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Feet slammed against the ground, Sylvain felt his heart beating viciously in his chest. The rain poured down against his body, the drops feeling huge as they weighed down his hair and caused the mud to suck up his feet. With adrenaline and a headache building off of it, Sylvain knew he wasn’t going to get out of this mess. These Alphas were out for his blood and if his head wasn’t brought back to the chieftain, well then it would be another body part he would probably need.

Grabbing a chunk of hair that laid in his face, he slicked it back and ripped his feet from the mud to continue his run. The pounding feet and snarling was enough to scare him back into weaving between branches and falling over his feet.

You’re probably at this point wondering, what did he do to fuck this bad. Well Sylvain knew all too horribly. He was what a tribe would call an outsider, a rouge. Most of his life was spent wandering around and flirting with any Beta or Omega that would travel too far away from camp. This time he had the nerve to start flirting with a rather beautiful and (May he add) virgin Omega minus the part that she was kinda crazy!

Her pheromones were thick and she was just on the cusp of her heat. So being the gentleman Alpha he was, he offered to help her through it, she agreed to the court which would lead him to spend the night with her during the week of her heat. Sure, they got a bit frisky, the heat pushing them further and further to Sylvain’s goal of finally having a mate and settling down.

Then her dad walked in. That’s when this whole situation started. Apparently she was already courted to an Alpha in the tribe and being a rouge wasn’t good for any Omega. So her father, Chieftain he may add, ordered all the Alphas in the camp to kill Sylvain for tainting his daughter.

So here he was, Sylvain, the traveling lady’s man, running for his goddamn life over some stupid girl! She wasn’t even that pretty anyways! He just needed to find a place to stay and he was so close! Now, he was in deep, too deep.

Sylvain gripped a branch, ripping it off the tree and throwing it haphazardly behind him. Hoping for one of those stupid, knot-head Alphas to trip on it. He needed to think quick, but with the rain beating down and the impending doom basically a meter away, it was hard to think.

He had to cover his scent if he didn’t want them to continue this trail, from the fear of dying he was practically oozing with the foul stench of desperation. Maybe he could coat himself in mud to somehow dull the scent. His brain was moving a thousand miles per hour, too many ideas all too bold, he almost missed where the forest floor ended to a deep drop off.

Skidding to a halt, he felt the ground fly up and over, falling down to deep cavern that ended in murky ocean of darkness. Looking down, with the rain beating against his back made his head spin. That was one big drop.

“You’re surrounded,” a voice called over the roar of rain. He couldn’t help but jump, whirling around and baring his teeth and preparing his fists.

Sylvain was fatefully outnumbered, sure he could show his fangs and try to look like he was big, but all these Alphas were huge and ready to strike. “Guys, can’t we just solve this without killing me!” He pleading loudly, trying to take a step back, but with nothing to put his foot on he felt his face start to heat up with unshed tears and embarrassment.

Was this really the end? The three Alphas growled and snarled closing a tight circle to block off all exits, Sylvain on the other hand had nowhere to go, but down the cliff, he was in a predicament. In his head, maybe Sylvain was just kind of crazy, or maybe he assumed it was adrenal when a beefy hand came to grab him that made him jump.

It was like the world was turned to slow motion when he stepped back and slowly the hand reaching out for him was slowly disappearing. The wind pushed against his back, legs and hands still outstretched like he was waiting for someone to grab him.

In the moment, Sylvain was kind of happy this would be his last moment. It was a lot better than having his head ripped from his body that’s for sure.

“Even if it’s raining, the moon is a rather pretty sight,” Sylvain last thought was as his back slammed into the icy cold water.


With a gasp, Linhardt sat up from the protective hold of his Alpha, hands coming to grasp at his face. “Wha- What’s going on!” Caspar, the Alpha, slurred sleepily, weak fists coming up to try and defend whatever woke the other up.

“I had a vision,” He stated, pulling his hands away from his face. Linhardt was a special Omega, at a young age he was in an accident that caused him to go blind from the injuries. He began having visions of the future, big events or prophecies that would later come true.

His old tribe, the Eagles had begun to use his powers for war. At first he was unsure what to do and he had told his Caspar many times that they should leave, but held back actually doing anything for the sake of his Alpha to continue his training as a warrior.

