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A Very Ballum Halloween

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  • Lola and Jay take Lexi to a kids Halloween party at the community centre.
  • Mick is throwing a Halloween do over in the Vic but Whitney had practically broadcasted across the Square that she was bringing her new fella along to it. Not the Callum was bothered, of course, he had made it very clear to Whit that he was happy she was moving on and focusing on herself. But he wasn't in the mood for a party. He just wanted a nice night in with his new boyfriend. 
  • Ben isn't fussed what they do because Halloween isn't that big of a deal to him. By now he is used to dressing up every other week with Lexi, so he's happy he gets a free pass tonight. As long as he spends the night with Callum then he's happy.
  • Kathy is over working at the Albert and Ian and Bobby are out at the Vic with everyone else. So the Beale house is free for the night.
  • Callum asks Ben if he wants to stay in and watch a movie, of course Ben agrees.
  • Ben fumbles through the DVD collection and pulls out several films, all of them horror, of course. He knows how scared Callum gets and he loves it when Callum cuddles into him on the sofa when he gets jumpscared.
  • On his way over, Callum picks up a lot of snacks from the Minute Mart ranging from popcorn, to lollipops, to chocolate and various other spooky themed treats (he doesn't bother picking up any beer because Ben already has a case in the fridge).
  • When he arrives at the Beale's, he tries the door but it's locked, which isn't exactly unusual considering Ben's been a little jumpy lately.
  • Ben opens the door, and Callum is pleasantly surprised by the sight of his boyfriend. Ben's wearing his glasses and his hair is a little damp and a few strands dangle over his eyes. He's wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and his dressing gown is thrown over the top. Callum recognises this as his i-just-got-out-the-shower look.
  • Callum is smiling like an idiot down at Ben. He can’t help it if his boyfriend is so attractive.
  • Ben just rolls his eyes and pulls Callum inside before closing the door behind him.
  • When he turns around, Ben throws his arms around Callum's neck and pulls him down for a quick kiss. Callum smiles and lowers a hand to Ben's waist only for Ben to drop his own hand and snatch the bag of goodies from Callum.
  • "You did good." He grins as he rumages through the bag and heads into the living room.
  • Callum chuckles and turns to follow but is stopped by Ben yelling "Don't forget the beers!"
  • Whilst waiting for Callum, Ben opens the popcorn and empties it into one of the plastic bowls he had already set on the coffee table. He does the same to the bag of lollipops. Before placing the rest of the snacks on the coffee table and putting the empty bags in the carrier bag. Ben grabs a handful of popcorn and starts munching away as he waits for Callum.
  • When Callum plops himself down next to Ben on the sofa, Ben offers him the selection of DVDs to choose from (Ben has already seen them all, of course).
  • Callum groans as he flicks through the selection and realises they're all classic horrors. "Can't we watch something else?"
  • Ben flutters his eyes at him, "Like what?"
  • "What about the one with the skeleton, you know, where it's a Christmas film too?" Callum urges but he already knows he won't be getting his own way.
  • Ben just eyes him carefully and Callum gives in with a, "Alright, it was just a suggestion."
  • Eventually they decide on a film and Callum sets it up whilst Ben goes to retrieve a blanket of some sort from upstairs.
  • They're about 15 minutes into the film when Callum jumps. Ben tries to hide his laughter by grabbing a lollipop from the bowl. He leans back against the sofa and rests his feet on the coffee table. Callum twists his body so that his back is pressed against Ben's chest. He grabs the bowl of popcorn and rests it on his legs where both of them can reach it.
  • Someway through the film, Callum had grabbed Ben's arm and pulled it over his waist, his hand resting on top of Ben's. With his free hand, Ben brushes his fingers through Callum's hair, watching as Callum flinches when another jumpscare happens.
  • Callum catches Ben staring at him multiple times, he turns to look at Ben who just grins at him.
  • "You're missing the film." Callum nudges Ben with his head before looking up at him.
  • Ben just hums and leans down to peck Callum's lips, "Worth it." He murmurs between kisses.
  • When they finally break apart, their faces are flushed from the mixture of alcohol and from all the kissing.
  • The first film ends and neither one can be bothered to get up to swap it for a new one. Instead, they place the now empty bowl of popcorn on the table and shift their positions so that they're now cuddling each other.
  • They exchange soft kisses between themselves as they enjoy the company of each other. Ben presses gentle kisses from Callum's lip, across his jaw and down his neck before settling on Callum's weak spot underneath his ear.
  • Callum just moans holding Ben closer, "Let's stay in every year." He says a little breathlessly.
  • Ben hums in agreement and plants another fleeting kiss to Callum's now plump lips.
  • They stay like this for the rest of the night, eventually falling asleep in each other's embrace.