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Seven and the Captain arrived punctually at 6 pm at the Holodeck 1, after having previously talked for an hour in the captain's ready room, Seven's day and Desater's hair last night.

As soon as both women entered the holodeck 1, they stood with their feet in the sand. Amazed, they looked around. Chakotay had chosen a beach program. Smiling, he approached both women.

"Nice, you've been here. Please move over there in the beach cabins, your new clothes." Chakotay explained and Kathryn and Seven looked at each other in surprise.

"Well, let's go." Kathryn said, winking at Seven and then heading for the beach cabins.

Seven sighed deeply, raised her eyebrow skeptically, then joined her captain. She quickly realized that the soft beach sand made it difficult for her to walk normally to the beach cabins. Again and again she sank with every new step in the sand. A normal run was so impossible.

After Seven had finally reached the beach cabin after a whopping 5 minutes, which she thought was very inefficient, she went into one of the cabins. There was a chair in the cabin with a robe on it. Seven picked it up and looked at it skeptically. It was a big airy sand-colored shirt and matching pants. Both things were a substance that was crude.

Seven quickly pulled off her uniform and pulled on her pants. Since she was very tall, Seven had to pull the pants tighter at the front with a drawstring to fit just around her narrow waist and not slip. The shirt she put on was more than big for her. So she put it in her pants and teased it so that it looked appropriate. All in all, she found her clothes adequate and practical. Finally, she put on her work shoes and left the beach cabin.

In the meantime, Sam, Neelix, B'Elanna and Kathryn had also moved and were already sitting on the sand in a circle. Seven straighten her shoulders and walked with firm steps, the sand preventing her from walking elegantly to the others.

"Seven, please take off your work shoes. Walking on the beach sand with bare feet is really nice." Chakotay told her when she managed to get closer.

Frowning, she looked at Chakotay and wondered if he really meant his request seriously. She had never walked without shoes and only barefoot.

"Please Seven." Chakotay repeated his request and Seven sighed deeply before leaning down and reluctantly taking off her work shoes. With her bare feet on the sand, her internal systems immediately analyzed the new sensation that came with it. It was a strange feeling. Seven postponed the results, her internal analysis for later, where she had more time to think about it, out of her thoughts and went to the others, who looked at her curiously. As she walked, the sand kept slipping between her toes, which did not make walking on the sand any easier.

"Seven, come sit with us in the circle." Chakotay asked her and she sat down next to Kathryn, on the left side of which there was still a free space. As soon as she had sat down, Chakotay looked friendly at everyone in the circle and smiled at them.

"Surely you're wondering why I chose a holo program where we can sit on the beach and hear the sound of the ocean in the background and see the waves." Chakotay began and everyone in the circle looked at him curiously.

"There are a few reasons for this. For one, the environment is very calming. Take a hand on sand and let it trickle through your fingers. You will find that it is very fascinating and that you want to do it several times. Close your eyes and listen to the waves breaking on the beach. Capture the smell of the sea with your noses and feel the wind blowing gently on your faces." Chakotay encouraged his five participants.

Everyone, including Seven, did what Chakotay told them. Seven had to admit that the sand sliding through her fingers made her feel good. In addition to the sound of the sea and its salty fragrance, they really let more and more relax.

After several minutes had elapsed and Chaoktay could see his five participants visibly relaxed, he asked her to open her eyes again.

"Surely you also ask yourself why you had to take off your clothes to put on the clothes that I have prepared for you. The reason is, each of you came in with a packet filled with guilt, fears or anger. By taking off your clothes, you also took off your respective packages and left them in the beach cabin." Chakotay replied and everyone looked at him in surprise.

"That's why the heavy burden you carried on your shoulders has disappeared and you can better focus on why we're here. I would like to change the name of our meeting from "anti-aggression training" to "find yourself". For only those who find themselves and recognize who he or she really is can accept and love themselves. And only when you have done that will you be able to put off the load you carry around with you on a daily basis and go through life light and carefree." Chakotay explained, looking at each one individually.

Seven frowned, fidgeting in her seat. Kathryn, noticing this, laid a reassuring hand on her arm and gently stroked it.

"We do this together." she whispered very, very quietly and as Seven sat down a little more relaxed, Kathryn knew that Seven had heard her.

Seven smiled relieved and felt a little better.

"Before we can get started, I'd like to point out that whatever we're going to discuss and hear here will only stay in this place and never be carried outside. This is a very important rule that every one of you must adhere to. Furthermore, we are all the same in this circle, there is no rank here. Neither here is the Captain, nor the Ensign, nor the Moral Officer. There is no wrong or unimportant think either. Because everything we discuss here is important and correct. Have you agreed to these three rules?" Chakotay asked, looking around in circles.

Everyone nodded, including Kathryn, though she did not really like that, that she had to give up her rank here in the round. But Chakotay was right, that's the only way it would work.

"Okay, then we can start. I would like you to write down this note ..." Chakotay held up several paper slips "... notes what bothers you, tortures you, makes you angry. You can leave yourself as much time as you want. You can retreat to it and do it for yourself or stay in this circle. It's up to you." Chakotay said, handing out several slips of paper and a pen.

Seven looked at her notes and the pencil irritated and did not quite know what was expected of her now.

"Come on, let's take a few steps. We can do it together if you want." Kathryn said softly to Seven. Seven gave her a grateful nod and got up awkwardly.

Kathryn took her arm and helped her not to tip over because she had lost her balance for a moment in the soft sand.

