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Hi Karamatsu.


....this again, huh.

Okay, listen, th   The   This   I actually don't have a choice this time. I'm no not making this up, this isn't-- I can't  This isn't like last time, this -- They -   I can't explain it. I'm n I actually can't explain it.


Please, please, please don't worry. Tell everyone I'm fine, say, uhm, I'll be gone for a while 'cause I'm going on a soul-finding journey! Or something like that? Use your fancy style to make sure no one questions it...

Karamatsu, this time, I actually want to explain everything, but I-- I can't. I actually can't, I


Please just know that I'm okay and alive.

Love ya, Kara. Always will. Please don't worry, alright?




Hi again Kara.


Spilled some strawberry jam on this paper, sorry about that. Y'know, I'd use phone messaging instead of oldschool snailmail letters but they   I can't actu There's a novelty to physical letters, hahah!

Please, please, please don't worry. I'm fine, th Everything's fine. I'm sending you these letters to tell you I'm fine, so-- so all's good!


I wonder if piranhas ļike ęating humans. That's a fun thought.




More strawberry jam got spilled on this paper before I even started writing. Sorry Kara.


Okay, um, SO! LOVELY W34THER WE'RE HAVING! I mean, I don't know if it'll still be good weather by the time this letter reaches you, but uh, let's hope it's not, like, Storm weather or whatever. Like, I dunno, um. If you're going down a Road or whatever let's hope it's not §torming.

And, yeah, I know it's been a while since my last letter. Been busy with that sorta game, uh, what's that called? The one with those anime girls... Touhou?"KU" comes after that, like from the danmaKu genre thing right?? I got no idea, my head's prolly messing stuff up.


Anyway, please, please, please don't worry. I'm fine, everything's fine. It's not like I'm being held somewhere against my will, right? Yeah, soul-searchin' journeys need you to have your own free will!

So, uh. HEaLthy Piranhas probably eat, like, not-humans.





Hello Karamatsu. This is Osomatsu. I've found refuge in a faraway place with plenty of food and basic human needs. I may not know how to return from here, however, so in the event that I don't come back anytime soon please do not worry about me or come looking for me. I am fine. I am alright.


From Osomatsu


[[There's something on the back of the letter.]]








[[It's indecipherable.]]



--This message was delivered via ExpressoMail. For fast, efficient mail deliveries within Japan within a few hours, please contact us at 83386888--


Matsuno-san! Damn, I wasn't expecting a letter like that from an old penpal! Though I guess no one would, honestly.

Yeah, it's a good thing you remembered that I live in Touhoku Town! Honestly, that one single house at 34 Storm Road always looked suspicious to me, but I didn't have any real reason to suspect it. Not until your letter, anyway!


It was a smart move for ya to attach your older brother's previous letters. I called the police over, the cops confirmed that the red stains were blood and not jam, they're getting that damn yakuza house taken care of. Lame that they wouldn't let me get close to take a look, though! I mean, I was the one that told 'em about it!


Okay, anyway, they literally just started storming the house as I'm writing this, I just wanna send this letter out as quick as I can to let you know that your brother's getting help. I think everything's gonna be alright!


♢Your Helpful Penpal Ganri♢





--This message was delivered via ExpressoMail. For fast, efficient mail deliveries within Japan within a few hours, please contact us at 83386888--


Man, Touhoku really is an old rural town. All Ganri-san has is a crusty old win98 computer and there isn't even any internet lmao


Anyway, Karamatsu! Holy shit, I can't believe we pulled that off. I can't believe you pulled that off! I'm still in awe, honestly. And in pain, actually. Ow.

Um, yeah! Yakuza guys kidnapped the random red dude off the street of a distant city at night and were basically using me as a live human punching bag. Hurts like shit. And they didn't want any search parties going on or whatever so they made me write those letters as ""proof"" that everything's ""alright"" to home.


I wanna write more but I'm bloody exhausted, the doc gave me a shit ton of meds and painkillers to deal with the pain and now I'm super drowsy. Ganri-san said he has a truck and'll drive me out tomorrow morning. He's not sure about the route from here to Akatsuka City, but it's kinda far anyway so it might take us quite a while regardless.


....I want to see you soon.






What, me? Writing a letter addressed to the very house I'm sitting in and then getting Todomatsu to put it in our own mailbox? Of course that's what I'm actually gonna do.


Anyway, hey Kara. I am, uh, taking it easy like you told me to. I mean, I'm not planning to get up with my injured body to put this letter in the mailbox myself, so that's good, right? 

So! Uh. I know my previous letter was kinda messy and sleep-deprived, but I mean it when I say I'm in awe that you pulled that off. Thank God you picked up on the address and place I snuck into that letter, I always knew you were a smart cookie! Even though the Touhoku I snuck in was kinda forced lol


Honestly, I don't really want to imagine what would've happened if you didn't have Ganri-san as your penpal living there. There's no internet or anything there because of how rural and out-there the place is, it literally just had payphones... There's no way you could have contacted anyone else in that town.

I might've died or something without you, no joke. You saved my life, Kara.

And Ganri-san did too, of course. The old guy looks nothing like what he described himself as in his first penpal letter to you, but he's a good guy lmao. Send him my thanks again in your next letter to him.


So I, uh, guess I owe you another one, huh? Sorry about this whole mess. I, um, I'm real sorry. Thanks for putting up with me and very literally saving my life, because dear God I don't know how much blood I coughed up in that basement.

...Thank you.


I d- - I don't really know how to pay back the favour, honestly. How do you repay someone that saved your life? I don't think there's any guidebook to that.

.... I'm sorry about   I don't really     I wish I d     I'm sorry for the troub   I don't know what else to write.


I just, um. Thank you, Karamatsu. Thank you, and I love you so, so much Kara. Please never forget or doubt that. i - If you ever need anything, I'm I know I'm the wo I'm here for you, okay?


Thanks again, and I love you so so much, Kara.








I love you too. So, very, so very much. I'm so glad you're okay, aniki. Please get well soon.




[[There's something on the back of the letter.]]


You 2 are such softies lmao :3c but yeah get well soon nii-san! (otherwise karamatsu-nii-san will cry even more than he already has <:3c)



I'm surprised Karamatsu-nii-san didn't write more. Anyway, hoping for a smooth recovery, Osomatsu-nii-san. Take it easy, and get well soon!






gws. dont fall down the stairs or whatever