around.”


Sylvain looked at his bandaged hands, flexing his fingers cautiously. They pinched with pain, but it was grounding in the situation. “Yep! I’m Sylvain by the way, that Vythethi guy said I could look around while he and the-” 


“Chieftain Vythethi,” The woman, Ingrid, corrected viciously with a wagging finger. “Please use his rightful title, he did allow you in our tribe, right?” 


She raised her brow and her scent was growing cold with anger, “Ah, I just thought- Sorry ‘bout that.” 


“Nobody calls him Chieftain,” Dedue, though held an air of unwavering emotion, rolled his eyes at her. 


“I-I- Imma go back to looking around, see you guys later,” quickly Sylvain excused himself, scampering off before Dedue could force him to say anything else. Pointing off in some direction he decided to go down a row of smaller huts. 


From peeking inside, he could only assume they belonged to the unmated members of the pack. He couldn’t help, but feel jealous of those who had the bigger tents, even if they were married and going to have kids. These huts were so small, only consisting of a small cot, a fire pit, and a wooden shelf to put things on. 


In a rather small tent, Sylvain drew back the curtain, not expecting another body to be in there. It was an Omega from the smell of it, and there was something familiar in her scent. Her hair was a striking white, pulled in a loose bun out of her face. When he opened the curtain she turned to look at him, her long earrings jingling and scent picking up with fear. 


“Oh damn,” Sylvain cursed himself, “I’m sorry I was just looking around, I didn’t know anyone was in here.” 


The Omega had a hand woven baskets under her hip and balanced on her shoulder, fabrics of clothing and animal pelts poured out of the top, “You know, it’s rude to snoop around in other’s quarters,” she chastised. Sylvain couldn’t help but compare the way she talked was like a child acting like their mother. 


She brushed past him to continue into the next hut, Sylvain following like a lost puppy. “So what’s your name little lady,” he leaned casually against the center beam of the hut. 


The white haired girl huffed under her breath, putting the discarded tops in one of the baskets, “why do I have to tell you? Who even let you in?” 


“Chieftain Vythethi,” Sylvain smirked remembering what Ingrid had said to him. The Omega stiffened for a minute, before rolling her eyes. Before he could ask her name again, she was already brushing past him to the next tent, “I’m Sylvain by the way, I’m a world renowned lady’s man.” 


“Who gave you that title, yourself?” She quipped back. 


‘Damn,’ Sylvain thought to himself, deflating visibly. Why were these Omegas so moody here? In the past, a simple nudge and a flirt would rapt their attention for hours. But with Felix and now this Omega, did he stink or something?


Even though he stalled, he chased after her, he wasn’t going to give up on her just yet, “I’m new to the camp, wanna take me around for a tour. We could even go out for a hunt later.” 


“A huh no,” the girl responded without looking up. She didn’t say anything else, until they reached the river that ran through the camp. She sat down at the shore and began taking out the clothing, getting ready to wash them, “Don’t just stare, help.” 


Sylvain practically jumped out of his skin, taking the linen shirt and copied her movements of washing it in the water. “Ah this is relaxing,” he couldn’t help, but let out a happy purr, “does the water always feel this warm!” 


Pausing, he saw just a smile graced her lips, “only in the summer, I never want to do laundry in the winter, my hands feel like their going to fall off.” 


“I’d believe that,” he nodded picking the wet shirt out of the water and rang it out, “where do I put this when it’s done.” 


The instructions were simply to hang it up on the clothesline. It lined the shore with it’s thin, a spider web-like string with a few clothes pin. The Omega followed in suite by hanging up a sheet. As they continued their work, children came peering around, playing around in the long sheets. 


“Now don’t you go ruining my work,” the Omega scolded placing a hand on one of the boy’s head, “get along will you.” 


“Yes, Miss Lysithea,” the boy, so young he hadn’t even presented, muttered. Already sulking off with his friends until they got out of eyesight to run off to cause more trouble. 


