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A Different Perspective

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This is not going well.

The thought came unbidden to Ochaco’s mind as she slammed a chunk of concrete into the space the villain had been seconds before. It squelched into a puddle of magma that was promptly left behind as the villain popped away from the hefty rock. He had, quite literally, disappeared from his location only to relocate several feet away from the giant boulder Ochaco was smashing into the ground. Again. For what felt like the millionth time in a row.  

She humphed in frustration at her inability to move faster than that stupid villain could be teleported out of the way. She considered herself to be a generally optimistic person, more jaded than she had been as a newly minted hero a few years ago, but optimistic none the less. She believed that Good would triumph in the end. She believed that what she did as a pro hero made a difference, even if it wasn’t always super clear that it did. And on this day, she believed that she and her allies could and would win this fight. Despite this outlook, even she could acknowledge that this disaster of a fight was not going according to plan. 

Ochaco had gotten the call while finishing up a long day of patrols, the sun was setting and Ochaco was doing one last round of the neighborhood before she would head home. Today had started fairly average, with several mundane calls to help cats out of trees or elders who’d fallen and need to be transported to the hospital and the such. She had finished a more strenuous rescue call thirty minuets before, a burning apartment building where she’d lifted 17 civilians and the collapsing 5th-10th floors of the building. Her agency had offered to send help, but Ochaco had waved off the backup, knowing she was perfectly capable of handling it on her own- she wasn’t the Number 7 Hero for nothing after all! Thinking back on it now though, she probably should have accepted the help. She was definitely feeling the fallout from over-exerting herself as she jogged around the block, just looking around for any suspicious activity. She was contemplating her plans to head home and drink a glass of wine with a book before passing out when her comms gave a high pitched beep, indicating her agency was contacting her. She lightly tapped the edge of the ear piece to pick up the call.

 “Uravity, I know it’s the end of your shift, but we’ve got an emergency call” She heard her sidekick, Plantasma’s silky voice speak through the earpiece. Plantasma was a fresh UA grad whose quirk let her summon ghost plants, which Ochaco thought was a freaky quick by all accounts. Like, what even was a ghost plant, let alone a quirk that could animate it? This new generation of heroes certainly had some weird quirks.

Ochaco sighed before replying, “It’s okay Lilly, what’s the call?”

“Well, it’s Young Heroes Middle School, there’s an attack underway. There are kids at the school doing after-school-programs, they're in danger.” Plantasma replied, her voice cracking halfway through with repressed emotion. With that, Ochaco immediately forgot her plans for her evening.

“I’m on my way” She said as she made a sharp right turn towards the school, breaking into a sprint.

She rapid fired questions into her comms for details on the attack as she ran. Apparently, a group of five villains had decided to try and take out an entire school full of kids. Red Riot and Creati were already on the scene, having been at the school to give a presentation to the kids about what it was like to be a pro hero. Other pros in the area were being called in, just like her, to deal with the fight and its inevitable fallout. 

She rushed through the city, making a sharp right turn onto the street the school was on. Pillars of black smoke billowed from the sprawling one storied building. Ochaco took a deep breath and ran towards the building, vaulting herself over the big fence that surrounded the campus. Looking around as she ran across the front of the school she found no actively attacking villains. She assumed that the fight was in the back, though she could see evidence of a fight here. There was a particularly concerning stain of blood on the windowsill of one of the classrooms closest to her. She wrenched her eyes away from the sight, she couldn’t worry about that now. Take out the threat, then rescue.

There were sounds of a fight-cries, grunts the sound of heavy objects impacting flesh- coming from behind the building. It was the best lead she had at the moment, so she headed towards the edge of the building, following her instincts. She rounded the corner of the building to find said threat. 

She got a quick glance at the surroundings as she swung around the corner of the building, noting Creati and Red Riot fighting with several villains, an unconscious mental count tallied five in total, before she was caught off guard with an insanely hard punch to her gut, delivered by a greasy looking man whose yellow teeth were clenched in a manic grin. Well, she'd successfully found the fight, she noted sarcastically as she felt her lungs spasm as they tried to pull air in.

“Oh Uravity is here, this aught to go fast” The villain taunted as Ochaco doubled over attempting to regain her breath.

