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The loud screams and the chaos just did not stop. Seven had lost all sense of time, and the more she got stuck in the mess, the more it tore her nerves. So she also began screaming, raging, and desperately throwing herself against other creatures, just as everyone seemed to do here. The angry screaming crowd was tangled in a ball of wool, sloshing here and there and in the middle was Seven. If there was a hell, then Seven was definitely in it.


After Seven still had not come out of her regeneration after two more days, Kathryn decided to stop the regeneration manually. But as she approached the alcove, she was knocked back by a force field that had built up around the alcove. The doctor quickly hurried to her and helped her get up after she had fallen roughly to the ground from the force field.

"Captain, are you okay?" The doctor asked.

"Yes I'm fine. But God damn it, where does this field of force come from?" She asked angrily and stroked her hair, which hung across her face behind her ears.

"I did not notice it before, it has to be new." said the doctor as he scanned Seven's health with his tricorder.

"Seven brain activities have increased and it looks like she is going through a difficult time. I think you can compare it to a nightmare." the doctor explained after reading his data.

"Can we do something for her?" Kathryn asked immediately.

"I can go through the force field and try to turn off the alcove. However, I would point out that if we end the regeneration cycle, there could really be serious effects on their cortical nodes. We do not know what exactly she is doing while she is regenerating. She often analyzes data she has collected during the day, or she performs calculations." the doctor replied.

Kathryn put her hands on her eyes and for a moment she wished that she would not have to make a decision. She wanted Seven awake and that she was fine. But would she risk irreparably harming Seven by interrupting regeneration? No, she should not. So she took her hands off her face and looked at the doctor seriously.

"Fine, we'll leave her as she is and hope the regeneration will soon end." she said in full Captain mode. Because only her rank gave her a halt. If she let Kathryn take over the private person, she would hopelessly collapse, worried about Seven.

The doctor nodded to her and then left Seven's room. Kathryn stayed behind and looked at the young woman. She wished she could be close to her and rouse her. Why had not she just seized the opportunity a few days ago and roused Seven? Well, it was impossible for her through the existing force field. Damn it! Kathryn cursed softly and then clicked on her communicator.

"Captain to Lt. Torres."

"B'Elanna here, how can I help you?" Asked B'Elanna, who had been worried about Seven for days and had always expected to get good news from Captain.

"We can not get Seven out of regeneration, the alcove has built a force field around it. Any ideas on how to deactivate the Forcefield?" Kathryn asked, hoping that B'Elanna had good suggestions.

"I'd have to take a closer look and do some scans." B'Elanna explained eagerly.

"Well, then do it. Come on over." Kathryn replied and sat down completely demotivated on Sevens bed.

"Did Seven ever sleep in her bed?" Kathryn wondered.

Soon after, B'Elanna arrived and saw her captain sitting on the bed. Worried, she approached her and put her hand on the captain's shoulders.

"Are you alright?" She asked and Kathryn looked at her in confusion at the question.

"Yeah, sure." she just said. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, you look like you have not slept well for some time and instead you have worried too much about Seven." B'Elanna replied, sitting down on the bed as well.

"You know, Seven and I, we are been friends in the last few days. I'm also worried about her, just like you." B'Elanna continued, and Kathryn looked at her with wide eyes.

"Is it so obvious?" Kathryn asked softly.

"May I speak openly?" B'Elanna asked and Kathryn nodded to her.

"I know that Seven mean a lot to you, so I know you're worried about her. And completely forgetting yourself. Whether it is obvious to others, I can not say exactly. Only a handful of crewmembers know how much you care for Seven. But what I can definitely say is that you look at the fact that you slept poorly, probably did not eat enough and did not give you much peace during the last 6 days. I know I'm just crossing a border, but may I tell you that you have better take care of yourself, because it will not help Seven if you get sick." B'Elanna said candidly and honestly.

Kathryn looked at B'Elanna for a long time before nodding her head, placing her hand on B'Elanna's knee and then getting up.

