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It's not the bad men's virtue
It's not the good men's vice
Its roots and sources unknown
It sticks to you like lice
It left my passion stained
My desire for knowledge drained
You could be a scientist
a criminal, a trooper
a royal or an artist
It just takes a silent look and
you find yourself hiding secrets
You're seen following street friends

Which one of your songs
was the last one that you sang for Marek?
What did the widow say
after the airplane turned to shrapnel?
"My Lord, have mercy!
She's stolen him forever!"

How did she explain to Pierre
when chemistry is clearer?
How did he explain to her
when genocide is easier?
"Back then, you were my everything
but she turned out to be better"

You can keep believing
that my mother is to blame
But I know already
why she shoved you from the bench
"Your love will never win
It was pointless changing cities for me"

puts on the shroud of mystery
Three chests ache in misery
Praised, condemned, romanticised
All three parties pay their price