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Try Me, Round Face

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It's awfully quiet tonight. They're all probably downstairs at the common area having fun playing Mario Kart or some other stupid game. Meanwhile, Uraraka Ochako is inside her room—heart shattering into a million pieces.


Why did she even think confessing to Deku was a good idea? She's such a fool to actually humor the tiniest hope that, probably, he likes her the same way she's enraptured by him. But it's Deku! He's the easily flustered adorable nerd who wants nothing more than to bear All Might's legacy. And now that graduation's right around the corner, the guy has less time for puppy love or crushes or a certain gravity-user. 


It's silly because she expected the fall, but she didn't know the impact would be this painful.


Uraraka sighs heavily, staring at the bare ceiling like it's gonna come to life and magically solve all her problems. Does she even have a problem? Is Deku the problem? 


No. No one's at fault and if there ever is, it's most definitely not her best friend. Having a huge crush sucks. Especially one that's already doomed right from the beginning. 


The girl removes herself from the bed and sighs for the umpteenth time before forcing her body to cooperate and actually stand. Nothing's gonna happen if she continues to sulk here inside the shadows of her room. Deku is certainly going to feel bad about rejecting her (which he did oh so gently, bless him) if she doesn't pick herself up. The last thing she wants is to recognize pity behind those green eyes whenever he sees her. 


So Uraraka is going downstairs to play Mario Kart or whatever and she's going to beat the heck out of her classmates until she feels even remotely better. 


Easier said than done, though. She's just at the top of the stairs, one foot dangling and not quite ready to take the first step downward, when her tears decide to burst like a dam. Pathetic. She thought she's stronger than this and would at least get through a few floors. Apparently not. The girl curls into a ball and lets herself wallow in the pain of her first heartbreak.


As she's in public, too busy crying her eyes out to actually seek the privacy of her own room, she doesn't notice somebody stomping up the stairs until he's already scowling directly in front of her. 


"What are you doing, cheeks?" Bakugou Katsuki demands. 


Instead of feeling embarrassed, Uraraka bristles at the thought of him seeing her in this miserable state. She looks up at his crimson eyes and glares back despite the god-awful tears streaming down from her honey ones.


"Go away, Bakugou!"


The guy in turn just stares at her with a blank expression. She expects him to lash out but he simply grunts and moves along. 


He's nearly at the end of the hallway and in front of his room when Bakugou speaks, so low she almost thought she may actually just be hearing things. "You know he's never going to like you back, right?"


Uraraka freezes at his words. What? How? Why? 


And most of all, rude! 


But before Uraraka can storm up to him to give the guy a beating, the apeshit gremlin is already closing his door, leaving the brunette feeling much worse than before. 




"What's his problem?" she whispers to herself, glowering over at his general direction.


It's the following day and Uraraka spent the past few hours wondering just how much the guy knows. As much as possible, the gravity-user kept quiet about her plans of confession (and immediate rejection afterwards) as she didn't want anyone else to expect something from Deku. And, of course, she was afraid to lose face in front of her friends if he…when he turns her down. 


But the entire class absolutely knows of her feelings since their first year, at least everyone except for the crush. Also, Bakugou is undeniably sharp for his own good. There's a high chance that he just connected the dots when he saw her breakdown last night, but still.


Nevertheless, Uraraka has been restless throughout, practically buzzing to ask him in person whether he actually saw what she thinks he saw. 


Deciding to just go for it, she walks across the crowded Lunch Rush Cafeteria and slides not-so inconspicuously beside the blonde, ignoring the confused glances of the self-proclaimed Bakusquad as she begins to unfurl her lunch with them. Of course, the spiky fellow has to say something. 


"What the—what are you doing?"


The gravity-user blinks and puts on an innocent face. "What, silly? I'm eating."


This rebuttal clearly riles Bakugou, who's visibly trembling beside her, that good ol' Kirishima has to cut in to ease the tension. 


"Now, now! It's not like we don't want you sitting with us, Uraraka! It's just surprising because you're always there with Deku and Iida," the redhead motions toward the table where her closest friends are, all of whom seem to be trying their hardest not to look over at her way as well. 


Uraraka catches a glimpse of Deku's green mop of hair, though, and immediately turns to continue with her lunch. 


Ashido leans in, her black eyes practically sparkling if it's even possible, "Yeah! You're always with them. Did something happen?"


Uraraka doesn't know. At first it was just because she wanted to observe Bakugou at close range—see if he truly witnessed her doomed confession just three days ago. But then something about their words struck a cord inside her and left an unpleasant aftertaste in her mouth. 