“Uravity!” Momo yelled to Ochaco while simultaneously creating a dual set of swords, “He’s got super strength!” 

“Ugh.. yeah you think?” Uraraka wheezed under her breath as she dodged a follow up punch from the grinning villain. He seemed peeved off that she had dodged his second punch and started to flail punches and kicks at her. He clipped her on the side of her forearm she was using to protect her face and she heard, more than felt, one of the bones crack.

“Just stop MOVING! Let me kill you like all of those little kiddies” He spat at her as she dipped and dodged his blows to the best of her ability.

That had stopped her heart for an agonizing second. The children. Surely, they wouldn’t have killed them... right?

She did not have time for more than that second's consideration of the possible consequences of this attack because by the next beat of her newly heavy heart the villain’s super powered punch was rushing towards her again. She ducked the blow, reaching out to make contact with the villains torso with her fingers, only to have him twist away millimeters before she could land all five. She huffed, partly in frustration and partly in pain, as her sudden movements sent bolts of pain from her bruised ribs and broken arm.She had to get away from this guy, or she’d be broken before being able to rescue the kids.

The villain brought his leg up in a kick to follow through on his twisting away from her fingers. Ochaco relieved herself of gravity just as his boot made contact with her chin so that instead of delivering a head rattling kick, the villain gave her the momentum needed to be kicked off into space away from his offensively painful attacks. Ochaco grit her teeth as she flew head over heals backwards, spinning weightless in the air in a nauseating trajectory away from the villain. She painstakingly brought her fingers together to release her quick, which stopped the spinning, but also slowed her momentum and she started to arch back towards the ground as gravity grasped her weight again. She quickly activated her quirk again and her acceleration stopped so she was lazily drifting towards the ground- rather than accelerating towards it. She saw the villain she had been fighting glare from the ground and her eyes widened as she watched him reach behind his back, while a second villain, an older female with white hair, appeared behind him hand extended. Ochaco would have done a double-take at a second villain appearing in out of thin air if she wasn’t so focused on gun the strong villain pointed at her.

 Crap… she thought right as the woman touched the barrel and he pulled the trigger. 

At that point several things happened at once: Then gun fired with a flash, but the sound was drowned out by a massive boom, which Ochaco knew meant that reinforcements had arrived. Thank god.

Bakugou exploded, literally, onto the scene aiming a set of explosions toward the super strength villain's extended arm. Unfortunately for Ground Zero (and for the villain) Deku got there first. Moving as fast as the green lightning crackling around his limbs, Deku slammed his red boot into the greasy villain's forearm. She unconsciously blinked, missing the slip second it took Deku to completely annihilate the villian's arm. She noted that the blow was so strong the villain’s hand was literally dangling, both bones poking out of his skin. The second villain popped back out of existence right as Deku aimed a second kick at her continuing his momentum. Izuku's eyes widened in surprise as the female villain disappeared before he ducked so Bakugou’s incoming blast didn’t hit him. It did however, connect with the villain’s severed forearm, effectively cauterizing the wound and making the greasy villain scream in pain. He wasn't getting that hand back without some serious medical intervention. 

“DEKU! YOU FUCKING DICK, THAT WAS MY HIT!” Ground Zero screamed at the grinning Deku who had returned to Ground Zero’s side, though not close enough to be in range of the small explosions Bakugou fired in frustration.

“Too slow Kacchan” Ochaco heard Deku reply cheekily. These two never stopped their stupid pissing contest, though she supposed she should just be happy Bakugou wasn’t actively attempting to assassinate Deku. She started to roll her eyes, but it was at this point that Ochaco’s right thigh exploded in sharp pain so intense her vision blacked out for a moment. She gasped as she unintentionally dropped her quick and started falling out of the sky.

When did I get hit? I thought the bullet missed?!

“Ochaco!” Deku’s tone changed as she plummeted out of the sky and she grasped her leg, which… wasn’t, bleeding..?! Ochaco’s thoughts scrambled, attempting to process the situation she found herself in. Was she shot? Was it another injury? Why wasn’t she bleeding? When did she start falling towards the ground in a tailspin? How did she stop falling? 

