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In Between the Sheets

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Hey people,

so this will be a collection of mainly NSFW oneshots, prompts or short stories featuring various Boku No Hero Academia Characters.
I might include SFW, fluffy scenarios as well and will update the tags. I'll be naming the chapters for better navigation. All minors will be aged up.

★I'm writing with a female reader as a default since that's what I feel most comfortable with, but you can always request male or gender neutral, I'll do my best.
★English is not my first language, so if you spot any mistakes, feel free to let me know.


1. Overview

2. Support | Shigaraki Tomura / Fem!Reader | NSFW

3. Long time no see | Takami Keigo (Hawks) / Fem!Reader | NSFW

4. Songbird | Chisaki Kai (Overhaul) / Fem!Reader | NSFW, dubcon

5. Welcome Home! | Sasaki Mirai (Sir Nighteye) / Fem!Reader | NFSW, Daddy Kink (Request)

6. Everything | Dabi / Fem!Reader | NFSW, fluffy

7. Early Morning Exercise | Mirio Togata (Lemillion) / Fem!Reader | NSFW, fluffy

8. Bad Luck | Shigaraki Tomura & Dabi / Fem!Reader | NSFW, Rape/Noncon, Threesome

9. So close | Shigaraki Tomura / Fem!Reader | NSFW, Rough Sex (Request)



Can I send you requests?
You can always send requests or prompts if you want to, but I can’t promise if and how fast I’ll write them.
I haven't written for a lot of BNHA characters yet and there are some characters I don't really feel secure writing about? But I'll try.

What characters are you writing for?
I don't really have a list? So far I've only written for Dabi and Shigaraki and the characters you see up there.
I'll have to try most characters first to be honest, so I might update this point later on.

Excluded characters
⊘ Minoru Mineta
⊘ Principal Nezu
⊘ Eri, Kouta and other children
⊘ Most parents of the UA Class (Inko Midoriya, Mitsuki Bakugo etc...)
⊘ Gentle Criminal, LaBrava