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Short Adventures of Beau Swan

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When Leah Clearwater decided to persuade her stepsister Beau to go on a collage road trip with her, she wasn't expecting to have her cheek pressed into the scorching hot leather seat and Beau's monster of a cock violating her body. She certainly didn't expect to enjoy it. 

It started with a cherry red 1940 Ford pickup, an adventure, a purple thong and the scorching heat of summer. 

"Beau please, mom and dad won't let me go on my own!" Leah said, pulling her best set of puppy dog eyes at her older stepsister.

"No." Came Beau's monosyllable reply as the girl continue to work on her laptop, no doubt producing another popular young adult novel. 

"Please." The brunette begged, kneeling down by her sister's feet on the bed. "I'll do anything you like." Leah continued.

The blonde looked up then, a dark glint in her bright green eyes.

"Anything?" The way she purred the word should have clued Leah in to her sister's devious intent, but she was too busy fantasizing about getting to see her boyfriend again to care if Beau was looking at her weird.

Leah nodded her head, Beau smiled and agreed. 

Leah should have known there was troubling brewing. 


Sam Uley went to collage in Mississippi, on a football scholarship, Leah was driving there with Beau to see him and enroll herself. They were currently cruising down the highway, window's rolled down to bring in some breeze, Leah was watching the scenery, lip-syncing to some Aerosmith when the truck's engine started sputtering.

Beau pulled the truck onto an off-road path and got out after popping the hood. Leah took a drink from her water bottle, wiping sweat from her forehead before she got out too. Her blonde sister was leaning into the truck's opening, checking the engine.

"It's overheated. We're stuck here until it cools off." Beau said, straightening to look over at her sister. Watching as a droplet of sweat traveled down the girl's neck to between her breasts. The older girl's cock hardened.

This was fate. 

Leah cursed and used her tank top to wipe at the sweat on her neck. It was hot, the part of the country they were in was experiencing an unusually long and hot heat wave. 

Beau got back into the truck, putting a window shade in front of the windshield to protect them against the midday sun.

Leah lasted twenty minutes before she was pulling off her cutoff jeans, exposing her purple thong clad ass to her sister.

Beau palmed her stiff member, and placed her hand on her sisters ass, fingers pushing the skimpy thong aside to see Leah's tanned and trimmed pussy.

"Beau!" Leah shouted turning back around to face her sister to see the older girl palming her stiff erection. 

"Suck me off." Beau said, her hand gripping her sister's hair, pulling her towards her crotch.

"Jesus, no, seriously?" Leah resisted, she could feel a flush that had nothing to do with heatstroke cover her body, she tried looking at anything but her sister's crotch.

"You still owe me Leah, anything, you said, well. I want you to suck my cock." Beau husked, freeing her monstrous member from its confines.

Leah tried to resist, but her sister was much stronger than she was and soon her lips were pressed against the head. Beau's cocked smelled of sweat, piss and Beau's own unique smell. She shook her head, refusing. 

Beau growled, little slut wants to play? Fine. Beau thought before she gripped her sister's neck firmly and held her still as she slapped her cock against the younger girl's face.

Leah gasped and Beau forced herself into Leah mouth. Leah's throat resisted, convulsing around the invading member, she gagged and tried to raise her head, but Beau had her still as she fucked her mouth. 

"Shit, that's it baby, gag on my cock. It's much bigger than Sam's hmm? You gonna take all of it like a good slut." Beau panted, thrusting into her sister's mouth, using her freehand to fondle her heavy sac.

Leah gagged around her sister's cock, tears running down her face. She'd never given head, even when Sam had practically begged for it she still didn't suck him.

And yet here she was, her mouth and throat being raped by her big sister, her pussy clenching and slickening at the cruelty of it all. 

"Oh fuck, here it comes slut, swallow every fucking drop Leah." The older girl grunted out just before she was shooting rope after rope of thick cum into Leah's mouth, the girl gagged, trying her hardest to swallow everything, but she still ended up choking on it.

When Beau pulled her cock out of Leah's mouth the girl gasped for breath, coughing up spit and semen. Leah sobbed, slapping at Beau's hands when she felt the girl's hands pulling off her thong.

"Please! No! Beau, please." She begged, kicking her legs to stop her sister from prying her legs open. She felt a hard slap on her face, gazing shocked up at her sister.

"If you behave, if you're good, I'll make you feel good too Lea." Leah cried at the nickname, shaking her head. It was wrong what Beau was doing. 

"Fine." Beau replied, tired of this little game, Leah found herself on her stomach, faced pressed into the leather seat. It was hot on her side from the sun shining through the window, it burned her cheek.

Her arms were pulled back behind her back in a painful hold and were soon bound with Leah's own thong. 

"Just know, you could have saved yourself a lot of pain." As Beau said this she felt the lash of a belt bite into her bare skin, she cried out, begging and sobbing for Beau to stop.

It only seemed to make her sister abuse her ass harder, and finally, when Leah thought she couldn't stand the pain any longer Beau stopped. But then she felt another pain, the same pain she'd felt the first time Sam tried to have sex with her. 

Leah screamed as Beau's hard cock entered her, ripping her pussy open to accommodate the girl's monstrous size.

Leah's body responded without her consent, she squirmed against her sister, letting out little mewls and whimpers as her core produced more slick at her rough treatment, soon she was experiencing her first orgasm.

It was powerful, and it made her body squirt around Beau, her vision blanked for moments every few seconds. 

Beau rutted into her sister, the girl was tight, gripping her cock like a fucking virgin.

The blonde grunted over the brunette, digging her fingers into her sister's hips as she thrust into the girl roughly once more, forcing her sister's cervix open and gushing into her. 

Beau grunted as she emptied herself. "Fuck, such a good little cock slut, you liked it, didn't you Lea, you like being used as my little bitch don't you?" She whispered into her sister's ear.

Leah shook her her head in denial, even as she heard a voice in her head agreeing with her sister. 

"I think I'll keep you in Seattle with myself, hmm? Would my little bitch liked that? To be used whenever I want, wherever I want?" Leah clenched around Beau in response. Her older sister laughed, dark and full of malice. 

"My good little slut." 

The End.