Breath. Focus.,/p>

Thankfully, her thoughts quickly righted, thanks to years of training in equally awful situations. She was falling. She had to activate her quirk. Easy peasy, she'd been in this situation a million times...But, oh… she was hellishly nauseous. 

She was gonna puke. She was totally gonna puke. Why, oh why, was her body’s first response to stress intense nausea and immediate voiding of her stomach? Why hadn't she accepted the backup her agency had offered earlier that day so she wouldn't be on the edge of her limits?

She plummeted from the sky, accelerating toward the ground, vomit from the pain and overuse of her quirk on the back of her tongue. Ochaco git her teeth in anticipation.

Since that point it had been more or less downhill. She’d managed to activate her quick just in time to slow her progress towards becoming a human pancake, which was a plus. Then she’d immediately vomited, which was super gross and embarrassing, but not anything her comrades hadn’t already seen. It’d been, like, five years since she’d vomited from quirk use, but whatever- she’d get over it sooner or later. Then she'd bucked up and acted like the goddamn professional hero she was and kept fighting. 

The five villains had a really symbiotic set of quirks as far as Ochaco could tell. The greasy man had some sort of strength enhancing quick, there was a girl with short bronze curls and and insane looking scar down her face who could create telekinetic shields, a tall willow of a man who spewed lava from his..ehm… orifices and an older woman who could freaking teleport anything she touched. There was a fifth member who they couldn’t get a read on- a boy with creepily long index fingers who kept trying to touch the heroes, but who hadn’t landed a hit. Ochaco shuddered to think what he could do, given the other villains' quirks; after all, the freaking teleporter had teleported one of the bullets directly into her leg( which definitely hurt way more than being shot normally, by the way). They’d figured out the teleported bullet was her mystery injury to her right leg when Deku had attempted to dress her wound, only to find there was no wound, just a hard excruciating lump in her thigh where the bullet had warped into her body. 

The sum of the villains quirks turned out to be a pretty great foil for the combined set of quirks of the heroes who showed up to the fight in the last ten minutes. Deku’s kicks were blocked by the shield, the teleporter just moved any of Creati’s objects away, the strong dude went head to head with Red Riot, Magma man was unaffected, if not fueled, by Ground Zero's explosions and she couldn’t get close enough to touch anyone because of salad fingers ridding her friggin' ass the whole time! It didn’t help she basically couldn’t use her right leg. 

Everyone had sustained hits (well except Deku who was too fast to be hit with anything short of a targeted missile). Creati had verified that the majority of the school children who had stayed for the after school program were dead in a heart wrenching tear streaked shake of her head when Ochaco had asked her as they met up in the throws of their own fights. This knowledge that the heroes had ultimately failed an entire school of children served to throw the whole lot of them off their game with the intense emotions it elicited. She'd swallowed her horror down with her bile and focused on capturing the villains who'd caused such a tragedy

All in all, Ochaco knew that this fight was not progressing in a promising way, the heroes just couldn’t seem to get the jump on these guys, they were just trying to keep up. Reacting, not proactively destroying their asses like they normal would have. 

At the current moment, Ochaco was back to back with Ground Zero attempting to fend off Magma Barfer and the Finger Kid thinking this is not going well. Deku was 100 feet away doing his damned best to get past the shield, or at the very least wear down her quirk. Red Riot and Creati were teaming up against the villain with the strength enhancing quirk. The teleporter was zipping back and forth between the fights mucking everything up.

“I need another block” She tossed over her shoulder to Bakugou, who’d been segmenting parts of nearby concrete structures for her to lift and, ideally, crush the villains with. She kept trying to get the timing right and catch the magma man under a boulder, seeing as he was causing the most problems for the pair by spewing lava from his nostrils at them in targeted jets. Unfortunately, Teleporter Lady kept teleporting herself to him , tapping him and moving both of them just before Ochaco managed to land a hit. 

“I just gave you one! Can you please learn to aim like an actual fucking hero?!” Ground Zero shouted at her dropping into a squat to duck the outstretched hand of the finger kid. He followed up with a kick to the chest and blast to the face, physically removing the kid from their general area.

“Or you could take out the teleporter, Lord Explosion Murder, so my target stops being teleported out of my range! Your pick!” She fumed back at him as she swung her weightless body out of the way of several smoking balls of molten rock that the Lava Man was flinging at her. He was using them to keep her occupied while he advanced towards her from the place he’d been teleported to last.