It wasn’t until he had the vision of The Fallen Star, that being a calm Alpha by the name of Vythethi. He seemed to have the power of the Gods on his side and for that he interested Linhardt greatly.

The Alpha has just appeared one day, body splayed like a corpse across Garreg Mach stone. He had no memory, except his name and he was a powerful fighter. The Lions had found him so he became apart of the tribe and gained enough respect from Dimitri to become the leader. Inside, Linhardt had a calling to him and he planned to be scouted.

Though the three tribes, Eagle, Lion, and Deer were all different territories they held peace between a middle meeting every so Moons. All that was able to attend were encouraged to mingle and talk, Vythethi taking this point to scout out those to join the Lion camp.

It was quite taboo, to get up and leave your own clan, but it wasn’t unheard of to switch sides to learn something new. So when Vythethi approached him to join, he was all too eager to pick up everything and join, though, not without his Alpha.

Vythethi, being the new leader of the Lion clan, was a kind man. Even if he was a stand in for Dimitri until the young Alpha came of age to take his rightful throne. He took in consideration of their training and Caspar was welcomed with open arms with his continuous title of Warrior.

Linhardt on the other hand was offered to start training under the gentle Omega Mercedes to be a medic. All the healing spells were difficult, but with his visions he could warn his leader if he saw an upcoming clash.

This however- this dream, it felt almost unreal. It was as if he was placed in the Alpha’s body, listening to the young man’s thoughts and watching. Briefly in the dream, the water below, the cliff, it reminded him of Garreg Mach Clearing, where every moon the tribes would meet.

Caspar, now fully awake, rubbed his Omega’s back soothing as he tried to collect his thoughts on the vision. “It was about an Alpha,” he told the other quietly, “he had fiery red hair and he was running for this life. He jumped into the water by Garreg Mach.”

“Running for his life, huh?” Caspar repeated, scratching at the stubble on his chin, “do you know if he’s okay? Garreg Mach isn’t very far from our camp, we could collect some people to help him.”

“I do not know the status of the Alpha’s life, hopefully the waves took him close to the shore.”

The bed shook when Linhardt sat up, he could only assume from the scratching of metal and Caspar’s grunt that he was putting on some clothing. “Come on, babe, you can talk to Vythethi and I’ll start gathering!”

Like he expected from the excitement in his alpha’s voice, he was hoisted from the bed and from the wind blowing in his hair they were sprinting across the camp. Sure, Linhardt enjoyed the gentle strolls, an arm linked with Caspar so he wouldn’t trip over anything.

But, when the Alpha got too excited, he was like a little pup bouncing around. “Vythethi!! Oh great leader!” Caspar bellowed, far from formalities to actually make them sound like he was giving the older Alpha respect.

They slipped through the flap covering Vythethi’s tent, a gasp from him signaled his unexpected awakening. “Wha-“ Lysithea, Vythethi mate from the Deer tribe, voice came around as she was awoken as well.

“Caspar, Linhardt,” Vythethi’s voice was smooth as he tried to shake the sleep from his brain. Here, standing in cozy tent was Caspar, panting heavily, and Linhardt who was clutched protectively in the Alpha’s arm.

Vythethi gazed down to look at Lysithea who was still wiping the sleep from her eyes with the back of her hand. They must of been a sight, his long hair laying out of the ponytail and Lysithea’s shiny white hair splayed over the pillow.

It was surprisingly common, Vythethi found, being woken up at the crack of dawn. Either from a very excite Ashe who found a cat, or Dedue just warning him about an off smell, it was common. When it’s Linhardt, however, he felt almost instantly put on edge. The Omega was nothing, but calm and serene not to get him wrong, but Linhardt’s prophecies put him on edge.

“Okay, imma set you here,” Caspar narrated setting the Omega by Vythethi’s feet at the end of the bed, “you watch him and listen to this weirdass dream he had, in the meantime I am going to collect some Alphas.”

“Weirdass dream?” Vythethi repeated in concerned.

“Too early for this, I’m going back to sleep,” Lysithea muttered raising a hand like she was saying goodbye and cuddling back in bed. Vythethi on the other hand scooted down the bed to grab the Omega’s hand.

