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Valquiria Skuld, the heros shield

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She was going to die. Her mother would kill her.

Izumi Midoriya was as sure of that as the sun rose every day.

His mother's gaze that day towards her was worse than it normally was. Everything that happened the day before

Inko arrived at the house very late at night. What happened was that she had forgotten to put Izumi in her room, as usual. So Izumi, as something very strange in her, had fallen asleep in the softness of the armchair that was her father's favorite. Without going to your room of your own free will

-Do you have a brat?! - the scream of the male voice echoed in the house, waking up Izumi, who was paralyzed by fear

She listened as her mother gave vague excuses to the man and asked him not to leave. But the man left and the house was in a terrifying silence.

Izumi prepared for the blows, but all her mother did was grab her hair and throw her inside her room. She gave him a look of anger before closing the door

Izumi burst into tears while rubbing her head. That was not the worst time she had taken her to her room, but she was more sensitive about getting up.

She wanted to be like those people she saw on TV. With a room that was not a cell, with hot and delicious meals and a family that loved her.

But she was not necessary in the world, as her mother had said, so she would never have those things. She was a dumb and useless Deku, a quirkless, an unnecessary existence for the world

She was a fault, she was a mistake

She should not exist, as the school children used to say. She was just a waste of time and space

-Izumi, you are special-that warm and kind voice belonged to a man whose face she no longer remembered- You are pure your heart is beautiful as my brother's was. The world tries to destroy people like him. My brother shattered, you don't let them with you. Never stop smiling, like All Might

Izumi always smiled as if everything in her life was going well because of those words she remembered. But she couldn't think of any moment in her life where she would have been happy to smile that way.

Her classmates were happy, even Katsuki, no matter how much he and his mother yelled at each other

Izumi just remembered being afraid

That night was no different

She rubbed her stomach that she felt was consumed by hunger. It had been days since she saw a good meal. Even if she could enter the kitchen full of delicious foods she could not eat them

Before she did, when her mother began to stop preparing her share of the meal, but one day her mother saw her. Inko ran the knife through her skin many times for her to learn. They were not deep cuts, most were only scratches on the skin. But sometimes the knife sank slightly.

Izumi learned that she should not touch anything other than the food she was given, no matter how hungry she was

She yearns to be able to go to class and not be on vacation. It was true that he would have to endure Katsuki's explosions and teasing. But at least she could eat well with the food in the school canteen.

She was so used to the pain that she hardly felt it

Izumi fell asleep on the floor. Tired of so much crying.

The next morning Inko opened the door early. Izumi was awake and in a corner, not daring to move even though the door was closed. As if Inko could see her through the wood


Inko's hand closed like a claw on Izumi's arm as she pulled her out of the building

Little Izumi didn't know that they were being watched by people willing to protect her


Izumi Midoriya, that little girl hid her pain so well and pretended that everything was going well so that those less directly involved in the bullying nobody knew what was happening.

Just like no one at school knew that she was mistreated at home, her mother did not know that she was also abused at school.

The neighbors only saw a pretty and sweet girl, with very long hair, that made her hide from the world. The other parents of the school just a lonely and mature girl.

It was a policewoman, who was passing by in front of Izumi a month before the end of the course, who realized that something was wrong. The woman's quirk made her see when people were in danger and that smiling girl gave a signal that was like a beacon to her

But without proof she couldn't do anything. Since the signal of a quirk was not enough to give a warning. The woman was worried and told her coworkers while they had lunch. She had discovered the girl's name by chance

She had investigated her a little, the father left to discover that the girl was quirkless. The mother did not attend to the girl, but neither did she neglect her, according to the people. And I was an outstanding student

-A possible case of abuse of a quirkless girl? - The woman turned and looked at Detective Tsukaichi- If you don't mind, I'll take it and find out the truth. The law protects quirkless thanks to that All Might support campaign and I know some heroes who will help me gather evidence

That way Eraserhead got a call to investigate the quirkless girl. Discovering the abuse, but they could do nothing without public or recorded evidence of the abuse committed

-------------------------------------------------- -----

Izumi followed her mother in pain. Her short girl legs could hardly keep up with the woman while

She had fallen a couple of times and that aggravated the pain she had felt in her legs for some time. Inko did nothing to her, luckily for the girl.

There were people on the street, Inko was very conscientious about not going overboard with Izumi in public. In the soundproof house it was something else, but in public she never touched her

They stopped at a zebra crossing. There Inko did what should not be done.

She pushed her own daughter to the road. Izumi looked at the car that was coming in slow motion and she raised her arm to protect herself. Although she knew it was useless. The driver tried to stop, she heard a squeak.

Izumi felt a flame inside her body. A heat that ran through her like a flash from top to bottom and concentrated on her arm. She felt as if a core of flames concentrated there and then went outside.

And then he felt a strong blow against that area of his body

But it didn't hurt. It was more like jumping on a trampoline. Izumi opened her eyes slowly and saw herself three meters from the car, with marks on the asphalt with remnants of the sole of her shoes. On her arm was a circular shield and she had used it to protect herself, and leave a dent on the hood of the car with the exact shape of her shield

- She has pushed her, I've seen her! - shouted a teenage girl pointing at Inko and holding her with her hair, an interesting quirk, Izumi thought in shock. Inko couldn't resist- Call the police, I've seen her push her daughter to the road

Several more voices came out as witnesses, condemning Inko. Someone went to approach Izumi. But a figure dressed in black leaped before them

-Eraserhead- Izumi musito. The man took her in his arms and looked at his shield

-You're good? Does something hurt?

-No ... - Izumi looked at her shield and she started crying- I have my quirk, my quirk has protected me. I am not useless. I am not quirkless. The doctor was wrong, I'm not weak

-Of course not- the hero caressed the girl's head carefully- You have never been useless or weak. You are very special, a strong and brave person

Izumi took refuge in the hero's chest, feeling warm and protected for the first time in a long time. The hero hugged her even harder against him, feeling like she was shaking. The hero swore to protect that girl until she could defend herself or teach her to defend herself

The police arrived, but the hero refused to release the girl. Even when they handcuffed the mother who kept insulting and proclaiming her innocence

-Izumi, do you want to come to my house to live with me until this whole thing is solved?

The girl nodded inside the patrol car. Without ever letting go of the hero's arm. Upon arriving at the police station, Detective Tsukaichi was waiting for them with the papers for a temporary adoption by a hero were in their hands.

The hero signed quickly, keeping the girl in his lap.

Thus began the second stage of the life of Izumi Midoriya, later known as Izumi Yagi and finally as the heroine Valkyrie Squld, the protector of heroes