“I’m a little busy protecting us both from freaky fingers over here!” He quipped raising both his palms to incinerate a bench that had appeared over their heads courtesy of Teleporter Witch. “Oh yeah and blasting all the shit that keep appearing above us! Pull your own weight for once, Pink Cheeks!”

“Arg!” She grunted out as she snagged one of the solid chunks of cooling magma from the air with her un-broken arm and lobbed it back at the lava villain. She hated that nickname!

 “I would really like some ammo that does not burn my hands when I use it, Bakugou!” She yelled whipping her head around to catch his gaze, trying to impress upon him that she wasn’t messing around and really did need some help. His eyes narrowed at her, reluctantly compliant.

“Alright, alright! Fucking give me a damn minute” Bakugou grit back, turning his head away from her launching AP shots at the Finger Kid, who was surprisingly good at wiggling out of the way and relentless in his pursuit to get a finger on one of them. Ochaco could see Bakugou was having trouble keeping the kid away from them, but she trusted he would be able to handle it. 

She whipped her head back around just in time to see a stream of magma headed right for her. She activated her quirk on herself and jumped, twisting the air in an attempt to move out of the way of the scalding rock.

“AH, goddamn it! Why the right leg?!” Ochaco yelled as a spray of magma caught her right foot. She hadn’t been able to move out of the way fast enough thanks to the bullet still lodged in her thigh. She sucked in pained breaths through her teeth as she felt the molten rock melt through her costume and then through the first layer of her skin. She shook the magma off her foot, hissing in pain as her skin blistered before her eyes.

“Get it together Uravity!” Bakugou glared over his shoulder at her floating form, flinging magma off his left forearm with a grimace.

Uraraka scoffed, feeling slightly guilty that he’d gotten hit while he had entrusted her to protect his back. Only slightly though, because this wouldn’t have happened if he’d done what she’d asked in the first place and given her some ammo. 

“We don’t have enough man power for you to pussy out over some lava!” He continued unapologetically as he grabbed her left foot. Ochaco decided to let that comment go unacknowledged as he yanked her weightless form back towards him with his right hand to get her out of the way of one of Creati’s spears that had been teleported into the air Ochaco had perviously occupied. In a show of his multitasking talent, he simultaneously used his left hand to blast into a crumbling wall. The action loosed a hearty chunk of concrete for her to use as ammo. He tossed her towards it with a bit more force than was strictly necessary, especially considering she was weightless.

“Release!” She let herself fall to the ground next to the newly loosed chunk of wall and backed up so she was once again back to back with Ground Zero, strategically best place to be for them both.

“Seriously Uraraka, I can’t keep saving your ass, get your shit together!!” He continued his insults as he spun back around to face off with the Finger Kid, who’d managed to get within hand to hand range again, the sneaky fuck.

Ochaco touched the now loose concrete and lifted it up to shield them both from an incoming wave of magma while Bakugou let loose an impressive chain reaction of explosions at the touchy feely kid. She could feel the wave of heat blow past her from the sheer size of the explosions. The finger kid was enveloped in a cloud of smoke, while magma flowed harmlessly to either side of the concrete she held up and Ochaco exhaled forcefully in pain as the heat from his explosions and the magma licked her already burned skin on her foot. To be honest, it was all a bit overwhelming. Particularly considering she had been up and working for over 20 hours at this point. She really did not need her current fighting partner giving her crap. She really didn’t. 

“Oh SHOVE OFF, Bakugou!” She yelled as she kicked the car sized piece of rock towards the lava leaking freak, and then promptly made a mental note to not drop kick anything else as her leg protested in a scream of white hot pain. She let out a pained grunt before continuing her scathing remarks, “as if you didn’t pause for a freaking second when you got hit by lava! In case you missed the memo, lava hurts!”

She was right, of course, he had indeed paused for a freaking second to scream “SHIT!” when he’d been splashed across his left side a few minutes ago. He was covered in a blistering burn where his costume used to cover his flank, that caused him to flinch with any movement on his left side.