Linhardt was not a bad looking Omega, at first Vythethi was rather smitten by his long green hair and calm personality. His beauty wasn’t even dulled by the scars and scratches that littered his eyes and cheeks.

A rock settled in his gut when he remembered the story Lin had told him. Apparently some asshole Alpha kid pushed him in a thorn bush. Linhardt had liked the Alpha, thought the boy was going to be his mate, but the Alpha didn’t want a weak boy Omega.

It was actually Caspar who had helped Linhardt out of the thorn bush. Instead of having some dick Alpha, Linhardt would have a very faithful one.

“I can sense your anger,” Linhardt voice was smooth as he accepted the othering hand and squeezed it tightly, “You don’t have to be mad every time you see my face, it is in the past.”

Vythethi sighed, even if he didn’t see, Lin always had a way of sensing things, “since you told me, I can’t help but feel remorse, I wish to protect my clan.”

That made the Omega smile, as he leaned in to let the Alpha scent him. Unlike mates who would scent orally, friends would happily rub the gland together. Their mingling scent, Vythethi a warm cinnamon and Linhardt’s a citrus with Caspar’s lingering scent of smoked meat calmed the mood.

“Tell me about your Vision, hopefully This will calm you, you’re distressed.” Vythethi gave him a smile knowing the other totally didn’t even know.

Linhardt nodded, head bowed. He began explaining the dream, telling Vythethi how he felt as if he was the person. The Alpha had been so scared to die and all he wanted was a home, but in the end he chose to give up his life rather than letting others take it from him.

“Woah, that’s crazy,” Lysithea voice startled him, turning in her direction, “Ah sorry Lin, I just got really invested in the story,” she stuttered sheepishly.

“It’s okay,” he promised reaching for her hand, surprisingly he got the direction right from her clasping his hand. They purred together, an Omega thing to calm each other down.

At that moment was Caspar came barreling through the tent, almost smashing face first into the bed frame from excitement. “I got everyone I could! Ingrid told me she was going to slice my throat if I try to wake her up though!”

“I’ll have a chat with her,” Vythethi couldn’t help but laugh though, helping Linhardt to his feet and also to his Omega who was wide awake. “Weren’t you just tired, my dear,” he teased, nuzzling her hair affectionately.

“I’m more awake now, stop treating me like I’m a child,”

“No you’re with a child,” he reminded in a soft tone. Vythethi knew the Alpha inside him purred with pride, Lysithea rolling her eyes at the excitement in his scent.

Putting her hand out, she pushed him away with a palm flat to his face, “You can stop reminding me every minute. I’ll stay back, but not because you ordered me too,” she quickly rebutted with a waving finger.

“Of course, we'll be back soon, come along Lin.” He looped his arm with him, leading the blind Omega out of the tent.

Linhardt’s face was focused strangely ahead with a look of determination, “she sure is feisty, but I don’t think anyone would fit her right than you,” He nonchalantly said with a warm smile. Vythethi huffed with laughter at the thought of his pregnant Omega being with some traditional Alpha, she surely wouldn’t last.

Outside the tent, Caspar had collected an exhausted coalition. It consisted of a very sleepy Ashe, practically falling asleep on his bow. Vythethi’s heart went out to the little Beta. Dedue who was wide awake and Dimitri who, even though was keeping a firm face, he looked drained. Lastly, the one more pushed away from the others was Felix.

It was strange, when Vythethi was brought to lead the camp Felix had personally asked to study the blade and become a warrior. Of course he said, yes, a soft spot already weening it’s way into his heart for the young man.

It wasn’t until Dimitri remarked how strange it was for an Omega to be studying the blade. It made him pause, almost confused at such a thing for the young Alpha to say. He quickly corrected himself saying it was just weird to him, with the old empire an Omega was never allowed to be a warrior.

Though, Vythethi had remarked he’d like to see someone try to tell Felix that, for the Omega could mow down a thousand enemies. Some pesky Alpha would be like a toothpick in his way.

“Let’s go,” he nodded towards Caspar, trading off Linhardt to him. The two affectionately greeted each other, even though they weren’t apart for too long. Softly head butting each other, Caspar scenting the other to snuff out the smell of distress.

