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The Greenery Needs Watering, My Boy

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When Toshinori had first suggested that Deku take Sunday off from hero work each week, Izuku had hated the idea. How many people might need him in a whole 24 hours? People could be injured or even die without him there. In fact, it had caused their first big argument since they began dating after Izuku's graduation. Days had been spent in an awkward silence, avoiding each other and barely speaking for fear of bringing up the subject. Toshinori refused to give in and change his mind while Izuku refused to lose him over it so, reluctantly, he had agreed on the condition that if any of his fellow pro heroes called and needed his help, he would go. Toshinori had agreed to his terms. All the former 1-A students had been informed that Sunday was his day off and would only call in an emergency.

Izuku hated the idea of not being there to help if someone needed him, but he hated the idea ruining his relationship with Toshinori far more. Losing Toshinori was one thing he could never let happen. Now he finally had the love of his life, the man he had admired and crushed on for as long as he could remember, he was never going to lose him for anything in the world.

Although he was didn't want to admit it, he was glad now that Toshinori had insisted. Deku worked hard all week, both on hero business and learning how an agency worked, and he was sure that without his day off, he would have burned out long before now. Of course Toshinori had known; All Might was a pro hero for years and had more experience than anyone. Izuku kicked himself for not listening to him and fighting with him over it. Toshinori never said anything about it, certainly never gloating, but he saw the flashes of a knowing smile when Deku came home on a Saturday night, exhausted and thanking a higher power for his day off the next day. Honestly, he was just glad he still had some knowledge left to pass on to his successor, even after all this time of teaching him and having retired from hero work.

There was also the important fact that it gave him some quality time with his husband. They weren’t newly-weds anymore so they didn’t feel the need to cling to each other all day long, but it was definitely still important to spend time together. He always looked forward to coming home at night and talking about how their day had been over dinner and cuddling up together under the covers at night. During the week he could be called away from these little moments at any time, but on his day off, nothing would disturb them. This day was for them to be together. This day was theirs alone. He was not Deku today, just plain Izuku. They were not former hero and Symbol of Peace All Might and pro hero Deku, or mentor and successor, just Izuku and Toshinori, an ordinary married couple spending time together in the beautiful summer sun.

Sitting in the sun on the small patio of the house he and Toshinori had bought together, looking out at the garden, Izuku was content. The peace of a day off to relax in the summer was a blessing. Hero work was always hard but in the hot summer weather, it was almost lethal. Relaxing at home, however, the sun was pleasant on his skin, warming him, while a light breeze kept the heat from becoming uncomfortable. The sounds of birds singing, bees buzzing and cicadas chirping were like a lullaby, making Izuku drowsy and almost sending him to sleep right there on the deck.

“Looks like the greenery needs watering. It's been hot recently and there hasn't been much rain...” Izuku mumbled to himself absent-mindedly.

“I couldn't agree more.” Toshinori replied from behind him, making the younger man jump. “Grab the hosepipe and give everything a water.”

Izuku agreed without a second thought, too busy with the task he had been given to see Toshinori's stifled laughter as he returned into the house. Smiling and humming a tune he knew from somewhere but couldn't place, Izuku began to water their flower beds with no suspicions about Toshinori's disappearance.

Originally, Izuku had wanted to plant red, blue and white flowers to represent All Might's old hero costume but Toshinori had refused the idea saying that there was as much red, white and blue colour scheme in Izuku's merchandise as he could possibly bear. He had already refused the colour scheme in the house and the garden had been his last hope. Izuku sighed aloud. Though he was still a little disappointed and had been reluctant at first, he would admit that the multi-coloured flowers did look beautiful. They had chosen low maintenance but colourful flowers including geraniums, lobelia and cosmos in a rainbow of pinks, purples, blues, reds, oranges and yellows. Areas of lavender gave off a calming scent and attracted bees and butterflies which flew and fluttered around the garden.

Lost in thought as he was, the sudden blast of cold on his back from behind him was especially shocking.

Looking back at the house in confusion, he saw Toshinori on the porch with an enormous super soaker water gun in hand and a huge grin on his face.

“I'm watering the greenery, my boy, just like you said.” The man said, faking innocence, as he squirted Izuku's hair with cold water for emphasis. “Don't worry, I have another water gun for you here.”

Izuku's confusion lingered a few more moments before it clicked. Greenery. His hair. Of course. Toshinori saw the exact second when the green haired man figured it out and his grin grew impossibly wider.

“Oh, I see. If that's how you want to play… prepare for battle Toshi!” Izuku yelled in a mock battle cry, a smile starting to break out on his own face despite his now wet clothes. It was a hot summer. What harm could it do?

With a mischievous glint in his eye, Izuku ignored the super soaker in Toshinori's hand and sprayed him directly with the hosepipe, revelling the look of surprise on the other man's face. It was only brief, then the grin was back.

