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" I still would've been alive if it wasn't for you bill"
Bill slowly approached the head of his old friend, "N-no-No" as if he was trying to convince himself that he wasn't responsible for Stan death. The head of Stan started squirming and looked over at Richie,

"R-richie what's happening to me???" It whimpered as its sides of its head starting squirming, Richie just stared in shock and slightly shrugged, not knowing what to say. Soon long slimy sticks popped out of Stan face, one by one becoming longer to form the legs of a spider and there right in front of Richie, Eddie, and Bill "stood" their dead friend Stanley with long spider legs on the side of Its head, raising the head up.
"You got to be fucking kidding"

"I don-"


"I don't wa-"
Eddie flinched at bill tone of voice, he was scared okay. He's sorry that he didn't want to fight his childhood friend head that had spider legs pop out of it as it attacked his childhood crush.

"Please don't be mad bill." Whimpered Eddie as quilt washed over him, "I was just scared."
Richie wiped his face with Bev jacket, "Its alright Bill, leave Eddie alone." He shuddered as he handed Bev jacket back that was now covered in disgusting saliva, "After all I am fi-"

Oh Richie spoke to soon, before he can even finish his sentence those same damn spider legs apparently became insanely long and tightly grabbed richie legs, yanking him away from the group.


"RICHIE!" Beverly quickly attempted to grab Richie arms that were extended to try and hold on to Bev but It was to fast and pulled him down to the basement, immediately closing the door as Richie was no longer in sight and can only hear his screams. The gang immediately went to the door and tried to open it shouting out Richie name. Ben started kicking it hoping to get the door to break, soon the rest joined in. Eddie was still in the corner in shock as he saw the man he fell in love with from his childhood get taken away.

"RICHIE!!" Shouted Mike as he quickly went down the stairs after they broke down the door. Eddie quickly followed as fear fueled him to move and find Richie.
Mike quickly went to the well, looking over it hoping to see if Richie was somehow there holding on the walls of the well for dear life. Sadly he saw nothing. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." He muttered as he rubbed his forehead out of stress.

Eddie slowly walked towards the well and looked over it, dazed.

“It’s my fault” he muttered

"MMmmmh" groaned Richie as he tried to pry his eyes open, 'Where am I?'

He slowly moved his fingers as his senses slowly came back to him, a wave of aftermath pain hitting him hard. He gave out a tired groan as he picked himself up off of the ground slowly. He looked around but couldn't see properly, why couldn't he see properly? Oh that's right, he was blind as fuck. Where was his glasses? He started patting the ground around him hoping that his glasses were near him. Luckily for him they were so he put them on, his eyesight immediately becoming way better than before and there right in front of him stood that dam clown looking at him with this toothy grin.

"Oh FUCK!!"

"Oh goodie your awake!” It said as he slowly and creepily pranced towards Richie.

“OH fUCK nO! YOu BITCH” Shouted Richie as he dragged himself away from pennywise, hurting his palms as little sharp rocks pressed against his skin. He turned around (which is something you shouldn’t do if there is a child eating alien monster infront of you) and tried to raise himself up from the ground to run away, only to be pushed back down by pennywise as it went on top of him.

“Oh were do you think your’e going?” It giggled as it forced Richie to turn so they can see each other face to face.

“If your gonna eat me just do it already bitch! What are you waiting for?!” tensing up, Richie gave out one of those smirks or smile that showed that they know they are gonna die. “I'm not afraid of you.”

Pennywise just gave out a laugh, grabbing Richie wrist and pining them down to his sides. “Oh Richie, you have no idea how badly I want to do that, but…” he soon let go of one of Richie wrist and grabbed the back of his neck, raising his head slightly off of the ground. “I have other plans for you.”

Richie hissed in pain as his neck was being hold to tightly for his own liking, he was gonna say a snarky comment but immediately shut up when Pennywise mouth slowly started to open in a unhumanly way showing rows of teeth littered everywhere in it’s mouth.

‘WHAT THE FU-’ was the last thing he thought before he saw three bright lights, he felt himself go limb and soon everything around rich just turned dark.