Vythethi took to leading the group, Ashe close behind trying to hide his big yawns with his hand. Felix had stuck close, his left hand cautiously hovering above the hilt of the sword on his belt. Dedue held the lantern in the back, giving a honey color light to the heavily wooded path.

Linhardt had reiterated the story again to the group during the walk, keeping his voice down as they carefully weaved against the Eagle border. Vythethi made it clear he wasn’t going to irritate the other tribe and cause drama that wasn’t already there to begin with.

It was a surprise that they hadn’t hit any Eagle border patrollers, something in Vythethi brain made sure to mark that as suspicious. Something was brewing over there and it caused his hair to stand on end.

“Strange right,” Felix remarked beside him suddenly, looking over he quirked an eyebrow at the young Omega. If it wasn’t for his sour personality, he believed Felix would have thousands of Alphas begging for his hand in marriage.

He was lean with just enough hips for the classic child-bearing look. It was a tradition for Omegas not to cut their hair or to keep it long so he had his hair pulled in a long ponytail that swished around like a wild horse’s tail. From the training as a warrior his thin arms grown thick with muscle.

If anything, Vythethi believed the best warriors were Omegas. They were agile and flexible, which is why he put forward that everyone would learn the basic of warrior training, but they don’t have to go through with all the ceremonies.

“Strange how?” He asked the other finally, the silence breaking from just the noise of crunching leaves under their boots.

“Strange how the Eagles don’t have someone this far out,” he remarked with a huff.

“Let’s not worry about the Eagles right now,” Dimitri jumped in, a bitterness in his voice. Vythethi was no stranger to the shaky bond that the Lions and Eagles held. One day it was going to unclasp, but when was the true question.

“Your hatred is showing, Dimitri,” Linhardt teased, earning a playful warning growl from the blond.

Caspar gasped in feign surprised, pressing his Omega tightly to his chest, “Dimitri! How dare you growl at my dearest Linhardt. I shall fight you!”

He put up his fists, the two Alphas bursting in a fit of laughter as they started to tussle. “Now you two-” Vythethi smirked, knowing they were probably delirious from lack of sleep, but he was glad they were having fun.

“Be careful,” Dedue reminded, watching Caspar growl at Dimitri, they grasped at each other’s arms to battle off in a mock show of strength. Dedue would of stepped in to remind the two of the mission since Vythethi was staying back, but on his back was Ashe, fast asleep.

“Alphas.” Felix rolled his eyes bitterly watching the whole scene unfurl. Looping his arm with Linhardt he helped him instead of his useless Alpha. “Why do they exist in the first place, all they do is fight and be stupid.”

His words were muttered towards Linhardt, hoping to get the fellow Omega to agree with his statement. The other simply grinned to himself, “they may be stupid, but when you find your Alpha, they’ll be your stupid Alpha.”

“Sounds like too much work,” Felix grinned with a purr of happiness. They happily scented each other, trying to block out the sweaty Alpha scent that was wafted towards them.

Vythethi smiled at the two, just taking his eyes off his Omegas for one second to tell the two Alphas to knock it off when Felix let out a gasp and Linhardt letting out a yelp. Everyone was at the Omegas side to assess to the situation, Linhardt was on the ground, his hands had caught his fall and Felix’s hands were up at his head.

There was a foot sticking out from one a bush, everyone pausing, no words uttered. Caspar ran to the aid of his Omega, scenting the other furiously in hope to assure him he was okay.

“I don’t smell a corpse,” Dedue remarked, crouching down to put a cautious hand on the ankle of the suspicious foot, “but I do smell blood, it reeks of it.”

Dimitri on the other hand pushed the bush out of the way to reveal a very muddy Alpha laying in a wet heap. The waves from Magred’s ocean brushed against the man’s body, causing a red tint in the white waves.

“Red, his hair is red,” Vythethi observed, helping Linhardt off the ground, “I think we found the Alpha you had that vision about.”

The blind Omega cautiously sniffed the air, “yes that is the Alpha,” he confirmed, “his scent, a smell of cedar. He has the exact same smell I got during the dream.”

“It stinks,” Felix sneered, covering his mouth and nose with his hand.

“It’s probably just with the blood, let’s hurry and bring the Alpha to Mercedes.” Vythethi ordered Caspar and Dimitri since he wasn’t going ask the Omegas and especially not Dedue that still had Ashe on his back.

