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Ava and Sami

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Ava debates how to approach her Son Sami about the new Baby, her decision to accept Ben's
offer to marry her...and whether Sami will accept Ben's request to adopt the boy. She doesn't
think he'll have a problem with having a sibling, or marrying Ben (he loves Ben SO MUCH)...
the issue will be, she believes, with her ex-In Laws...and Hamid...still, she approaches him.

"Sami...یک سوال دارمعشق من "(I have a question, my Love).

Busy changing the batteries for his PS4 remote control, he answers without looking up. "Yes, Mom?"

"You like Ben don't you? You love him?"

"He gave me this PS4...for my birthday. I missed him when we were gone away, Mommy."

" like being with with him?"

"I feel safe with him. من دوسش دارم "(I love him).

" love the Baby-HASSAN-don't you?."

Closing the cover on the remote, Sami says, absently: "Yeah, I guess...he cries a lot, and all
he does is eat...he looks like Ben. He shrugs. He's okay."

This last part of their exchange makes Ava smile. Typical Man: won't admit he loves his little Brother,
even though he clearly does, in Ava's observations.- (hemming and hawing-avoiding facing their true feelings).

"Sami...Ben wants to get you have an opinion?"

'You want to marry him, right? I see you and him-all 'kissy-kissy'...and you could stay here...we don't have to
leave...we'd be with Ben...and near Ron and Patricia...and, ummm..."

"Katie and Sarah?"


"And your Daddy?"

"He'll still be my Daddy. Hassan, Ben...they don't change my Daddy being my daddy, Mom. I love him, but...he made
you sad. Ben and Hassan make you happy. I'm still your Best Boy, though."

"Indeed you are", she smiles.

She decides not to bring up the subject of adoption. She wants to speak with Ben first.