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Izuku Midoriya: The Defiant Blade

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Izuku: The Defiant Blade

When my mother introduced me the way of a dance, I started to follow with grace in every step, move with perfection. There was once I dance alone seeking inner peace. Now, this dance is the last thing they will ever see.


Izuku's POV


"Never stop learning. There is always a form you don't know. If there are mistakes, learn from it and use it as your strength."


From that day I heard this quote from my loving mother, this has been my most favorite quote and motivation to move forward.


When I was five years old in kindergarten, I felt left out upon discovering my classmates' quirks getting awakened at a very young age and this includes my neighbor and childhood friend, Kacchan. I was happy for him getting his own ability inherited from either of his parents, but at the same time felt upset and betrayed for how he drastically changed his personality and views towards me, treating me like I have a disability, a quirkless person. Despite everything, I kept my cool and never showed him a little resentment or any kind of negativity at him because at first, I believed it was just his annoying phase and eventually he'll change for the better since he dreams to be a hero someday.


I told my parents about it and asked for a consultation from a doctor at a hospital for confirmation. They both agreed. At the later time after some tests I had to take, mom, dad, and I finally heard the final verdict with mixed excitement and nervousness.


A doctor let out a slight grin but in a good way of a grin. He let out the first words coming from his lips.


The result?










'Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Midoriya. Your son, Izuku has acquired a quirk!"


What's the good news? I jumped from my seat and hugged both of my parents. They gladly welcomed the reaction of me with joy. Of course, I felt happy for I have a quirk to show off my so-called 'friends'. Especially Kacchan.


How about the bad news? Though the results predicted positive especially the quirk came from my mother, a telekinesis/levitating-type of ability (after the doctor's announcement, dad felt betrayed and sad with a jokingly pouting lips, but still happy about the result either way), it was still premature, weak, and it needs more time to develop.


Back in home and it was after dinner time, my parents disclosed something from me that's been keeping a secret for years. They used to be 'heroes'…well, not entirely heroes, but working as an underground vigilante at night and had an organization named 'Equilibrium'.


The group might have been unknown to everyone and not recognized by hero groups and agencies, they also serve the greater good, seeking balance and peace against all the villains who are actively harboring violence at night 'till dawn. Psyche and Dragborn were their codenames back then. Mother was a low to mid-ranged quirk user who creates and manipulates objects as her projectiles to disrupt and attack those who dare to defy her force of will. While Father has a fire-breathing ability, throwing his large amount of firepower with the hottest temperature against enemies, much like a dragon who becomes angry. My parents were connected with Equilibrium at age 18 and left nine years later when the two tied a knot to get married and poof….I was born.


At the present time, my parents created a coffee business from their vigilante earnings and have been managing a small café at downtown Musutafu for quite some time now. The business is good and most of the customers are high school and college students since it has a millennial themed ambiance once they enter the café.


Going back to the topic. While waiting for my quirk to be developed for I don't know when, Mother introduced me a dance, a traditional one that's been passed from her late grandmother to my grandmother who passed away when I was three. This traditional dance is suited for all, regardless of age or gender. Mother, who was showing her movements with flow and motions of her hand and feet with grace told me that this is not just a dance, but it is an art that keeps the tradition alive.


She added if I master this tradition, this would improve my physical and mental well-being, focus, understanding, and also create my own quirk technique upon mastering the dance. I was easily convinced to learn the way of dance until I felt in love with it like it was my first love in terms of interests or skills. And so I seek and told my mother that I'm willing to learn the tradition no matter how hard it is, this would also awaken my quirk even more.


Mother agreed, but told me in two conditions:

1. Never tell anyone about their history and connection with Equilibrium and vigilantism.

2. You must not show the tradition of dance in public until you fully master it. The time will take longer for your quirk to awaken.


At age 6, Mother taught me the basics of the tradition of dance while on alternative days Father taught me how to defend myself in combat even if you still don't have a powerful quirk. Both of them shared their experience back in Equilibrium and it helped a lot. Every advice, steps, tips, and tricks everything I jotted down on my two separate notepads. With all the knowledge I received from my parents, it motivated me even more to become a pro-hero.


Despite the good stuff, I also did experience the downs, challenges, and obstacles in life. Upon finding out that I have a weak and premature quirk, the quirk society often looked at me differently, especially when I reached middle school at Aldera. I experienced getting picked names, bullied for being weak, scrawny, and not having many friends (I'm an introvert at heart). Kacchan disassociate himself from me and had his own group which sometimes they all treated me like shit.


The trauma, mistreatment, discrimination, and being way different. These experiences that I had to endure, they will soon find and taste of their own medicine.


Because you know what people say? 'Karma always catches up to you.'


They better watch their backs. *chuckles*