Felix made a noise of discomfort, side stepping away from the body to let Caspar start to pick him up. The scent got even more potent as he was lifted from the water and thick mud that made Felix physically feel overwhelmed. He leaned into Linhardt’s neck, trying to mute the smell with his friend. It made him feel vulnerable and sick to feel and taste the smell of distress from such a man.

“I don’t know, it’s awful, I feel awful!” Felix muttered defeatedly to Vythethi and Linhardt who looked at him with such pity.

“I don’t know why you are so affected, have you met the Alpha before. It’s like you’re a mate in distress,” Linhardt remarked, making Vythethi raise his eyebrow at Felix who narrowed his eyes back.

“No,” he snarled, words muffled from behind his hand, “never met the Alpha in my life. And even if I did he just stinks.”

“Sometimes Omegas and Alphas are in tune with each other’s smell.” Linhardt intelligently added on, “this could be Felix’s destined mate!”

“Over my dead body, he just needs a fucking bath,” he barked back at the other.

“If we’re done gossiping like a bunch of middle aged Omegas,” Caspar’s strained voice cut into the conversation. He had the unconscious Alpha by his shoulder while Dimitri had his knees thrown over his shoulder. The two looked like unprepared undertakers, faces scrunched in discomfort from the limp hand that bumped against Caspar’s leg.

“We’re coming,” Felix muttered, throwing his hands up to end the conversation in a bitter fashion.

Though Linhardt just shook his head, “any talk of Alphas and Felix gets so mad. There’s something odd about that Alpha though, soon he’ll have his answers, but not now.


By the time Vythethi and his squadron made it back to the camp the sun was already coming up. Bitterly, he covered his eyes with his hand to block out some of the shine. The group split from there, Caspar and Dimitri lugging the Alpha they found to Mercedes, Felix stomping off angrily, and Dedue made a beeline toward Ashe’s tent to lay the archer down to bed.

Linhardt, who was attached to his left arm, gave him a gentle tug in the direction towards the medic unit. He really couldn’t say no as he led the Omega towards where he usually worked.

Walking into the medic’s tent was already soothing, the smell of blackberries and warm honey was of course thanks to the soft spoken Omega by the name of Mercedes. She was short with a curvy body, she was either in the medic unit or in The Cave of Sothis where she would pray to the Goddess for health and happiness.

The Omega was gently treating the mysterious’s Alpha’s wounds. Marianne, another soft spoken Omega, but even more skittish, was washing away the dirt and mud to reveal even more scratches and bruises.

Caspar stood off to the side, stretching out his arms, Dimitri was aiding Mercedes by pulling down different herbs and medicines she had stored on a shelf. Linhardt had shook off his arm to wander around the cots until he was at the end of the unconscious Alpha's bed.

Marianne began wiping away the mud from his face to show his pale skin. He wasn’t bad looking, but his distressed smell had slowly began to mute to something warm, almost like a fresh baked cake.

“Look at these,” Mercedes remarked to Marianne casually, turning her patients limp head to show his pale neck. It was littered with dark bruises and bite marks. “There appears to be multiple laceration to his neck.”

“He was chased out by a Chieftain Alpha in an unknown tribe over the mountain behind Garreg Mach,” Linhardt chimed in putting his hand on the metal frame of the bed, “if my vision was correct, he was trying to mate the Alpha’s daughter, to join a tribe by marriage.”

“Sounds scary,” Marianne whispered softly to herself, wiping the deerskin rag against his skin, “if he wakes up, can he join our tribe, Vythethi?”

It was hard to say no to her pleading eyes, though Marianne was one of the harder people to have been recruited by Vythethi, she was very thankful. The woman was heavily skittish as well as suicidal, he wanted the best for her and to keep her safe. “Of course Marianne,” he smiled at her, squeezing her shoulder.

She preened up at him, a thankful purr radiating from her chest. It was cut off when the patient who had been happily taking the clean up and assessment, when he awoke with a shout.

Linhardt covered his face quickly, unsure what to do as Marianne and Mercedes jumped away to avoid the offending hands that swiped at them. Vythethi stepped in over Marianne, grabbing the Alpha’s wrist. “Hey! Calm down!”

