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Trash Talk  

John's RC car sped down the hallway. "Ha! Need a tow, Buddy?"

Rodney thumbed the controls. "You wish!" His car shimmied, knocking John's into the wall. "Body-check!"

John fought with the remote. "I will end you, McKay!"

"Oooh, scary!" scoffed Rodney. A panel opened and a mechanical arm snatched John's car into the wall.

"The fuck?" John yelled. "Fucker took my car!"

"Wow," said Rodney. "There are still some Ancient trash collectors, we thought they were all defunct."

"Get it back, Rodney, now." Sheppard's lip trembled.

Rodney patted his arm. "I'll get it back, John."

"It was customized," muttered John.





John frowned across the console. Since the Game fiasco, they were stuck with World of Warcraft. "I can be a Night Elf and a Mage," he insisted.

"We can't both be Mages. Be a Warrior Night Elf."

"I dunno," muttered John. He checked Warrior traits. "Huh, I'd get Rage."

Rodney grimaced. Humans had Sword and Mace skills. So not him.

"Warriors build up loads of Rage, then whammo!"


"Like a berserker." Maybe he would be a Warrior.

Rodney snorted. "Humans get Diplomacy."

They exchanged a look.

John smirked. "Or you could be a Troll."

"I miss Geldar,"  sighed Rodney.




Hail Mary

"Go, Big Guy!" yelled John.

Ronon caught the pass and barreled down the pier.

"He's a juggernaut," said Rodney, appearing.

John grinned. "Thought you were 'busy, terribly busy'."

"The simulation's running. I had a window."

John adjusted his crutches. He couldn't play in the marines vs scientists match this year, but he'd recruited Ronon.

"Just having Ronon on your team ought to be illegal," bitched Rodney. "Wait, is he stopping? He's not-"

People yelled, but Ronon ran on, head down, charging past them and off the end of the pier.

"Was that a touchdown?" asked Rodney. "He can swim, right?"