“You fight dirty, my boy.”

“You started it when you surprise attacked me from behind!” Izuku cried indignantly.

“You think a villain will only ever attack you from the front? Villains will a-” A gush of cold water from the hose cut him off.

“You think a villain will always wait for you to finish talking?” Izuku retorted, smirking, a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Oh, you've done it now my boy. This is war.” The blond man said with a serious expression, contradicted by the mischievous glint reflected in his own eyes.

“Texaaaas SPLASH!” He yelled as he ducked for cover behind a patio chair, shooting water straight at the other man's face, laughing when he sputtered, looking shocked, and his face set in determination.

 When grey clouds rolled in and the rain began to pour later that afternoon, they almost didn't notice, both men already soaked to the skin, clothes sodden, translucent, and sticking to them. Huge grins covered their faces as they tried to catch their breath, panting from both the exertion of the fight itself and from the laughter that went with it.

“Ok, I give up! You win.” Toshinori conceded with a reluctance he didn't really feel, wheezing a little as he dropped the water gun and put his hands up in surrender.

“Yes! I win!” Izuku announced proudly in confirmation.

This was no villain battle. Nothing was at stake here but the dryness of their clothes, so he was happy to admit defeat to the younger man. Defeat was almost guaranteed when fighting a hosepipe with a water gun anyway, but he didn't mind. The proud, delighted look on Izuku's face was more satisfying and worth more than winning any game could ever be.

The low rumble of thunder in the distance caught their attention and only then did they notice the drop in temperature, the goosebumps that had begun to raise on their skin, and the small shivers that shook their bodies. Gently guiding the younger man with a hand on his back, Toshinori led them indoors, leaving the water guns on the patio and grabbed a towel from the radiator where he had put one each earlier in the day.

Draping a towel over his own head and around his shoulders, the blond man wrapped Izuku in a fluffy, warm towel and a hug all at once, and began to dry the wet, flattened down green hair that had stuck to the young man's forehead. Playing with it and fluffing it up with a smile, he absent-mindedly ran his hands through Izuku's soft hair, massaging his scalp a little and enjoying the small hums of appreciation he received in return.

Placing a light kiss on his lover's forehead, Toshinori roughly dried his hair with the towel before walking to the bedroom and throwing it into the laundry basket. His former student followed behind him and they both changed into some comfortable, and most importantly dry, lounging clothes, their soaked clothes joining the towel in the laundry basket as a problem for another day. The former pro hero laughed aloud when he saw the younger man clad in an All Might shirt, sweatpants and slippers, amused that after so long together, Izuku's love of his former pro hero self had yet to even slightly lessen.

Grabbing a blanket on the way to the lounge, Toshinori pulled the man over to the couch and pushed gently down on his shoulders to encourage him sit before wrapping the blanket tightly around him, switching the TV on to some random channel, and walking into the kitchen.

While exhaustion was far from unusual for Deku, today he could feel the satisfying ache in his muscles that indicated a day of enjoyable activity, rather than the bone deep weariness of hero work. Being a hero was all he had ever wanted to do with his life, and he didn't regret it for a second, but no one could ever say it was an easy job. Villains didn't work the usual 9 to 5 hours, so attacks happened at all hours of the day and sleepless nights were far from unusual. Often patrolling made more sense when he was on call than even trying to sleep because even arriving at an attack seconds earlier could prevent casualties. It was stressful and the responsibility on a hero's shoulders could sometimes feel heavy enough to crush them. Time off was a time to recharge and invaluable, even essential. He loved being able to stay in bed with Toshinori all night, no emergencies pulling him away from his lover's embrace. It was one of his favourite things about his days off and he looked forward to it all week, the idea keeping him going through some of the more difficult days.

“What are you doing Toshi?” Izuku called out, confused and a little concerned at hearing clattering from the kitchen area behind him. Toshinori's health had begun to gradually improve after his retirement but he was still prone to coughing fits and probably always would be, but Izuku was grateful for each and every small improvement in the older man's well-being.

Receiving no response, he was about to turn around and investigate when blonde hair appeared beside him.

“Hot chocolate!” The man explained, raising the two mugs in emphasis, a happy smile on his face that Izuku could only describe as adorable.

Giving one mug to his smaller lover, Toshinori sat down beside him and pulled the blanket around them both, having to squeeze close together to fit. He wrapped his long fingers around the mug and saw Izuku do the same, both enjoying the warmth that the drink gave off, their hands feeling frozen to the bone.

Sat there together, they watched a few shows, cuddling and laughing, before eventually going to bed to warm up further, comfortable and cosy tangled together beneath the covers, and if Toshinori caught a cold the next day… Izuku didn't tell him it was his own fault, even if they both knew it was.

 Art by Crab_Cake