“Lysithea, huh?” Sylvain laughed putting a pin on the last sheet, “that’s a pretty name, I’ve never heard it before.” 


The Omega ruffled at the praise, “thank you— I guess. Sylvain is rather exotic as well, never heard something so strange.” 


“Strange?” Sylvain barked in surprise, “I think it’s rather fitting. Has a ring to it, Omegas love to say it like a mantra.” 


Mimicking the said Omegas he talked about, he repeated his name breathlessly in a squeaky feminine voice. “Okay, you can stop now,” though it was stern, her lips were quirked up in amusement. 


“See, I can see you smiling!!” He shouted in an excited fashion, “so you do like me!” 


“I never said I didn’t like you,” Lysithea bit back lightly as she began lifting up her basket from the shore of the river, “I’m just busy, I have chores to do.” 


Before she could grab the second basket, Sylvain quickly stole it from her, placing it under his arm, “then I’ll help!” 


“I don’t need help for something this mundane,” She weakly protested. 


“Consider it a favor to get closer to you,” he grinned, “I’ll help you and you can tell me about your tribe, I’m new and all.”


Lysithea’s body slacked from her mental battle against letting Sylvain to help her, “fine, you can help. You must be that dumb Alpha who fell off a cliff last night.” 


“Hey!” Sylvain yelled, running up to catch up with the Omega, “guess I made a name for myself before I even got here! I’m not dumb I was running for my life. Two very different things.” 


“Still,” she grinned at causing such a powerful Alpha to get embarrassed, “dumb.” 


“Okay, fine, I’m changing the subject. What does your tribe do for fun, any cool holidays,” Sylvain thought about the food and dancing he’d seen in one tribe, it was his favorite memory. 


It filled his heart with happiness when she nodded, “Of course we have holidays! We’re not some cannibalistic tribe,” Lysithea hissed bitterly, “we have many holidays. Like the Battle of the Eagle and the Lion and the annual Alpha contest that all the tribes participate in.” 


“As cool as the Alpha contest sounds, who are the other tribes in the area.” Sylvain hefted basket down to his waist, following Lysithea into a bigger tent beside the river. 


“The Alpha contest is not fun, it’s smelly and all them get so riled up,” she countered moodily, “but yes there are three, four counting the big governed tribe. There is the Lions, us, the Eagles, the Deer, and the Silver Snow tribe. I was apart of the Deer, it is my birth tribe, but I moved tribes.” 


As she spoke, she pulled apart the linens on the cot, placing them into the basket. Sylvain took to placing the few strewn shirts into his basket, “you moved tribes? I thought that was kinda illegal.” 


“I mean, I guess,” Lysithea shrugged, balling the linens to place it in the basket, “but the Silver Snow made a rule so you can leave your birth tribe to learn from the other tribes. If say a war would break out, recruited members would be expected to go to their birth tribe. There are loopholes, however.” 


“Loopholes?” Sylvain repeated taking the last shirt and placing it in the basket. Being a gentleman he lifted the flap of the tent and Lysithea snuck out. 


“Well you know,” she stated awkwardly scratching her head, “if your mated into the tribe you don’t get to go back or like if you’re appointed a warrior to the tribe. They expect you to switch sides real fast if you go into battle.” 


“That’s awkward when it comes to trusting those in your camp, you don’t plan to change sides if we go to war with the Deer?” 


Lysithea giggled briefly to herself, it was rather cute it made his heart beat around in his chest, “absolutely not, I don’t think anyone would turn on Dimitri or Vythethi. They have big hearts and even sharper swords.” 


Sylvain couldn’t help but agree, he wouldn’t ever want to be caught with Vythethi’s blade pointed at him. “I’m kind of scared of Vythethi, he’s really hard to read sometimes,” he admitted sheepishly. 


That got another laugh out of the Omega, “oh Vythethi, he’s so soft. He cares too much for everyone here, just wait till he starts dotting on you!” 