"Thank you." Seven murmured softly, and both women took a few steps and then sat down in the sand. B'Elanna looked interested over at them and grinned slightly.


"What is there to grin?" Chakotay asked curiously, but as he followed her gaze, his face took on a sad look.

"Do you think we'll bring them together in this century?" B'Elanna asked quietly and Chakotay looked at her questioningly.

"The chances are good. I'm just not sure how to find this development." he replied, sighing.

B'Elanna frowned at him.

"Hey, I know you like the captain very much and you would like to have a relationship with her, but if it should have been like that, then you would have been together long ago. And look, the two are really good together. Please do not stand in their way. But rather help me to bring them together." B'Elanna asked and Chakotay sighed deeply again.

"You're right, but it's not easy for me." he confessed softly.

B'Elanna looked at her old friend and clapped him encouragingly on the shoulder.

"Did you know that there are many female crew members who would like to get closer to you?" B'Elanna asked and Chakotay looked at her in surprise.

"No, that's new to me. Why did not any of these female crewmembers approach me?" He asked curiously.

"Well, because each of the ladies thinks you're involved with the captain. Nobody wants to intervene in between." B'Elanna explained and winked at Chakotay.

"Hm ... maybe you should spread the rumor that I'm not involved with the captain and would love to find a mate." Chakotay replied and B'Elanna smiled pleased at him.

"Alright. And you know what, I'll personally find a partner for you that really suits you." B'Elanna promised and Chakotay smiled widely at her.

"Thanks, I'm curious who you will find for me. But now you should turn to the task and write down your note, all your fury, anger and rage." Chakotay explained, but B'Elanna shook her head.

"Right now I'm fine. Since I've made friends with Seven and realized she's not as bad as I thought, most of the anger and fury is as if by itself. I'm only here because I was curious and supporting Seven." B'Elanna admitted openly.

Chakotay stared at her for a moment, then grinned at her.

"I am glad that you are well and that you get along much better with Seven. It is good that you have made peace." he said and walked over to Neelix and Sam to see how they got on with the task.

Kathryn and Seven meanwhile sat in the sand, watching the sea and listening to the waves noise.

"Nice, right?" Kathryn asked, and Seven nodded her head. "Yes, very much." she confessed, smiling softly at Kathryn.

"On the next shore vacation, we should find a place like this and spend time there together." Kathryn said and Seven looked at her irritated.

"Captain, what do you mean?" Seven asked carefully.

Kathryn also looked at her confused, before she realized what she had actually said.

"First of all, call me Kathryn, I'm not a captain in here, and second, I mean that all of us, the entire crew, should spend a few days together in such a beautiful place." Kathryn explained quickly.

Seven then pulled a small pout and looked sadly at Kathryn.

"Acceptable." she said, and Kathryn looked at her in surprise.

"Seven?" She asked worriedly. "What's happening?"

"I like to spend time alone with you, so it would have been nice to spend time with you in such a nice place." Seven confessed quietly and took her notes and began to write down everything on her guilt feelings, fear and what made her fury or angry.

Kathryn, on the other hand, looked at her in surprise and astonishment. She never thought that Seven wanted to spend time alone with her, that way. Or did she just misunderstand Seven and she thought of something else?

"Seven, I would also like to spend time alone with you, but I am the captain, I must not favor or discriminate against anyone." Kathryn said quietly and Seven nodded her head.

"I know." said Seven after a long silent moment.

Kathryn sighed deeply and then picked up the notes she had set aside. For a long moment she thought about what she should write down. She had guilty feelings and fears about so many things she did not quite know where to start.

Stealthily squinted she at Seven and admired how Seven diligently wrote down on her notes, what tortured her. Her typeface was very neat and it also seemed well structured.

Sighing again, Kathryn began to fully credit her notes. At first she took the biggest worries and fears. After that, she wrote a few things that made her feel guilty. That had to be enough. She very much hoped that nothing of what she wrote down would be read to others later.


After 30 min. Chakotay called all the participants together again, after he had kindled a small campfire in the middle of the circle.

"Now I would like to ask you to read through the notes that you have inscribed once more, and then deliberately throw them into the fire. Become aware that you have consciously let go of your feelings of guilt, fears, anger, or fury in order to burn them in the fire." he begged the others, who once again looked at their notes and let them read through. Then, after each other, the various pieces of paper were thrown into the little campfire. Everyone stared at the flames, which burned the notes very quickly. After each piece of paper had found its way into the flames, Chakotay beamed at each and every one of them.

"Well, I'd like you to think about who you are, what positive and negative qualities you have, what you like to change about you, what your goals are, until the next meeting, which takes place in 3 days to strive for. Please do this for yourself alone and do not speak or question anyone else about it. Please write it down in writing and use real paper for it." Chakotay explained and smiled at everyone again.

"I hereby declare our meeting today as finished, as our time is about to end. If we do not all want to be naked at the holodeck, we should move quickly." he said and the others, especially B'Elanna and Neelix, had to laugh at the last remark. Seven, on the other hand, frowned at Chakotay, who did not like the prospect of being naked in the holodeck.

Everyone quickly ran to the beach cabins and quickly changed. B'Elanna, Chakotay, Sam, and Kathryn had moved at lightning speed, accustomed to being ready for action in the event of a red alert, even though they had previously been lying in their beds, asleep.

Neelix and Seven were slower. Seven especially because dressing her uniform was still very new to her. Fortunately, she managed it in time before the holoprogram was shut down by the computer and the program broke up and everyone stood in the empty holodeck.