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Whumptober 2019 Day 10 - Danny Phantom

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Danny woke suddenly, white light blinding him. He was freezing, and he ached all over.

He tried to move to relive some of the pain in his back, but found that his hands were shackled down by his sides, making it impossible.

Where am I?

He couldn’t think, much less begin to remember what had happened or how he had gotten there. 

He tried to turn intangible, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. That was when he started to panic. He tugged at his restraints, though he knew full well that would do absolutely nothing.

Whoever this was, they knew what they were doing. That thought made him nervous. His parents were idiots most days, but he had to admit that they knew what they were doing some of the time. 

Had they captured him? Were they going to perform experiments on him? Dissect him like a frog in a biology classroom?

He was going to be sick. 

“Daniel! You’re awake!” 

Danny’s thoughts were broken by Vlad Masters’ voice, and all of his fears melted away, turning into annoyance.

“Oh, it's you.” He smirked, lifting his head slightly to look at his father’s ex best friend in the eye. 

“Oh don’t sound so excited.” Vlad frowned. He was in his usual black suit, his silver hair tied back. Everything about him screamed creep.

“What is it now? Did you bring me here so you could whine about how much my mom hates you? How much of an idiot my dad is?” Danny asked. It wouldn’t be the first time. 

Vlad bristled. “Don’t be smart with me boy!” He walked over, his face casting a shadow over Danny. 

Danny had been in situations like this many times, the worst being when Vlad had tortured him trying to get DNA so he could clone him. He shuddered at the thought. 

“It seems that my last endeavor to clone you failed rather horribly. Of course, such is the nature of enterprise.” He shrugged as if it were just another failed business deal. As if he hadn’t put Danny through hell in the process.

Before that, Vlad had merely been a nuisance. Hitting on his mom, trying to kill his dad. But Danny defeated him easily enough. Now, however, it was different. He had finally seen what Vlad was capable of. 

“I have decided to try a new tactic.”

Danny’s panic grew. What else could he possibly do?

Masters walked out of his line of sight, moving things around and typing at a computer.

Danny squinted, the bright light never ceasing. “Well? Are you going to enlighten me?”

Danny heard him laugh. “If you insist Daniel.” He reappeared again. “Since cloning you didn’t work, I’ve decided to… alter your memories a bit. Lets just say, when you wake up, you’ll be much happier to see me.”

Danny’s blood ran cold. “You are one seriously crazed up fruit loop.” He said, trying and failing to sound confident. As if he wasn’t in imminent danger of having his mind wiped.

“That’s becoming a little tired, don’t you think.” Vlad frowned, his hands folded behind his back. 

“It’s true.”

“Yes well, we’ll see what you think after we’re finished.”

He disappeared for a moment and then reappeared with two small wires tipped with a little metal circle. He stuck then to either side of Danny’s head, white hair falling into his eyes. 

“Vlad, you’re making a mistake. Just imagine what my mom would think.” 

“That won’t work on me Daniel. Once I have you as my son, Maddie will all but crawl to me. Then we’ll be a family.”

Daniel almost gagged at the thought. He started to struggle, testing all of his powers but none of them worked. 

“Let me go!” He yelled.

Vlad only smiled, making sure the wires were secure against his temples. 

“Don’t worry. It will all be over soon my boy.”