“Lysithea!” A voice broke through their chat, coming from one of the aisles of huts was an Alpha. From her stance he could tell she was more a woman than say Lysithea who was young (most apparent in bust size). Her long brown hair flowed gently in the wind, decorated with such beautiful flowers and a warm floral aroma. “You gave me such a fright this morning! What did I tell you about working!” 


She took the basket out of Lysithea hands, watching the young girl deflate in mood, “Dorothea, if I don’t work I’ll go crazy! Plus it’s good to move around!” She fought back, her scent turning bitter. 


“You’re with a child!” Dorothea reminded with a wag of her finger, “what if an ill intent rogue saw you walking around or we were ambushed!” 


“You worry way to much,” Lysithea sneered, taking the basket back, “let’s go Sylvain, I’ll finish my job and then I’ll join you back at my hut.” 


“Allow me to help you to make the job quicker!” Dorothea was quick to jump on, her eyes warily darting around. 


Lysithea stopped in her place, Dorothea running straight into her back with a squabble of noise, “now listen,” she whirled around, “I know it’s different in the Eagle tribe about caring for the pregnant, but if I sit around for that long I’ll go mad! You’re my friend Dorothea, please just drop the tradition, for me?”


The brown haired Alpha let out a soft laugh, a blush on her cheeks as she evaluated the situation, “Ah, Sorry Lysithea,” she offered in a softer tone, “since Vythethi instructed me to watch you I wish not to let him down, especially to you, his mate.” 


“Wait mate?” Sylvain jumped in putting a hand on Lysithea’s thin shoulder, “you didn’t tell me you’re Vythethi mate.” What had happened beforehand went through his mind, what if Vythethi smelled him on her and had Caspar and Dimitri chase him down! 


“Don’t look like I’m going to attack you,” Lysithea gave a strong pat to his chest as she leaned into him with a purr. An omega’s purr was so calming, especially hers, “Vythethi could care less on who I’m with, he trusts me.” 


Sylvain leaned down to get her neck, scenting each other calmly, “I’m on edge because of what had happened before, I wish to stay here as long as I’m allowed to.” 


“We’ll make sure of it,” Lysithea promised clasping her hands together. Her warm pink eyes were a little misty with tears. 


Dorothea let out a laugh, the two of them scented the younger, “Don’t go crying! You’re too sensitive on pregnancy!” 


“I can’t help it,” Lysithea blubbered, wiping furiously at her eyes. 


“Come on,” Sylvain gave her a gentle tug in the direction towards the row of tents, “work will get your mind off all these tears!” 




“You should’ve of seen that deer!” Caspar let out a bark of laughter as he, Vythethi, and Dimitri passed through the threshold of the camp. Over Dimitri’s shoulder was a large buck, a bloody wound in its chest was a mark of the kill. “You got so close to it with the spear it was like, what??” Caspar made a surprised face, hands cupping his cheeks and then he dissolved into laughter. 


Dimitri rolled his eyes, setting the buck down with a heavy thud, “the story gets even more interesting every time you tell me, Cas,” he muttered standing up, he made a noise of irritation when he saw a large red stain was left on his linen shirt. 


“Come on, it’s a cool story!” Caspar backed up, “tell him Vy, it’s a great story!” He turned to the other Alpha to see him standing stiff, noise high in the air. “You okay, buddy?” 


Testing the air as well, Caspar could smell a few things like a campfire and a few pack mates. He knew Linhardt had been by here too from his fresh smell, but for that nothing was off. “It’s Lysithea,” Vythethi started covering his mouth and nose, “she was in distress.” 


And off the Alpha went, Caspar following quickly, ignoring Dimitri cry for help with the buck. He could wait, if it was a matter of the Head Alpha’s mate, it was dire. Vythethi had led them all the way to the stream, where all the weeks laundry had been hung up. 