"Thank you B'Elanna for your good advice. I've heard it from Chakotay and Tuvok in one way or another in the last few days." Kathryn replied, looking at Seven's alcove and looking at the woman she was so eager to hold in her arms.

"Please find a way to switch off the force field. Let me know if you have worked something out. I'm in my ready room." Kathryn said mildly and left the Wildman quarters.

Sighing from the bed, B'Elanna took out her tricorder and began her scans.

"Hey Seven, that sushi evening was not to bad you have to give the sleeping beauty now or was it due to the movie?" B'Elanna asked in the silence, wishing more than anything else that Seven woke up , would come out of their alcoves and look down on them with disgruntled hands behind their backs.

B'Elanna missed Seven and since she got into her alcove and had not woken up, Voyager had had a strange atmosphere, more because the captain had been walking restlessly through the Voyager corridors for days and not really the thing was.


Meanwhile, Seven continued to scream her soul out of her body. Just like everyone else around her. The chaos around her was catastrophic and she was concentrated in the crowd. More and more she lost herself in it. After her voice failed, and she neither knew nor admitted, she sank exhausted in the crowd against anyone. Warm arms wrapped around her body and for a brief moment reminded her of something. Something good and made her feel good. Was it possible that there was more to it than just this chaos, the rage and the screams? Was there anything else besides that? Seven no longer knew, she could not think or remember. But warm arms around her body made her relax for a moment. Carefully she looked up and into the dark colored eyes of a woman. The woman looked at her as well and both women were one at exactly that moment. They were both calm and overwhelmed by the intensity, the physical contact, which expressed neither anger nor anger. But just that, that was what he was. An accidental contact between two living things that comforted each other in chaos.

Seven pulled herself up and looked closely at the woman. She suddenly knew who she was. She was Janina Bolten, a young ensign of 26 years. She was assimilated by Seven when her spaceship was on a patrol flight near the Delta Quadrant. That was 10 years ago. Seven blinked at the woman, confused by the fact that she knew everything about her. Then, out of an impulse, she reached out and touched the woman's cheek and gently stroked it.

"Please forgive me." Seven said quietly and Janina nodded to her and disappeared. She just desappeared up in front of Seven's eyes.

The gap that resulted was immediately closed by the crowd that still raged around Seven and pulled Seven back into chaos. Suddenly, the silence that had spread inside her for a brief moment was replaced again by loud and angry shouts. Seven was immediately pulled back into the crowd and started screaming desperately as well.


Kathryn stood nervously in front of the Wildman quarters before she pressed the door buzzer. It had cost her all the strength and courage she could muster to admit that she could not spend another night in her quarters without seeing Seven again. She had struggled for a long time, pondering, but she could not, she just had to be near Seven to make sure she was still there. No one knew if she was alright.

B'Elanna had told her a few hours earlier that it was impossible to override the force field. It was protected with so many Borg algorithms that it was never possible to decrypt all of them before more immediately formed.

"Captain." Sam Wildman greeted Kathryn as she opened her quarters door for her.

Sam had actually expected the captain earlier and was surprised that she was only now. Yes, Captain had certainly seen Seven earlier in the day, but Sam was aware that she was not now the Captain, but now Kathryn Janeway.

"Please come in." Sam asked and Kathryn stepped inside.

"Would you like to join us for dinner or see after Seven?" Sam asked.

"We're both out of service, please call me Kathryn. I ..., I ... "Kathryn faltered because she did not quite know how to explain her concerns. But Sam looked at her gently and led her to Seven's room.

"I know, it's not necessary to say it. Stay as long as you want. I'll get you something to eat." Sam replied and hurried back to the living room.

Kathryn stepped into Seven's room and close to the alcove, careful not to get too close to the force field. After looking at Seven for some time, she sat down on the bed and continued to look at Seven, who stood quietly in her alcove.

Half an hour later, when Sam came into Seven's room with a plate of food, she was surprised that her captain had fallen asleep on Seven's bed. Sam took a blanket from her bedroom and covered Kathryn with it. Then she quietly left Seven's room.