His eyes were like a wild animal as his other hand clasped against Vythethi’s wrist, “let me go! Please I don’t want to die! Please!” The Alpha’s voice was strained, tears prickling in his brown eyes in desperation.

“I’m not going to kill you, stop struggling you’re injured!” Vythethi shouted over the noise of panic that was taking over the medic unit. Caspar moved Linhardt away from the bed, scenting him quickly before coming to Vythethi’s aid by grasping at the Alpha’s knees.

“You are out harm,” Dimitri used his Alpha voice, a deep commanding voice of a King. That put a moment of silence to the room, the Alpha stopping his excessive thrashing to actually start looking around. Vythethi released him from the hold, Caspar following in suit, but gave him a pointed look to behave.

“Are you good?” Caspar asked hesitantly, “Just let the Omegas care for you, they know what to do.”

The Alpha paused, taking a look at Mercedes who gave him a warm smile and to Marianne who struggled to smile normally, but it was stressed. “Where am I?” He directed his question towards Dimitri, assuming he’d be the top Alpha from the commanding voice.

“The Blue Lion’s tribe,” Dimitri answered heading back towards the rack of herbs, “our prophet, Linhardt, dreamt of you last night. Do you remember what happened?”

The Alpha chuckled to himself, head lazily falling to look anywhere but the curious people above him, “I fucked up,” he simply stated, “I went to mate with Chieftain’s daughter, who even does that?”

“I mean probably none of us here,” Caspar chimed in, but was slapped in the side by Linhardt.

“Don’t listen to my knotheaded mate,” Linhardt growled, Caspar immediately standing down with a subtle lift of submission. The red headed Alpha watched in awe at the display, “you’re very special, I wouldn’t of dreamt of you if you weren’t going to lead us to great things.”

Vythethi smirked as the Alpha’s face changed, Linhardt always did have a way with his words, and excessive praise. “I agree,” He responded, cautious eyes towards the one who grabbed him, “I am Vythethi, the Alpha of the pack, if you would like we’d gladly accept you in our pack.”

“In my dream you stated that you were a rouge looking for a home,” Linhardt responded, clasping his hands politely.

“I-how?” He blinked owlishly, “I don’t know what’s going on. Did I actually die? Is this is heaven?” He asked Marianne, grasping her frail wrist, “are you an angel?”

“No?” Marianne raised her eyebrow, “but you’re clean of mud now, please stay out river.”

The Alpha smirked, even if he was tired there was a sparkle in his eyes, “anything for you, beautiful,” he purred.

The Omega squeaked in surprise, beelining out of the medic unit saying something about getting more water. Vythethi laughed, shaking his head at the confused look that settled on the Alpha’s face, “you didn’t do anything wrong, Marianne is pretty skittish.”

Uncertainly, the Alpha nodded, “I’m Sylvain by the way,” he added a little quieter before shaking off the fear to instead wink towards Linhardt, “but you can call me anytime, cutie.”

Vythethi couldn’t help but laugh again, trying to cover it with his hand. Caspar beside him let out a bark of laughter. Linhardt’s long hair wasn’t put up in it’s usual bun, probably from his rude awakening, so it appeared Sylvain had missed the memo.

“Is he speaking to me?” Linhardt questioningly asked, “I’m sorry Sylvain, Caspar is my Alpha.”

“Oh?” Sylvain deflated.

“Now don’t be mean to him, he just woke up,” Mercedes gently purred to keep her patient calm. “I am Mercedes by the way Sylvain, I’ll send you on your way soon, but if anything starts hurting I want you to come to me.”

Like a little child, Sylvain grinned a big toothy grin, “absolutely, I’m just kinda glad to be alive right now.”

“You should be,” Dimitri was all calm and collected, “I am Dimitri, Sylvain, Vythethi is taking the throne for me until I am of legal age.”

“Oh so should I call you your highness?”

“Heavens no!” He gaped at him, “I believe only Dedue does that. And if anything that would be embarrassing coming from a friend.”

The redhead went silent, looking down at his hand that was being dressed by Mercedes, “friend? You guys are extremely nice to me,” he seemed to pause, “I want to stay here, are there rules, Omegas I can’t touch-“

“Only the mated one’s,” Vythethi cut him off, “but I think you have a brain enough to know that.”