The Head Omega was happily doing her chores, rubbing a shirt in the fresh stream. Sylvain was beside her doing the same thing, but it was a little sloppy from not cleaning that way often. Dorothea was humming a sweet tune as she hung up a dripping wet linen. 


“Oh Vythethi, you’ve returned!” Dorothea greeted with a short curtsy. 


Lysithea jumped up from the river, her apron a little wet from bending down and her hair a mess, but her scent was so sweet it instantly calmed Vythethi of any danger. He circled her in a hug, pressing a welcoming kiss to her mating bite. 


“I’m happy you’re safe, I woke up in a cold bed. But I see your mission was a success,” they both turned to Sylvain who had shook the water off his hands. “And I’ve kept the pesky Alpha at bay with chores.” 


“Thank you,” Vythethi professed raising his chin to show his neck in an act of submission. The Omega purred happily, rubbing her head against his neck. “I missed you, I smelled your distress from the edge of the camp, I thought you got injured.” 


Sylvain, in his life had never saw an Alpha submit the way Vythethi did. To watch such a strong leader to show his neck in front of other powerful Alphas. They should scoff, call him weak, and yet Caspar just watched in amusement and Dorothea continued her job. 


He looked around, basically a big ‘what the fuck is going on’ moment until he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. Looking up he saw Caspar in his heavy glory, a smooth smile on his face. “Hey bud you look like you’re having an aneurysm.”


“It’s just,” he couldn’t find words that didn’t sound offensive. Caspar didn’t look like he was judging, his scent an unwavering neutral. “It’s weird, I guess? I’ve never seen an Alpha submit like that? Vythethi is like the big leader he shouldn’t show his weakness?” 


Surprisingly, the other nodded, “I know, it’s kinda weird right, here let’s walk over here,” he gestured away and he was quick to follow. Without a word he was led into a long mess hall. 


The dirt floor was filled with long tables and benches, surprisingly there were all different kinds of genders and sub-genders all communicating in one area. A large chested Alpha clapped a mug of what Sylvain assumed was beer with a young Beta who returned it enthusiastically. A Beta had brought out of the kitchen a platter of smoked meat and it made Sylvain stomach growl angrily. 


“Here’s let’s go grab a slice,” Caspar gave him a good shove in the direction. As they approached the Beta she let out an eep of surprise, her light purple hair laid choppily like she cut it herself, “Hey Bernadetta! Can we steal a piece!” 


“Caspar,” though she stuttered she sounded firm, “I have to feed the elders and the injured before you. Plus you have enough of a stomach to eat all of this.” 


The Alpha let out a bark of laughter, causing her to jump, “this is Sylvain the guy we rescued from the cliff, see he’s injured,” he pointed to his hands that were slightly damp from the river water so the dressing was starting to fall off, “ya gotta feed him first, I’ll abstain until you feed all the elders.” 


“Oh Bernie you did it now,” she muttered to herself shaking her head back and forth, “a warrior doesn’t deserve me to tell him what to do, I’m so sorry, please don’t hit me.” 


She flinched visibly, Sylvain was assaulted with a scent of fear and agony as she curled up on herself. The plate she held was pressed to her chest. “Oh Bernie,” Caspar shoulders dropped. 


Taking the meat out of her hand, Caspar discarded it on one of the benches to bend down and rub soothingly at the girl’s back. “Hey, I’m not gonna hit you, I’ve never hit you, remember! It’s your buddy Caspar!” He gave her a big smile, one that  radiated a sunshine effect, “and if another alpha tries to hit you over some dumb misunderstanding then you tell me and I’ll beat them to a pulp!” 


Putting up his fist, he gave weak baby punches to Bernadetta’s arms, “like that!” He yelled excitedly, “Boom! Pow! Pow! Now my finishing move!” He brought up a hand to ruffle her hair violently causing her to squeal with laughter. 