“Release!” She yelled bringing her fingers together as the chunk made contact with the villain, finally! That should hold him for a few minutes, which meant she and Bakugou had a few moments of breather with both their opponents down. Bakugou grabbed her shoulder and spun her to look at him, which sent a shock of pain though her right leg and bruised ribs.

“Ow!” She exclaimed, “What the heck?!” She shoved his chest with her good arm without actually putting any strength behind it. He glared at her with the fury of a man who was fed up.

“Of course it fucking hurts, It’s a goddamn burn from LAVA! But you don’t see me bitching about it!” His brows were drawn down in anger, a bead of sweat ran down his face, which was streaked with soot and dirt. Ochaco, glanced down to his left side, where his skin was badly burned, feeling a slight twinge of guilt before she got over that and glared back with just as much fervor, because screw him. Seriously screw his attitude, she was doing her best.

“I am NOT bitching! I said ‘ah goddamn it!’, because I got hit with frickin’ lava, you asshat!” She growled at him, “I’m allowed to be in pain when I’m injured!”

Their glaring contest was interrupted by Kirishima shouting “Impact!” As he went flying towards them, having taken a powerful hit from strong villain. Ochaco really hadn’t been keeping track of the others heroes as well as she should have, having been wrapped up in her own fight and trying to keep tabs on Bakugou’s. 

Quickly calculating trajectories, Ochaco jumped up after activating her quirk, intercepting Kirishima as he went flying over their heads. She connected all of her finger pads to to his hardened skin and removed his weight then started incrementally slowing his momentum. 

“Thanks Uravity!” Kirishima smiled at her at the same time she heard Bakugou mutter “Idiots”.

She returned her gravity pulling them both back to the ground where she held out her new Red Riot balloon to Bakugou, glaring at him. He was insufferable! She literally just saved his best friend from crashing into the ground.  

“Hey guys this isn’t a good time to-“ Kirishima started to say looking between the two of them, clearing seeing that they’d been fighting each other just as much as the villains. 

“Light” Ochaco instructed Ground Zero, who growled and placed his hand up against Kirishima's hardened back, releasing an explosion that sent the weightless Kirishima rocketing back towards the strength villain. 

“YOu guuuyyyyss!” Red Riot yelled as he was launched away from the two, aimed straight for impact with the villain who’d sent him their way in the first place. He collided with the villain with a sickening cracking sound. 


Bakugou planted his feet facing Uraraka, an infuriated glare on his face, Ochaco cocked her hip and mirrored his expression. They opened their mouths at the same time:

“You are always BITCHING-“

“ I am not always-“


“-bitching. You’ve always had some sort of-“



Ochaco stood scowling at Bakugou. How they always managed to get into a fight was beyond her abilities of explanation. It wasn’t like they were still in high school, this sort of degradation of conversation was not warranted for two professional heroes. Since their years at UA, nearly six years ago now, he had grown a lot, to the point he had a working friendship of sorts with Deku. It was more of a deep mutual respect than friendliness, if she was being honest. He’d been able to learn to control his outbursts, if only for the purpose of climbing the hero rankings, and he’d made friendships with the majority of their class. Why he couldn’t seem to play nice with her was as annoying as it was insulting.  

They were so wrapped up in their argument Ochaco almost did not notice the teleporter appear next to the finger boy, who held out his hand to her. As the villains’ fingers connected he popped out of existence. Ochaco promptly forgot she was pissed off at Bakugou as she felt her stomach drop in worry.

“Ground Zero, the finger guy-“ Ochaco started to say at the same time he said “Shit” as they both watched the Finger Kid disappear.

She pulled up her hand to guard her face as Ground Zero started heating up his palms, but there wasn’t enough time to react as the creepy kid appeared in thin air in front of Uravity and Ground Zero. His long index fingers reached forward towards both of their faces and they both leaned back in an unsuccessful attempt to put more distance between them. The kid’s left finger reached Ochaco as the right reached Bakugou tapping them in the space between their eyebrows. Some part of Ochaco’s brain noted that his finger had a strangely cool touch. Bakugou reached up and hit the villains hand away from where it had connected to his forehead, his face contorted in anger.   

 A psychotic grin spread across the boys face as he pulled his hands together and touched the tips of his index fingers together. Ochaco heard him release a manic laugh right before her mind exploded.