“Well yeah,” Sylvain muttered tiredly, “Are you really going to let me come in your tribe. Even if I’m not mated to anyone.”

Dimitri gave a firm nod, “we are less tradition,” he pursed his lips debating on what he should say.

“Far from traditional,” Vythethi added on to help the Boy King out, “of course we are similar to a tribe with an Alpha leader and a pack hierarchy of role, but we allow our Omegas to train as warriors and Alphas to pursue medicine. Especially with joining a pack we bring in anyone who is willing to follow our rules.”

“Exactly,” Dimitri smiled at his Alpha, a scent of thankfulness.

Sylvain went quiet, when Mercedes went to his other hand to dress it, “Omega Warriors,” he mused aloud, “remind me not to mess with them. So there are many people in tribe not mated.”

“Yes, Dimitri nodded, “I feel you are going to take to trying to court all of them.”

“I’ve been here for a minute and you guys already know me,” Sylvain cracked a smile, “I’m a flirt, the Omega man,” he grinned at Mercedes who giggled softly.

“I’ll have to remember that, dear,” she responded like a mother, giving the redhead a nice pat on the head, “Linhardt will you be a dear and apply the medication to the other cuts.”

“Yes,” The quiet Omega responded, bowing his head to his elder, before cautiously making his way around the bed. “Will you lead me to your wound?” He asked Sylvain reaching out a hand.

In a confused fashion, Sylvain took the hand and placed it against his forearm where a tree ripped open the skin, “right on my bicep,” he flexed a little, “gonna leave a bunch of cool scars, right?”

“Unless you take care of your wounds, I believe there won’t be too many scars,” he smiled fondly, grasping a strand of hair to push it away from his face. Sylvain gapped suddenly at the Omega’s unfocused eyes that were a clouded white. “Ah, so you finally seen my face,” Linhardt nodded putting the clear salve against the raised scar, “I know the best way to get rid of scarring.”

Caspar made a noise of happiness, “my Omega, so cool,” he wiped away a nonexistent tear.

“Caspar, don’t you have anything else to be doing,” Linhardt sighed defeatedly.

“Yeah, Caspar,” Dimitri added with a smile, “Don’t you have anything else to do?”

“Both of you,” Vythethi huffed standing up from the cot, “let’s get out of Linhardt’s hair, we still have to hunt for breakfast.”

“Aww,” Caspar and Dimitri muttered in unison, but nonetheless listened. The blue haired Alpha happily scented his Omega, Sylvain getting a heavy scent of their mixed scent before the Alphas were off.

“Watch where you're going,” a voice from outside warned the two before the most delicious scent hit Sylvain like a freight train. It was overwhelming, something like a day on the beach and a floral lavender field to appear a very good looking Omega.

Nothing would prepare him for the long inky hair that waved with every bounce of his step and hard as steel eyes that stared down on him, “so you’re alive.” He stayed with a raise of an unamused eyebrow.

“What, you thought I’d die?” He smiled at the other, his scent preening up at the attention of such a beautiful figure, “thanks to these beauties I’m alive.”

“Beauties?” The omega’s scent grew cold.

“Just ignore him Felix,” Mercedes voice was warm as she scented the other happily, “What do you need?”

The dark haired Omega, Felix, Sylvain reminded himself, glared in his direction before saying something about a headache. “It’s from training,” Mercedes was all grins and love as she soothed peppermint leaves against Felix’s forehead, “remember to rest your body, you aren’t going to get stronger without breaks.”

“I know that,” Felix muttered, a hiss barely in his voice but from the pointed look he loosened his bite.

“Are you one of the Omega Warriors I’ve heard of?” Sylvain asked getting Felix’s attention, “we should spar sometime, I’d love to see what you have up your sleeve.”

“Mmhmm,” Felix narrowed his eyes, “I’d like to see you try me. With no warrior training you’d be like a child.”

Throwing the thick ponytail over his shoulder, the Omega stalked out of the tent, receiving a snicker from the others in the room. Sylvain was hit with that delicious scent, it flared his nostrils and sped up his heart.

“What was that?” Was all he could think, pressing an unsteady hand to his chest.