“Thanks Caspar,” she smiled wiping a few stray tears from her eyes, “here I’ll grab you a plate for Sylvain in the kitchen, I’ll be right back!” 


As she went scampering back in the kitchen, Caspar stood from the ground, dusting off the nonexistent dust from his pants. “What was that?” Sylvain asked unsure what to say. 


Caspar looked distant, his scent growing bitter which wasn’t anything Sylvain wanted to smell again. It didn’t fit the smiley warrior. “Man, The Eagle Tribe is fucked up,” he shook his head back and forth, “it’s very traditional, the Alphas are the top and Betas and especially Omegas are basically inferior. Bernie is a little forgetful, but I’ve seen Alphas just reel back and smack her.” 


He visibly shuddered, Sylvain placing a heavy hand on the big guy’s shoulder, “that’s Bernie,” Caspar went on, face growing in anger, “nobody can be mean to Bernie! She’s like the sweetest thing on the planet! One moon she came to the gathering and she had bruises all over her body, so Vythethi and I basically kidnapped her. Her Beta Mate is still apart of the tribe so she’s really on edge.” 


“Can’t you just tell the Beta to head over to our camp?” Sylvain asked taking a seat beside the meat with Caspar to follow. 


He put his elbows on his knees, head falling into his hand as he rubbed at a forming headache, “it’s weird over at the Eagles. Like I gotta bunch of family over there, Petra, her Beta, is the leader of the Black Eagle Strike Force, or that’s what they call their military. I was gonna do that, isn’t that crazy, but I hightailed it out when I saw how they were treating my mate,” Caspar paused, looking like he was furious at himself physically and mentally, “they had Linhardt tied up in some dungeon and told him he was in his room, because they took our mattress out and put it down there. To play such a trick on a blind man! That is a sin to Sothis.” 


“Oh my,” Sylvain hissed, the anger slowly migrating to him. “They for real did that to him?” 


Caspar closed his eyes, fingernails digging little crescents in his forehead, “sometimes I can’t believe it too, but they did. I hate to talk about something like this, I’m changing the subject.” 


And he did, Bernadetta came with two plates, with extra vegetables on Caspar’s to hold him over. Sylvain happily slurped up the deer meat, it was nice and juicy that made his stomach happy. He hadn’t been this full for years and it was enough to spur energy. 


Hoping to clear the mood, Sylvain asked about the Alpha competitions, which was explained happily. It was during the full moon and they had a great big feast at the Garreg Mach Clearing before the games would begin. 


“Then!” Caspar shouted, swiping his hand like a sword in the air, “all physically able Alphas come up and you announce which Omega you’ll fight for,” he stood up abruptly in his dinner show, Sylvain couldn’t hold back his laughter as Caspar swung around a chicken leg, “Linhardt, my dearest Omega, I will fight for you.” 


“Fighting how?” Caspar froze, Sylvain now howling with laughter as the dearest Omega had walked into the tent with a quizzical expression. Attached at his arm was a very confused Dimitri and Felix on the other side, looking rather disgruntled, “is that Sylvain I smell?” Linhardt remarked to Dimitri, “is Caspar fighting Sylvain?” 


“No, he’s just being stupid with Sylvain,” Felix corrected with a sigh. 


“I was talking about the Alpha Contest this full moon!” Caspar jumped from the table to embrace the Omega, “like every year I’ll be fighting for you my love!” 


“I’d expect nothing less,” Linhardt sighed, though still hugged the other back purring happily. 


Taking the cloth from the table, Sylvain wiped away any of the juice on his lips and cheek before approaching the group with a cool smile. “Hey, Felix right,” he didn’t need to be corrected, he could never forget that name. 


The Omega sneered, all angrily with a lip curled like a dog and narrowed eyes, “Yes, and you’re that one asshole who still stinks.” 


“Ahaha!” Dimitri jumped in putting his arm around Felix to steer him away from Sylvain, “What did I say about being nice you little brat,” his voice was a soft growl, Felix growling back with the same gusto. 


