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Chat Name: Hot Pants BabY

Members Online: 2



AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pap


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pap why the fuck are you awake


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pap it’s four in the morning


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pap blease


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Who is this Pap you speak of


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: ,,,




NYEHINTENSIFIES: Well that’s just condescending


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: PAPYRUS


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: WHY AWAKE


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Is anyone ever truly awake


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Understandable, have a nice day


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: ...but seriously what are you doing




NYEHINTENSIFIES: If you must know Undyne, I’m attempting to mind meld with a Rubik's Cube


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Ooo!! Those are those colourful block things you like right? Nice!


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Correct! And as we all know


NYEHINTENSIFIES: My brother Sans is a genetic freak of nature who uses his otherworldly powers to be unnervingly good at them and I am determined to triumph over him in glorious battle so no one ever doubts my position as Alpha Sibling again


NYEHINTENSIFIES: I shall use my skills of psychic telecommunication to become one with cube, thus making me an unstoppable Rubik's Cube GOD. I shall ascend from my mortal prison and RISE!!! RISE TO ULTIMATE POWER!!! EVERYONE WILL KNEEL BEFORE ME AND SANS WILL TREMBLE IN FEAR AT THE MERE THOUGHT OF MY ABILITY! NYEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: ...So Sans keeps beating you huh?


NYEHINTENSIFIES: I just don’t understand how he’s so fast okay?!


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: I never even got what was so hard about those stupid things. All you gotta do is pull the colours off and jam them back in the right spots


NYEHINTENSIFIES: I don’t think that’s how it works


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Preeeetty sure it is




AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whatever


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Agree to disagree. Point is, you should be sleeping dude, not trying to fuse with a baby puzzle


NYEHINTENSIFIES: First of all: Rubik's Cubes are not baby puzzles, they are professional adult puzzles for professional adults


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Oh Yes, the repeated use of adult there is very convincing


NYEHINTENSIFIES: SECOND OF ALL: Why are you awake then?


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: It’s that stupid fucking cat again, it’s yoewling outside like someone’s strangling it, and if it doesn’t stop someone WILL be strangling it


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Have tried asking it politely to quiet down?


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pap, you remember those scratch marks on my face that made me have to wear a bargain bin eyepatch for a week?


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Why Yes! I do recall that!


NYEHINTENSIFIES: You had quite a lot of fun traumatising passing children with various untrue gorey stories in how you got it


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: YEAH


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: WELL




AnywaysHeresWaterfall: I swear, I’m calling the pound on this hell beast one day, just you wait


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Yes well, let’s hope the “demon” doesn’t violently eat you alive in your sleep first, yes?


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Pfft, for that I’d actually ya know, have to be getting sleep!


Members Online: 3


sans: which you two are totally not preventing a certain someone from doing by spamming the group chat instead of your private messages…


sans: also nice evil plot paps


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Why thank you brother! I hope you are prepared to be vanquished in the near future!


sans: lookin forward to it bro


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Dude, Why don’t you have us on s i l e n t if you want to sleep?


sans: because i didn’t expect to be spammed at four in the morning about cat murder?


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Yeah well, that’s on you isn’t it


sans: good point


sans: but also two banned me from putting my phone on silent


sans: remember


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Oh god yeah


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: Because of The I n c i d e n t


NYEHINTENSIFIES: We agreed to never speak of that


NYEHINTENSIFIES: But wait, Sans! You actually listened to us?


sans: course bro.


sans: i am kind of regretting my brotherly loyalty now though


sans: you two do realise some people actually have jobs they gotta go to right


sans: people being you


AnywaysHeresWaterfall: It’s Sunday Sans, you don’t have work til Monday


sans: i know. and i gotta save all my energy up for then. now I gotta sleep in all day to make up for it


NYEHINTENSIFIES: Okay well it’s not as though you weren’t going to do that anyways


sans: …


sans: got me there bro


sans: got me there