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Two birds

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The life.
Life is full of chances, a single choice can change a whole life.
that's how it all started, from a decision.
Alice rose slowly from her bed.
The sun was probably already high for hours, but who cared?
Not to her sincerely.
It was Sunday, that meant no school and no duties.
Slowly he rose from his bed and stretched
His room had never been anything special, books, lots of books and others that a normal teenager had in his own room.
He opened his closet and pulled out a green sweater on which was written "Game Over", turned around in a satay while he put on his light blue shorts to see where his tall red and white boots were finished.
He could always lose them.
Last but not least he put on his light blue shawl and necklace.
The necklace was with a large gem, it was drop-shaped and green and red.
He loved the gift Zattana had given him and he adored the woman even though he never understood why he always called it special. After all, all he had managed to do was to light up the necklace.
He looked at himself for a moment in the large mirror behind his bedroom door and ran his hands over his face and then passed them through his short black hair.
He smiled shortly before taking his electric guitar full of stickers of many heroes.
He slowly looked out the door to see that the corridor was clear and that no one would stop it.
No one in sight for luck.
Slowly he went down the stairs and threw himself over the couch with the dip that he deserved a ten, but he didn't calculate things well.
Sitting there on the couch was his grandfather, Bruce Wayne, intentp to read his newspaper sitting on the couch.
For a moment he hoped that the man had not seen her but then he was told who he was talking to.
"Don't come back late like last time"
The man did not look up and the tone of his voice remained calm as ever.
Happiness filled her and she jumped up
"Thanks Grandpa!"
He ran to the door but having passed a Wayne didn't mean he could get past another.
Damian appeared in front of the door with his arms crossed, no intention to get her out.
Damian Thomas Wayne for all the angry ones, the closest to his age of the whole family, almost more like a best friend than an uncle.
"Beloved, where are you going?
A question that in reality already had a known answer.
"I was going for a walk"
He said in a not-too-calm tone as he put his hands in his pockets.
Damian raised an eyebrow not believing at all in his words.
The panic took her knowing that she would have to find a solution in the shortest possible time.
"Titus st .."
Before Damian tried to stop the command of the girl in front of him, the sound of the dog's paws was well audible just before he saw him jump on the biggest one.
Damian fell to the ground while Alice laughed amused by the scene.
"See you later!"
His cheerful voice filled the whole house just before he ran out of that place and really started his day.
A walk was quiet under the Gotham sky, so as to get to his secret place.
It was a very small building, probably before it was a barber or a local, it does not remember what was written on the documents but still remembers the first time he saw them.
He was very small and going to his grandfather's office, hundreds of scattered papers on his desk, many documents were not understandable to him but some were building plans held by Wayne tech.
He thought that asking for the keys to the building from Lucius would be a titanic undertaking but all he had to do was tell the truth and promise that he wouldn't go alone when it got dark.
Having done this, the man gave him the keys, happy that the building was being used.
The main room was quite large, counting that there was also a small room, a bathroom and a dressing room, there was a rise with a chair, boxes and a microphone over it, so that it could always ring and sit when tired.
Near the door of the room there was a fridge full of water, drinks and food, almost all brought by Alfred, nobody could hide anything from that man.
In the dressing room there was a wardrobe with some changes, many of them were clothes that were used to change if she had forgotten an event or simply if she had got it dirty.
She was fine there, she had everything she needed including the calm and failure to watch an adult, paradise.
Whenever he sat on the bull's eye, I didn't think about not thinking about what his life would have been like if his father Tim hadn't taken it that day.
He almost remembers nothing of the place where he lives before, he only remembered the extreme heat on his skin, perhaps a place in the south, he didn't really know.
He sighed a little and started strumming the guitar, still thinking about what his life would have been like if things had gone differently.
Slowly his necklace began to light up and rise from his chest.
She stood looking at it without understanding what to do until a strong light filled the room and all she could do was cover her eyes.
When he slowly removed his hands from before his eyes he did not see his secret place where he went to play but all he saw was green, too much green water.