Sylvain, though, was still kind of weirded out, found something in himself that was jealous? He never felt something like this before, he’d never felt like this with any of the Omegas he’d been with before. They could talk to any big shot Alpha and he’d happily give two flying shits on what they were doing. 


Dimitri’s hand was squeezing Felix’s arm, the flesh denting like bread dough as they furiously growled back and forth at each other. He wanted to stand his ground, to tell himself that he didn’t know these people that well so he didn’t know their dynamics. Though his body moved for him, putting a hand between the two and pushing them apart. 


“Hey, it’s okay Dimitri,” he smiled all knives, scent sour with anger. He tried to dull it out to not be so see-through, but it just pushed out more of sour smell. 


The blond gave him a hard stare, his choppy hair falling in his eyes, “your scent, it’s so sour,” he covered his nose instinctively, “Felix is just kind of a dick sometimes, don’t let him get you angry.” 


Oh! Sylvain eyes widen, Dimitri must of thought that his scent was towards Felix, then targeted at him. The dark haired Omega let out a huff beside him, crossing his arms tightly against his chest at the two. “I’ve just seen different tribes, it’s a little different here,” Sylvain awkwardly stated ignoring the quizzical look he got from Caspar. 


“I’m not some Omega you can push around,” Felix sneered viciously, digging his sharp finger into Sylvain’s pecs, “I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” 


Sylvain didn’t need to question or provoke the threat anymore. Felix pushed past him, just briefly the long ponytail swished right up towards his nose, the distinctive smell filling his chest. 


His sour scent had completely disappeared to create one scent shared between the two. Both of their hearts speeding up. Sylvain gripped his chest, looking back at Felix who shared the similar look of confusion.


The Alpha went to talk, to ask Felix what the fuck was that or if he felt it too, but the other scampered off without a word, disappearing into the growing crowd to eat. 


“That was a strange smell,” Linhardt voice cut through, Sylvain cheeks growing red and shifting all the way down his neck, “I’ve never smelt that before, it was very...” he seemed at a loss of words, taking a deep breath of the air, “Ah, damn, the wind took it.” 


Sylvain, who held a tense posture, fell with a with of calm air. He only just got there, if he was causing a weird emotion to one of their best warriors it could mean being chased out. In a quick decision he decided he was going to steer clear of Felix. Even if he was rather alluring...



 Felix and Sylvain



Okay bear with me because this will basically be the Chapter notes. If you give no fluffs just ignore my rambling. If those pictures don't post which is mad sketch you can click the links to look at them.


The first picture can be found HERE it is a sketch I made of Sylvain and Felix in the clothing I'd picture them to be wearing in the story. I believe this will be useful to the story line, because now you can imagine them. I made Sylvain lean and tall with messy hair and a slight stubble as well as a scar on the left side of his face, probably from the fall. A lot of the inspiration to their clothing was actually from Anglo-Saxon design, because they wore big fur coats and usually leather made from animals they killed. The woman would usually sew linen shirts to wear under the protective gear which Felix's outfit shows more. Talking about Felix I took Petra’s hair design from her pre timeskip for reference. I adored the long ponytail with braids and beads that would be common in the tribe. For his outfit I gave him a warrior fit, a leather chest plate and a kilt-like outfit. What everyone has in common are big fur coats, because Faerghus in the game was canonly cold and I assumed that they’d skin animals and use everything to stay alive. That also makes it possible for me to keep Dimitri’s big fur coat in his post timeskip!! Yay! 


HERE will be the design for Linhardt. I felt that even though I tried to describe him as well as I could, I felt it was lacking. I kept a more feminine look and his hair similar to his post timeskip. I actually find myself twisting between post or pre designs that mix together to create a mash of the characters. Linhardt scars for his eyes extend upwards in a star like fashion and as stated before his eyes are cloudy. I gave him sort of a shaman vibe to his whole character.