"Exactly," she says, almost surprised that she's really saying this and at how genuine she feels about it. "I'm always with De—them. It may be a little late but I think it's a good time to also hang out with people outside my circle. Explore, you know?" 


Ashido gushes at this while the boys raise their arms to offer Uraraka crisp high-fives. All except, of course, sourface Bakugou. 


He's gazing at her with the most unreadable expression she's ever seen on him. It's not entirely unpleasant, but the intensity still leaves her feeling conscious of herself.


After a few seconds though, he goes back to eating his grilled fish and the group continues on with their usual shenanigans. Uraraka admittedly feels a lot better in this new environment, and she can't help but sense a pang of regret on why she's never done this before. Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, and Sero are all great people who are easy to get along with. There's no pressure to be someone else around their company. She just has to bask under their carefree idiosyncrasies that, at this moment, a crestfallen girl most certainly needs.


So lunch comes to a close leaving Uraraka's heart and belly brimming to the lid. It may just be the mochi (given to her by Ashido, an actual angel) talking but she's feeling light as air right now that she almost completely forgot about the thing with Deku. Almost. Bakugou comes into view and she's brought back to the cold, solid earth.


There's something she must do. 


"Hey, Bakugou," her hands hesitate halfway as she subconsciously goes to hold his arm. This guy is a whole other species she's totally unfamiliar with so she has to be careful. The brunette settles on putting them behind her back instead. 


The explosion-user merely raises an eyebrow as she motions for him to follow her outside Lunch Rush Cafeteria, with the other members of the squad already walking a few meters ahead. It's a good thing that they're so engrossed with Kaminari talking about finding Monoma slinking through their vents so early on in the morning, which isn't entirely new but still makes for an amusing story. They don't notice the two lagging behind even when they completely separate ways. 


Uraraka settles for the corner near the infirmary where students don't usually wander to in their spare time. With serious brown eyes, she wastes no time and goes straight to the point.


"What on earth was that last night?" 


What did he mean by his words? Was he simply insulting her? Does he know something? There's too many underlying questions but she decides that she's going to let him explain first. Although it probably won't go as smoothly as she'd like it to be as the boy can't even be bothered to look half-interested in this interrogation.


"Said what I said. The shitty nerd won't love you back."


Uraraka clenches her fist, trying her hardest not to punch the jerk out of him. 


But he continues, "He's just like that. Dweeb's not capable of love or some shit." 


This tops the cake. Out of all people, this guy has the nerve to say that about her best friend? Not to mention that he's utterly missing the mark. If there's anyone most willing to sacrifice himself for those he cherishes, it's got to be Deku. He has so much love to give that…he actually can't devote himself to just one person. At least, that's how Uraraka sees it. And despite that, maybe even because of it, she still fell hard for the green-haired boy. 


Deku is too good for this world and this ill-mannered powder keg has the gall to say that he's not even capable of love? Ridiculous. 


So with bitter venom dripping from her voice, the gravity-user takes a bold step forward, utterly blinded by an aggressive protectiveness over her best friend. "Oh, and you are? Are you even capable of being nice to your so-called friends; of loving someone else besides yourself? I bet not."


But Bakugou doesn't back down. He never has. And because this appears like an invitation to a challenge, the blond makes sure to accept her animosity head-first, closing in on her until they can practically feel each other's breaths. He stares deep into her eyes, crimson against honey.


"Try me, round face."


She can tell that he's waiting for her to step back or even just flinch, but there's just the stubborn pout on her lips and none of the discomfort he'd like to see.


And then he grins. For whatever reason, the guy is now sporting a feral smirk that absolutely throws Uraraka off.


"What are you smiling at? We're not even done here!" 


The sickly confident look on his face annoys her. She realizes that he's probably thinking he has won, and this does not sit well with the brunette.


"The hell we aren't," Bakugou says as he turns and begins to strut away. She immediately follows closely behind. 


"I said we're not! Hey!" she yells, gripping his arm. "Answer me this, did you see us?" 


The boy glances at her hand with utmost distaste but Uraraka adamantly keeps her grasp and Bakugou figures she won't let go until he answers.


So he caves in, "No. I didn't see your damn confession, if that's what you're asking. Happy?" 


And then he shakes off her hand and she lets him go. Before she can even reply, the blond is already heading off, leaving a frowning Uraraka gazing at his receding figure. 


She has a feeling that this won't be the end of it.